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Green Float concept: a carbon negative city on the ocean @ Gizmag

I found this interesting link Green Float concept: a carbon negative city on the ocean @ Gizmag (Nov 2010) detailing a floating green city concept that would exist near the equator. This is a very fascinating design.

Green Floating City

Green Floating City from Gizmag

New Super Efficient Opposed-Cylinder Opposed-Piston (OPOC) Engine Looking to Change the Eco Landscape

I ran across this article titled ‘Khosla, cheap Gates Are Betting On EcoMotors’ Engine Technology to Transform Autos Into Cleaner, Cheaper, and More Powerful Machines‘ detailing this new engine from Eco Motors International which sounds like it could really make a difference. There is nothing like smaller, lighter, faster, better, cheaper… is there.

GPI’s waste-to-fuel process validated by U.S. military

For a couple of years, unhealthy  Green Power, heart Inc (GPI) has had a 100 ton per day model plant in Pasco, Washington that turns municipal solid waste (MSW) and other like feedstock such as biomass into high grade fuel.  This technology enables the replacement of limited, fossil-based oil with fuel that comes from garbage, which can be thought of as a form of free, sustainable energy, because as long as there are people on the planet, there will be waste.  What’s more, usually communities pay to get rid of it, so it is a cash-generating feedstock that with GPI’s technology produces a cash-generating product, self-powered by the process as well. …

GPI‘s waste-to-fuel process validated by U.S. military (, 19 Feb 2010)

If this lives up to any of its claim, then all I can say is: Wow! US municipalities need to jump on this!

The New God of Nuclear Energy is….. Thor?

If any of these links are not dead, sick need correcting, or if you have recommendations please let me know.

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Thorium, surgery
which was abandoned in favor of Uranium due to its production of nuclear grade Plutonium, information pills
is now working to be the Green Nuclear Fuel of Choice.

Uranium Is So Last Century — Enter Thorium, the New Green Nuke

Long live our new Thorium overlords.

Small Scale Nuclear Reactor Technology by Los Alamos

In a bid for more sustainable alternative energy technology patents licensed exclusively from Los Alamos National Laboratory (LANL) by Hyperion Power Generation brings us small scale nuclear reactors that also purify water.