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The Revolution Following Clinton’s Theft of the Democratic Nomination

To all of my fellow Berners out there – I know we all feel a soul-crushing sorrow with Bernie’s call for a vote for Hillary for president on the floor of the Democratic National Convention which ushered in the completion of her theft of the nomination a few weeks ago. I arrived in the baggage claim of the Philadelphia airport to participate in the protests right as Bernie made the call. I even posted a picture of that very moment @ 6:55pm from the TV that was posted over the baggage claim carousel and then posted it to Facebook saying that ‘We just witnessed the death of democracy.’. I was sick to my stomach for the rest of the evening even as I joined my fellow Bernicrats in the protest area in the FDR Park outside the fences and police that guarded the Wells Fargo Convention Center where the convention was taking place and the voice of the people was kept out. It was a sad day for America, thumb for the world, online and for a nation that prides itself on being a supposed democracy.  If you want to read more about my time in Philly you can read my post here: ‘My Experience at the Democratic National Convention Protests in Philadelphia 2016‘.

We Need to Thank Bernie Sanders

First, stuff I want to say that we all love Bernie, so please do not turn on him for he has had to endure much over the last year or so, and even through the last 40 years of his service to humanity as an independent politician, to enact what change he was able to accomplish. Do not lose hope. Do not rage against him. Thank him for all that he has done – for awakening us – for giving us hope – for raising awareness of the issues and being prophetic to the truth – for unleashing and informing the slumbering progressive rage. We need to thank him for trying to fix whatever he could while slogging through the treacherous, filthy and betrayal laden trenches of the corporate owned Democratic Party which absolutely despises everything we stand for. We also need to thank him for successfully moving the Democratic Party’s platform far to the left from where it was near the horrendously corporate center. He is only one man in a den of thieves, but together we helped him to make these changes. He could not have done that without us. We could not have done it without him.

To Vote for Evil?

Let’s talk about Trump and Clinton – the two-headed Clintrump if you will – so you can have an idea as to who they are and what a presidency with either of them may mean. I will not go over the wasted vote fallacy or the vote for a third party is a vote for the other candidate fallacy here due to time restrictions, although I go over that a little bit in my previous post on the Suppression Inherent in the Two Party System.

Clinton or Trump, the Greater Evils?

Arguably, this election is record setting in very many horrific ways. We have two candidates that historically have the lowest voter approval ratings ever recorded, and from systemic electoral fraud, voter suppression, money laundering, collusion, perjury, and other horrible things from Hillary Clinton to lies, bigotry, racism, ignorance, and general buffoonery from Trump. In no democracy with an educated and concerned populace should either be considered valid presidential candidates.

Trump may seem bad because he is a general fraud and spews general non-sense a lot, but no one likes him – not the Republicans, not the Democrats, nor the world leaders some of which have already banned him from their country for his ignorant and harmful words, so he will not have allies in Congress or in many places in the world if, by some crazy reason, he lasts long enough to get elected. The way things are going he will most likely be replaced by someone else so that the Republican Party does not completely implode. Things are already working that way now. I do have to give the Republicans some credit though. They had the chance to screw him over during their convention by changing the nomination rules so they could chose someone else as the nominee, but they did not. They stood by their ridiculous voters’ choice which is a rare moment of principle from them.

Although, with Clinton we have a blood soaked and apology stricken legacy to consider. I have written at length about why I will not vote for Hillary talking about massive flop-floppery and general corruption, but this massive post barely scratches the surface since it was only written in September. The Wikileaks from the Democratic Party and the Wikileaks from the Hillary emails have also brought to light that she has sold weapons to Isis and sarin gas to Syrian rebels, her involvement with the coup in Honduras, and so very, very much more. In her time in office, she has also worked hard to sell fracking and the TPP around the world and has sold political favors such as contracts and government positions to donors of the Clinton Foundation. (Clinton Cash Documentary) The depth of her corruption really seems to not know any bounds. Plus, to top all of that off, her judgment has been horrible. Sure she has “experience” but for most of her career she has had to publically apologize for or recant almost all of it during this election because she has been called out for the destruction she has caused at home and throughout the world. See my Letter to the Superdelegates of the Democratic Party for more information on why she is a horrible candidate.

Trump may be an ignorant blustering bigot with no support, but Hillary has the power, money, influence, history and record to show that she that she will do all of the horrible things that she says she will not do while her votes and previous actions show she definitely will. Hillary is definitely the greater of two evils for she is already responsible for sowing evil throughout the world. Compared to Hillary Tump is a rank amatuer. We Bernie or Busters have said that we will not vote for Hillary if Bernie is not the nominee, especially more so now that we know she stole the election, and then, by virtue, the Democratic Party knowing this fact has chosen Drumpf (or whoever the eventual and final nominee is) to be a 4 year drop in the presidential bucket. They are playing chicken with the people and our votes and are counting on the fear based controlled campaigning to keep us in line.  I explain this tactic and so much more in my post A General Look at the Systemic Suppression Inherent with America’s Two Party System.

Our only possible saving grace to this potential tragic eventuality (besides Bernie or Jill Stein winning) is that with the movement that Bernie has stirred up and with how sick people are of the Tea Party and their destructive policies over the last 8 years that hordes of progressives will hopefully replace many seats in Congress and possibly reclaim control of it as well. This has already begun since quite a few inspired Bernicrats have won their primaries unseating many establishment Democrats and Republicans. A progressive wave in Congress is our only hope with 3 or more Supreme Court seats on the line. Replacing Congress with progressives is our only real hope to get real change and to fix our criminally broken system because the system profits too much from the corruption.

Did Hillary really steal the nomination?

In short…yes. Well, How then?

…collusion, money laundering, electoral fraud and voter suppression.

I will go briefly over these so you can get an idea in case you have not been following it too closely. There are plenty of articles on this if you really want to research it. The information is out there.

Collusion: We Bernie supporters have been saying this for months and months and the DNC Wikileaks proved that not only did Debbie Wasserman-Schultz and the DNC collude to work against Bernie, but the DNC also colluded with the media to make Hillary look good (or not so horrible) and to attack and suppress Bernie. This resulted in only Debbie and two other DNC officials stepping down and the issuance of an official apology by the Democratic Party, but yet nothing was done to return the votes that had been lost by their unethical behavior.

Harvard Study Confirms Bernie Sanders Was Right: Media Blackout Badly Hurt Campaign

10 Straight Minutes of CNN & MSNBC Cutting Guests Mics to Protect Hillary Clinton

The emails also showed that the DNC had a mole inside the Bernie campaign which is something that we had also suspected and was most likely dealt with. A possibility here could be this chain of events and logic – a mole inside the Bernie campaign, who was eventually fired, had knowledge of a security hole that allowed him access to both the Clinton and Sanders email lists (to which Bernie’s campaign was punished for); the mole sends the Sanders’ email list over to Hillary campaign which allowed a perfectly targeted campaign for poll closures to create confusion and really long wait times, voter roll purges and party registration changes, ballot shortages, uncounted ballots and whiting out Bernie’s name on ballots in order to indirectly suppress Bernie voters’ ability to vote and to suppress voter turnout. =O =( There are links available for all of these deplorable occurrences as they occurred in the various primaries.

Money Laundering: This was proven by the existence of the Hillary Victory Fund as was reported here Hillary Donors Use State Loopholes To Launder Millions (The Young Turks) and the original story which was broken by How Hillary Clinton Bought the Loyalty of 33 State Democratic Parties (Counterpunch). The Hillary Victory Fund allowed rich people and corporations to bypass campaign donation limits by giving to the various state parties who would then directly funnel the money into the Clinton Campaign. This was done with the promise of helping the Democratic Party raise money for their future candidates. Part of this deal is also how she bought the support of the superdelegates before the primaries even really started. So, in a completely illegal and unethical action, she had already purchased the support, bias, and collusion of the Democratic Party and purchased superdelegate support before the game even started. These actions are cheating, felonies, highly unethical and very undemocratic.

Voter Suppression and Electoral Fraud: Unfortunately, these are much harder to prove due to time limitations, cost of investigation, manpower and expertise required, and because, more importantly,  the Democratic Party and the government itself has no interest stopping it because this is how elections are done here in America. To truly crack down this would be to undermine corporate control of the government and the flow of money and power into the hands of the politicians and the corporations. Obama has said nothing and has done nothing when there is more than enough evidence and funny business to show that something is going on and should be investigated and, yet, no call was made to protect our supposed democracy.

Here are some links to get you started:

The two really sad parts about Hillary and the DNC subverting the democratic process and the will of the people by engaging in electoral fraud voter suppression, money laundering, and collusion in order force Hillary upon the populace is that we have already said NO to her twice already and, even with having done all of this, she was still only able to come to a veritable tie and had to go to a contested convention in order to ‘win’, and even there they engaged in major suppression of Sanders supporters too. Had this been an even borderline fair election the result would have been Hillary’s third loss by absolute annihilation by Bernie and his supporters.

Bernie endorses and supports Hillary, so that is what he wants us to do right?

Well…no! Not really… and let me tell you why:

There is a lot at play her and, unfortunately, dirty Clintonian politics are a part of it – blackmailing Bernie with the possibility of losing of his seat on the Congressional Committee for Veterans Affairs and who knows what else is at play. He has most likely also agreed to make an early endorsement in order to obtain platform concessions to which I have very little faith in as I stated in my Open Letter to Bernie Sanders. We all know that he would not just give in unless he was made to stop by things outside his control. Because of this and whatever else the Clinton campaign has done to him to force his campaign to basically end, we cannot really listen to his words now because, with the act of his endorsement of Hillary being a betrayal of everything we have fought for, his time in the immediate Revolution has come to an end, and now it is up to us to carry on the Revolution now and far past the election in November for our fight to end the corrupt system and its cronies has just begun.

With Bernie Sanders being forced to support Hillary we have some other things to consider from Bernie himself and from his surrogates to try and understand what he really wants us to do. Early during his campaign and in his previous speeches and interviews he has said that ‘he would never tell us who to vote for and if he did we should not listen’. This is a very important and consistent message to remember. He has also said during this campaign that ‘he cannot tell his supporters to vote for Hillary and that she must earn our votes’. As a lifelong independent candidate he has also previously said that we need a third party. He has also said that this campaign is not about him, it is not even about winning the presidency or elections, it is about policy reform and it is about us, we, who are the real Revolution, to which he has been the wake-up call and rallying cry for. We are the ones who his campaign was really about. The Revolution, the wake-up call, is the point so we would stand up to demand and fight for real change. He has fallen on his sword for us so he can keep fighting within the Democratic Party and now, sadly, we must continue on without his leadership and inspiration while we watch him do that which he loathes to do – support Hillary.

Bernie has also not released his delegates nor handed over his email list. He has also maneuvered Hillary’s nomination in such a way that if something should happen to her like going to jail for electoral fraud, voter suppression, money laundering, collusion, racketeering or something fortunate like that then he is still in line to be the Democratic nominee. He has also switched back to an independent and will not be stumping with nor raising funds for her or the Democratic Party. He seems to be doing the exact minimum that he needs to do in order to not suffer unknown consequences, but everything else he is doing points to a desire for action other than what his words say if you have really been paying attention to his career and his words during his campaign. His current words may say Hillary, but his eyes, previous speeches, and entire political history point to a hostage situation.

Bernie or Bust has become Green or Bust

With all of Bernie’s previous consistent words being said as a stark contrast to his endorsement of the very disease that we have been fighting against, and with his electoral voice now being controlled by the Hillary campaign, we have to look for other signals as to what Bernie really wants us to do. His words as pointed out above are pretty clear, but let’s look for something else. We can find that in his campaign’s close allies and surrogates – Nina Turner and Cornell West – who, shortly after Hillary’s theft of the nomination, moved over to and began endorsing the Green Party. This here, I believe, is the truest answer to what Bernie really wants for us, not only because it is really consistent with his words and his principles as a lifelong independent who has been fighting against the system, but also because this is really the only way to help break up the two party system which has systematically worked to destroy his campaign and our freedoms, and to steal the election away from Bernie. Cornell and Nina can say those things that Bernie could not say. They were his voice following the subversion of the election by Hillary’s stealing of the nomination.

I have written a massive post detailing the Systemic Suppression Inherent in America’s Two Party System to which you may find very informative about the plight of independents Like Bernie Sanders and third parties like the Green Party have within the corrupt corporate controlled two party system and how it results in the suppression of the voice and choice of the American people. Please take the time to read this rather large post, because it will instill into you how broken and at odds the people really are to have our voices heard and to have a real choice in who to vote for and how important it really is to break this.

We cannot achieve the radical needed change by voting for either the greater or lesser of two evils. If we want real change then we must vote for it and vote our consciences and not our fears or nothing will get better because fear is how they control our votes and keep us in line. For decades have people been saying ‘Next election I will vote my values. Now we need to defeat this evil.’ and nothing has changed as a result because we voted our fears and for one of the two corporate owned and sponsored candidates that have been forced upon us.

Jill Stein and the Green Party are just to the left of Bernie. When I took the I Side With test this year my results said 100% Bernie and 100% Green. When I heard Bernie speak in my town at a small event here last summer, to me it sounded like his platform was checking off the Green Party platform. I was amazed. The Green Party is a natural fit for Bernie supporters to carry on our Revolution. They have even offered to allow Bernie to step in and take over the Green Party presidential nomination.

Can Jill Stein of the Green Party win? Of course, she can, although this will require that we Bernie people move over en masse to support Jill Stein. The amazing things we did for Bernie with money and support we can do for her and this will be a powerful moment that will really catapult a third party into the race. We have that power. We can have our voices heard by helping Jill Stein and the Green Party, a candidate and a party that is very, very similar to Bernie and his campaign. Our country needs this voice in the presidential race now that Bernie has been silenced. The people need her on the presidential debate stage so we can hear Bernie’s and the Green Party’s values debated against the corruptions and frauds of Trump and Hillary. We need a real third party on the debate stage. The stark contrast between the two corporatist candidates and the populist candidate in Jill will also give the American people a much-needed voice and choice on the debate stage. The American people need this. Our children need this. The world needs this.

What if Jill Stein loses? Well, there is a good chance she will. Most Bernie people will not vote for Hillary and many have moved over to the Green Party. Some will write in Bernie or vote for anyone else but Hillary. What will matter in the long term is that that we finally decide that will not bow down to fear and corporate control. We will no longer vote our fears and will now start voting our values. Once we do that everything will change. With any luck the Green Party will be set up better to compete following the general election with funds and help from Berners so that they can run more local elections and help to get more Green people in office which is something that we desperately need – more progressives in office all across the country.

If you need more of  a persuasion to consider the Green Party then the Dalai Lama has supported the Green Party (YouTube). Bernie Sanders’ brother, Larry Sanders, is also an active member of the UK Green Party and is their National Health spokesman.

Run For Office

The other part of this puzzle as to what we should do besides vote for Jill Stein of the Green Party and, to which he has directly talked about, is for us to run for office. For far too long have progressives been idle and inactive in local, state, and federal positions. For far too long has our voice been muted by our collective electoral inaction, our jaded disaffection and disenfranchisement. We have now been awoken and inspired by Bernie and his prophetic truths, so now get we need get elected into office and put an end to the corruption and the fraud ourselves. There are three main options for Bernicrats and Greens to run for office with support:

  • You can join and run for office through the Green Party which will greatly help out a third party. The more candidates they have in office the more of a difference that they will be able to make and the more the public will hear their name and take them seriously.
  • Bernie’s campaign sent out an email asking his followers that had recurring donations to him to switch them to the new organization that he just started named Our Revolution which is meant to train, fund and run Bernicrats for all elections – local, state and Federal so that the revolution can continue to do its work. Their official kick-off August 24, 2016.
  • Another organization that sprung out of the Bernie movement is Brand New Congress which seeks specifically to replace congress with progressives by 2018.

Together, through whichever means you chose, we can replace congress, governors, and various local positions with progressives so we can bring real change. This is where the revolution will really happen and we need you to run so your voice can be heard and so our voice can finally be heard. If we all step up and really put ourselves towards this then regardless of whoever is president, for better or worse, it will not matter so much because progressives will control Congress, but imagine what we could do with a progressive Congress and a progressive President.

In closing

My Quote - Post Nomination Revolution

My Quote – Post Nomination Revolution

Do not focus your rage against our beloved Bernie. Keep you rage aimed at the corporate-owned establishment Democrats that have never ever considered giving Bernie a fair chance while having to engage in voter suppression, electoral fraud, collusion, money laundering, and corruption to have a chance at beating him. If they did not do this then Bernie would have crushed Hillary. Keep your rage focused and sharp for it is this rage against the corporate owned politicians and our corrupt electoral process that is needed to force it to change. We need you to be angry so you will keep pressure on your representatives, so you will run for office, so you will protest and raise the alarm against the corruptions that are happening in congress and other governmental places.

We the people need to hold our government responsible and this will be possible only if we are united together. We will need your rage for what is to come, to demand that change happens on our terms and not theirs. We must be united as progressives otherwise we lose our power. If we lose our power to make change then they win and our children and the world will lose. We cannot let those who are willing to lie, cheat, and steal from the democratic process and our people to live fat lives while the 99% suffer.  We have to be THE champions now. We have to be OUR champions. We have to be HIS champions. It is now up to us to carry the torch. This is, hopefully, the beginning and not the end. It can be if you do not give up hope.

It is time to vote for Jill Stein so we can finally have a president in office that will actually represent us. It is time for you to run for office or to lend your support to those Greens or Bernicrats who do so. We can make this happen if we work together.

We are Bernicrats and we are legion.

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7% Difference a Revolution Makes – Introduction

Table of Contents

  • Introduction
  • Chapter 1 – A General Look at the Systemic Suppression Inherent with America’s Two Party System
    • The confluence of 3 Historical Movements
    • Dumbing Down of America
    • Progressives not having a Voice and Third Party Suppression
    • Media Suppression of Third Party Voices
    • Intraparty Collusion to Suppress Minority Voices
    • Third Party Suppression by the Commission for Presidential Debates (CPD) and the Presidential Debate
    • 7% Difference in Voting between Hillary and Bernie, rx but the Candidates Could Not Be More Different
    • Lack of Representation of the wide range of views of Americans
  • Chapter 2 – A Closer Look at the Other Systemic Issues with Our Electoral System (forthcoming)
  • Chapter 3 – Electoral Corruption and Collusion with Hillary 2016 (forthcoming)
  • Chapter 4 – My thoughts for Electoral Reform
    • Introduction
    • Constitutional Amendments
    • Financing of Elections
    • News and Media Reform
    • Voting Reform
    • Supporting Electoral Reform
    • An inclusive America
  • Chapter 5 – In Closing (forthcoming)


Victor Tiffany, urologist who runs the Revolt Against Plutocracy website, started to circulate the Bernie or Bust Pledge around the interwebs last September or so, and since then I have wanted to write this series of posts, but I have found it very, very difficult to articulate because it is such a large and complicated issue. I signed the pledge, but I was conflicted about it, not because of any doubts I had of Bernie as a candidate, but because of how I, as well as most people, had been programmed by the mainstream corporate media to believe that a vote for anyone other than the two candidates that the corporations had chosen through legalized bribery and media collusion would be a wasted vote or a vote for the other team. I had been brainwashed to believe a lie, a very harmful lie, and now I have been set free.

Here is Lee Camp’s interview with Victor Tiffany about the Bernie or Bust pledge:

I voted for Obama in 2008. I also voted for him in 2012, but not because I wanted to. I had just found out about Jill Stein and the Green Party through having just taken the I Side With test out of curiosity and, as a result of taking that test, I was seriously considering voting for Jill Stein because the Green Party platform really made sense to me, but I fell prey to the false controlled narrative posed by the corporate media that I would be wasting my vote if I voted for anyone else but Romney or Obama, or that a vote that was not for Obama was one for Romney, and that I should fear a Romney presidency. Don’t get me wrong. I feared a Romney presidency. I was sick to my stomach when Romney took an early lead, but thankfully I stayed up until after midnight watching the votes rack up, and then to watch Obama’s eventual historic acceptance speech.

That moment where I knowingly voted my fears and not my values has haunted me since that election day in 2012. It has haunted me because I did not vote for the person that represented my values. I voted my fears and this is really the heart of our country’s electoral problem (besides the systemic corruption). Fear is the prime motivator for our votes and how our candidates frame their campaign as they pivot to the right during the general election. This has been especially obvious between Hilary and Trump. This is how the corporations control us and our votes through framing the election choice through the lens of fear. Fear of what they say the otherside will do. Fear is a very powerful base emotion that overrules our sense of reason, logic, rationality, or justice. We must all remember that fear is what leads us to the path of the Darkside.  Anything that is done out of fear is not done out of love, justice, or truth.

With all of the corruption from Hillary Clinton and the Democratic Party this election cycle it has really brought my 2012 voting choice fresh in my mind and has helped to cement in me the need for us to be brave and to vote our values and not our fears. It has shown me how much control the media has over our votes, our perception of having electoral choices, and how corrupt politicians really can be when blinded by power, greed, pride, and money. We need a change. We need things to change drastically because Hillary or Trump are no answer that anyone with any set of morals or awareness should be able to stomach for they are prime examples of the very corruption that we, the now awakened progressive moment, are raging against.

With the Clinton campaign’s subversion of  the electoral process and the will of the people by engaging in electoral fraud, voter suppression, money laundering, and collusion to coronate Hillary as queen has fired me up and has me completely agreeing with the Bernie or Bust movement,especially as has been brought to light through the Wikileaks from the Democratic Party and the Wikileaks from the Hillary Clinton emails. This was a powerful moment that has set me free from voting my fears ever again. I have no doubts now. We cannot get real change by voting for the same people (the lesser or greater of two chosen corporate evils) that created the problem and are the problem. We need radical change not only to our policies, but also to our electoral process and our politicians, or we will all be doomed. We need to stop voting our fears and start voting our values. Once we do that en masse the electoral landscape will change drastically for the better and then real change can happen, but that can never happen until the electorate starts to educate themselves on all of the available the candidates (not just the Republican or the Democratic candidates because there are more poltical parties and candidates) and on the issues, and then they must vote their values and not their fears.

What you will find here and in the posts that follow will be me trying to articulate why I support the Bernie or Bust movement, why it is really important, not just for me but for all of America and the world, and why I will vote for Jill Stein in November and will await a Trump (or other Republican) presidency because the DNC chose electoral fraud, voter suppression, money laundering and collusion as a means to subvert the will of the people and the electoral process to force Hillary upon us. It is possible and currently within Hillary’s mode of operation to steal the general election too, which is quite possible, since her corruption and tentacles seem to know no bounds.

Victor from Revolt Against Plutocracy now has a Jill or Bust pledge for people to sign to which I have signed and I would implore you to sign it now, or possibly after having read my first chapter or the rest of the chapters in this series (assuming I can finish them). Please help be the change we need. Please join the Revolution and Vote for Jill Stein. If we vote for her she can win. Anyone who tells you otherwise is the problem and should be ignored for they are not ready to be unplugged yet.

NOTE: What follows is nowhere near as well written, organized, supported or researched as I would like and this is because of limited time. My time is  limited not only because the elections coming up soon, but also because I have a life outside of politics and my blog, so I needed to get this out there sooner than later. Please forgive me. Some of the ideas I cover below in this first chapter I will cover in more detail in the next few chapters (assuming I am able to get them written).

Thank you for your understanding and I hope you will find some of this enlightening.

My Experience at the Democratic National Convention Protests in Philadelphia 2016

We will not yield!

We will not yield!

He who passively accepts evil is as much involved in it as he who helps to perpetrate it. He who accepts evil without protesting against it is really cooperating with it.

Martin Luther King Jr.

First I would like to thank 2 people for really making this happen – my wife, asthma Tatsiana, prostate and our friend, bronchi Betsy Bowers. Without their support, I would be a really sad panda. Thank you for being part of the team which assisted me in taking part in a historic moment!

This rather large post will not be so exciting due to a few factors which will be listed below, but I will talk through my experience here for my own benefit and for posterity.  Factors:

  • I arranged this trip quickly so I did not plan and research things as well as I could have
  • I am quite shy so talking to random strangers, even ones that I will most likely have a lot in common with when attending a protest, is not my thing
  • Cabs are really expensive to get around in
  • It was really hot and humid out there. I mean yikes!!
    It burns us! It chokes us!
  • I had limited time

I really, really wish I had a computer to sit down and write my thoughts, a notepad to take notes in, and a camera to take pictures with so I can organize a post like this with more detail. =(  Well, to be honest, an assistant would be even better! Let me know if you would like to volunteer for my next crazy adventure. =) Maybe next time.  I will really get to my thoughts on things in an upcoming post about the Bernie or Bust movement and why it matters, and why it is the only answer towards an actual solution. I think with the fraudulent coronation of Queen Hillary that things have come into a much clearer perspective.

Arranging the Trip and the Trip There

A week or so before the convention I had originally been looking at attending the whole protests from Monday through Friday, but as I was looking at flights on whichever site I was, it appeared as if the 1-way flights were $500-600 each which would be over $1,000 total for airfare which is ridiculous. We could not afford that and everything else that goes into a trip, especially the costs of hotels, so with a deep sadness in my heart I had to say that I could not go. Most likely, I was misreading it, but I looked several times to make sure, because these prices seemed crazy. Albeit, I  only checked that one site, so this would be my fault for not searching for alternatives to verify the seemingly crazy prices.

So, the Monday of the Convention, with a heavy yet wistful hope in my heart, I longingly did a little research on airfare again and found that they were $500-$600 round trip which is what I was expecting price wise. I contacted the wife and I received the OK for the second time. I had already previously made most of the arrangements I needed for babysitting, so I just verified those and then bought the tickets. That night was a mad night of some shopping for things (backpack, camelback, and other small items) and packing. I finished up preparing the next morning and we left at around 11pm for my flight leaving from Madison to Chicago to Philadelphia @ about 1:19pm.

I had only 2 carry-ons – a new backpack and a small roller suitcase, although they checked both into baggage on one flight and one in for the other flight, which had never happened before as far as I can remember and I have flown a lot (over 30 times), so that was confusing. When I arrived at both locations I had no idea where to pick up my bags. It apparently wasn’t the baggage claim. =( Apparently, they were going to be brought out near the gate, so that was stressful and a lot of missed time, and a lot of sweat and running. Although one airport lady was kind enough on first time to try to meet me to bring my baggage to me so I would not miss my next flight. =) The flights to Philadelphia went well other than my baggage confusion.

Arriving in Philadelphia

Tuesday, July 26 with 91 degrees and 62% humidity

While I was confused about my baggage situation I arrived in the Philadelphia baggage claim as the TV mounted over the silver baggage carousel announced that Bernie Sanders said let’s have the vote @ ~6:55pm local time. I took a picture of that screen and posted to Facebook the following message: “We just witnessed the death of democracy.” My stomach was a mess for the rest of the night. I can only imagine how horrible it was for Bernie to say those words out loud. It is bad enough to think them, but to actually have to say them and be part of the coronation of the person who orchestrated election fraud, voter suppression, money laundering and collusion to steal the election from him and the people. I do not think he will ever be able to recover from this. Only time will tell. Fortunately, Bernie’s superdelegates staged a walkout in protest to the stolen election, which is no real consolation, but we do have that moment.  =) =(

We have just witnessed the death of Democracy

We have just witnessed the death of Democracy


First Night in Protest Area

Tuesday, July 26 with 91 degrees and 62% humidity

After that I called a cab and arrived at the 20th and Pattinson (I think these were the street names)  at one of the entrances to the Franklin Delano Roosevelt (FDR) Park where the “Free Speech” zone was  =(  I could see the black fencing that was around the Wells Fargo Center where the convention was being held from here and the wall of police behind it. There were officers everywhere inside and outside of the Democratic National Convention (DNC)  area. Many streets were blocked off to control and restrict traffic, even parts of the interstate were limited too.  At the entrance on the road were city garbage trucks or other large similar trucks which were blocking the road to prevent traffic from passing through. Democracy? Where the voice of the people was so far away from those that needed to hear it, so far from the area of those who were supposed to “represent” us. =( Democracy? That word, I do not think it means what it is they think it means. =( Free speech is everywhere in the country just not behind a fence where our voices and concerns cannot be heard.

Outside the Democratic National Convention at the Wells Fargo Center in Philadelphia

Outside the Democratic National Convention at the Wells Fargo Center in Philadelphia

I wandered around and there were a lot of people talking and singing, and had signs protesting various things from the TPP, GMOs, War, electoral fraud, the drug war, and some that were pro-Bernie, anti-Hillary, or were various shades of Bernie or Bust, or pro-Jill Stein. I was at home here. I was with my people and it felt good, reassuring, heartwarming that I was really not alone. I was with those who understood me and I understood them. This was a strange yet comforting feeling, although I still felt quite alone since I knew no one here and was a bit too shy to start a conversation. Introversion is a mixed blessing. This is not one of those times when it  a blessing, unfortunately.

I wandered around to see what I could see and eventually made my way towards the very back depths of the Free Speech area at a rally with a black stage. Up there was a black rapper who was rapping some political stuff for us and also performed something political that he was working on. After that Debbie Lusignan, The Sane Progressive (Youtube, Facebook, Twitter) talked for a little bit and then introduced several people like her fellow YouTuber Tim Black (YouTube, Facebook, Twitter), activist YahNe Ndgo (Facebook, Twitter), and 2 Bernie superdelegates, one of which was Tim Friend (if I remember correctly) who is also running for office somewhere and seems to be doing well. He is taking Bernie’s path to try to reform the Democratic Party from within and that is great, although Debbie was all #DemExit.

 Debbie Lusignan, The Sane Progressive @ a rally in Philadelphia protests

Debbie Lusignan, The Sane Progressive @ a rally in Philadelphia protests

I respect and value both methods of reform. I am #DemExit and #BernieOrBust which is easy for me since I have been a member of the Green Party for 3 years or so,  but we really need to attack the problem from both ends if we are going to see change. Not everyone could stomach, especially after this election, working inside the corrupt Democratic Party and not everyone is comfortable working outside the party. It is up to each person to contribute to the revolution in a way that plays to their strengths.

As I finished the night I walked towards the park exit to start walking to where I could get a cab. I walked near the fence to see what was going on and there were people there with signs and were singing ‘We are in this together’. I followed them for a little while on the right side  of the group and then decided it was time to call it a night. This video is of the group I was with  towards the front right, although I think I had left by the time this video was taken.

Now keep in mind I said that I arranged this trip quickly, which also means that I did not arrange for a place to stay. I was sort of hoping to talk to some people and see if I could crash with them. A lot of people were camping, but I could not do that because I would not be able to sleep in the horrible heat and humidity. I would die like that. Well, being that I am as shy as I am I did not talk to anyone, but I was able to get a room @ Motel 6 North East which, strangely, given its rather labyrinthine layout had no elevators and no signs pointing to the lobby. This was very annoying and meant I had to leave the building to figure out how to walk to the front to find the lobby without getting continuously lost. I showered to get all of the stink and sweat off and then went to bed to prepare for a long day tomorrow.

Only Full Day

Wednesday, July 27 with 95 degrees and 74% humidity

My Ukrainian Cabbie

In the morning (~ 11:00 am) I was taken to the FDR Park by a Ukranian cab driver, named Marcus. We had a good talk and he gave me his personal card and arranged for me to call him when I needed to go back to the motel that evening. We talked about politics, the convention, him coming to America with his family, life in Russia before he came here in the late ’80s and early 90s, and his life here since he came to America.

My Ukranian Cabbie named Marcus in Philadelphia

My Ukranian Cabbie named Marcus in Philadelphia

The Young Turks and Jimmy Dore

Shortly after I arrive in the sweltering humidity I came upon a few people standing around – 2 of which wore black The Young Turks (TYT) (YouTube, Facebook, Twitter) t-shirts and one had a TYT microphone. My jaw dropped in shock at the possibilities. I was hoping to see them while they were here, because TYT rocks. They rock enough that I threw money at them this year to support their truly progressive news channel. I stood near and listened and after a little bit I was invited to join their circle. Three of them were TYT supporters and two of the three were prolific tweeters to TYT during their show. The guy holding the TYT microphone was TYT staff and the other was a local cameraman hired to work with them. They talked for a little while and I listened as they were trying to plan their day and talking about TYT stuff. It was just great to see them and know they were here. After a while, Jimmy Dore (Youtube, Facebook, Twitter) came with one of their producers. I was able to shake Jimmy’s hand! Squee!  Once Jimmy went to work interviewing people I shadowed them until they decided to call it quits for lunch and air conditioning. While I shadowed them and watched Jimmy Dore interview various people I was able to have some interesting conversations with the presence of TYT here acting as a catalyst for conversation. TYT, bringing people together!

Jimmy Dore of The Young Turks at the DNC Protests in Philadelphia

Jimmy Dore of The Young Turks at the DNC Protests in Philadelphia


Conversation with a Libertarian

My first conversation was with a Libertarian while Jimmy was interviewing some Libertarians who were camped out in the park and congregating. A Libertarian who was very unhappy with Jimmy  ended up growling while he passed and sprayed some pamphlets at him.

I talked Middle Eastern Foreign Policy with him, although he did not have too many answers or any answers that were better than mine, but my thoughts revolve around the following ideas:

  • An incredibly aggressive 5-year plan to shift from fossil fuels to alternative energy (most likely end up being a 10-year plan, but we can start with 5 years and see what happens). This would work on the national security issues of climate change, energy independence and getting us out of the Middle East. Oil is one of the only reasons we are there. Once we dump fossil fuels and remove the leverage that the OPEC nations have over us then their economy will start to tank which will drastically change the balance of power.
  • Arms embargo to all nations in the area including Israel. Hell, almost all of the weapons there are American made and provided since we trained and funded all of the terrorist organizations there. An arms embargo would starve the region of weapons. Hell if we really wanted to sock it to ’em, when our troops leave we should confiscate as many weapons and ammo as possible too.
  • Have Saudi Arabia (and other regional Islamic countries) provide the front-line soldiers in the war against the Jihadists and ISIL with NATO and the US providing ancillary support
  • We cannot defeat a religion because it is a concept, an idea, and henceforth can never die, so the next step would be a guerilla education program to drop educational materials, radio programs and TV programs into the fundamentalist Arabic countries to reduce the control of religion against the imposed ignorances of their religious practices

These are just my modest thoughts on this horribly complicated issue.

Conversation with Michael Pellagatti of Occupy Wall Street

Next, I talked with Michael Pellagatti (Facebook, Twitter), the man who is known as the Occupy Wall Street Tour Guide and he seemed to have some anarchist leanings. He had no problem with people destroying other people’s property and said that he was a pragmatist. I said that promoting that ‘it is not good to destroy other people’s stuff’ was the most pragmatic thing and to only care about property destruction when people were destroying your stuff was very Republican or Libertarian mode of thought – as in – you do not care about others and their plight until it affects me, then I care. Uggghhh! But, the rest of the conversation was interesting enough, especially to have met a person who was one of the founders of the Occupy Wall Street Movement.

Michael Pellagatti, The Occupy Wall Street Tour Guide a the DNC protests in Philadelphia

Michael Pellagatti, The Occupy Wall Street Tour Guide a the DNC protests in Philadelphia


edit: An interesting analogy he left me with was about climate change – global warming is analogous to our fevers. Earth has been infected with a virulent strain of humans who are poisoning and destroying the Earth’s form. In an effort to combat this infection, Earth’s defenses are starting a fever (global warming) in order to create an environment  hostile to the infection in hopes of destroying it to restore balance to its biological systems. I am sure others have heard this before. I am sure I have too, but I have definitely forgotten it. He brought this up in our conversation and it was refreshed anew in my mind and for that I am thankful. This metaphor really gets to the heart of it. We are the disease, the problem, and we have the power to fix it all. We, the people of Earth, need to stop being a virulent an infection and need to make a radical attempt to restore balance to Earth’s ecosystems and environment or this “fever” will destroy us all. It has happened before and it will happen again. Earth will remain but we humans will be wiped from existence since we are heading for an extinction level event. Our willful ignorance and unwillingness to stop the problem when we definitely can will be our undoing. Our hubris will destroy us as is typical of most decadent societies unwilling to face its corruptions.

Conversation with a Veteran

I talked with a Navy vet who was interviewed by Jimmy Dore and who was a part of anti-narcotics ship based off the east coast. He has handled a big gun in the process of his work and a moment in time that inspired his diligence was what the horrible tragedy that happened to the USS Cole. We praised the Young Turks, thanked each other for our service, and consoled each other on the state of things, especially the stealing of the election.

David Cobb, The Move to Amend Guy

The very last interview they did that morning was with David Cobb, the man who started to Move to Amend movement (YouTube, Facebook, Twitter) which is about amending the constitution to overturn the Citizens United to remove money from politics. He was great. Jimmy let him just run with it and he did his very well-practiced spiel until he was done. He has definitely done this a few times. Yea!

David Cobb, the man who started to Move to Amend movement at the DNC protests in Philadelphia

David Cobb, the man who started to Move to Amend movement at the DNC protests in Philadelphia


3.6 Mile March to Philly Town Hall with Just Us Riders

Following the TYT’s last interview with David Cobb I wandered around a little bit and found a man with an alpaca named Shae… an alpaca in the middle of Philadelphia. Naturally, I was curious about this. The man’s name is Ethan Abbot (I think)  and he started JustUsRiders.org (Facebook, Twitter). He goes from town to town staying at various farms with his menagerie of animals – something like 2 alpacas, 2 sheep, 2 pigs , and 4 chickens, I think.  He has taken that alpaca right into the middle of a boardroom or town hall meeting to bring attention to the issues. An animal is a good gimmick to attract attention.

Ethan Abbot of JustusRiders.org and his alpaca, Shae, at the DNC protests in Philadelphia

Ethan Abbot of JustusRiders.org and his alpaca, Shae, at the DNC protests in Philadelphia

With Shae in tow he marched about 8 of us from the FDR Park protest grounds through town to the city center at the Town Hall with him occasionally saying through his  megaphone something like:

“Yes ma’am, this is an alpaca!

Are You fed up?  Time to take back:

…our farms,

…our families,

…our food

…our freedoms,

from the corporations.

Get off your couches, turn off your TV’s and do something about it.

Come Join Us.”

There was a little more to his megaphone spiel, but this is all I can remember. He really enjoyed the megaphone and watching people’s responses and their attraction to the alpaca. He said that the day before he made that 3.6 mile trip many, many times over a period of 12 hours. I am glad he was there, but that is a crazy level of dedication especially in that heat and humidity.

We arrived in the center of town, where Black Men for Bernie (Facebook) were holding a rally. I was tired, hungry, sweaty as hell, my knees were burning and my camelback had run out of water for the first time. With another person from the march (the green shirt carrying water in the picture) we went to the bathroom, got water, and ate at Subway. Normally, I do not order a foot long, but after that 3.6 mile march through the heat and humidity,I ordered and summarily devoured a foot-long tuna sub. Once we rested a little bit and finished our subs we then took the subway back towards the FDR Park and returned to the “Free Speech” protest area.

Black Men For Bernie rally at Philadelphia town hall

Black Men For Bernie rally at Philadelphia town hall

Jez Coulson, Photojournalist for the Sunday Times

After we returned to FDR Park I spent some time near the tent that was providing free food to protestors so I could rest my feet and knees and to listen. Among the nearby tents and people talking I was a bit surprised to find many people were smoking normal cancerous cigarettes and some were smoking pot too. I rested, sat, and listened for a while and then walked over and sat on the only bench I have noticed in the park.  Eventually, I made my way back towards the tents, people, and the food tent and saw this thoroughly British looking guy dressed all in black (shirt and pants) with a camera or two and some equipment strapped to him so I thought I would hear his story.

He is a very well known British photojournalist named Jez Coulson (Facebook, Twitter) who works for the Sunday Times. He has traveled all over the world even into some war zones to get pictures. He was mostly based in the US, but still did a lot of traveling for work. We talked about the election and how the British saw Trump and the stealing of our election. He saw parallels between the elections and our sad pair of candidates and the Brexit movement, both of which are sadly very bad for all involved. After a little while, he moved on to get more pictures of the event.

Rally Speeches

I had considered not staying for any of the rally speakers that night, but I tried to endure for as long as I could. I was here, so let’s do it! I heard some speakers talk about the Monsanto and other GMO corps poisoning Hawaii and their kids. I heard a speaker from the Organic Consumers Association talk about bioremediation of soiled lands. I heard some other speakers on a few other important topics that I cannot remember as of this writing. I really needed to bring a notepad and pencil on this trip. I am an idiot for not packing one. =( To take advantage of what little time I had here in Philadelphia I stayed as long as I could to listen to as much as I could.

I was so tired and exhausted from the heat and the humidity and the march earlier that day that I decided to call it quits near 8:00 pm. I felt bad since there was so much more going to happen later in the night, but I just could not take it anymore, or perhaps I am just getting old. If there was an easy place to sit down out of the heat and humidity, or even take a shower I might have endured late into the night, but these were not to be found, so I called Marcus, my Russian cabbie, and, sadly, I made my way to the motel to retire for the night.

Last Partial Day

Thursday, July 28 with 95 degrees and 74% humidity

Wandering the Park

Marcus, my wonderful Russian Cabbie, brought me to the FDR Park @ 8:00am, nice and early, so I could still check things out before I had to leave. I expected that there would still be a bunch of people there since there was one more full day left of the convention, but as I was walking through the park it was empty, a ghost town, like no one had been there before, as if nothing had happened. The only signs that there were protestors here over the last few days were  the portapotties off in the distance and the occasional orange and white barriers which still had been not returned to their homes with the city’s street department. Even though cars are now able to drive through the park and joggers were jogging the park paths, the spirit of the protest still lingered. You could still feel the spirit of anger, rage, defeat, hope, and an emotional viscosity still palpable in the air. I did not see any tents or signs or any sort of gathering. It was quiet with just a few people lingering.  It was as if the corruption that spawned such protests and anger had consumed it again, like it was a natural part of the cycle.

Slowly I walked further into the park with my backpack and camelback on which soaked my back with sweat while my carry-on suitcase rumbled behind me. I came upon a large open pavilion near the lake with 4 people talking. A man named Michael ,who traveled here with his tribe and was here in support of Shailene Woodley’s (actress from Divergent series) organization and their work here at the convention, was talking with 3 people and was telling them that he and his crew were arranging a live streamed healing ceremony @ 2:00pm for people to be heard as to why they are angry or why they are protesting in a hope to diffuse their anger. Feeling like we are being heard can be powerful. I sat there and just listened as he courted a few more passers-by with his event.

Another person came up who seemed to know him, perhaps from his tribe in one way or the other. Michael seemed to have a unique skill set – perhaps he was trained as non-violent communication facilitator or experience in tantric communication. I asked him a few times what his training was in but he would not divulge. =) He worked with this friend who had made his way here and had no money at all for the ride back or for his family back home, but he was here to be a part of history and to try to make a difference. Michael used his skills to negotiate helping him with his financial situation and to help him get a ride back home, hoping that some of his tribe would be able to get him some of the way home when their tribe started their migration home. I eagerly threw in my cash as soon as he said something even before the negotiation had begun. I was thankful for the experience and to have witnessed and to have been allowed to help out what little I can.

On my way further into the park in I picked up a few pieces of plastic garbage, stuff that would normally just be there due to careless park-goers, but I knew that it was here because of the protests, lingering here as the city finished its clean-up, the last remaining vestiges of the people gathered to protest the widespread corruption and fraud in our government and in our political parties. As I traveled deeper into the bowels of the FDR Park near the tennis courts I saw there was still a bit of life left in the park – a bottled water tent  was still open and a few tents with people here who were still here conversing, sharing, perhaps even mourning the death of democracy, and celebrating their time here. This group was all hidden away from prying eyes with no indication that they were here for a protest, that perhaps they were here just for camping  for the week.

Leaving the Revolution

I left a little early to go to the edge of the park to rest my feet and wait for Marcus to come pick me up. I sat on one of the few large rock there at the edge of the park entrance and waited for to Marcus pick me up near 12:00pm so I could go to the airport and begin my return from the Revolution. In our talks we made arrangements to go to Bells Market which are a series of grocery stores which are owned by a group of Russians and sell a lot of international food in the Philadelphia area. He was excited to show me this and to take me there. It was pretty big and had an incredible amount of international food. I bought some sweets for my sweet back home in hopes that these would help to assuage any of her annoyances with my trip. Happy wife, happy life, right? I knew she would like this. I bought for her something Russian called Zephyr which are like our pinwheels, and a few other sweet things. I arrived at the airport two hours early and was whisked through security with a crap load of time to wait for my flight.

The Philly airport and Philidelphia itself, what little I saw of it, was really clean. My flight was delayed by at least an hour because of rain. I had an almost a two-hour layover in Charlotte, NC so I was not worried too much.  By the time we arrived in Charlotte there was just enough time to get to my gate in time to board. I was freaking out while trying to run through the crowds of people. With a heavy breath, I stopped one of those airport cart people and he agreed to take me all the way to my gate which was quite a bit away. The glorious black man’s name was Jason. He was my hero. Although I did arrive there right at the time when they were supposed to be boarding, it turns out that there was a delay in the flight because the first officer’s flight was delayed and had not arrived yet. We waited almost an hour before we could board. I did all of that running and worrying for nothing. =(

In closing

On my drive home with the wife and kid, while thinking to myself while they slept, I kinda also wished that I had approached this as an opportunity to as research for a blog post and not just a post about being there as a part of history and for the experience. This would have me paying more attention to picture opportunities, having a camera with me, actually knowing what is going on and when, and so on. It would have made the trip even more productive.  I also wish it had not been so hot and humid. I wish I had been more prepared. I wish that I was not confused by the airfare screens. I wish I was not so shy. =(

I can say that I was there, that I tried to do my part. I have a post titled What did I do to Help Bernie? and spreadsheet to prove it. =) I can not add this to the list the ways I participated in the Revolution. I can tell my daughter and my grandkids that I tried to do my part and to explain it to them. I will have the satisfaction that we did not go down without a fight and, hopefully, my daughter and eventual grandchildren will remember this example that I have set so they will not be so complacent when it comes to politics and to try to be politically aware so when the moment comes they can lend their voices and make a difference.  This whole movement is not about Bernie. It is about us, our children, and the future of the human race.

Viva la revolution!

“All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing.”

Edmund Burke

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