Holocene Era Calendar Reform

A New Year Zero for Humanity’s Calendars

Here is a neat calendar reform video which suggests that we start our calendrical history not at 2,000 years ago which pays homage to a single culture and religious belief, but on one that unifies all of humanity and honors more of human history, by starting our counting with the first stone structure ever created by humanity. This is also referred to as the Holocene Calendar or the Human Era Calendar. All we do is add 10,000 years to the year count and we are there. Go ahead and watch the video and give it a think: A New History for Humanity – The Human Era. 

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Donna De Lory – He Ma Durga

It is not often that music affects me, but here is a long time favorite piece that Tanya has played while teaching her yoga classes that has affected me. It is pretty much one of the only 2 pieces of Yoga music that I listen to outside of my Halestorm, AC/DC and some Disturbed. Her style mixes the traditional Sanskrit words and traditional yogic music with a modern beat and English lyrics. That song is He Ma Durga by Donna De Lory:

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Legislative Process for a Consensus Based Digital Democracy

Introduction So here is a process I have developed which pulls ideas from consensus based democratic work which will allow for a more open legislative process and more citizen participation. The most free and advanced countries in the world, such as the Nordic States have a consensus based democratic government. Why a consensus based process […]

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Screen Cap - The Perimeter of Ignorance - Neil deGrasse Tyson

Video: “The Perimeter of Ignorance” (Neil deGrasse Tyson)

I am not sure how I have not shared this here yet, but a quite a few years ago I found this wonderful video of a presentation given by the notorious NdT (Neil deGrasse Tyson) at Beyond Belief: Science, Religion, Reason, and Survival from 2006. The title of his presentation is “The Perimeter of Ignorance“. […]

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"But the third parties split..." "Blame the system and not the people"

If you are angry with a “Third Party Split” then you have no idea what is going on.

With America’s 2018 mid-term electoral cycle and other electoral cycles where the US’s few major 3rd parties (Green Party and Libertarian) consistently’ish on the ballots and affecting the electoral result, some of you are blaming these 3rd parties for their party’s loss. If you are doing this then you have no idea what is going and you are pissed at the wrong thing. You need to get your self woke! I am not even kidding here. Your ignorance is hurting us all.

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New Page: The 7 Philosophical Pillars for Peace in Humanity (7P3H)

I have a new post titled The 7 Philosophical Pillars for Peace in Humanity (7P3H). Here is an excerpt: The 7 Philosophical Pillars for Peace in Humanity (7P3H) shall lie at the heart of and form the foundations of Humanities society, culture, citizens, and organizations, as well as its governmental bodies, institutions, and associations. The constitutions and laws […]

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New Pages: New Constitution for Asgardia 2.0 – Part I

I am releasing to the general public something I have been working on since December, which is a complete rewrite of the Asgardian Constitution. This work in many ways aggregates and distills over a decade of political and other thought to how we can create a government to change the world. This is the first […]

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Review of Calendar Reforms

I am going to write what I think is required for a successful world-wide secular calendar and for calendar reform. I will also list my reviews of the various calendar reform attempts too. I also have a spread sheet with point based ratings of the various Calendar Reform attempts, which also includes a comparison to our current world-wide secular calendar which is the Gregorian Calendar (Wikipedia). I have also posted a bunch of information, history, and issues with the Gregorian Calendar in my 45-page blog page on the Calendar Reform, so if you want to get the skinny on our calendar then please read through that post. It is a page turner, let me tell ya.

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