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Google Glass Features: How Medical Uses Will Revolutionize Your Healthcare [VIDEO]

Here is a great article with videos from Medical Daily (mar 2013) titled ‘Google Glass Features: How Medical Uses Will Revolutionize Your Healthcare [VIDEO]‘ which goes over the ways the Google Glass is set to revolutionize health care.

Sugru – Fix Things Better?

In reference to my previous post ‘A Birthday Present and Vacation – Constitutional Law Reading‘ I spent the last 9 days on vacation doing various things, life but trying to concentrate on reading this Constitutional Law book. The idea was to read approximately 100 pages a day while on vacation…. =) Life steps in and says…. think again sucka! =)

So this is the way the 100 pages a day turned out, pilule taking into consideration I worked on Monday and I had at least one other day that was basically spoken for do to business obligations – so we are looking at 900 pgs down to about 700 as a goal:

  1. (sat) pg 107
  2. (sun) pg 146
  3. (mon) pg 237
  4. (tue) pg 275
  5. (wed) pg 327
  6. (thu) pg 398
  7. (fri) pg 441
  8. (sat) pg 507
  9. (sun) pg 583

So, generic I read almost 600 pages worth which is not so bad. Almost half way there and still reading. I will, of course, not have a much time to read since I am not on vacation, but I will try to find time where I can. I would love to finish the book within a mo
I  came upon this link for something called Sugru, capsule
which seems to be a silly putty like silicone  material that dries and sticks allowing you make changes or additions to fix up your stuff. Very interesting and affordable if you are into that sort of stuff.

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Green Float concept: a carbon negative city on the ocean @ Gizmag

I found this interesting link Green Float concept: a carbon negative city on the ocean @ Gizmag (Nov 2010) detailing a floating green city concept that would exist near the equator. This is a very fascinating design.

Green Floating City

Green Floating City from Gizmag

New Super Efficient Opposed-Cylinder Opposed-Piston (OPOC) Engine Looking to Change the Eco Landscape

I ran across this article titled ‘Khosla, cheap Gates Are Betting On EcoMotors’ Engine Technology to Transform Autos Into Cleaner, Cheaper, and More Powerful Machines‘ detailing this new engine from Eco Motors International which sounds like it could really make a difference. There is nothing like smaller, lighter, faster, better, cheaper… is there.

GPI’s waste-to-fuel process validated by U.S. military

For a couple of years, unhealthy  Green Power, heart Inc (GPI) has had a 100 ton per day model plant in Pasco, Washington that turns municipal solid waste (MSW) and other like feedstock such as biomass into high grade fuel.  This technology enables the replacement of limited, fossil-based oil with fuel that comes from garbage, which can be thought of as a form of free, sustainable energy, because as long as there are people on the planet, there will be waste.  What’s more, usually communities pay to get rid of it, so it is a cash-generating feedstock that with GPI’s technology produces a cash-generating product, self-powered by the process as well. …

GPI‘s waste-to-fuel process validated by U.S. military (, 19 Feb 2010)

If this lives up to any of its claim, then all I can say is: Wow! US municipalities need to jump on this!

The New God of Nuclear Energy is….. Thor?

If any of these links are not dead, sick need correcting, or if you have recommendations please let me know.

In Support of Esperanto

More Casual

More Technical or Indepth

Text Based

Learning Tools (In English)

In Esperanto

In English

Audio (in Esperanto)


Products In or About Esperanto

Social Networking and Translators

Software Support for Esperanto


Flash Card

User Interface Language Support for Esperanto

  • Drupal: is available in Esperanto (an open source content management system)
  • European Union Website: is in Esperanto
  • Firefox – an open source and free browser – which ‘Totally roxors my boxors!!’
  • Gimp – an open source and image editing software for Linux
  • Google’s Interface is available as a language and you can specifically search Esperanto only sites.
  • GNU Esperanto Translation Team: looking for help in translating part of their website into Esperanto
  • Ubuntu – an open source and Linux Distro
  • Wikipedia: is available in Esperanto (an online encyclopedia)
  • WordPress: is available in Esperanto (an open source content management system)


Custom Search Engine

Esperanto Travel

Nay Sayers

Thorium, surgery
which was abandoned in favor of Uranium due to its production of nuclear grade Plutonium, information pills
is now working to be the Green Nuclear Fuel of Choice.

Uranium Is So Last Century — Enter Thorium, the New Green Nuke

Long live our new Thorium overlords.

Facebook for Scientists gets Millions in Funding

In 2008 I listed some Notes to the Obama Administration and in part of that was having research between different organizations or researchers being more publicly and/or centrally located so that work is not repeated and researchers can more closely work together and share insights to allow more rapid scientific advancement. This Facebook for scientists gets millions in funding is a huge stepping stone towards that goal. Very good to hear.

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I want “Nokia’s Morph” NOW!!!

I just found out about Nokia’s morph concept today. Wow is it totally cool!

More Nokia Morph Info

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Personal Genome Project??

I have come upon 2 interesting articles on drug decriminalization while perusing Slashdot: Portugal Decriminalizes Drug Use (Guardian, healthful Jul 2001) and The success of drug decriminalization in Portugal (Salon; Mar 2009) that covers the apparent success in dealing with drugs after decriminalizing it. Now, drug use is a consensual crime and the book Ain’t Nobody’s Business if You Do: The Absurdity of Consensual Crimes in a Free Society this topic in great depth, so I will not go into it here so much.

This has again had me to write and article on my thoughts on how to deal with the drug issue. Portugal’s method of dealing with the drug issue is very similar to mine, but my thoughts in some cases may be more draconian.

My theory on drug legalization shows a bias and goals as follows: drug use is inherently harmful, addictive and promotes crime due to addiction and desperation to get the next fix; protecting the eventual educated consent of minors, which is of vital importance so that they can decide whether drug use in their lives is right for them; as well as individucal responsibility for the direct and indirect effects of their drug use.

Dealing with Drugs

Decriminalize It

Perhaps the first stage would be to decriminalize drugs. If people choose to take drugs such as marijuana, cocaine, and heroin for non-medically prescribed usage, it is stupid and devastating to their lives and the people that love them, in my opinion, but it is really their choice. If they choose to do recreational drug use in a responsible manner, then I say go ahead. It is your choice to engage in recreational drug use as long as it does not endanger others. As I have mentioned before, drug use is a consensual crime and the book Ain’t Nobody’s Business if You Do: The Absurdity of Consensual Crimes in a Free Society covers this topic in great detail.

Regulate It

After decrimnalizing it we will want to regulate it in a manner similar to alcohol.

  • to sell a drug you will need to get a license and have appropriate protections around it.
  • to sell a drug the drug will have to fall under certain specifications and cannot contain poisonous things like Drano and so on.


Then you will want to tax it heavily in order to provide a deterrent for those to do it too much by increasing the price and to provide funding for social, rehab, and support programs for those who abuse it. Now, this will of course end up with those who will sell or trade it illegally, but that is something that is visceral to restricting somethings availability, such as prescription pain killers.

Criminalize Abuse of Drugs

Ok, so this is where my method of dealing with things may be a little more draconian than others that support the legalization of drugs. I break down drugs into 2 groups:

Primary Effect Drugs:
drugs that only directly affect the user such as any internally administered drug like cocaine or alcohol
Secondary Effect Drugs:
drugs whose use directly effects more than the immediate user, which primarily constitutes such drugs as cigarettes and marijuana which are primarily smoked and whose smoke may be taken in by others

Primary Effect Drugs (PED)

It should be illegal for the usage of any PED while pregnant  (as determined by doctors/Surgeon General, etc), as well as giving them to children at all due to the fact that if you get children hooked on them when they are young and influential (especially by parents and elder relatives), and do not have real understanding of the ramifications, then you are effectively removing from them the ability to make an educated choice once they are an adult. From a more legal standpoint they are unable to give consent and parents are not allowing them to decide if they shall start their adult alives addicted to a drugs.

Of course, this method does conflict with hte parents inherent right to raise their children how they like, but does protect their eventual ability to make their own educated decision before addicting themselves to something and potentially ruining their lives.

Secondary Effect Drugs (SED)

It should be illegal for the usage of any SED in public spaces or in the presence of minors or those they have guardianship over, or while pregnant.

Parents have the right to raise their children however they want, but this right should not include unnecessarily harming their children’s health or preaddicting them to drugs without them ever having a choice to it. An addiction and health damage being forced upon them without their consent is much to their detriment and removes much chance that they have of not having these substances in their lives. Children cannot give consent until they are of age and parents have a conflicting interest, especially when prevailing studies and knowldge shows that such drugs are inherently harmful on a plethora of levels.


I really, advice really, information pills
really want to sign up for the Personal Genome Project. This makes me want to squeal with delight….. I need help. I know. =)

Thoughts for the Obama Administration

What follows is the vision that I sent to the Obama administration via the ‘Share your Vision’ portion of his site.. I have slightly modified it for spelling and grammar correction, viagra 60mg and have added a few things after-the-fact.

A Little About Me

To put this all in a little perspective I will describe myself and my life – I am a Unitarian Unversalist Centrist. I have married a beautiful Belarussian woman and we have recently found out that she is pregnant. Yea! I am 35 years old and I served in the US Navy as a Reactor Operator on board the USS Enterprise during Desert Storm. I graduated college with a BS in Computer Information Systems and an AS in Computer Networking Technologies. I am currently working for a small county government as their primary web developer; my wife and I are trying to start a Yoga Studio; and I also kind of working as a part time licensed assistant for a local real estate broker. I have traveled to several countries in Europe on vacations as well as throughout the US too.

My Visions For The US and the Future

I know most of this will get ignored and/or laughed at but here goes: =)

CALENDAR REFORM: The International Fixed Calendar (IFC) is one of the greatest inventions that has not come to pass. =( The IFC is a 13 month 28 day calendar with 1 (Year Day) or 2 (Leap Day) intercalary days. It almost passed during the UN’s calendar reform movement in what I think was the 1950’s. What stopped it was protests by Seven Day Adventists and Sabbatarians. There are a great amount of benefits to the IFC for companies and for individuals. Those mobile holidays such as Easter and Thanks giving will be fixed. Trend analysis and project planning will be easier since the days per month and days for all holidays will be exactly the same each year. Budget planning and payroll will be easier with fixed days per month and we will see an increase in monetary turn over per year since we will have 13 months instead of 12 months per year. These are but just a few examples. For more information see Calendar Reform: The International Fixed Calendar: Part Deux.

ELECTORAL COLLEGE ABOLISHMENT: For the love of all that is holy, sildenafil haven’t we had enough of this nonsense. When a president can win the majority of popular vote and still lose the election, I think we have a problem.

ESPERANTO is recognized by Google and by UNESCO as a modern usable language. I would very much like to see this language taught in schools as a primary secondary-language – the unifying language that can bring the world together. Studies have been shown the those who learn Esperanto, due to its unique construction have an easier time learning and understand other foreign languages. It is also the only real hope for a primary diplomatic or business language for the world since it has no cultural or national heritage. Esperanto can also be used as the primary second-language that most things are translated into everything from websites, government documents, public terminals and signs, DVD and TV subtitles, and merchandises user manuals saving them a lot of money. This will also bring the world together and give us a common language with which to share and understand each other with which will also make the world a much smaller place. Traveling to other countries will be easier and less scary as well as allowing people to by pass language barriers to learn about other cultures more easily. For more information you can see .Esperanto‘.

FLAT TAX: Now is the time to enact a flat tax system. The 20% tax for everyone and then perhaps give congress a +/- 3% leeway to play with tax breaks and penalties. This will greatly simplify the tax code as well as increasing the taxes for the rich and decreasing it for everyone else giving us an overall net gain in taxes.

GAY AND POLY RIGHTS need to be granted. These are both civil rights issues secular issues, and, as far as the government is concerned, it is not religious issue, and this need to come to pass. Same Sex Marriages (SSM) and Polyamorous/Polygamous Marriages (PPM) (in general) are made with the same commitment and therefore should have the same rights as everyone else. Those who argue from the stand point of Christian fundamentalism need to stop it as this is not a religious issue. This is a secular issue. So many people see them as one and the same and they are not which is a large part of our culture and government’s problems. SSM and P/PM are civil rights violations that need to be corrected. Consenting adults (and I do stress consenting adults) can and will form whatever relationship structures they will and outlawing them has proven to unconstitutional; and/or difficult to enforce and/or not enforced. Examples of such are sodomy laws and interracial marriage. I am more or less speaking about P/PM from the specific standpoint of Polyamory. Our mainstream Polygamy examples that come from Muslim and Mormon faiths are not so pretty and the primary problem with both of them are that both (sub-)cultures are inherently oppressive to women. Polygamy in and of itself is not. Cultural specific implementations of polygamy (plural marriage) are not the end all and be all of what Polygamy is and can be. If you search within the polyamory community you will see something quite different that what Islam and Mormons show. As far as I have seen US Immigration laws allow, at least in some fashion, polygamous marriages from India, and this in any form, is discrimination. When it comes to marrying a cheese burger, a muscle car, or a horse – show me one of these whose signature or very presence can be considered and adult or able to sign a civil contract since that is what marriage is from the standpoint of the government.

HEALTHCARE SOCIALIZATION: I am basically for the socialization of health care in the US, but we need to be careful and study those who have traveled this road before us. There are countries that are doing this well and there are those that are not doing it well. This needs to be studied extensively. The US market is very much different then all other markets in the world and this needs to be accounted for. We need to keep the same or better quality of care and availability for all people or this will be a failure. Something that may need to be addressed is doctor’s and insurance which is one of the largest costs for doctors today in our extremely litigious society. Perhaps impose a much lower monetary cap for rewards on malpractice suits. We also need to greatly invest in new technology for online health records as well as streamlining the paperwork process.

IMMIGRATION AND MEXICO: This one is pretty simple. What we are currently doing to deal with illegal immigration of Mexicans into the US is destined to fail and it is an expensive band-aid. There is only one way to stop or reduce immigration from Mexico and that is to remove the reason for them to come here. We do not have such problems with Canada, nor do re really worry about it so much. The only way to solve this is to work with the Mexican government to solve their sociopolitical and socioeconomic problems as well as their drug and crime problem. With those things dealt with they will have no really large reason to come to the US in droves since their quality of life will be better. Either bring Mexico into the world as a First World Country or we will always have immigration problems with them.

JUDICIAL OVERSIGHT: There really needs to be some sort of judicial oversight or advisement on all legislation that is passed as the number of unconstitutional laws that get passed and lived destroyed because of this lack is unforgivable. There are too many unconstitutional laws that are put into effect and they should never had made it that far. Perhaps removing the ban on suing the government would be a start – not going to happen – but it would definitely make law makers think more about the laws that they make. There needs to be someway to prevent this craziness. Or Perhaps there can be a small department of the judicial branch in which all that they do is review new laws for legal issues and then publish an opinion for the public to see and for the lawmakers to take into consideration when writing their legalese. At least when the last shoe drops the law makers can be told “I told you so”.

MEASUREMENT REFORM: We have been kind of sitting on the border of moving to the metric system for a very long time. We are one of the few countries (US and Myanmar?) that are left still using the Imperial System of measurement. We have started it so let us finish it. The metric system is used in most other countries and changing to this will allow our products and research to be more easily understood and cheaper to export and import. This will also allow foreign workers and professionals to more easily work, in, and for the US as well as allowing our workers to work abroad, again reducing the barriers to international understanding and cooperation.

PATENTS are of a similar vein as my Research idea. If all patents were available to all they we could see more efficient and unified products with the most advancements in them such as solar cells that utilize technologies that they would currently have to pay for which stymies truly creative combinations and ideas. Instead of having 200 different solar products out there with 200 different advancements we could have maybe 5 or 10 products with many of the combined advancements which would result in a greatly efficient product much sooner than if the current model were followed. Perhaps have a flat public buyout fee that must be paid in order to bring the patent or copyright into the public domain. Businesses could make other arrangements in order to gain access to the Intellectual Property until a point is reached where they have received money to use the IP in excess to the buyout fee.

PRISONMATE REFORM: This may seem a little off-the-wall, well may not as some of my other recommendations, but teaching Yoga to inmates may give them a sense of serenity and be less prone to violence and/or repeat offenses, especially if they concentrate on some meditation. Reducing the violent tendencies would be great as well as to help make them more productive to society as a whole.

RESEARCH needs to be opened for the good of humanity. There are so many entities that are doing research – everyone from governments, private and public companies, as well as individuals many of which are recreating work done by other companies which amounts to wasted time for all. All research should be available to all who would like it so that we can more quickly bring technological advancements to pass. My favorite example is those that are researching solar power. If all of those entities that are working on this had access to all of the research on this, then a lot of time would be saved and many could work together on research making specific advancements come more quickly with much less wasted time and money. Researchers that had the same idea could work together on it as well as split up the testing bringing results to term sooner and more efficiently.

SCHOOLS: Somethings that should be taught in school that will greatly help the next generations is Evolutionary Psychology, Evolutionary Biology, Comparative Religion, Relationships (Men are from Mars…) and Non-Violent Communication, Investing and Money Management (Cashflow/Rich Dad Poor Dad). Evolutionary sciences can give great insight as to why we are and why we do the things that we do. Comparative religion classes will help to diffuse tensions between disparate religions as well as build in a sort of tolerance or acceptance for other religious or aspiritual paths. Part of getting this accepted by religious conservatives or fundamentalists is to also teach Evolutionary Creationism. We also need to concentrate and accept that students really do learn differently. We need more teachers that acknowledge this and to be trained to see this, in addition to being able to create tailored curriculum for our students to learn a given subject in their own way.

TIME REFORM: This first part will not be as radical as my calendar reform suggestion. We should adopt the 24 hour clock as the standard as much of the rest of the world has. Since having been in the military I have found the 12 hour clock to be annoying and ambiguous. The 24 clock relieves us of ambiguity and simplifies planning and relieves us of some worrying. The last part of the my time reform recommendation is to adopt something similar to what Swatch recommended in 1980’s – what they called Internet time which was a decimal time system that did not change ever, not even for day light savings times. This would have to be modified from Biel Mean Time to Greenwhich Mean Time as all of our time standards are based off of. This can form the basis for all international time sharing and planning. Instead of figuring out what the time difference is they just can say we will meet at @300 and they will both know what time it is locally and they can plan from there. This can also form the root for time keeping in space since it will not be terra-centric. When combined with Esperanto and the International Fixed Calendar we have the makings of a method of communicating with the world at large since the world grows smaller everyday and we are struggling to find ways to communicate, plan, and get things done across international, cultural, and times. You can read more about it in ‘Standardizing Time” If you have read this far then perhaps he last thing you should read is a small narrative I wrote that talks about more changes called “Class 2i“.

I have also ordered and new Ergo-mouse thingy…

As a follow up to yesterdays Vertical Split Keyboard post I will also say that I am ordering a new mouse from ‘The Human Solution’ which is also basically vertical as well. I had to choose between the Aerobic Quill Mouse and the Evoulent Vertical Mouse. In the end I chose the left-handed Quill Mouse for the lower hand support and hooking to make it easier to move without having to grasp the mouse.

Also as a side note I am also starting to work on using the Dvorak Layout.

I also found this interesting keyboard and mouse replacement: the Orbitouch Keyless Keyboard.

I am ordering a Split Vertical Keyboard…

In a bid for more sustainable alternative energy technology patents licensed exclusively from Los Alamos National Laboratory (LANL) by Hyperion Power Generation brings us small scale nuclear reactors that also purify water.

I have not posted about this before, purchase
but quite a while ago I have been diagnosed with overuse syndrome which is a precursor to carpal tunnel syndrome. I had some annoying symptoms like a slight burning senesation in my wrist and near my elbow. At that time part of how I combatted that was to mouse using my left hand and the use of a Microsoft split ergonomic keyboard, symptoms
which I will say that I love and would never go back to a conventional keyboard… evah. This combo took me about a month to get used to and then it rocked. =)

So, now a few years have passed and now some symtoms are starting to manifest again and I am cranking my response up a notch. Work will be buying for me a split vertical keyboard (SVK) from Safe Type so that I can combat this problem. I am excited, yet afraid. This keyboard is so strange and it will really force me to touch type all-of-the-time. I can basically touch type, but I definitely do look at the keyboard on occasion. I know, I know. – “Cheater, cheater, pumpkin eater!”. This will be a good moment to improve my typing skills as well as save my hands from a horrible fate.

Perhaps this is also a good time to move to the Dvorak keyboard layout as well. =) I am also looking for a suitable ergonomic replacement for my mouse since that significantly contributes to my issues as well.

I will let you know how it turns out.

Small Scale Nuclear Reactor Technology by Los Alamos

In a bid for more sustainable alternative energy technology patents licensed exclusively from Los Alamos National Laboratory (LANL) by Hyperion Power Generation brings us small scale nuclear reactors that also purify water.

This the Future that I am Looking Forward to

Intel’s Mobile and Internet Linux Project is exactly the sort of thing that we need. In my ‘Class 2i‘ short story thing, click this is exactly what I am alluding to with the Personal Communication Device (PCD). This really excites me and I wish that I could throw a lot of money at them so that they develop this faster.

Reivew of Canon Powershot SX100 IS

Basic Review

We bought a Canon Powershot SX100 IS prior to our trip to Cancun along with some Energizer rechargeable batteries and a 2 GB memory card.

We used this camera extensively through the trip and it performed well for us. I had it set to take pictures at 1600×1200 resolution and I did not adjust the video settings much to my chagrin. =(

We tool 1.12 GB in pictures and videos. The videos were way too small, condom almost unusable, but that is my fault for not checking the setting for that. I was not expecting to use the function too much and then Tanya started to use it quite a bit. I did not think of checking the settings for it until we returned home, and then it was like ‘Crap!’.

It was easy to take pictures, zoom, and adjust the settings. The camera worked really well for us. Night pictures, as usual, are not so easy to take without blurring the crap out of it, but we managed to get some decent pictures with a little adjusting. I really need to learn more about how to take better night pictures.

As a side note the Rechargeable Energized Batteries that we bought lasted 4 or 5 days with continuous picture and video taking and viewing. That worked well for us.


My first complaint is the screen is really hard to see in sunlight. Being that we were in the Carribean that was quite annoying for some of the time. Other than that it has been a great camera.

One last thing, and this has proven to be quite an inconvenience at least for our situation, for others this may not matter at all. Once you delete pictures from the memory card while in the camera you are not able to put them back on it. If I had a SD card reader or something like that it might not be such an annoyance, but we do not and burning CD’s is not so easy at this time. Transporting the camera is the easiest solution for showing people pictures until we get them posted. Once we get a new computer or get my burner up and running this should not be an issue.


Overall I would give the camera a really solid 4 of 5. It was comfortable to hold and light weight. It is easy to use works well.