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7% Difference a Revolution Makes – Introduction

Table of Contents

  • Introduction
  • Chapter 1 – A General Look at the Systemic Suppression Inherent with America’s Two Party System
    • The confluence of 3 Historical Movements
    • Dumbing Down of America
    • Progressives not having a Voice and Third Party Suppression
    • Media Suppression of Third Party Voices
    • Intraparty Collusion to Suppress Minority Voices
    • Third Party Suppression by the Commission for Presidential Debates (CPD) and the Presidential Debate
    • 7% Difference in Voting between Hillary and Bernie, rx but the Candidates Could Not Be More Different
    • Lack of Representation of the wide range of views of Americans
  • Chapter 2 – A Closer Look at the Other Systemic Issues with Our Electoral System (forthcoming)
  • Chapter 3 – Electoral Corruption and Collusion with Hillary 2016 (forthcoming)
  • Chapter 4 – My thoughts for Electoral Reform
    • Introduction
    • Constitutional Amendments
    • Financing of Elections
    • News and Media Reform
    • Voting Reform
    • Supporting Electoral Reform
    • An inclusive America
  • Chapter 5 – In Closing (forthcoming)


Victor Tiffany, urologist who runs the Revolt Against Plutocracy website, started to circulate the Bernie or Bust Pledge around the interwebs last September or so, and since then I have wanted to write this series of posts, but I have found it very, very difficult to articulate because it is such a large and complicated issue. I signed the pledge, but I was conflicted about it, not because of any doubts I had of Bernie as a candidate, but because of how I, as well as most people, had been programmed by the mainstream corporate media to believe that a vote for anyone other than the two candidates that the corporations had chosen through legalized bribery and media collusion would be a wasted vote or a vote for the other team. I had been brainwashed to believe a lie, a very harmful lie, and now I have been set free.

Here is Lee Camp’s interview with Victor Tiffany about the Bernie or Bust pledge:

I voted for Obama in 2008. I also voted for him in 2012, but not because I wanted to. I had just found out about Jill Stein and the Green Party through having just taken the I Side With test out of curiosity and, as a result of taking that test, I was seriously considering voting for Jill Stein because the Green Party platform really made sense to me, but I fell prey to the false controlled narrative posed by the corporate media that I would be wasting my vote if I voted for anyone else but Romney or Obama, or that a vote that was not for Obama was one for Romney, and that I should fear a Romney presidency. Don’t get me wrong. I feared a Romney presidency. I was sick to my stomach when Romney took an early lead, but thankfully I stayed up until after midnight watching the votes rack up, and then to watch Obama’s eventual historic acceptance speech.

That moment where I knowingly voted my fears and not my values has haunted me since that election day in 2012. It has haunted me because I did not vote for the person that represented my values. I voted my fears and this is really the heart of our country’s electoral problem (besides the systemic corruption). Fear is the prime motivator for our votes and how our candidates frame their campaign as they pivot to the right during the general election. This has been especially obvious between Hilary and Trump. This is how the corporations control us and our votes through framing the election choice through the lens of fear. Fear of what they say the otherside will do. Fear is a very powerful base emotion that overrules our sense of reason, logic, rationality, or justice. We must all remember that fear is what leads us to the path of the Darkside.  Anything that is done out of fear is not done out of love, justice, or truth.

With all of the corruption from Hillary Clinton and the Democratic Party this election cycle it has really brought my 2012 voting choice fresh in my mind and has helped to cement in me the need for us to be brave and to vote our values and not our fears. It has shown me how much control the media has over our votes, our perception of having electoral choices, and how corrupt politicians really can be when blinded by power, greed, pride, and money. We need a change. We need things to change drastically because Hillary or Trump are no answer that anyone with any set of morals or awareness should be able to stomach for they are prime examples of the very corruption that we, the now awakened progressive moment, are raging against.

With the Clinton campaign’s subversion of  the electoral process and the will of the people by engaging in electoral fraud, voter suppression, money laundering, and collusion to coronate Hillary as queen has fired me up and has me completely agreeing with the Bernie or Bust movement,especially as has been brought to light through the Wikileaks from the Democratic Party and the Wikileaks from the Hillary Clinton emails. This was a powerful moment that has set me free from voting my fears ever again. I have no doubts now. We cannot get real change by voting for the same people (the lesser or greater of two chosen corporate evils) that created the problem and are the problem. We need radical change not only to our policies, but also to our electoral process and our politicians, or we will all be doomed. We need to stop voting our fears and start voting our values. Once we do that en masse the electoral landscape will change drastically for the better and then real change can happen, but that can never happen until the electorate starts to educate themselves on all of the available the candidates (not just the Republican or the Democratic candidates because there are more poltical parties and candidates) and on the issues, and then they must vote their values and not their fears.

What you will find here and in the posts that follow will be me trying to articulate why I support the Bernie or Bust movement, why it is really important, not just for me but for all of America and the world, and why I will vote for Jill Stein in November and will await a Trump (or other Republican) presidency because the DNC chose electoral fraud, voter suppression, money laundering and collusion as a means to subvert the will of the people and the electoral process to force Hillary upon us. It is possible and currently within Hillary’s mode of operation to steal the general election too, which is quite possible, since her corruption and tentacles seem to know no bounds.

Victor from Revolt Against Plutocracy now has a Jill or Bust pledge for people to sign to which I have signed and I would implore you to sign it now, or possibly after having read my first chapter or the rest of the chapters in this series (assuming I can finish them). Please help be the change we need. Please join the Revolution and Vote for Jill Stein. If we vote for her she can win. Anyone who tells you otherwise is the problem and should be ignored for they are not ready to be unplugged yet.

NOTE: What follows is nowhere near as well written, organized, supported or researched as I would like and this is because of limited time. My time is  limited not only because the elections coming up soon, but also because I have a life outside of politics and my blog, so I needed to get this out there sooner than later. Please forgive me. Some of the ideas I cover below in this first chapter I will cover in more detail in the next few chapters (assuming I am able to get them written).

Thank you for your understanding and I hope you will find some of this enlightening.

Open Letter to Elizabeth Warren

A quote from my post titled 'An Open Letter to Elizabeth Warren'

A quote from my post titled ‘An Open Letter to Elizabeth Warren’

Senator Warren, visit

I am a father, viagra buy husband, neurosurgeon small business owner, home owner and a Navy Veteran who was a part of Desert Storm. Over my 42 years of life and experience I have come to value the electoral process and have an understanding as to how important, powerful and corrupt the process is. I had formerly voted for Obama twice, but have since transitioned over to the Green Party because I wanted real change.

This Electoral Cycle

My emotions swelled this election cycle because my hope for our country’s future, my daughter’s future, and the world was truly embodied in two people – Elizabeth Warren and Bernie Sanders. These two principled progressives who form the rallying cry of the progressive movement in the Congress trying fight-by-fight to hold the corrupt system and politicians accountable. I am sickened to know that I was wrong in this to instill my hope in BOTH of you.

I expected Obama’s endorsement of Hillary since he had also sold out quite a while ago, which was shown horrendously when he supported and still supports the TPP (and other things). You have NOT endorsed Hillary because she is the right candidate, a principled candidate with the right positions. She is not a better candidate than Bernie Sanders – not by an order of magnitude. She is worse in pretty much every way. Perhaps, the most important way is that she is worse is because of her judgement (or lack thereof). She has had to apologize or flip-flop to be on the right side of almost all of the issues and to be on the right side of history. In stark contrast to her – for almost every stupid decision that America has made in the last 30 years there is a video of Bernie Sanders who was sometimes the sole voice trying to prevent it. What more reason do you really need to say NO to Hillary and YES to Bernie? Judgment matters. Judgement prevents the problems, saves lives, and does not create them so that we have to apologize later with many lives destroyed in its wake. I have felt so strongly about how bad a candidate Hillary is that I wrote a massive post titled ‘Why I am NOT voting for Hillary 2016” where I even have your very important Bill Moyers interview linked and this interview has formed a cornerstone to my view of Hillary and her politics.


What does this portend for Hillary’s future potential presidency? It will be soiled and mired by a string of flat-yet-expected apologies where history will see her for what she is – corrupt, and with broken moral compass, and  unable to see the right side of the issues . How much will Americans and the world at large suffer because of her inability to see the right answers to the issues that face us even though Bernie Sanders has shown himself to be uncannily prophetic? You are endorsing a woman with bad judgement and whose only response to destroying people’s lives is “I am sorry. I was wrong. Vote for me anyhow because I am a woman and because I am not Trump!!” That is her only real selling point. She is not Donald Trump and that is a sad, sad statement.

Your Endorsement of Hillary

When I had heard that you were going to endorse Hillary I became sick to my stomach. I felt betrayed, confused, and disillusioned. I barely had the stomach to watch your endorsement on Rachel Maddow.


You have decided to support Hillary for one really sad reason – out of fear – the fear of a Donald Trump presidency. You have sold the American people out. You have sold yourself out. You have sold out the democratic process by supporting her and the party that has chosen to subvert the democratic process through voter suppression, money laundering , collusion, and electoral fraud. She will lose to Donald Trump (or whoever their candidate ends up being). She will lose because the Democratic Party and their corporate owners betrayed the people and engaged in horrible and despicable acts to force a heinously incompetent and corporate candidate upon us. Hillary is a candidate who listens to the corporations and not the people as she has well proven.

In case you and the Democratic Party have not noticed the tides of history have changed. We may not have the anger or gumption that many Europeans have, but we are angry. We no longer want corruption and corporate control. We want real justice and true change for the people and you said ‘NO’ to that when you endorsed Hillary. You said yes to more of the same. It makes me sad to say that you will end up joining Hillary to be on the wrong side of history when she eventually loses. The Bernie or Bust movement is a clarion call to the world, to the establishment, to the corruption found in our government that we have had enough, that we are done. Things will change even if you do not see it, but I know you see it. I know you know it. I know that for whatever reason you have sold yourself to the control of the corrupt Democratic Party and their corporate owners, and have betrayed your values and principles poisoning your potential legacy. This saddens me greatly because you are better than this, at least, I thought you were.

You have made the same mistake that the American people have been trained to make by the mainstream media and the corporate owned and reinforced two-party system. They want you to vote your fears and not your values, for in this we are all easier to control.  I made that mistake in 2012 when I wanted to vote for Jill Stein, but I let fear force me to vote for Obama so that Romney would not win. I stayed up all night watching the votes come in with my stomach roiling, especially since Romney took an early lead. I will never do that again. I will never again vote my fears. I will be brave. I will have my voice truly heard. I will have my vote count. I will vote my conscience. It seems that you do not have the same courage in the electoral process that you have in fighting big banks. I expected better of you, Senator, Warren.  I really, really did. You were a hero of mine. You are not a villain to me yet, but I do pity you and how you really must feel inside doing this despicable act for whatever misguided  reasons you have.

I also used to greatly support Rachel Maddow  who was one of the few remaining progressive voices in the news before she also betrayed us by selling out to the establishment. Now you, one of the few people I respected in politics, have done the same. You have betrayed not only yourself and everything you have fought for, but also all of those true progressives who saw you and Bernie Sanders as our last hope for real change. That hope in us has almost been snuffed out, not only with you selling out and supporting Hillary who is the woman who stands for everything you have been fighting against, but also by not endorsing Bernie Sanders early on when he really, really needed it. You had that chance to turn the tides to make a real difference, to change the world, to be a part of a really, really historic moment, but you chose cowardice instead. I do not know if Hillary Clinton and the Democratic Establishment has some dirt on you or if you have really been playing progressives as the fools for so many years, but what you have done is unforgivable.  It is like you have completely forgotten the sort of corrupt politician she is. One to which you yourself have brought to light by your interview with Bill Moyers. It seems somewhat convenient that you have forgotten this.

As I am sure you are well aware Hillary has not really changed since then. She is still corrupt and flip-flops when it is politically expedient. She is not a politician that is guided by principles and by what is best for the people. She is guided by money, power, and a ruthless desire to be president – nothing else. We thought that you were also guided by principles like Bernie Sanders, but it seems like we were wrong. You have betrayed everything you have ever stood for and are now cavorting with the enemy. When the going got tough you folded like a sheet.

In Closing

We progressives had feared this possibility of you endorsing Hillary or running with her to try to “unite the party” to try to mitigate how much progressives revile Hillary and do not want to vote for her. We feared this moment that you would show a sign of weakness, a loss of principles, and it has come to pass. I never could have imagined that you would do this for I thought better of you. It is hard to unite a party when most of us who vote for Bernie are Independents and some Democrats, and with Independents being the largest voting block your support will end up backfiring. We do not want Hillary. We do not want Trump. We want a truly progressive candidate like Bernie Sanders or Jill Stein.

With the “Democratic” Party engaging in voter suppression, money laundering as well electoral fraud and corruption for Hillary Clinton and her campaign how can our dreams of real change not be completely crushed? When one of our cherished progressive icons says ‘Yes, I support this icon of corruption and power. This is what I want.‘ and we are supposed to accept this and fall in line? The hope for my daughter’s future has just been ransacked and sold out. I cannot say that I have not truly considered moving to Norway or Sweden before, but your betrayal of your progressive values has made me consider it again because the future for this country and the world just became much, much bleaker. Collectively we just witnessed the death of a progressive icon – Elizabeth Warren.

You had my respect. You had my support. You were one of my personal heroes, someone who gave me hope. Now, you are a sad sign of the insidious toll that corruption and fear can take on a politician, even one as formerly principled as yourself.  I know the following will not mean much to you at all, especially because I am not a constituent of Massachusetts, but I have unfriended you on Facebook, unfollowed you on Twitter, and I have unsubscribed myself from your newsletter. You have lost me. You have lost my support. Mrs. Warren, I really, really hope you find your way before it is too late.


James O’Neill

#WhyWarrenWhy #WarrenFear  #ValuesNotFear #WarrenBetrayal

#HillNo #BernieOrBust #StillSanders #Sanders2016

Obama Rally at Bascom Mall in Madison (Oct 2012)

AMONG FRIENDS: President Barack Obama speaks at the University of Wisconsin-Madison on Thursday (4 Oct 2012).

On Thursday (Oct 4) I went to the Obama rally in Madison @ the information pills Bascom+Mall,+Madison,+WI+53706&gl=us&ei=emd4UMWULZP7yAGH6oDwCw&ved=0CB4Q8gEwAA”>Bascom Mall in the University of Wisconsin. Now, I will first tell you that that this is my first time going to one of these events so I had no idea what to expect. I had some ideas in my head, with nothing to base these thoughts on. I was, for some reason, expecting something a little more intimate, maybe a few hundred people in an smaller arena of some sort, but what I experienced is far beyond what I expected….

Where It Started

I received an email from the Obama campaign letting me know about the grassroots rally in Madison on the 4th and gave me the option to RSVP for it, and I did so, thinking “What the hell. Why not?”  This is my first time doing so and it will be an experience, especially since I consider this one of the most important elections in contemporary history.

Obama Rally Invite for 4 October 2012

Obama Rally Invite for 4 October 2012

I cleared the time with the wife and arranged for additional babysitting for Uliana in case things went longer than I expected, and I took a vacation day from work. I was kind of excited about the whole thing, especially since this will be my first experience at a political rally. Yes, I am a rally virgin.

The Morning of the Rally

The day of the rally came and I was thinking I would be smart and get there a little early so I can get a good seat, so I looked at getting there about and hour early (~11:00). Boy was I silly!! Driving there was easy enough: Hwy 12 -> Park St -> Charter St -> parking ramp. Prior to leaving I ate light thinking that getting to a bathroom more than once was going to be an issue so I had a 6″ sub from Subway and a protein bar with a moderate amount of water so I did not over do it.

Now once I arrived in the area there were road blocks with traffic diverted around the area as could be expected for security reasons with the president to arrive. I asked someone where  Bascom Mall was once I parked my car in one the parking ramps,  and the person just knowingly smiled at me and pointed out the direction. It was but a block or two away. As I came closer I saw some officers redirecting traffic amidst a crowd of people and watching over things. Then I saw it… it was huge and really unexpected. A line of people, no… a river of people 6 wide and rolling over the hill and out of sight. I was amazed to see so many people, a veritable river of people, here for the rally and to hear President Obama speak.

I told the officer I thought I was getting here early. He smiled and said that officers were on the scene since 6:00am this morning and the people started arriving at 7:00am. =O I was shocked, amazed, and happy. As I worked my way towards the back of this seeming endless river of people talking and patiently waiting, I walked with my mouth agape, surprised at the massive turn out. I saw many, many college-aged kids there which was quite reassuring to see that the new generation has some sense in their head. I also saw one person with a Jill Stein Sign, which I was also happy to see.

The Line Dance

As stood in line until the bell tolled noon I stood there quietly and listened to the people talking, mostly college age kids (Wow, do I feel old =O ). Shortly  after the bell tolled the line slowly moved forward a few feet at a time. Along the way there was plenty of bottled water made available, cases upon cases of bottled water to keep us hydrated and upon our feet. While in line I met this nice older couple and started to talk with them. I initiated the conversation because the husband was reading a Great Courses catalog, and since I love Great Courses, I started a conversation with him and his wife. He was just starting to listen one of their courses, and she had a visionary father who passed away recently. They walk most everywhere and do not use internet or TV, which was interesting to hear of in this day and age. They were a great couple to stand in line with and to get to know. We stood inline together and talked until we finally were able to enter the Bascom Mall area through the metal detectors and police, which was after 1:40pm or so. The first thing we did was to find the porta-potties and get that taken care of.

The Pre-rally

By the time we were able to get in there was already an ocean of people there. I was so far away from where the president was going to speak that I could barely see it. I had to stand on my tippy-toes to get a glimpse of the speaking area over the sea of anxious and excited people. The speaking stand was down at the bottom of the grassy slope, bleachers were at the top of the hill, and countless people in between. Live music was playing which stopped shortly after I got in. Then a repeating track of 8 or 9 songs was played over loud speakers, which grew old or even annoying as the anticipation grew and our feet grew tired. There were a few large TV’s in a few areas so that people who were in a place where they could not see even if they wanted to so they would have a chance to see the president speak. Bottled water was also offered too. NO food was allowed in nor was food offered in there either.

I stood up and looked around in awe at all of the people. I listed to the people talk politics and of hope. There was a man there standing near me with his two kids who were probably 7 and 5 years old too, fidgety and curious. A wide variety of people of every ethnicity and background. I was amazed at the diversity here. Time wore on slowly, but eventually the time came and the speaking started. It was then that I noticed black suited swat team type people on the roof tops with guns and binoculars surveying the area for threats.

A Time for Talking

Finally the times comes when we are going to hear people speak, which turned out to be around 3:30pm… quite a wait, especially since we are standing the whole time. I did take a few moments to rest my feet by sitting down on the ground amidst the crowd, which was an awkward thing to do, but there were no incidents. I am so thankful by this time, especially since I spend all my days sitting behind a computer desk. My feet were sore from standing and I had no idea when things were going to get started, or, more importantly for my feet, when this was going to end for that matter. Obama’s warm-up speakers were Mayor Paul Soglin, Herb Cole, Tammy Baldwin, the graduating class president (I think). All speakers were great and it was great to see all of these people together speaking out in support of and uniting behind President Obama. I do not remember much of their speeches, to be honest. They were positive, supportive, and full of hope as you would expect at a political rally. After they finished their speeches there was still some time to wait until the President arrived. It was probably another 40 minutes or more after the last speaker before the president arrived and began speaking.

I really enjoyed Obama’s speech. It was smooth, playful and poking, yet poignant

Would I Do It Again?

Ok, so I will admit that I am getting older *sigh* at almost 39. With that being said I think that would only do it as a group and if we prepared for it as an all day event. I am glad I went and had that experience even though I could barely see him. This is how I could see him from where I was:

Obama at Bascom Mall Rally in Madison, Wisconsin

Obama at Bascom Mall Rally in Madison, Wisconsin

A Wild Week for Obama

Nobel Prize

Obama received the Nobel Peace Prize (Obama: Nobel Peace Prize is ‘call to action’ [CNN], help  I was really, really shocked when I read this, especially as I read over the time-frame that this had to have happened – the first 12 days of his taking office. I think that this might have been a little bit premature of them, but I also find it a powerful and telling message of how much the change that Obama is the impetus for, and how much it is really, really needed not only for the United States as a country, but for the world to have faith in us as a a beacon of freedom and progress again.

Obama is powerful speaker and he is bringing that change to us that is sorely needed. He is moving in wonderful directions correcting problems that our country has had for a very long time, and just putting out a mandate of ‘solve it’ where congress and the senate are working together to make it happen. This is such a wonderful thing. Hopefully, they will not screw it up too much. =)

Obama Speaks at the Human Rights Campaign

His message was powerful and affirming. For a while gay rights activists (such as me) have been not quite so sure where Obama has stood on the gay rights issue, but as of October 10th we shall no longer have any doubts. Our President is against discrimination and hate crimes and shall work tirelessly towards the passing of the Matthew Shepard Act, and the repealing of the the Defense of Marriage Act and the Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell act too. This is a wonderful day that can have us looking forward to the end of discrimination, prejudice, and bigotry in the laws of our great country.

Now that is change I can believe in.

HRC Speech – Part 1

HRC Speech – Part 2

HRC Speech – Part 3

Conservative Christian Vitriol with Reverend Manning

I started writing this post one third of the way through his vitriol laden rant fully expecting not much was going to change by the end, buy and nothing did change.I did watch the whole thing before finishing this post.

The Louisiana Gun: The Manning Bar (on YouTube as well) with Reverend Dr. James David Manning (author of the Oblation Hour) speaks out against Obama and claims that white people are going to riot because they are tired of being pushed around. *shakes head* I was not aware I was about to revolt? Perhaps I did not get his script? *shrug*

I just had this video forwarded to me and it is really disappointing to hear how such influential people can be so lost and bigoted (calling Obama a man-lover, ask homosexual, malady half-breed, Muslim, illegal alien, usurper). I fully expect these words, especially from a man of his background (conservative Christian Southern preacher), but it is still sad to hear.

Dr. Manning’s words were vacuous at best, and he is attempting naught but fear mongering and fomenting unrest and rebellion (where there is none) via sensationally and emotionally charged words, which is a southern preacher’s talent. Move the congregation with fear and emotion; reason and dignity be damned.

Dr Manning claims matter-of-factly that his view is the state of things with nary a hint of evidence evidence or reasoning. He incorrectly assumes that everyone in America is his version of Christianity (Southern and Conservative), when in-fact, we all are not, and I am pretty sure the fact that Obama was elected shows this clearly as well.

Obama made no illusion of trying to cater to the Southern Conservative Christians (even though he seems to be leaning that way a bit) as Republicans are want to do with their platforms. The Republicans are currently struggling with this and trying to  reinvent themselves to stay current and not lose themselves in the morass of uber-conservatism, which is obviously not the direction that American socio-cultural values are headed. Gay marriage anyone?

He is just a conservative southern Christian rallying against a liberal president using the traditional conservative vitriol in an attempt to maintain the status quo. Social progress is the bane of conservative religion because change means that they need to change to remain relevant; if they have to do that then they were not “correct” to begin with. They will have to change as a religion or die out as a religion and lose face in the process

In our increasingly progressive and aware society, uber-conservative and controlling religions are fighting tooth and nail to hold on to their stagnant social values to maintain face as well as to maintain control of their flock. Without that the sheep may become disillusioned and wander off to greener and potentially more enlightened pastures.

His speech appears to be an attempt to appeal to the homophobic conservative Christian African American by attempting add credence to his views by saying the that  white people felt that way too. His racist and bigoted words do not stop there. He calls Obama a homosexual to try to cement his lack of a real case. =(

These uber-conservative Christians are a huge part of what is wrong with America today and it saddens me to the core. Let us please have a moment of silence for Dr. Manning and may God have mercy on his soul.

Swearing in of Barack Obama

I went to the local sports bar, illness Monks, across the street from my work with two female co-workers at about 10:50 (10:50am), about 10 minutes prior to the swearing in so we could witness this historic moment. We took a slightly extended lunch to make sure we could see it to the finish. We were all excited. All three of us were excited knowing that the next four or so years were going to herald in a new age of hope, prosperity, and most of all, change.

As Aretha Franklin was singing one of my co-workers started to cry a little and she said I am just so proud to be an American. It has been a long time since I have been able to feel this way.. That is a sentiment that I think many of us can relate to. The last eight years have been trying times.

It was amazing to see the footage of all of the people that gathered there, and at other places around the United States, and around the world, just to be apart of this moment and to be able to say that they were there. I was amazed and the ocean of humanity that lay out before this moment. I envied them… all of them there in Washington D.C.. I wish I could have been there to have my own pictures to show my children when they would be old enough to understand. I wish I could have been there to talk to the people that gathered, to feel the positive, optimistic energy, and to bathe in it.

I think that this is something that we all could have benefited from… to get carried away and infused with hope and optimism that can have us taking that extra moment to make a difference in someone else’s life… to be the very herald and beacon for that which we hold and hope for our own futures, now that change has come.

Obama’s speech was poignant and telling to his future foreign policies. He spoke in his well metered and tempo’ed voice…moving, powerful, and en-heartening. I look forward to that which shall come from his term in office.

That same co-worker was now happy to be able to be proud to be an American again just forward a link saying Best Website update EVER!!!. Her link is a link to WhiteHouse.gov which shows that, amongst the other stories there, that Obama has taken office.

WhiteHouse.gov page that shows that Barack Obama has taken office

WhiteHouse.gov page that shows that Barack Obama has taken office

Promote Esperanto as the International Language

Go to White House 2 to show your support for Esperanto as the international language. Email all of your Esperanto peeps and have them take a whack at it too.

Wiki Sites Advising Obama’s Administration To Be…

Here are two wiki based sites that are allowing people to vote for their support on topics that the new administration should make priority. Have your voice be heard and maybe they will listen.

Obama’s Change Website

Obama has unleashed Change.gov to outline his plan for transition as well for his future presidency. Check out what the future has in store for you.

2008 Presidential Election Comments


We are present and have been involved in a very historic and monumental moment in the history of the United States. The first black president has been elected. I am quite happy that Obama has won. I am looking forward to the changes he will bring.

Congress and Senate

I am a bit concerned at the overwhelming majority that the Democratic Party has in the Senate and Congress. So concerned that I almost voted Republican. If I had known more about those candidates I just might have I am worried that With A Democrat President and House and Congress that they will just steam-roll legislation through without any real opposition. All branches flush with vigor and power that Obama and the election has brought may bring about similar mistakes as Bush and post 9/11 legislation brought.

California’s Proposition 8

One last thought I am rather surprised that California’s Proposition 8 passed which instituted a State Constitutional ban on Gay marriage. With California being one of the most liberal and progressive states in the union, urologist and Google and Apple in support of the ban as well, more about I fully expected this to be beaten down like a red-headed step child.

Heres to hoping that this administration will do well and correct our current oversights and not allow high emotions of recent victory spoil the process.

My Presidential Vote….

What is nice about living out in a wooded area is that you get to see all sorts of wild animals that you will never see while you are in the city. My neighbor called me tonight and said I am not sure, no rx but I think that you have a peacock on your roof. and I was like There’s no way.

Low and behold, we go out side and there’s a peacock on my roof. I think it is a female, and yes, our roof needs some work.

The Belarussian people are very superstitious, as is my wife. She says that it is there belief that a peacocks feather bring about bad luck. =( I countered with the Chinese believe that it is good luck!

Some Superstitions About Peacocks

  • Just as the eagle was the sacred bird of Jupiter, so the peacock was associated by the ancients with Juno, queen of the heavens.
  • To meet a peacock is a happy omen, as might be imagined. If he spreads his tail before one’s eyes, happiness and prosperity are promised.
  • On the other hand, to bring a peacock’s tail feathers into the house is considered unlucky by superstitious people, for they are considered to be representative of the evil eye.

More Peacock Reading

Well, herbal
presidential voting season is coming up and I think I know who I will be voting for. I have not really been following the polls or speeches or anything. I will try to do that more towards voting time.

I am more liberal than most and I would really like to see a strong centrist candidate or libertarian candidate step up, salve
but alas the world is quiet. I will most likely vote for Barack Obama this season. We need a change and I think with Hillary Clinton in the wings being tempered by Barack that great things can come of it. So I hope….