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Vote Your Support for Finally Moving to the Metric System

Vote for catching up to the rest of the world and move to the metric system at Change.org’s cause ‘Twenty-First Century Metric America’

Prostitution Should Be Legalized….

I have written a huge page in support of the the Legalization of Prostitution and I thought would announce it to everyone so that they may rant or rave about it.

Esperanto on Change.org did not make the Final Top 10 =(

In the second round of voting on Introduce Esperanto as a Foreign Language Subject in Schools received about 3600 votes and over 19 pages of comments. Esperanto did not make it into the top 10 that will be championed by Change.org’s people, heart but we did make in the top 25 ideas of honorable mentions. We had a great run. =)

Esperanto: Round 2 on Change.org

Ok, clinic so on ‘Teaching Esperanto in our Schools’ on Change.org made it through to round 2 not by much. We need everyone to go out and cast your vote again, as well as spread the word to everyone that you already have done so, so that they can vote again. 

Go! Go! Go!

Promote Esperanto on Change.org

Promote and Vote for Esperanto on Change.org. Stop on by and wield your vote.

Obama’s Change Website

Obama has unleashed Change.gov to outline his plan for transition as well for his future presidency. Check out what the future has in store for you.