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A Page For My Asgardian Resources

I do not write about my involvement in micronationalism often, basically never.

However, I have put together a page to gather my posts since I joined Asgardia in November 2017.

I have been involved enough recently that I needed to aggregate my writings and other related posts, that others may also benefit from.

I have over 110 pages written for Asgardia and have even been elected to their Parliament (2018), so here ya go, here is a slew of links related to Asgardia, my writings, and other related political links:

Asgardia, The Micronation

Productivity and Motivation in a Resource Based Economy?


I am writing this post in response to a question posed by Tyler Suard (an economics major) in my Facebook thread about a RBE where I posted a link to my blog post The Cancer of Capitalism and Its Antidote. I am writing this post to help solidify my thoughts and understanding on this issue which also, conveniently, helps to answer his question about productivity and motivation in a Resource Based Economy (RBE).

Most conversations about a Resource Based Economy (RBE), assuming you get anywhere with someone, will usually end up at the following place: the old productivity vs reward question. I struggle to answer this question too when talking with people about this. As a matter-of-fact, when talking to my dad about RBE, this is where we ended up too. The statement will be: “If people do not have monetary reward or a way to get more than someone else then there will be no drive to do anything and nothing will get done.“. Then they completely write off RBE. Conversation done. Being so steeped in and used to our massively failing capitalist systems it can be hard to consider anything else, because this is all we know.

There are many parts to this answer and it may be difficult to comprehend because it will be present in a world and social structure that is very different from anything that exists today. We need a different way of thinking, understanding, living, and valuing life and our place in existence. We need a different way of thinking to create a different world . The same thoughts and values that brought you the horrors of this world (poverty, war, pollution, etc) cannot be used to create a world without those horrors, so we must really stretch ourselves and to reach beyond and truly try to envision a world that is much different than our own. I am hoping that I can help you with that today with this, not so small, writing.

If you have not read my previous post mentioned above (The Cancer of Capitalism and Its Antidote) then you may want to do that as preparatory reading for this explanation. Perhaps, more importantly, you will want to have watched both sets of documentaries (The Venus Project and The Zeitgeist Movement) as mentioned in that post as preparatory materials for this if you do not have a basic understanding of what a Resource Based Economy is, why we need it, or what it may look like, otherwise this post may be very difficult to understand or even have a frame of reference to even try to understand. You have been warned! =)

Productivity and Motivation in a Resource Based Economy

So, below is the summary of my thoughts on this very complex and powerful RBE issue and question. I will state that I do not have all of the answers, since I am really just starting to research this specific RBE issue, but this should be a good start to helping you to understand how productivity and motivation may look. This is also very theoretical thinking since no one has tried to create an RBE in the real world.

Social Values Change

A powerful result of embracing a RBE is a required evolution in social values – a metamorphosis from a war torn, exploitive, and cannibalistic Darth Vader’esque caterpillar into a global, sustainable, and interdependence seeking bucolic butterfly. In order to accomplish this there will be a considerable level of social engineering required – to educate people in new values and a new way to thinking.

A RBE based society will evolve to embrace new values such as equity, justice, compassion, interdependence, sustainability, automation, global cooperation, and so on. With powerful changes in global social values we will see a different set of motivational drivers evolve along with it as each major social change does. Things such as: equity, efficiency, reuse, improving life for all, or making another large step towards that next scientific or social goal that seems just out of reach.

Currently, under the tyranny of capitalism, here is a small list of the social values and drivers for getting things done: greed, competition, cruelty, undermining your competitors, crime, poverty, exploitation, planned obsolescence, and so on.  This is a fairly ugly list with very harmful results.

When your resource needs (food, housing, education, health care, technology, transportation) are all met then those problematic social drivers for getting things done and the inevitable social problems created by it (war, crime, exploitation, etc) go away and then you are able to concentrate on more important issues beyond survival. Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs sort of speaks to this too: when your basic (lower order needs) are met then higher order needs and desires are able to be fully pursued.

Universal Free Education Systems Create a Highly Educated Populace

A heavy part of RBE is universal access to free education and this will carry much of the burden of social engineering and solving the productivity problem. Although, to make that happen, our education systems will also need to evolve to focus on fostering problem solving, critical thinking, compassion, communication, and creativity as well as sustainability, and the interdependence of all things (and many other things); much of which is being stamped out by our current school systems (at least here in the US).

Having access to a lifetime of free education alone may ensure that people will be doing things (especially if we require 5 years of university or apprenticeship for all – not just high school). It is hard for a highly educated person to just sit there when their mind is crunching through their ever-expanding understanding of the world, because the more about the world that people understand then more they can see problems and the solutions to them.

Being highly educated is both a boon and burden to the individual. Because of this, however, when they can see both (the problem and a potential solution) it will be hard to not do something about it or to tell someone their idea for the solution which could be vetted by those who are working on that or a similar problems or solutions, or they could start their own collaborative project to gather with other like minded individuals to work on the viability of that solution.

A RBE creates a ‘problem‘ with loads of highly educated people and then also gives them the method and unlimited opportunity of solving or sharing the solution to that burden by allowing them to collectively solve that problem.

Universal Resource Access and Automation Enables of Exploration of Solutions to Problems that Matter

With high levels of automation and connectivity resulting in the elimination of menial work for humans, collectively we will be able to concentrate on solving problems that matter instead of just grinding through the week trying to get the bills paid, which is really a complete waste of human potential.

Universal access to resources to work on solutions – work rooms, remote collaborative tools, mechanical tools, computing power, software, high levels of automation, AI, 3D Printing, etc – will enable our highly educated and problem seeing populace to understand and analyze vast technical problems like that interest them (like long term space travel, terraforming, and sustainable planet ecosystems, drone swarm path efficiency, increasing carrot yields in less arable soil) and to be able to have the resources to create project cooperatives to be able to solve whatever problem springs into their mind.

For the solution to many smaller scale problems all it may take to get many things done is to have someone design a robot or sensor and have it manufactured through an automated process, or create and AI to do the work and then it gets done. (Keep in mind that this this is highly simplified and we are talking about a very futuristic world here.) Having access to the resources and technology makes solving problems so much easier. Now, however, we are incredibly limited to what our resources can give us access to since we are not more than wage slaves and higher education cannot be achieve by everyone.

Problem Solving Is Its Own Creative Reward

As mentioned above, a highly educated populace with such very holistic values can see problems and potential solutions. A problem or solution can sit in someone’s mind like a splinter that they cannot get out or itch. Our innate drive, creativity, and problem solving will drive things forward. Solving a problem – getting out the splinter or itching that itch – is its own creative reward. Being able to say that I saw this problem and created or fostered a solution is rewarding in and of itself. People look upon their creations and solutions like children, something they take great pride it. When they see it in action they can say I did that.

I can say this myself that because I have a degree in computer programming. I did not get into programming because of the money. I got into programming because I could do things with it and the fact that, currently, I do not get paid for this does not mean I will stop writing programs, because programming is my passion. I can’t tell you how many projects I have been working on in my personal time to try to solve this issue or that and how many are not finished because I did not have the assistance or time I needed to keep moving forward. People will not stop being passionate about the things they are passionate about. They will be enabled to pursue those things to their fullest extent and humanity can reap the rewards for that.

Let us take a look at a great example of open source software or Wikipedia. Many, many people work on these projects without pay because they are passionate about this or just want to solve a problem with it/by it.

Many of the greatest inventions throughout history happened not because of their desire for a money reward, but because they wanted to solve a problem: Da Vinci, the Wright Brothers, and so many, many more. Whether or not there is a monetary reward will not change that drive in humans. As a matter of fact, a RBE will enable that desire to solve problems and increase it many times, due to resource access and having their basic needs met.

Public Recognition and Leadership Responsibility

Cultural Emphasis on Science and technology:

This will also be a byproduct of the needed social changes. Instead of socially venerating soldiers, football players, and other sports people and having them on TV, with Nobel Prizes only being granted once each year, this would change to be the opposite situation. Social awareness and celebrating of brilliance, conservation of the environment, and making life better for all is what will matter in this new world and not violence, aggression, competitiveness, and destruction. Perhaps sports will have smaller events and have their big event be the Olympic games every 4 years and we will have many yearly awards ceremonies and celebrations of the various technical professions – like the Academy Awards for Horticulture.


Weekly announcements about identified problems, different solutions, and the people that made them, and how they made them. That person which came up with an algorithm which increases swarm drone path efficiency would be on the news and not the most recent football touchdown. Statues will be made of scientists, engineers, conservationists, and peacemakers and they will have a hall of fame.  Serial dramas may be made of them and their path to innovation.

Stats of how much energy they saved those swarm drones, how much someone increased asparagus yield, or how they increased nano-tube antenna resilience in space conditions during solar flare events will be on the news and on TV and ring through their profession or technical networks.

Or maybe they will even go on a world lecture tour so that all may gaze upon them or talk with them, and so they can share their thoughts and experience so that others in their field may benefit. You honestly think that Neil de Grasse Tyson, Bill Nye or the late Stephen Hawking didn’t have ‘groupies‘ come up to them where ever they go? I know I would be starting a conversation if I ever saw them!! ‘Look!! the Notorious NdT! Squeee!!” Faint. =)

Leadership and Responsibility

Those people who make large discoveries or creations would most likely be granted their own research or manufacturing center with people who would want to work with and learn from them so all of the world can benefit from their brilliance. Perhaps they will be asked to join an ongoing research project to provide their expertise or a be asked to come on and breathe life into an important and related but slowing project.


Let us just take a quick look at poverty in the world today and in many minority communities. Those who suffer from poverty, lack of resources, poor education and so on find it very, very difficult to even come close to reaching their potential, which is a huge loss to all of humanity and ends up with unnecessary human suffering. A recent study showed that, in order to get out of poverty, almost nothing can go wrong for like 20 years. That is 20 years of wasted human potential and needless suffering when they could be doing something good for themselves and others.

Creating a social structure where people are given the opportunity to reach as close as they can to their greatest potential will be a reward in and of itself,  should be celebrated, and will be something that all of humanity will benefit from.

I cannot give you a 100% accurate representation of what it WILL be like because there are no RBE‘s in existence, but this should give you a great feel for how productivity and motivation may look if we should strive to get there.

The Cancer of Capitalism and Its Antidote

The Venus Project Concept City

The Venus Project Concept City

Updated: 23 Nov 2017 due to merging a related Facebook posting

Updated: 30 Nov 2017 – added graphic for Mad Max vs Star Trek

Update: 8 April 2018 – added link to my new RBE post: Productivity and Motivation in a Resource Based Economy?


I have spent over a decade reading, writing, thinking, and researching why our world is sooooo messed up and what we can do to try it fix it. I have studied such topics as:

  • America: the Constitution, Revolutionary War history, our Founding Fathers
  • Religion: Christian theology, Christian history, religious history, Pagan theology, religious history, divine feminine theology, philosophy
  • Sexuality: sexuality, monogamy, polygamy, homosexuality, prostitution, polyamory
  • Sciences: evolutionary psychology, evolutionary biology, advancing technology, green technology, alternative energy
  • Politics: constitutional law Second Amendment issues, poverty, minimum wage, electoral reform, problems with the 2 party system, money in politics

… and so much more. You can see this in much of my blog posts.

As a part of this process I have come up with ideas that others have as well:

  • International Fixed Calendar
  • converting to the 24 hour time and the metric system; having a world standard decimal time
  • religious humanism, evolutionary creationism,
  • progressive taxation, public funding of elections

… and many other things in my education and journey.

The Final Problem

However, the most important conclusion I have come to in the last few years is that our economic/monetary system is that the prime culprit of all of the problems that humanity faces today, although I could not wrap my head around the totality of the idea or the magnitude of it. Below are a few of the facts that has led me to this conclusion:

Features of Capitalism

Here is a small list for you to consider. These are the features of Capitalism throughout the world. These are features and NOT bugs:

  • recession and inflation
  • greed, corruption, and exploitation
  • pollution and destruction of the ecology
  • income inequality
  • planned obsolescence and waste
  • war and violence
  • crime, poverty, homelessness
  • systemic ‘isms (racism, sexism, nationalism, patriotism, etc)

This is a great list, right? Below I will give you a small set of examples to show my point.

Poverty and homelessness

We live in a country where we:

  • throw away enough food to feed 3 times our population
  • have enough housing for 3 times our population
  • are the richest country in the world

and yet we have:

  • the second highest Child Poverty Rate
  • and over 600,000 homeless people

…which shows that we have enough resources and money, so homelessness and poverty should not be a thing in America.

Profit Over Society and Advancement

We live in a country where:

  • the works of the brilliant Nicola Tesla are buried
  • the Hemp Car (made of hemp and powered by a hemp based bio fuel) which was created by Henry Ford was buried by the oil companies and other industries
  • alternative energy technologies are railed against and thwarted politically
  • other patents and ideas are purchased and buried so that no one can use them

… because such technological inventions and advancements threatened the profits of big businesses.

Profit before the environment or people. Profit no matter what the cost. That is the motto for Capitalism and our monetary system. There are so many more examples of abuses caused by Capitalism, but that is enough for now to give you a picture.

Capitalism’s Systemic Corporate Corruption

Now, with this discussion I am going to assume a few things just to give Capitalism’s advocate’s the benefit of the doubt. Let’s assume that everything in my posts regarding the Two Party System, Electoral Reform, and the 28th and 29th Amendments are enacted, and also that laws are passed so that:

  • the Maximum Income Disparity is set from the horrific 347 times which we have now down to 10 times like Japan
  • progressive taxation is implemented such that the Marginal Rate is set to 90%.
  • Hell, lets even throw in Universal Basic Income just to really make this nation great again.

This all is an amazing situation, I mean like a really dreamlike situation.

With that being assumed, it honestly does not matter what reforms we enact, it will always only be temporary. Republicans and Corporations will always work towards undermining and destroying whatever reforms are enacted because they worship greed, power, and the cancer of the “Free” Market which is anything but free. A feature of the free market is income disparity. With any level of income disparity there are health issues due to biophychosocial issues. Capitalism also has recessions and bankruptcies inherent due to there not being enough money to pay back the interest in the monetary system due. Why is this you ask? Because of the way the Federal Reserve, which is private corporation, works to add money into the economy. And, of course, our favorite friend  – income disparity.

The list of corporate corruption is systemic and will always fester itself back in. It will never be a matter of “if” it does, it is a matter of “when”. All of the reforms in the world can and will be undone as we all very well know. It is a matter of time and then we will repeat the cycle just like we did with the Great Depression.

Some examples to give you an idea of the inevitability of the undoing of any progress made:

  • The Glass-Steagal Act, which was passed following the Great Depression, to prevent that horror from ever happening again – well that was undone 60 years later due bank lobbying during the Clinton administration, and the result of that was the 2008 Market Crash.
  • In 1973 Nixon allowed the Health Care industry to be for profit. Prior to that it was a non-profit industry.
  • Ronald Reagan overturned the Fairness in Reporting Act which enforced fair and balanced news reporting
  • The Consumer Financial Protection Organization thingy which was set up by Elizabeth Warren a few years ago was recently gutted or dismantled by the Trump administration.
  • There is also the fact that the CDC has been prevented from researching gun violence for over a decade due to powerful lobbying by the NRA.

Even with the Max Income Disparity Ratio @ 10 and Progressive Taxation implemented with Marginal Rate set at an amazing 90% the corporations and the rich will always have more money than the rest of us and will always be able to afford people to lobby our representatives in whatever form they can manage. We, the middle class, do not have the time or money to do as such since we have to get the bills paid. It is not a matter of if they will get their way, it is a matter of when. And then, we have the sad fact that conservatives vote religiously and liberals do not. So, eventually Republicans and Corporations will win again and get what they want with the rest of us paying for it. It is just a matter of time. To think otherwise is naive.

The Final Answer


A definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result. We cannot ever expect to solve the issues that are visceral and inherent to the archaic Capitalist system using Capitalism. Why should we work so hard to control a system whose rules are predetermined to have negative and deadly outcomes when other far superior options are available?

We change our technology when it becomes outmoded and so we should also change our social and economic systems when they have far outlived their usefulness. It is far beyond time especially with 18 million people dying each year due to the structural violence inherent in Capitalism. Can we honestly afford that price in the blood of the innocent in order to maintain the cancer of Capitalism? Is keeping this broken system that important?

The Domestication of the Velociraptor (Commentary on Capitalism)

Your tribe has the option of continuing to unsuccessfully domesticate wild velociraptors or to try to domesticate those wolves that have been coming close to your tribal lands, eating from your garbage, and on occasion eating from your hands.

For thousands of years your tribe has been unsuccessfully trying to domesticate wild velociraptors . You capture them, cage them, and train them up. They act right for a little while, or at least you think they do, but you still see them look at you and your family like they are its next lunch. For a while they even perform as you would like: guarding your homes and flocks, allowing you to pet them, playing with your children, pulling your plows.

Eventually, it acts out tearing off you arm or clawing you. Your people capture and then retrain it. Then it eats your dog. You repeat the retraining process. Then it escapes eats most of the family next door. With a new color of harness you retrain it again with tremendous cries of support and religious services dedicated to it and its amazing potential, because this is how we have lived for thousands of years and this is what is right. You even set the raptors upon the wolves who come near and eat from your hand.

Now the raptor is roaming throughout the streets of your tribe eating whoever and whatever it wishes. Your people live in fear while espousing the wonderful traits of velociraptors: strong legs, powerful jaws, sharp claws, great hunter… even while its fangs are disgorging blood from your spouse’s neck. Your tribal members cry out “Velociraptors are amazing! In fact they already are domesticated, but maybe we need a new harness to make sure this time.”.

A tribal member cries out “Look at those tribes over there. They have wolves. They are being successfully domesticated.” Your tribe angrily rages “We already have the superior domesticated velociraptors which eats wolves! How could you even suggest? Those tribes are the enemy. They use… wolves. You are a traitor. You are not a member of our tribe.” The member points to the trail of blood left by your spouse’s lifeless body as it was dragged out by the velociraptor. You say ‘It is my spouse’s fault for not petting the raptor properly.” as you think ‘The raptor just needs a new harness of a different color.’

You go to the mass grave where your spouse and many of your neighbors are buried as the “domesticated” raptor fed upon their unsuspecting bodies as it was meant to do. Excitedly you say. ‘Yes, a harness of a different color is the answer!”

Resource Based Economy (RBE)

We need to evolve beyond Capitalism and use the far superior system which I shall talk about below which prevents all of the issues of Capitalism and utilizes the benefits of technological advancements. The following two movements which have come into my research can explain and provide examples much better than I can. These have defined the problem and the solution for me. My mind is blown!

Both movements state that Capitalism, which is based on scarcity and money, causes pretty much all of our global problems and their answer to this is a Resource Based Economy (RBE).

TVP: Jacque Fresco has been lecturing about societal issues and the many problems with our economic system for over 50 years. As an inventor and all around brilliant man, he has also been involved with designing the future world based on a Resource Based Economy. The manifestation of his works is what is called The Venus Project. I have known about The Venus Project for a few years now, but have not delved into it too deeply until the last few months. Once I started reading into it I read 3 of his books and the TVP website, and have also started to volunteer for them.

TZM: The Zeitgeist Movement, which was started by Peter Joseph in 2007, I have heard of over the last few years, but did not really know anything about it until the last few months while educating myself on The Venus Project.

During the process of reading about The Venus Project I found out that there was a powerful relationship between these two movements: they both talk about and advocate the same things – Capitalism is the problem and a Resource Based Economy is the answer.

As a matter of fact, this last week I have been on vacation and have watched all 3 TZM documentaries and have read his new book, ‘The New Human Rights Movement‘, and that book gave me the clear answer as to why Capitalism and money is the problem and why a Resource Based Economy is the answer. Peter Joseph’s book does that all with studies, facts, experts, end notes, glossary, and so on. Hell, the book is really worth it just for the appendix on Sustainable Energy facts. Please, seriously, read The New Human Rights Movement by Peter Joseph. This is the first book I bought for my dad who is a moderate conservative and a banker and that is how important I think this book is.

Mad Max Vs Star Trek (Economies)

Mad Max Vs Star Trek (Economies)

Continuum of Capitalism (Oligarchy vs Communism vs Socialism)

Continuum of Capitalism (Oligarchy vs Communism vs Socialism)

The Suggested Research Process

For those who really want to research this, here is the process I recommend for delving into it: Start with the documentaries because they are something you can just watch and absorb, and will introduce you to the topics with visuals. Then you can delve into the reading. Start with the Zeitgeist Movement first since they explain things more cleanly, then go into The Venus Project which has amazing visuals for a future with a Resources Based Economy.

Honestly, if you have to choose only one thing to do, then please read ‘The New Human Rights Movement‘. It will radically change the way you think about things. It has for me. Then, please share this post and share the book. Even if you think that this will not come to pass, everyone needs to know that there are other possibilities. The more that people are pissed off, the more change is possible. People cannot be pissed nor advocate for a change if they do not know about it. Share it. Educate the world.

  1. The Zeitgeist Movement
    1. Documentaries:
      1. Zeitgeist, The Movie (2007) (start at Part 3 – Money – which is at about 1 hr and 9 min)
      2. Zeitgeist: Addendum (2008)
      3. Zeitgeist: Moving Forward (2011)
    2. Books
      1. The Zeitgeist Movement Defined (Feb 2014) This will give you some great background and will make reading the next book easier.
      2. The New Human Rights Movement (Mar 2017) This is a very dense book so prepare yourself.
  2. The Venus Project
    1. Documentaries
      1. The Choice is Ours (2016)
      2. Paradise or Oblivion (2012)
      3. Designing the Future (2006)
    2. Books and Reading
      1. The Best Money Can’t Buy (7th edition, Jan 2015) This is the largest and most in-depth of the three.
      2. The Future and Beyond (free online)
      3. Designing the Future (2007) (free online)

If you have any questions about any of this then please let me know. I am here to help.

Hungry for More

Their social networking sites such as Facebook, YouTube, and Twitter and their many related websites and resources are other ways to expand your knowledge if you are hungry for more:

Google Celebrates Dr. Zamenhof’s Birthday with a Logo Doodle!

Google is, viagra 60mg thankfully, more info celebrating Dr. L.L. Zamenhof’s birthday today with a Doodle, cheapest since it is Zamenhof Day. Right about now you are probably wondering who this Dr. Zamenhof is that Google would take the time to recognize him? There was a lot of speculation within the Esperanto community as to whether or not Google would do recognize him or not, but it looks like Google heard our call and the importance of Esperanto to the world

Google's Zamenhoff Day Doodle

Dr. Ludwig Lazarus Zamenhof

Dr. Ludwig Lazarus Zamenhof

In case you do not know who Dr. Zamenhof is, he was a Polish Jew born in Byaliastock Poland during Russia’s occupation. He, throughout a decade or so, created the constructed language Esperanto to be the worlds primary secondary-language to facilitate communication between the disparate languages. I write at length about Esperanto and his wonderful and easy to learn language in my Esperanto pages here at Arion’s Home..

What does a green flag have to do with Zamenhof or Esperanto, well a green flag with a white star, or a green star are the symbols of the Esperanto movement.

More Coverage on National Geographic News and CBS News via the Associated Press.

“Stand by Me” – Playing for Change

Get more info at “Women is not a Pre-existing condition.


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<p>get more info at “<a href=”“>Women is not a Pre-existing condition</a></p>


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0, condom
0″ width=”380″ height=”400″>

get more info at “Women is not a Pre-existing condition

This just shows the power of the internet to bring people together. I could listen to this sort of music all day. Playing for Change brings musicians from around the world to perform for each song in a beautiful and progressive layering of talent from around the world – Zimbabwe, doctor India, sovaldi Ireland, patient
Tibet, United States, etc.

New Examiner Article – “My faith (part VI) – The influence of Unitarian Universalism, Free Thought, and the ULC”

I have posted a new article for the Milwaukee Examiner titled “My faith (part VI) – The influence of Unitarian Universalism, denture Free Thought, cheap and the ULC.

Unitarian Universalism (UU)

Assuming you believe in a creator at all, cost we Unitarian Universalists believe that there is only one creator regardless of your polytheistic or monotheistic leanings. We are all praying to the same entity called by different names.

Unitarian Universalism is a non-dogmatic faith that has but one small set of principles with which to pursue your spiritual or aspiritual journey. Outside of that, where you go and what you believe is up to you. We gather together reveling in the different paths that we walk and look forward to learning something from each other. My congregation at the Free Congregation has those of the Buddhist, Zen, humanist, secularist, atheist, Christian, deist, naturalist, and others as well as a token Republican about.

An important tradition in the UU churches is lay led “worship” or discussion within congregations led by the lay person, and this is powerful and empowering tradition that invites congregational wide discourse and participation on topics via our individual (a)spiritual journeys.

Many UU’s are active in the various civil rights movements from gay rights to opposing war actions. A UU minister was the first to hold a legally recognized same-sex marriage. These are all reasons why Unitarian Universalism is important to me and my faith.

Free Thought (German)

In coming to the Free Congregation I knew they were a Unitarian Universalist congregation, but I did not know that they were a German Free Thought congregation as well. I had never even heard of the movement until I started to go there.

The German Free Thought movement, which was crushed in the mid 1800’s in Germany by the Catholic church, promoted critical thought and analysis of spiritual matters as well as relishing its debate and discussion. They value introspection and the individual journey that each person travels while basing individual beliefs on reason, evidence, and logic – dismissing the supernatural for there is no evidence or proof of its existence. Free Thought is a non-dogmatic and more secular and humanist approach to religion or spirituality. The Secular and Humanist movements do find some of their roots in the Free Thought movements.

The key points for me about the Free Thought movement requires evidence based reasoning verses the deciding issues on dogmatic religious stances that are counter to facts and the interests of humanity. The logic and the separation of secular and religious matters are exactly what the doctor ordered.

Universal Life Church (ULC)

Being ordained as minister of the non-denominational Universal Life Church is more of an affirmation of me taking charge of my faith and spirituality. No one can tell me what to believe, because I am responsible for my journey and beliefs. I am more than happy discuss and consider other view points and ideas. I am minister of my own faith and some may choose to listen, and perhaps there might be something to learn from each other. The ULC’s motto ‘Do only that which is right.’ is very appropriate, though highly subjective,  for making a difference in this world.

New Examiner Article – “My Faith (part V) – The Influence of Micronationalism and Esperanto”

I have posted a new article for the Milwaukee Examiner titled “My faith (part V) – The Influence of Micronationalism and Esperanto.

Micronationalism and Esperanto are both apart of the civil activism facet of my faith. Micronationalism reinforced my political needs as well as fostering thoughts of globalization. Esperanto had a similar effect as well providing a mechanism for bringing the world together and breaking down borders.


In seeing flaws in our current system of government, troche especially in light of our gay rights (as well as other civil rights) failings at the hands of conservative religion, I wanted to see if I can be a part of making changes and practice politics myself. Years ago while I was working in a call center I remember a web article the mentioning of something called a micronation.

I started to research micronations and in the end I choose the Republic of Talossa to be my safe vehicle of political practice. I found most micronations were very small and unestablished, and either a monarchy or had a state assumed/sponsored religion, neither of which were at all appealing to me or my sense of justice and equality. The Republic of Talossa had none of these failings and even has its own constructed language to boot. The Republic  was a thoroughly enjoyable and enlightening experience with a lot of great people there. I learned a lot about the political process and debating from my experience with them.

In working and thinking in micronational terms I also considered things that we could institute micronationally, or even within the United States (or globally), that would make our lives so much simpler if they were applied. Possibilities such as the International Fixed Calenderthe 24 hour clockdecimal time, and the metric system were things I thought about and proposed. With all of this, what was important to me is making our lives and or world a better place; not just for us Americans, but on a global scale.


The WSA brought me to Esperanto, since their Passport and other documents are also in Esperanto. I had never heard of the language before that point, but in having researched it quite a bit, its goals are very compatible with my faith and desires in wanting to bring down borders and set people free.  I have even written extensively about Esperanto on my BLog. Esperanto is comparatively a simple language to learn and it is a wonderful thing to help bring the world together and to easily break-down the language barrier. It is a constructed language made to be easy to learn and speak, lacking almost all of the failings of natural languages. It can be learned in a few hard months of dedicated learning.

The Baha’i Faith has taken Esperanto up in earnest to help to spread its word, and there is a growing community within the Unitarian Universalists to work with it as well. The Roman Catholic Church publishes and speaks in Esperanto and has for quite a while.

New Examiner Article – “My faith (part IV) – The influence of civil rights and globalization”

I have posted a new article for the Milwaukee Examiner titled “My faith (part IV) – The influence of civil rights and globalization.

The issue that was the formative impetus for my exploration into my spiritual and, cure by extension, try my political beliefs was the gay rights movement, and which I have supported for a long time, although not always vocally or even through my BLog. Researching this issue has shown me how intertwined religion and politics are and what a detriment conservative or fundamentalist religions can be to civil rights and social progress.

What does civil rights and globalization have to do with my spirituality you might be asking? Well, in seeing the tie between religion and politics I have civil activism as an inherent part of my spiritual beliefs, which tend to be more secular in nature. I want to keep the veil of separation of church and state in tact so as to protect those who have different spiritual or aspiritual beliefs than mainstream society, and I also want to protect our inalienable civil rights – which I also see as a spiritual issue, because it is a matter of caring for man-kind’s free will and well being. For me, serving others by setting them free from religious and political oppression can be the most rewarding and spiritual of actions.

Civil Rights

This gay rights issue had me look into and be interested in civil rights and then the effects that conservative religion has upon them. I have written at length about gay rights on my BLog. This also brought me to Thomas Jefferson, who was the primary hand of the Declaration of Independence, and strong believer in the separation of church and state. Jefferson, a self-proclaimed deist, created, what is deemed the Jefferson Bible, which is the the life and morality of Jesus Christ with all of the supernatural stuff taken out. I found this an intriguing action for one of our most influential founding fathers.

This research also brought me to the issues of polygamy and polyamory too, which are fascinating issues to research. They are also directly relevant to gay rights movement in that they are fundamentally the same issue with different casing. All three of these topics of gay rights, polygamy, polyamory, and even prostitution fall under the category of adult consensual crimes. I have also written at length about prostitution on my BLog. The book “Ain’t Nobody’s Business If You Do: The Absurdity Of Consensual Crimes In Free Society covers the consensual crime topic with zeal and thoroughness.

What is the limiting factor to all of these civil rights movements? The conservative religions that have a stranglehold on the moral compass of our socio-cultural values. Yes, they do think that they are doing what is right, but they are causing severe damage to our civil and inalienable rights by holding us to antiquated dogma without regard to the damage caused to our humanity.


In thinking about making the world a better place for all I have come to appreciate and support globalization. The world is getting smaller day by day, especially with the Internet pulling borders down and allowing people to communicate across international and cultural borders.  The European Union and the United Nations are two active national and political aggregating organizations, which, to me, are the stepping stones to a world government. With these possibilities in mind it is even more important to think globally and work towards freedom for all so that none are oppressed or live in fear. We Americans can take for granted the incredible amount of freedom and safety we have here that many in the world do not have, but duly deserve.

With increasing levels of globalization there is the responsibility to protect the civil and religious rights of all humans on the planet and in light of the still remaining communist, fundamentally religious, and tyrannical states out there crushing civil and religious freedoms, this is even more important to work for. Countries such as Iran, Cuba, China, and Belarus are great examples of countries who trample the civil and/or religious rights of their citizens. Control of their people and maintaining power is what is important to them and not the welfare of their citizens.

My research on globalization had me happen upon an non-governmental organization (NGO) called the World Service Authority (WSA), which lobbies for a freedom loving world government based off of the United Nations’ Universal Declaration of Human Rights (UDHR) (UDHR @ Wikipedia). The WSA  was started by an America soldier named Garry Davis in 1954 following World War II. He renounced his US citizenship in 1948 and became a stateless human, taking charge of his personal sovereignty. The WSA, based in the District of Columbia, is the fruits of his effort for global freedom.

Think globally. Act locally.

24 Hour Time For Dummies

I strongly advocate everyone learning using the 24 Hour clock verses our normal 12 hour clock.

I was in the military for 6 years and I am quite comfortable with it. My father was a pilot and he taught me the the 24 clock as well as the Phonetic Alphabet (which I also advocate), infertility so I was familiar enough with it prior to entering into the military. It is simple enough to learn with a little diligent practice.

Problems With the 12 Hour Clock

The current problems we have with our 12 hour clock is that you always have to ask or wonder is this person meaning AM or PM, esophagitis morning or afternoon, if they speak or write the time lazily or you catch the conversation out or context. Unless they specifically say AM or PM, or morning or afternoon or the contxt is quite clear, then this thought or annoying ponderance is there in the back of your mind. If I say 7 o’clock you need to know AM or PM in order to know what time a person is referring to, whereas if they say 19:00 you know it is at night.

There only a few countries left that use the 12 hour clock: the United States, Canada, and a few others.

Why Use the 24 Hour Clock

The 24 hour clock, conversely, is clear by the spoken or written numbers: 17:31 is 5:31pm or 03:35 is 3:35am. There is no potential alpha or numeric ambiguity possible with the time. It is easy to read and for your mind to parse instead of parsing both alpha and numeric characters, there are just a single set of numbers for your mind to interpret.

Much of Europe has moved to the 24 clock. Airlines, military, trains and other similar emergency and international and public services use the 24 hour clock for its simplicity, ease of use, and lack of ambiguity.

Learning the 24 Hour Clock

Conversion of Time between  a 12 Hour and 24 Hour Clock
12 Hour Clock 24 Hour Clock
12 Hour Clock 24 Hour Clock
12:00AM 00:00 (starting)
1:00 AM 01:00
2:00 AM 02:00
3:00 AM 03:00
4:00 AM 04:00
5:00 AM: 05:00
6:00 AM 06:00
7:00 AM 07:00
8:00 AM 08:00
9:00 AM 09:00
10:00 AM 10:00
11:00 AM 11:00
12 00 PM 12:00
1:00 PM 13:00
2:00 PM 14:00
3:00 PM 15:00
4:00 PM 16:00
5:00 PM 17:00
6:00 PM 18:00
7:00 PM 19:00
8:00 PM 20:00
9:00 PM 21:00
10:00 PM 22:00
11:00 PM 23:00
12:00 AM 24:00 (ending)

Learning the 24 Hour Clock is not so hard. Times from 1:00am to 12:00pm (noon) are written basically the same. It is written as follows: 2:30am = 02:30 (or 0230); 4:15pm = 16:15 (or 1615). See, it is not really that different.

After noon time things get a little trickier though. The hours after noon increase incrementally by 1 numerical hour from 1:00pm up until 12:00am (midnight), so you have 1:00pm is 13:00, 2:00pm is 14;00, and 3:00pm is 15:00… all the way up to 11:59pm which is 23:59. See! =)

Midnight Conventions

There are some conventions for telling the midnight hour. They are not really important since they all point to the same time. Use either and you will be understood.

If you are talking about the ending of a day or time period on midnight, it would be 24:00 since it would continue the day’s counting process. If you start a day at midnight they it would be 00:00 which shows a new day starting and not a continuance from the previous day’s activities or period.

That is about it. Both refer to the same time, so either way there will be no real confusion. Some use one and not the other.

Speaking 24 Hour Time

24 hour time is spoken as such: 02:00 would be said ‘oh two hundred hours’; 02:30 would be said ‘oh two hundred thirty hours’ or just ‘twenty two thirty’.

Telling 24 Hour Time On-The-Fly

For times prior to noon it is not a problem. They are written essentially the same. Times after noon require a little bit of math. The more basic way to tell time (until you get used to it) is to take the time and subtract 12:00 and that will be your time (converted to 12 the hour clock system). Leave the minutes alone since that will not change, and just do the math for the hours portion:
  • 16:00 would be 16:00 – 12:00 = 4:00pm – since the hour is greater than 12 you know that it is at pm time.
  • 22:15 would be 22:15 – 12:00 = 10:15pm – again, since the hour is greater than 12 you know that it is at pm time.
  • 02:31 would be 2:31am – no math is required since the hour is less than 12:00.
  • 10:18 would be 10:18am – again, no math is required since the hour is less than 12:00.

This method is a little more difficult (in my humble opinion), but it will suffice until your get more familiar with it and then the following potentially simpler method may serve you better:

For hours greater than 12:00 you just subtract 2:00 from the time, and since the hour is automatically going to be a twelve or less you drop the first digit. Such as the following: 21:00 – you forget about the 20:00 portion of the time and just subtract the 02:00 from the hour leaving you 9:00 pm.

For times of 22:00 or greater you will remember they are a derivitive of 10:00 so you just add the 10:00 to the 0:00 and you have your time:

  • 22:04 = 2:04 – 2:00 = 0:04 + 10:00 = 10:04pm
  • 18:16 = 8:16 – 2:00 = 6:16pm
  • 23:45 = 3:45 – 2:00 = 1:45 + 10:00 = 11:45pm
  • 15:33 = 5:33 – 2:00 = 3:33pm

If you have any questions or comments feel free to add them here. If you have any resources or methods that simplify this process I would also like to hear it.  Below are some other resources that may assist you in learning the 24 hour clock including some study tools and a flash application or two.


Here are some references to help you to learn more about the 24 Clock as well as learn how to start telling time using the 24 hour clock. If you have found better resources please let me know.

“The Hipocrisy of Culture”

Here is an interesting article called “The Hiporcrisy of Culture“.

The US Should Maintain Control of the Internet

This article titled “Who Controls the Internet?” from ‘The Weekly Standard” really highlights for me why the US should maintain control of the Internet’s servers. As long as they are responsible and as neutral as possible, click this is a great idea. They have done well so far. My biggest fear with losing control is that what will happen will be very similar to the UN Human Rights Council, of which having China and a few other countries is a complete mockery of. Eventually freedom of speech and censorship shall be the name of the game as oppressive regimes advance their tyrannical agendas. Eeeeek!

Physical Money Needs to Die! Long Live Digital Currency!

Custom Search Engine

Esperanto Travel

In Support of Esperanto

More Casual

More Technical or Indepth

Products in or about Esperanto



Text Based

Learning Tools (In English)
In Esperanto
In English

Social Networking

Software Support for Esperanto

  • Drupal: is available in Esperanto (an open source content management system)
  • Google’s Inerface is available as a language and you can specifically search Esperanto only sites.
  • Wikipedia: is available in Esperanto (an online encyclopedia)
  • WordPress: is available in Esperanto (an open source content management system)



Flash Card

Nay Sayers

I really like this Wired article titled Time to Cash Out: Why Paper Money Hurts the Economy. I am very pro globalization and, order
part of that puzzle, dosage
is a unified monetary system. I have previously spoken for a world currency, impotent
but this is the real solution I want to implement it.

Right now, I carry no cash and pay everything with Credit Card and my check is Directly Deposited. I have no need for a physical currency at all. If I remember correctly, Sweden (for the last 10 years) and Japan (for the last 5 years) have had micropayments able to be made via Contactless Cell Phone Transactions. This is something is starting to be rolled out here in the US too in the last year or so. This is really going to be the wave of the future. I cannot wait. =)

“China Takes Aim at US Dollar”

There is an article in the Wall Street Journal titled “China Takes Aim at US Dollar” which says:

China called for the creation of a new currency to eventually replace the dollar as the world’s standard, thumb proposing a sweeping overhaul of global finance that reflects developing nations’ growing unhappiness with the U.S. role in the world economy.

The unusual proposal, advice made by central bank governor Zhou Xiaochuan in an essay released Monday in Beijing, is part of China’s increasingly assertive approach to shaping the global response to the financial crisis.

Wall Street Journal

Now, I am very pro-globalization and I will say that the author seems to a be significantly uninformed about Esperanto, but ultimately something like this really needs to happen. It will really help to stabilize economies as well as breakdown the barriers between our nations and cultures. The Esperanto metaphor is rather appropriate, and at the same time Esperanto needs to be adopted as well for such similar reasons.

I think it is a great idea. The creation and use of the Euro shows that it can be done and it does work, but of course getting it started is reeeeeaaaallllly expensive, takes time, and will take countries giving up their pride and doing what’s best for the future of  their countries and the world. There is also those who support the idea of the Amero which would be the North American equivalent of the Euro used by Canada, the United States, and Mexico.

It will be in the US’ best interests to spearhead this as well as the adoption of Esperanto, because as you can see the cause for a change is here, not only in the reduction of use and teaching of English, but also in the worlds desire to not have their economies be dependent on the strength or weakness of the US economy. The world is slowly shifting away from American dependence and it is in our best interests to have a say in where it shifts to. Preferably not to another country’s court, but in a neutral non-national court that can help bring us closer together. 

Times are a changing and so do we – Esperanto and a World Currency… Hoooo Aahhhh!!!

Esperanto, The EU, and the Nobel Peace Prize

European Union

Ljudmila Novak, cardiology who I assume is a Polish a Slovenian delegate to the European Union Parliament, rx is suggesting that Esperanto be the common language for the European Union. Yea!

Since it was mentioned below I will go ahead and add this to the post. I have seen this around, eczema but I have not posted it yet, since I had a good idea what it was about. The Prague Manifesto, which was drafted in 1996 at a World Congress of Esperato, gives a wonderful rationale for the use of Esperanto as the IAL

Nobel Prize

I did not report on this before since there were only a few places that mentioned it, but I will mention this now: Esperanto was nominated for a 2008 Nobel Peace Prize.

Esperanto on did not make the Final Top 10 =(

In the second round of voting on Introduce Esperanto as a Foreign Language Subject in Schools received about 3600 votes and over 19 pages of comments. Esperanto did not make it into the top 10 that will be championed by’s people, heart but we did make in the top 25 ideas of honorable mentions. We had a great run. =)