Policies to Transform the World

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Note: I will keep updating this as I go.

last edit: 2018 Dec 21 – added section for Declaration of Universal Rights of Humanity.
edit: 2018 Nov 27 – I reordered this document so that I now have this in the sort of order that I think that we should work on it. I also made some changes, added a few things, and moved a few things around to accommodate this reshuffling.


If you want to ever wanted to know what sort of political platform I would run on, it would go something like what follows here. The following policies should be promoted worldwide to work towards a more peaceful world until as such time as Humanity has transcended the need for such things or when significantly better policies, techniques or technologies are available.

These polices tend to be VERY US-centric (because I am an American) and these will reflect the social, economic, and political realities here, but many will be quite applicable to all other nations as well, except for the Nordic states and a few others, of course, which are so far ahead of us and the rest of the world that is quite embarrassing.

If we want real change, especially with Earth and Humanity’s suffering from Climate Change and being on the verge of the Sixth Great Extinction, then we must embrace radical and aggressive change. Any reforms that are NOT radical are not worth looking at and are a specific attempt to waste what precious little time we have left on this planet.

We also cannot pursue death by incrementalism. I am looking at you the corporate owned Democratic Party, the party of stagnation. We need to stop attempting policy and philosophies that we know will not work and which got us here in the first place. You cannot fix a problem with the same thoughts and ideas that created it. Making things better requires that you understand why it went bad in the first place so you can prevent it and do better.

Suggested Order of Work

I have recently (2018 Nov 27) reordered this document so that I now have this sort of in the order that I think that we should work though these policies. I will explain my thoughts and reasoning here.

1. Philosophical Foundations

The first thing we need to work on is correcting Humanity’s severely broken value system. If we had an ethical and moral value system of any sort besides the horrors of profit at any cost via economic systems then many of the problems we have now would never have happened. Plus, if we did not make a values change then no matter what reforms we pass they will always be undone, as we are currently seeing with over 50 years of progress being undone by the current administration in the United States.

With the ubiquity of powerful eco-humanistic values throughout all aspects of our lives (social, economic, corporate, political, religious) all of the other reforms would follow as a natural result, although such things would take a generation or two, which is time we do not have; however, instituting a value change is the first step towards lasting change and the potential to save Humanity.

2. Electoral Reform

Once we have work started on correcting our value systems, then the next step is to create a government which actually represents the people and is actually democratic in form. If the government does not represent the people then again, no matter what value changes or reforms we make, they will be undone by corporate and elite interests because they own the government and the governmental processes.

If we do not have a government that is as diverse and representative of the breadth of our people then it cannot in any proper method represent us. How can a government represent or protect minorities if minorities do not have a real voice or representation? If our governmental processes do not truly facilitate governmental action that is truly ethical, democratic, and representative then we do not truly have a voice and it shall be a plague upon the Earth and the people.

When we have a value system in place that supports Humanity, peace, and our environment, and a truly representative and democratic government then eventually all of the rest of this page will follow as a logical result because the values and political systems are in place to promote and support it.

3. US Machine for War and Terrorism

We can start to heal the horrific moral, psychological, and emotional wounds our country bears and has inflicted upon the rest of the world by stopping sponsoring war and terrorism, and by not being a global terrorist organization ourselves.

Also, the next great thing is that this process does not really cost us anything and through this process we will reclaim the money that supports the US’ global war and terrorism projects and redirect it to support the people, the environment, and work towards stopping climate change. This alone will help to afford much of everything else on this page.

4. Environmental and Sustainability Policies

From the money gained from the US War Machine we can redirect it into massive infrastructure spending to support a complete shift to sustainable: energy, transport, farming etc as well as to directly start to aggressively combat climate change. Working quickly to combat climate change is an imperative, for if we do not, then Humanity will eventually be destroyed by it.

A cleaner environment such as air, water, food, and more green spaces will have far reaching ramifications in the health and happiness of each person, which will also increase productivity. We shall make the money spent in this area back within 10 years just by virtue of the massive reduction healthcare costs alone.

5. Everything Else

Honestly, everything else will follow as a result of the above changes, but these are important to address directly and aggressively:

  • Economic
  • Healthcare
  • Education
  • Social
  • Law Enforcement and guns
  • Political Reform

Philosophical Foundations for Peace

The 7 Philosophical Pillars for Peace within Humanity

Cultural, Political, Social Reform

Here are the 7 Philosophical Pillars which should also be adopted by all to promote peace and the protection of the environment:

  1. Interdependence
  2. Humanity
  3. Sustainability
  4. Education
  5. Justice and Compassion
  6. Equity
  7. Science and Technology

You can find my explanation of these here in my page: The 7 Philosophical Pillars for Peace in Humanity (7P3H).

<insert post to read here: The 7 Philosophical Pillars for Peace in Humanity (7P3H)>

I have also published a second post talking about Interdependence and the 7 Pillars a bit more. Take a look at that too:

<insert post to read here: Interdependence and The 7 Philosophical Pillars for Peace in Humanity (7P3H)>

Public Education Plan

A public education and information plan should be created to promote these philosophical pillars using media such as:

  • Education:
    • classes in our schools
    • an interdisciplinary degree path specializing in an individual Pillar
    • public classes available
  • Online
    • Youtube videos
    • social media program
    • infographics
  • Major Media
    • public service educational announcements (PSAs)
    • short TV shows or informational segments
    • short radio shows or informational segments
    • newspaper advertisements or articles
    • flyers and other pamphlets

Understanding and promoting these values can help bring about significant change to the world by making the world smaller and bringing us closer together.

Corporate and Political Party Reform

As part of this reform we need extensive corporate and political party reform by requiring eco-humanistic ethical values and taxation. See my post:

<insert post to read here: How Do We Transform Unbridled Capitalism Towards a New Ethical and Eco-humanistic Model?

Declaration of Universal Rights of Humanity

The Declaration of Universal Human Rights (DUHR) attempts to embody and enumerate the rights and limitations as have been alluded to in The 7 Philosophical Pillars for Peace within Humanity, and wishes to act as a powerful guide for peace and the global governance of Humanity.

The DUHR was written based heavily on the amazing Universal Declaration of Human Rights as set forth by the United Nations (which should have been created as a binding document) which embodies the freedoms and dignities owed to all Humanity no matter where they are. Text and ideals were also pulled from:

  • Theodore Roosevelt’s Economic Bill of Rights
  • The United State’s various Constitutional Amendments
  • As well as other text added to address other other cultural, political, and societal failings since those documents were drafted.

The DUHR will need to be completely overhauled when my document The 7 Philosophical Pillars for Peace within Humanity (7P3H) is more completely fleshed out and will form the philosophical and fundamental basis for the articles in the DUHR, which should then be used as the basis for global governance and the peaceful coexistence of all of Humanity.

<insert post to read here: Declaration of the Universal Rights of Humanity (DURH)

Electoral Reform

Enact comprehensive electoral reform. This will fix many, many problems including corporate ownership of our country (specifically the following industries: banking, fossil fuel, pharmaceutical, and the military industrial complex) which has resulted in the US no longer being a country having transformed into the largest international corporate conglomerate with its own private military (the largest and most powerful in the world) and whose primary world-wide export is terrorism.

Here is a post giving some background on how we got here: Systemic Suppression within America’s Two Party System including explaining the system responsible for the creation of our horribly broken Two-Party SystemMany of these reforms can be enacted on a local level too.

Read my ginormous post on all of the Electoral Reforms which are required in order for the US to have something even borderline resembling a democracy.

<insert post to read here: Electoral Reform>

US Machine for War and Terrorism

The United States is not really a country anymore. It is the largest supranational corporate conglomerate with its own private military which is, by far, the largest in the world, and, by virtue, America’s largest export is terrorism. =(

James O’Neill

Austerity Measures

  1. Especially as implemented through the International Monetary Fund (IMF), Austerity Measures are economic warfare and should be abhorred and prevented for it usurps national sovereignty and it strips natural resources from its people and casts them into poverty, allowing US companies to profit from such processes which is highly unethical and abhorrent.
  2. Austerity based loans need to be terminated.
  3. All foreign companies that have gained from such processes must return such resources back to the ownership of their respective countries.

US War Spending

Because most defense spending since WWII has not been about freedom or defense, but has been about corporate profits driven by the banking industry, defense industry, pharmaceutical industry, and the fossil fuel industry we need to:

  1. Cut the defense budget in half to start.
  2. The Pentagon will have to answer for its lost trillions or people will go to jail.

Defense and Weapons Contractors

I love the war in Yemen.
It is great for profits!

Marillyn Hewson, CEO of Lockheed Martin
  1. Non-Profit: They should be true non-profit organizations, for to profit from war and violence is to need war, violence, and conflict, which guarantees that war and the destruction of human lives shall never end due to the need to drive perpetual corporate profits -> perpetual war.
  2. Extra Taxation: They should also be subject to a significant taxation for selling death and war should not be an industry to profit from easily.
  3. End Contracts: All contracts for weapons to a foreign entity shall be nullified unless they meet ethical and philosophical requirements from the Economies for the Common Good.
  4. End Private Military Organizations: Private Paramilitary and Black Ops organizations shall be completely disbanded, and arms and armor claimed. To Profit from war means endless war.

Stop Supporting and Creating Terrorists and Terrorist States

Since this method has ended up in only more death, the CIA and other US governmental agencies should stop creating (training, funding, and arming) terrorist organizations such as:

  1. ISIS
  2. Al Queda
  3. Taliban

Stop Supporting Terrorism and Terrorist States

We need to completely stop supporting terrorist states and those with massive human rights violations such as:

  1. Arabic states
  2. Israel

We need to not only stop supporting these states, but we also need to Boycott, Divest, and Sanction (BDS) them too.

Stop Terrorizing and Overthrowing Governments

Pull out of the Middle East and completely stop the flow of money and resources from the US to that area, especially to buy oil, unless it is to assist in rebuilding without using US contractors, only using local contractors or this becomes a money grab like it already is – Haliburton.

We need to stop assassinating leaders and sponsoring the overthrow of  governments, especially when they decide to shift away from the US Dollar, to usurp national resources, or for any other broken reason. This has never worked out and only ends up with the people suffering and creating refugees.

Our victims include these and many, many, many others:

  • Iraq
  • Libya
  • Venezuela

Read More:

Israel and Palestine

I am not sure what the full answer is here because this is an amazingly complex issue, but we ca start with:

  1. a two state solution
  2. with Israel:
    1. giving back all that it has taken
    2. paying reparations for the war crimes it has committed
  3. charging Israeli officials with war crimes at the Hague

Nuclear Arms

  1. Complete and total global nuclear disarmament including nuclear reactors.
  2. Completely recycle nuclear arms
  3. Turn missile silos into bunkers to help the peoples of the world to prepare for the 6th Great Extinction and the horrors of climate change and the disasters to come.
  4. Nuclear weapons are for cowards.

Environmental and Sustainability Policies

“I’d like to share a revelation that I’ve had during my time here. It came to me when I tried to classify your species and I realized that you’re not actually mammals. Every mammal on this planet instinctively develops a natural equilibrium with the surrounding environment but you humans do not. You move to an area and you multiply and multiply until every natural resource is consumed and the only way you can survive is to spread to another area. There is another organism on this planet that follows the same pattern. Do you know what it is? A virus. Human beings are a disease, a cancer of this planet. You’re a plague and we are the cure.”
Agent Smith (The Matrix, movie)


Fossil Fuel Industry

We will make the money back from the below process in 10 years due to health care savings alone by reducing pollution, increasing efficiency, and saving the environment.

  1. An immediate and complete stop to all Fracking processes. The proprietary patents shall be nullified and released to the public so we can find a way to cleanup this sheer and complete idiocy. The managers as well as the government officials who passed this or agreed to do this shall be tried and jailed for crimes against Humanity.
  2. Current applications to build pipelines, rigs, mines, etc… will be terminated
  3. Any project that is not currently built and operational should terminate building and shall have their permit/license terminated.
  4. They will receive a 20% increase in corporate and management taxes
  5. Their financial actions will have to be approved by a governmental agency in order to prevent bypassing them and to avoid sabotaging the company so they do not have to deal with it.
  6. They will also be held accountable for knowing about and suppressing climate change data and knowledge.
  7. They will have 1 year to create a 5 year plan to:
    1. shift to alternative energy which shall include a job retraining plan to work in the sustainable and other related industries;
    2. completely remediate all environmental damage caused directly or indirectly (over the entirety of their operation and of all of their subsidiaries
    … in preparation to be classified as a public utility or else all managers and key decision makers shall face lengthy prison sentences, no compensation including Golden Parachutes, as well as fines for failing not only their company but Humanity en toto.

Nuclear Power

  1. Current applications to build reactor plants will be terminated (Thorium reactors might be the only current exception)
  2. Any plant that is not currently built and operational should terminate building and shall have their permit/license terminated.
  3. Current operational reactor plants will have 1 year to create a 5 year plan to
    1. shift to alternative energy
    2. recycle premises
    3. completely remediate all environmental damage caused directly or indirectly (over the entirety of their operation and of their subsidiaries)
    4. this one we might be able to wait on since they are already operational, although a plan must be created to handle its end of life transition as talked about above and then a powerful emergency plan will need to be made in order to handle and contain any containment disasters ??
    … in preparation to be classified as a public utility.

Environmental Policy

Climate Change

  1. The US government will have 1 year to create a 5 year plan to combat climate change in the US and worldwide
  2. Launch a swarm of microsatellites over the poles to provide shade for the poles to cool it down and to reduce the affects of global warming, and to help restore environmental equilibrium. They could collect also store solar power, as well as contain as sensors to send data to the surface and micro cameras, or even act as a recharging station for satellites, etc.
  3. Research mining asteroids and other planets instead of tearing up and polluting our own planet.

Climate Change and Other Disaster Preparation

We need to do serious research in how we can prepare ourselves for climate change and for such disasters as the Yellow Stone volcano erupting, mass forest fires in California, and rising sea levels instead of being caught with our pants down and leaving our people to suffer and die like has happened in Puerto Rico and the various other places that have been struck by environmental tragedy where the US government completely failed them.

  1. A nation-wide analysis and report about which areas will be affected and how from such environmental disasters such as flooding, earthquakes, forest fires, hurricanes, and volcanoes:
    1. Prepare for the disaster of Yellow Stone Volcano erupting which shall completely change the face of the United States and the world.
    2. help with raging fires in California
    3. figure out how coastal cities may be affected by rising water levels
  2. Come up with a system to prevent, mitigate, or work with such disasters and its damage or effects, such as forming areas to accommodate for rising water levels such as some of the Nordic countries are doing.
  3. Reform communities and housing to be able to withstand such issues or create whole new sustainable communities further inland so that these potentially affected populations can move to that are either out of the way of these issues or can compensate for them without an issue.

We need to do the work now instead of after it is too late which will cause much suffer and loss of innocent lives. To not do so is completely irresponsible and fails the people and our country.

Environmental Studies and Efficiencies for All Projects:

All manufacturing, building, production, agrarian, organizational, business, governmental, and personal projects and processes should:

  1. … study and minimize negative environmental and ecological impact;
  2. … study and minimize negative impact on humans;
  3. … utilize AI, automation, and 3D printing as much as practicable
  4. … follow full life-cycle sustainable processes by:
  5. using sustainable energy, technologies, and techniques,
    1. full recycling of all byproducts by providing a service to do, using a service which can do so, or an outline for full technical process to recycle a product which can and will be created and utilized
    2. create a plan for full remediation of all of the effected environments and ecologies

Environmental Certification and Rating Organizations:

Create national organization(s) to aid with the above processes which shall also create and manage evaluations and certifications for various levels compliance:

  1. creation of facilities
  2. creation of product
  3. recycling of products and byproducts
  4. remediation and protection the environment and ecologies

Environmental Remediation:

We need to look at our natural environment and start to fix it as much as possible to compensate for pollution and the unnecessary destruction of the environment that man has an penchant for doing. Environmental remediation and protection is a must.

  1. Deserts and other barren areas can be completely rehabilitated to be forests in about 10 years. There are several groups working on that.
  2. Plant a billion new trees in every country
  3. Clean up the oceans:
    1. global work towards cleaning all trash from oceans
    2. global ban on dumping waste into the ocean and any water sources
    3. recycling plastics
    4. filtering out microbeads
    5. filter out chemicals (medical waste, biowaste, etc)
    6. bioremdiative methods or cleaning the oceans
  4. Claim the Amazon Forest as a global preserve

National Wide Business Pollution Evaluation:

All companies and their processes must be evaluated as far as how much pollution they have done and are doing and they:

  1. They will have 1 year to create a 5 year plan to completely remediate all environmental damage caused directly or indirectly (over the entirety of their operation and of their subsidiaries).
  2.  Change their processes to completely prevent this in the future.
  3. Face an increasing amount of taxes every year until as such time as they have complied or be taken over by the government and CEOs/managers will be jailed.

Sustainable Communities

Comprehensive City Planning

We need to redesign and replace our cities and do so in a manner such as The Venus Project which integrates sustainable and smart city design where each city’s infrastructure will be designed from the ground up with all that it needs and with a specific number of population to support. Start to transition our towns and city to this model. It is easier to build sustainable and smart cities anew from the start than it is to continuously remodel old and outdated designs and technology. Once a new city is built, a population can be relocated there and then the old city can be completely recycled, the local environment remediated, and the area restored to grasslands, forests, etc.

Sustainable Housing

  1. More sustainable Homes: require all new housing to have significant sustainable energy and energy storage, as well as a green roofs or walls. Old houses need to be torn down, recycled, and reconstructed or turned into green spaces.
  2. Sustainable and Locally Connected Communities:
    1. shifting housing production to be more sustainable and include housing designs like Earthships – sustainable housing, localized food and energy production;
    2. community houses tied together through a community center which could:
      1. store and manages local electricity and can share and sell it to other communities;
      2. act as the central internet provider;
      3. provide large scale urban community hydroponic/aquaponic/aeroponic farms and organic food sales
      4. playground
      5. community center


  1. Ban on Single Use Plastics: or shift to a non-petroleum based product which biodegrades naturally in 6 weeks or less and/or is safely edible for humans or other life. There are already a few products like this.
  2. Recycle Human Waste: either in a bioremediative or technological way so that it can be returned to the ground and not pollute our water and lands.
  3. Recycle All The Things: Everything needs to be recycled completely. If it cannot be recycled then it should not be created. The Nordic States are doing great with this, so can we.
    1. Food should be composted and returned to the ground which results in carbon sequestration
    2. There is no reason that every single thing cannot be recycled including houses. Entire industries could spring up around this. Automated plans need to be available to recycle everything. If there is not an effective method to recycle something then it should not be made.

Shift to Alternative Energy Cars:

All transportation companies:

  1. They will have 1 year to create a 5 year plan to completely shift all of their cars to sustainable energy which could include refitting their current fleets.
  2. Face an increasing amount of taxes every year until as such time as they have complied.
  3. Create a buyback or conversion plan to support transition to alternative energy based cars.
  4. Set up public sustainable energy charging stations for electric vehicles.
  5. Create cities with more free and sustainable public mass transportation, as well as including smaller services like Uber or Lift.

Food Production and Agricultural Policies


  1. The owners and managers need to be imprisoned and all technology, research, patents, IP, and funds returned to the people which will also us to learn how to combat it.
  2. The owners and managers also need to be fined for criminally negligent product because of the destruction to the environment.
  3. The money from the company should be returned to all of the small family farms that were devastated by their lawsuits, and all of the seeds destroyed and should be reconstituted collectively in one way or another, if possible, through the evolved means mentioned below in the Evolution of Farming.

Hemp Production:

The US shall greatly invest in Hemp production and research.
Hemp for:

  1. construction: hempcrete, hemp based lime, hemp oil,
  2. products: paper, rope, clothes, fabric
  3. medicine

This will also allow us to reduce deforestation and remediate the soil.

Evolution of Farming:

  1. Create a mandate and economic support for a shift to aquaponic, hydroponic, or aeroponic farming (as much as practicable) for this uses 10% of the land and water and is more easily to be made organic, and can be located in urban areas to keep food production nearer to population areas which also reduces its carbon footprint.
  2. Permaculture techniques
  3. Ban bee killing pesticides. Add bees to endangered species list. Create areas in all communities that shall cater to feeding and supporting bees. For without bees much of our ecosystem will collapse.
  4. Get rid of factory farms and only allow truly free range animals.
  5. Stop cows as food
  6. Start making serious investments and research in insect, mushroom, and algae based food sources which are nutrient dense and require little resources for the amount of food it produces.

Healthy Food For All:

  1. Organic whole foods should be cheaper than everything else. Taxes should be significantly increased on processed foods based on lack of nutritional density and to support the additional health care required to support the healthcare costs incurred to handle the consumption of such foods.
  2. Food should NOT be thrown away but should be either:
    1. given to those who are in need.
    2. composted and returned to the ground which results in carbon sequestration

Base Economic Policies


  1. All banks need to be converted to publicly owned banks
  2. Post Offices should offer basic banking services in more rural areas
  3. Federal Reserve:
    1. End the Federal Reserve as a private entity. It must be returned to the people.
    2. The owners of the current Federal Reserve shall have their accounts frozen and all assets returned to the US (or their respective countries from which the money was absconded from) and they shall be jailed. The Rothschilds should be jailed.
    3. Money that is created by the Federal Reserve and made available for the banks shall NOT have interest charged, not created through the issue of bonds.
    4. End Fractional Reserve Lending – require 100% reserves for lending (Switzerland is trying to do it!)

General Economic

  1. Privatization and austerity is basically NEVER the answer.
  2. A primary valuation for national, economic and business policy shall be the Common Good Balance Sheet (CGBS) which should inform and influence taxes, fees, and other economic and business decisions; for economics devoid of conscience manifests horrors into the world. Also see my post on Ethical Business Reform and Economies for the Common Good.

    <insert post to read here: Common Good Balance Sheet (CGBS)>

    <insert post to read here: How Do We Transform Unbridled Capitalism Towards a New Ethical and Eco-humanistic Model?>
  3. All local, state, and federal governments need to perform a spending review to ensure that money is being spent how it should be. Too many politicians waste the people’s money.
  4. Progressive Taxation with a starting Marginal Tax Rate @ 90% or more. I would not be sad with an eventual 99% marginal tax rate.
  5. Get rid of tax caps (make all income taxable) which will shift the burden of payment to those of higher economic tax brackets.
  6. Implement a Maximum Wage @ 10x the lowest wage including all forms of compensation monetary or not including: stock options, use of business resources, salary, everything else.
  7. Golden Parachutes shall be outlawed.
  8. Increase the Minimum Wage to $20 to start; Minimum Wage should be based on a ratio of poverty level income for a given area and it should be adjusted with changes in poverty level to maintain a minimum income nowhere near poverty levels. It should put a person well beyond poverty and into true independence.
  9. Progressive Universal Basic Income. Those at the bottom need more and those at the top need none.
  10. Slowly stop producing coins and bills and begin the shift to an all digital economy similar what one of the Nordic states (Finland?) is trying to accomplish.


  1. Shift to a 4 day work week and work hours per week need to be reduced to 32 hours per week.
  2. ​Concentrate on promoting cooperative ownership of businesses.
  3. Strong support of unions and protection of worker rights and safety. All industries should be unionized globally.
  4. Foster and promote collaborative works within industries to strengthen them.
  5. Universal free daycare
  6. Return the money stolen from Social Security and the Postal Service by the Republicans; expand Social Security

Tech and Infrastructure

  1. Fund massive infrastructure work:
    1. repair the bridges and bypasses
    2. general building, upgrade, and repairs such as Flint and Puerto Rico preferably through the City Planning section from above
    3. shift to sustainable energy, methods, and city designs
    4. create green/wild crossings
    5. start compensating for flooding due to climate change like the Nordic states are by creating flood ways where excess water can go
  2. Completely redesign, integrate, and digitalize the national infrastructure similar to Estonia and Switzerland so we can join the modern era, which will increase efficiency and and increase public access to services.
  3. Massive funding increase to NASA and other governmental scientific research. (Here’s what NASA could accomplish if it had the US military’s $600 billion budget (Business Insider)
  4. All governmentally funded  research such as from various government agencies or educational institutions should be public domain.
  5. We should promote and concentrate on using open source when at all possible. 


  1. Universal and free access to healthcare and fitness programs (including mental health, vision, dental, chiropractic, physical therapy, physical trainers, gym memberships, nutritionists, dietitians, and others)
  2. Healthcare should also be publicly owned and non-profit, for there is not profit to be made by keeping people truly healthy.
  3. Universal access to sick time (minimum of 2 weeks).
  4. All hospitals should utilize organic food for their meals and not the horrible processed stuff. Food is medicine so feeding them processed stuff will be exacerbating the problem. Perhaps even have their own organic hydro/aqua/aeroponic farm
  5. Those who work in healthcare should also be the healthiest people around otherwise those institutions and their policies are failures.
  6. Some of the first questions healthcare people should ask are about: diet, exercise, and home life (food, housing, abuse), for these factors are some of the most powerful that may determine mental and physical health.
  7. Flexible time for exercise should be made available even during the work day.
  8. Plentiful access to vacation (minimum of 2 months), parental childbirth leave (1 year each), bereavement leave
  9. Pharmaceutical companies cannot advertise.



  1. Universal and free access education (all levels) including other technical training such as massage therapist and apprenticeships. Perhaps even pay them to go to school.
  2. All student loans need to be terminated.
  3. At least double teacher’s pay
  4. Funding for schools should, in a manner, be aggregated state-wide and then redistributed equally or proportionally to the schools to keep rich communities from having everything and poorer communities from having nothing.
  5. At least triple the funding for all schools. Schools should never be wanting of funds for education is the very backbone of equality, creativity, innovation, productivity, and peace.
  6. No more charter schools, private schools, or voucher programs which are are a fraud.


  1. Only the best should qualify to be teacher; required to have at least a masters degree to teach and be at the top of their class
  2. Continuing education is required
  3. If a teacher is not doing well then they need to go away or learn to be better, perhaps a mentorship program could help
  4. There should also be a distinct separation between academics hired for research and teaching, they cannot do both. Teachers need to teach and researchers need to research. Teachers Assistants (TA’s) cannot teach a class for a teacher and get paid crap for it.
  5. Shift to the interdisciplinary education model of the Nordic countries which have the best education systems in the world.


  1. Schools should start later – near 10:00am.
  2. Elementary schools need much more recess
  3. Teach in such as way that emphasizes cooperation instead of competition
  4. Schools should include the following subjects:
    1. comprehensive sexuality education (Nordic model)
    2. mindfulness and meditation, empathy, philosophy, critical thinking, comparative religion, comparative anthropology, non-violent communication, conflict resolution
    3. arts and music class (choir, band, orchestra, music theory, etc..) – at least one shall be required
    4. Foreign Languages
      1. at least 2 foreign languages should be taught all throughout schooling from daycare all the way through college and beyond
      2. as a precursor to foreign language courses in middle school and high school a linguistics class should be taught which includes the use of Esperanto.
      3. local Indigenous languages should be taught as a 3rd choice
      4. Esperanto should be taught as a fourth choice
    5. a critical analysis the many failures economic systems including systemic structural violence such as poverty, racism, income inequality, war, etc
    6. If there are indigenous populations local then indigenous topics such as history, culture, language, etc should be taught to all students.
    7. a critical analysis the many failures and your nation of origin, why they were failures, why they happened, and what should have been the ethical response and why, and why they chose the wrong answer. If we do not learn from history then our children shall make the same mistakes as we have already made. Take a look at Howard Zinn’s works such as The People’s History of the United States.
    8. how all things are interdependent
    9. Organic permaculture and hydroponic/aquaponic farms onsite and for the children to work with so the children will learn about food, ecologies,  interdependence, and health of our food and nature.
    10. Programming logic and basic programming skills
    11. Online Safety – my work has an amazing program by KnowB4
  5. Classes should be taught in an interdisciplinary fashion such as the Nordic model
  6. Role Playing Games (RPGs) are also great interdisciplinary methods of teaching and using their imagination (logic, rules interactions, math, cooperation, mythology, sociology, history, and so much more).
  7. There should be plenty of after school activities to keep kids entertained, growing, and to keep kids off the street. This also effective vs alcohol and drugs.
    1. athletics, yoga, tai chi, martial arts, dance, gymnastics, rock climbing, etc
    2. liberal arts, reading groups, band
    3. board game and other hobby groups
    4. other activities such as programming, electronics, writing
    5. even volunteering at places where they have an interest in learning more about
  8. Use Restorative Justice programs
  9. The religion of high school and university athletics competitions need to end. Sure some small scale competitions are ok, but in the scheme of things, sports are not a way for a person to realize more about the world, to understand their place in it, nor to change the world or to make a difference. Our children should be looking up to people such as: Galileo, Copernicus, Neil de Grasse Tyson, Stephen Hawking, Marie Curie, etc rather than to whoever can devastate someone else.

Social Policies

Human Rights

We should consider the Universal Declaration of Human Rights as set forth by the United Nations as a binding document and work towards making it so, as well as the following universal declarations:

  1. Universal Declaration of Linguistic Rights
  2. Universal Declaration on the Human Genome and Human Rights
  3. Universal Declaration on Bioethics and Human Rights

Immigrants and Refugees

  1. No people are illegal
  2. Abolish ICE
  3. Radical change to our immigration laws including an immediate path to citizenship
  4. If we do not want to take in refugees then we need to stop creating them around the world not only through our social, political, and economic actions, but also through exacerbating climate change and not aggressively fighting against it.
  5. If we have meddled with that country in one form or another then we should automatically accept immigrants from that country, since we created the problem.
  6. It takes more money to attempt to keep immigrants and refugees out then it does to process them and accept them. Once they are here legally then have they to start paying taxes. By not allowing them a viable path towards legal standing we are missing out on their productivity and taxes, as well as their education and innovation. How many of the US’s Nobel Prize winners and Fortune 500 companies are due to immigrants?

Consensual Crimes

  1. Drugs:
    1. All drugs must be decriminalized, legalized, and regulated.
    2. Addiction and use must be treated as a social health issue.
    3. Those convicted of non-violent offenses should be immediately released.
  2. Sex Work:
    1. Sex work must be decriminalized, legalized, and regulated.
    2. Those convicted of non-violent offenses should be immediately released.
  3. Assisted suicide
    1. needs to be legalized nationwide.

Homelessness and Poverty

  1. If needed, use eminent domain to claim housing to house the homeless.
  2. Excess food should be sent to shelters and food pantries instead of wasted.
  3. Excess housing should be used to house the homeless
  4. Excess clothing should likewise be sent to shelters and food pantries instead of wasted.


  1. Shift to the Metric System
  2. Shift to the 24 hour clock
  3. End Daylight Saving Time
  4. Reformed International Fixed Calendar (IFC)


  1. Public utilities (all energy production, etc);
  2. The Internet should be classified as a public utility and nationalized

Colonialism and Indigenous Genocide

  1. Columbus Day needs to be switched to Indigenous People’s Day.
  2. Thanksgiving should be switched to Colonialism Awareness and Reparations Day.
  3. Indigenous languages, history, and medicine should be recorded and codified so we do not lose them and so they can be taught.
  4. ​Apologize and attempt to make reparations for colonialism and genocide of Africans, Native Americans, and other indigenous peoples.


  1. Ban Gay Conversion therapy
  2. Blue Laws need to be terminated
  3. Blasphemy laws need to be ended
  4. All laws that are religious tests to hold office must be terminated Laws requiring or enforcing patriotism or nationalism need to be ended
  5. ​Stopping all beauty contests off all sorts and if all ages, especially kids. We need to celebrate intelligence, ingenuity, creativity, kindness, and compassion.

Law Enforcement and Guns

Law Enforcement

  1. #BlackLivesMatter
  2. Complete demilitarization of the police not only in equipment, but also in training.
  3. Ending the training that results in the dehumanizing of the people that they are here to protect and serve
  4. Crisis Intervention Training (CIT) for all officers
  5. Get rid if IQ limit for officers
  6. Mandatory body cams
  7. You cannot be an officer if you have a history of abuse, violence, or hard drug use.
    Such persons such be immediately fired and result in a national blacklisting for all jobs that they are entrusted to care for or protect others, unless moderate enough to pass psychiatric evaluation and continued monitoring.
  8. Officers should:
    1. be tested for psychological stability
    2. have required empathy levels
    3. be educated in the interdependent factors in social and criminal issues along with methods of solving and preventing the problems.
    4. have training in non-violent conflict resolution
  9. Minority officers should be over represented in the force, because they are a minority.
  10. Civil Forfeiture needs to be ended or greatly reformed for it violates the principle of innocent util proven guilty. People have their property taken from them for a very long time even when they have done nothing wrong and they have no recourse. Some department even take the things they stole from innocent people for themselves or to fund or equip their department. (Washington Post 2015, Last Week Tonight 2014)

Criminal Justice:

  1. End prison privatization. All current private prisons should be take over by the government.
  2. End the school-to-prison pipeline
  3. End prison slave labor.
  4. Lawyers should all be public servants so that the rich cannot bury a citizen under a lawsuit that they have no hope of combating because they cannot afford a multi-million dollar legal team, which is a favorite tactic for corporations. The field needs to be leveled and the people need a place at the table. Without equal access to quality representation there will be no justice.
  5. Fines all throughout the government should be proportional to income that way the rich and corporations will not be effectively immune to punishment and the poor are not imprisoned as a debtors prison. (Finland does this; Municipal Violations, John Oliver)
  6. The Criminal Justice system needs to focus on solving the problems that created the crime as well as remediation, rehabilitation, and counseling, and not punishment for punishment’s sake. Punishment for punishment’s sake does not solve the problems nor does it reduce recidivism rates.
  7. Prisoners still need to be treated like human beings and not caged animals (ie the Nordic prison model). If you treat them like caged animals then that is what you shall end up with
  8. End the death sentence
  9. Human trafficking must be considered a international crime against Humanity and a top problem to attack world wide, which includes slavery and sex trafficking in all its various forms. Major intragovermental task forces world-wide need to attack this issue. This is one of the only crimes I would consider for the Death Penalty and perhaps should be tried at the Hague.


Basic Regulation

  1. End embargo on CDC gun violence research.
  2. Close gun show and personal sales loophole nation-wide
  3. Mandatory nationwide registry for all guns, gun parts and ammo (public and private).
  4. Minimum 1 month waiting period – can go longer – takes as long as it takes, safety first.
  5. Mandatory nationwide universal background checks for ALL sales (public and private)
  6. Mandatory psychological background checks for ALL sales (public and private).
  7. Require:
    1. gun registration
    2. insurance
    3. gun safes
    4. yearly inventory and inspections of guns, ammo, and gun safes
  8. Check out the Japanese model (World Economic Forum)

Purchase of Ammo or Gun Parts

  1. Must follow all laws as above just like purchasing a full gun
  2. registration of ammunition purchases

3D Printing of Guns

3D printing of guns should be outlawed or greatly regulated and tracked:

  1. owners/creators must follow normal gun regulations as above
  2. registration of schematics in a national database
  3. traceable ID numbers per part and per gun
  4. watermarks on gun part so it can be know what design it was printed from to make it more traceable
  5. allowed only for those with specific licenses


  1. Assault rifle ban
  2. Gun ban for:
    1. domestic abusers, those with violent records, addicts, and those with mental illness.
    2. I should not have to say this, but also for those who are blind or with significant visual impairment.
  3. Conceal carry permits only for those:
    1. with combat experience or continuous advanced tactical training
    2. who can prove a need, but will require continuous training to improve and increase skills which will be paid by the government due it being a safety issue for the permit holder and the public.
    3. who want a conceal carry but do not have a clear and present need, then they will need to go through a lot of military like training drills so that they will not be a danger to the public – months and months of continuous combat training like a soldier would in order to prepare them for small arms combat in an urban situation and then they can be licensed, but will still required continuing training to maintain license.

Political Reform

How a Bill Becomes a Law

  1. Each bill should only cover one issue and should not have entries that are not directly related. If you want pork barrel spending, then you can create a bill just for that. You will NOT add a controversial line just to tank a bill or to slide something in just to make sure it gets in there because you know you cannot pass it on its own.
  2. We should shift to a more open and citizen focused bill passing process – one that is not ‘a corporation hands us the bill‘.  I outlined a basic process which tries to integrate consensus based democratic principles here:

    <insert post to read here: Legislative Process For A Consensus Based Digital Democracy>

The Wall…

The Wall of Separation Between Church and State needs to remain inviolable. Science and ethics are what needs to guide us into the future.

Politicians Pay

  1. Politicians should not be able to vote on their own pay or benefits. That should be left to the people.
  2. Politicians should also not have their own healthcare, employment, and retirement. They should be subjected to the same laws and benefits that the people are. They should not be insulated from the laws they impose on the rest of us.
  3. Politician’s pay should be tied to the health and well being of their constituency. Perhaps start with average wage of the $75,000 for ALL governmental positions and adjust it up or down based on poverty, pollution, unemployment, violence rates, and school quality rates. The better their locality is doing, then the better they can do too. (see Economies for the Common Good)

Whistle Blowers

Rights for all Whistle Blowers should be honored and protected completely. A free press is necessary to keep government and corporations held accountable. Free Julian Assange and Edward Snowden.

War and Peace


Say No to Police Actions

All military actions outside of the US should require congressional approval. There should be nothing classified as a ‘police action.’ which is used as method to bypass congressional approval. All Military action outside the US needs to go through congress otherwise the president can send the military wherever they want just by changing the label.

Peace Easier Than War

  1. Going to war or any “police action” should require 2/3 vote.
  2. Going to peace should require only 1/2 vote.

It should be more difficult to go to war and easier to go peace. Currently, it is the opposite. =(

Globalization and Unification of Humanity

Insert these posts to read:

  1. The Flag of Humanity
  2. The Cancer of Capitalism and Its Antidote (7 pgs; Nov 2017)
  3. New Constitution for Asgardia and for the world:
    1. New Constitution for Asgardia 2.0 – Commentary, Scope, and Intent
    2. New Constitution for Asgardia 2.0 – Part I

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