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Intel’s Mobile and Internet Linux Project is exactly the sort of thing that we need. In my ‘Class 2i‘ short story thing, click this is exactly what I am alluding to with the Personal Communication Device (PCD). This really excites me and I wish that I could throw a lot of money at them so that they develop this faster.

Tanya is current in Belarus for 3 months for the last time to finish her degree. While she is away I am going to be looking for a Yoga studio to buy or partner with in Madison. I am quite wary of engaging in this because I have a lot to learn about business management and business valuation. This is such a huge and complicated process to be going through. I have a lot of learning and research to do in order to value and purchase a business properly.

I am still excited and I look forward to the challenge of making this happen. I have books to read and people to talk to, treat
and a host of other things to do. I have currently emailed a few Yoga studios in Madison to see if any would be interested in either a partnership of a full buy out. We will see if any bite. IF you are reading this and you either own a Yoga studio or might know of one that may be interested, please let them know we are looking. =)

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