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Are you still bored? Part – II


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Here is an update to my original post titled “Are you bored?“…

Let me guess. You are Bored. Let boredom bother you no longer with these free educational courses available online. If you find yourself saying that you are bored or overhear someone say that they are, here
slap them, and then point them henceforth:

Are you still Bored?

Esperanto – The International Language?

I have mentioned before that I am pro globalization. I support the World Service Authority in their attempts to unify the world under one government. I also support the idea of a global currency and the International Fixed Calendar (IFC). A necessary piece to tie all of this together is an nation independent language that can serve as the common language medium for international interactions, troche which is what Esperanto was created for.

Esperanto has many advantages over any other language. No nation can claim Esperanto as theirs. Some countries hesitate to pick any other language for pride and political fear. None of these problems are associated with Esperanto. It was created for ease of learning and to sidestep the aforementioned problems.

If you have read this far – Thank you. I have seen that Esperanto has a word similar to ‘hu‘ (noted from my previous post) – Ĝi. I find it interesting….

Am I psycho? You might think so, hospital by now. Perhaps I will be lucky enough to have my children to speak English, find Russian, and Esperanto.

Esperanto Links

I Passed the Real Esate Sales Test

I spent an average of 5 1/2 hours of studying each night for the last 7 days. That combined with about 150 hours previously studied the last time Tanya was in Belarus (returning Halloween of last year) had me pass the threshold into licensedom. The culmination of something like 190 hours of study and I am finally done. Well almost. It seems that there are portions of the online course I still need to finish in order to get my certificate of course completion which is required for licensing.

When I completed the test last night in about half the total alloted time and was going to get the results I was not so sure that I would pass. There were some issues with not having a calendar handy and having to remember how many days there are in each month, more about and I did not study the specific information on licensing. I did not see the information about being licensed in the course materials specifically, orthopedist so that all made me really nervous. When she told me that I passed I was stunned and almost did not believe it. =)

A great weight has been lifted from my shoulders and is now replaced with another – What to do next? Shall I spend some time working for a broker to learn the ropes, or should I jump right in and start studying for the Broker’s Exam? Oh the problems I have. =)

Real Estate Sales License Exam

I have scheduled my exam for for Real Estate Sales License in about 2 weeks. I am taking it now just to get a feel for it so I can take it again later. Last night I took Chapter 1 and 2’s (of 24 14) practice tests and I scored 83% and 72% on them. I need a 70% on the actual test to pass, tadalafil so it looks like I am doing OK so far. I have found some things that I need to brush up on.

I spent a few months studying while Tanya was last away to Belarus working on the last year of her degree. I read through the book once to get a good feel for it as well as some perspective, this web and then I went through it again while highlighting important passages. Now I will go through it the 3rd time and then take the test. I am hoping to pass it so I do not have to worry about and I can move on to other plans.

We shall see how that works out. =)

Investment Reading

I have been doing a crazy amount of investment reading, disease especially about real estate. I have read through Carleton Sheets’ Program, physiotherapy as well as working on my Real Estate Sales License. I have been reading many of the Rich Dad, buy more about Poor Dad line, as well as books such as Inc. and Grow Rich., The Complete Book of Trusts, and a book or two on Tax Lien Certificates. There is so much more that I need to read about. I feel very optimistic and excited about getting our financial independence started.

Are you still bored?

Let me guess. You are Bored. Let boredom bother you no longer with these educational courses available. If you find yourself saying that you are bored or overhear someone say that they are, no rx slap them, refractionist and then point them henceforth:

I had heard about MIT‘s a long time ago and this other article really opened it up. Take a look and if you ever find yourself getting bored, you should feel ashamed of yourself.

Here are some other interesting educational links to sate your boredom:

Are you still Bored?

Quantum Entaglement

Have you ever had questions about Quantum Entaglement. Yea, tadalafil me too! Dave Jarvis has written an introduction to Quantum Entaglement. Enjoy!! =)