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It’s a Little Girl!

I will write more later, stomatology but last after noon Tanya gave birth after 24 hours of labor via a C-Section to our daughter, Uliana (ool-liana) O’Neill. Everyone is fine and still at the hospital. =)

Life Update (June 22, 2009)


So, breast here we are about a week or so before Tanya’s due date. She is so ready for this pregnancy to be over with. Her feet are in pain from carrying so much extra weight. Some good things about it is that during this pregnancy her body tempurature has been warmer than normal, which puts her at being comfortable most of the time. Normally she is always chilly or cold, but not now, so that has been a nice change for her.

We are getting the emergency pregnancy bag together are making sure we have everything we need to get this scary and throroughly exciting new era of our lives started. We have most everything we need from a crib, bassinet, diaper genie and a whole host of other things mostly donated or given as gifts by the wonderful people in our lives. =)

My mother is excited beyond all belief, especially after fearing that I may never have children since I have waited so long. I am currently 35 =O and not getting any younger. =)

Hopefully, in the next week we will be able to post that our new daughter has been born.

Immigrating Family

Tanya’s brother and his wife have one a Green Card through the US’ Green Card Lottery and have been here for a few weeks. We have been able to get a lot done. We have their Social Security CardsNumbers and Green Cards, as well as having a job for her and a car for them, plus back accounts and debit cards setup. We have some thoughts on work for him. He is a mechanic and are working towards those jobs. We are currently working towards getting their divers licenses and finding and getting them an apartment.

The primary issue we have is their English knowledge. Neither learned a lot of English in school back in Belarus. They are now really  just starting to learn English so that is going to slow their progress down. They are learning it each day. They have MP3 based lessons as well as books that they are working with so things are progressing. Yea!

Father’s Day

Fathers day was a combo of 2 days. My father wanted to have a cook-out and fire so we arranged to have a cook-out at our house on Saturday. My parents brought over most of the food and stuff so Tanya would not have to worry about things so much. I had to work at First Weber in the morning until about 14:30 (2:30pm) or so. After that we prepared things for them to come over.

I have 3 used grills and will be looking forward to buying a new grill some day. My wife prefer’s the flavor of food cook over fire instead of gas or charcoal, so after talking with my Dad and Tanya we started the grill with charcoal and then added some wood on top of it. Now, of course the wood would put the flame right at the grills surface and cook/burn things too quickly and make it really hard to control, so I brought out the metal cooking griddle that I bought for camping and placed that comfortably over the grill. It fit right on the edge allowing the heat from the flame to more evenly heat the griddle to cook. That seemed to work really well. The only issues with it were that the mesquite chips we used were not effective in imparting their flavor and the griddle was too small to cook a lot quickly, other than that, it seemed to work really well.

We ate and drank and enjoyed ourselves. It was a good time.

Sunday, was more my day. We went to church at the Free Congregation where we discussed Evolutionary Creationism which is a pet topic of mine, so I found it really enlightening and enjoyable. Our speaker, Andrew Kerr is always a delight to listen to. He is quite intellectual and challenging.

New friends

After that we stopped by a couple that contacted us, since Tanya was Russian and so was the wife. We made plans to meet for the first time and it was a pleasure, especially for me. The husband was an American who was a geek as well as a former US Navy nuke, so we had a lot in common there. The wife was Russian, and was an English as a Second Language teacher and has a degree in Linguistics which I found interesting since I am reading a little bit about it due to my interest in Esperanto.

Dugeons and Dragons

D&D Sunday was great, We got together with the group and killed a few things but spent most of our time in an puzzle/trap room and a Skill Challenge with a long dead adventuring party. A good time. =)

All-in-all a good Fathers Day weekend.

Baby Shower, Refinancing, and more…

Baby Shower

We had a baby shower on Sunday with great turnout. Laura was of tremendous help in organizing this with Tanya. The party was at her house in Baraboo. I would like to send a special thank you to her! =)

The attendees were mostly those of the Yoga persuasion. Many were able to make it and it was a lot of fun. There was plenty of food, more about especially Tanya’s favorite Russian dishes which are always a hit. There was also the painting of Tanya’s belly which had a lot of neat designs. My contribution was a red outline of a heart with a Mountain Dew/Irish green center.

The Hunt for Gollum

A Tolkien Estate sanctioned 40 minute fan film called “The Hunt for Gollum” went live Sunday. I cannot wait to find the time to watch this.

Refinancing our Home

The best option I have (and that we are pursuing) is what is called a Veteran’s Streamline of my existing Veteran backed mortgage. We are planning on paying for all of the expenses to make this happen, in the area of $2,500 so we do not loose what little equity we have accrued so far, and this will reduce our mortgage payment by a little over $100 a month. Yea! More money!

I am currently with GMAC Mortgage and through them they will charge and additional $2,000 in lenders fees on top of the other standard fees to originate this. I am going with Wells Fargo which has a branch in Baraboo here due to the low base cost of the refinance, and they also have the Equity Rewards credit card that helps to buy down your mortgage principle. All-in-all, a good deal. =)

This will be especially important due to Tanya giving birth to our first child in July. We are going to need to extra money. =)

Gene Therapies Or Genetic Filtering Of Our Reproductive Cells Is Going To Be Necessary

This post ends up being a kind of a follow up to ‘Monogamy and Medical Sciences Bypassing Advantages of Natural Selection‘.

First let me define Genetic Therapies and Genetic Filtering in the way that I will be using it in this post:

Genetic Therapies
I am referring to a branch of medicine in which we will be able to administer to people, capsule post birth, to genetically filter out/remove mutations, diseases, and other undesirable traits.
Genetic Filtering
Genetic filtering or screening of embryos or other reproductive cells to remove mutations, diseases, and other undesirable traits.

We have our medical sciences  extending our lives and allowing undesirable and genetically transferable diseases, mutations, and traits to continue on in our genetic pool that would normally, without the interference of technology, have been weeded out through natural selection. Because of this fact, I believe that gene therapies or  genetic filtering of our reproductive cells  is going to be necessary to strengthen and to ensure the survival of our species,  since evolution is going to be denied its ability to do its job well. We will, in some ways, have to act as evolution’s assistant since our medical sciences is running interference and allows traits that would normally die out to perpetuate.  

Another really important advantage of using either gene therapies or genetic filtering is decreased health care costs, and an increase in the quality of life and our productive years.  Perhaps these are going to be the most important health care advances, because they are totally preventative based medicine and not response based medicine.

It’s a girl (but not 100%)

So, oncologist we returned from our first ultrasound appointment at 5 months yesterday, drugs and it was quite the wonderful experience. We were able to see in shades of gray our little baby… moving its arms and legs, opening its mouth, and just generally squirming about. It was cool. It is amazing that we have the technology to do this. I am completely awed by it. Tanya said, after seeing how active it was, that she rarely felt it move, so it must have done something pretty big for her to feel it.

The wonderful technician from the Reedsburg Area Medical Center looked twice to determine (not a 100% mind you) the gender of our baby. To her and to us it seemed to be a girl.

I, of course, as most men do, was hoping for a boy, but for some inexplicable reason was expecting a girl. Most other people thought it was going to be a girl too. I will be happy just a long as she is healthy. Its gender is not guaranteed at 100% yet, but we are pretty sure’ish.

I am looking forward to raising her and teaching her my geeky and eccentric ways. Poor kid. I all ready feel sorry for her. =0 =)

We have had names picked out for either a boy or a girl for a long time now. The girl’s name was picked from the Russian tradition of first name/father’s first name/last name, so her (english’cized) name is Ooliana James O’Neill. I promise it works better in Russian – Ульяна. Her first name is, I think, Tanya’s great grandmother’s first name.

Ultrasound Pictures

If you have never seen an ultrasound picture before you take a look at ours below:

Side view of baby. You can see her head, open mouth, and torso.

Side view of baby. You can see her head, open mouth, and torso.

Side view of the full body of the baby. You can see a leg in addition to the umbilical cord in the back, I think.

Side view of the full body of the baby. You can see a leg in addition to the umbilical cord in the back, I think.

Close-up side view of head and brain.

Close-up side view of head and brain.

Front view with baby on her side and looking at you.

Front view with baby on her side and looking at you.

Pregnancy – Month 3

Support For Esperanto

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Nay Sayers

So, diagnosis here we are the third month of pregnancy. We had our second doctors appointment today, and again we heard our babies heart beat ~160bpm which was 10 less than a month ago- normal. So, far this trip has been not too eventful. Her tummy is starting to show which is kind of cute and amazing.

She has been tired a lot and she has felt queasy almost all of the time, but not too bad though. This whole last week she has been sick with a viral cold. Tanya has been really congested and coughing a lot. This morning (04:00) was capped with a 100.x degree temp, so we had her take Tylenol to take down the temp. In the morning she felt better and the doc gave her amoxicillian for a sinus infection. Other than this sickness she has been doing well.

I have tried to be as accommodating as possible. =O I have not had anything out of the ordinary requested of me. No 03:00 (3:00am) runs to the store for jalapenos, cottage cheese, or pickles, so I have had it pretty easy. She may have been a little more emotional than normal, but I am not sure though. EDIT: I spoke too soon.

We Are Pregnant!

OK, medstore well, I am not pregnant but my Tatsianka is. We have been trying for a few months since we returned from Belarus in July, and it has happened. We just returned from our first doctor’s appointment and verified that she is about 2 months along. We heard the baby’s heart beat too. Wow! Tanya started to cry and I almost did. =) It was a wonderful moment that really made it quite clear that this is real, and that it is really happening. It was no longer a plan or just a word – ‘pregnancy’.

We are simultaneously excited and scared. This will be our first child, and this will be a brand new experience for both of us. We are looking forward to it. Let one of life’s most wonderful and powerful journeys begin.

We wanted to wait until after the first doctor’s appointment before telling the world, and so, here we are. We are pregnant!