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Transforming the World Conversations (Religion) Notes and Links (18 Jan 2019)

Here are links for my Transforming the World Conversation (Religion) on Fri, 18 Jan 2019. I have tried to keep this links as uncontroversial and as academic as possible, with the exception of the section of separation of church and state. My Posts Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs (MHoN) and the Biopsychosocial model in Psychology (BPS) […]

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New Page: Declaration of the Unified Rights of Humanity (DURH)

This is something I have posted and then deleted, much like my page The 7 Philosophical Pillars for Peace within Humanity. As with the previous document, I find myself driven to post this again so that I have it here so I can reference and work on it, and so that others can benefit from […]

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Evolution of Myth and Religion Tree

Religion, an Overview

I am going to post some really general information on religions from a more academic perspective. Keep in mind, it has been quite a few years (a little more than a decade) since I have really studied this and related topics, so I will try to keep this pretty general. I will also pull ideas from my previous posts on the topic of religion too, as well as some of my other related unpublished works.

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Theological Humanism? A solution to the divide?

OK, so I was reading a post on Prop 8 Trial Tracker where the following quote was rendered which spawned the creation of this post: There’s two lenses here. One’s a biblical world view and the other is basically more of a secular humanist world view and that’s why there never seems to be agreement” […]

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