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America is not the Greatest Country Anymore (Video)

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  • Drupal: is available in Esperanto (an open source content management system)
  • European Union Website: is in Esperanto
  • Firefox – an open source and free browser – which ‘Totally roxors my boxors!!’
  • Gimp – an open source and image editing software for Linux
  • Google’s Interface is available as a language and you can specifically search Esperanto only sites.
  • GNU Esperanto Translation Team: looking for help in translating part of their website into Esperanto
  • Ubuntu – an open source and Linux Distro
  • Wikipedia: is available in Esperanto (an online encyclopedia)
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Nay Sayers

I agree with this 100%. We are behind other countries in so many ways. Other countries are ahead of us and more advanced that the there
and there a tremendous amount of different answers out there that we can learn from and use to catch up and exceed those who have supassed us.

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The Newsroom – Tea Party is the American Taliban [video]

This is sad but true. The Tea Part has no real grasp on what America really is or who our founders really are. They claim to be Christians and hide behind claims of righteousness, purchase but violate Jesus’ words at every turn. Hypocrisy and fundamentalism at its worst.

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HBO Miniseries “John Adams” (Review – B)

I must preface this with: the ‘B’ rating only stands if you do not mind a slow drama (spread out through like 11 episodes on 3 CD’s) and if you have some knowledge and appreciation of the historical context, women’s health otherwise I would lower it to a ‘C’.

As of the last few years I have read some books on separation of church and state and have, vitamin in general, enjoyed revolutionary history, so my bias to start was towards liking this series.

I will say that the acting was moving and powerful, and the script was sloooow, but revealing of what John Adams and others of the time may have been going through, as well as getting to know the people as they may have been. I would enjoy more movies like this, not too often though, however, because it is quite long and slow, but it was a great learning experience. In particular I would like to see a series like this about Thomas Jefferson, who is one of the people from history that I would really like to meet.

If you are a US Revolution history buff, or a US Presidents or John Adams buff, I would pick it up otherwise…. you might want to wait until you are bored…. a lot.