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Dietary Evolution and Geographic Isolation

Linguistics Evolution and Geographic Isolation

This post is brought to you by the letter “L” for linguistics. I have come to think about this because of my reading about linguistics. In linguistics it is thought that humanity’s languages all stemmed from a single language called Proto-Indo-European, pills and then as the tribes broke up and migrated to other regions cutting themselves off geographically and culturally from their original tribe, culture, and language their language eventually evolved into the language families that we see today like the romance, slavic, germanic, etc; and then those individual language families evolved into the individual languages that we see today.

The key point here is isolation brings about a different evolutionary path, albeit, in this case,  a linguistic one.

Dietary Evolution and Geographic Isolation

As early homosapiens separated from their tribes and developed unique cultural and linguistic traits they also traveled to areas where the climates and therefore food sources were different and, as thousands of years passed I believe that our bodies developed a physiology more tuned to processing the foods that were a part of  the normal diet for that region, and potentially lost the genes that allowed efficient and/or health processing of other foods which were not staples of their current dietary intake.

People who lived in inland areas where they are used to drinking cows milk and eating wheat products will have the genes to efficiently make use of eating those products.  People who lived by the sea would develop genes to more efficiently eat seafood, seaweed, and other sea products while potentially losing the genes for wheat and milk. You can come up with many situational examples like this from region to region as to what is common and what is not.

Genetics and Dietary Requirements

With all of this being said what I am really going to postulate here is that I bet that if we trace where our geographical genetic lineage is based we can have a better idea as to what foods we will most likely be able to take advantage of.  Genetic testing can help us to eat better and be healthier by knowing what foods we may be tuned to take advantage of.

Another Option

Perhaps an easier solution would be to come up with some baseline nutritional food source that has all of the USRDA recommendations and then take blood test, urine and fecal tests, etc to find out how we process nutrients and how much our body’s we really need in a day. By knowing how much is removed from the body and so on we can see how much we, individually, really need each day.

We can also do similar tests for specific products like wheat, dairy, etc and see how we respond and process them to determine if our body will process it efficiently and safely.

Oprah Winfrey Support for the CRON Diet

I created a comic strip called FX Meaderings 1.0 via Pixton which is shown below in Flash. Those of you who know me may really find their content rather surprising. It is quite a bit more cruel and crass than you may think me possible of. Hopefully, approved some of you will find the Geeky content enjoyable.

The Beginning – ‘Antoinette’ (number 1)

The Boss (number 2)


For those of you who are less Geeky I have included some references:

Sacked (number 3)


For those of you who are less Geeky I have included some references:


For those of you who are less techy I have included some references:

Neo (number 4)


For those of you who are less Geeky I have included some references:

Optimal Nutrition”>CRON support from Oprah: Dr. Oz: Extreme Life Extension.

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Fewer Calories = Better Brains?

There is an article in the MIT‘s Technology Review, abortion which I read often, called “Fewer Calories = Better Brains?” which lends to support as to the wondrous effects of a Calorically Restricted diet with Optimal Nutrition (CRON).

Playing with Smoothies and Chicken Soup

So, troche the wife is gone for the week to finish her Yoga Dance Teacher Training in Massachusetts. I dropped her off at the Madison airport early Sunday morning and I will pick her up Friday after work.


I have been trying to drink a smoothie based off of a website like this Optimal Nutrition”>CRON recipe. It is modified taking into account my tastes (or lack of). At nights I will try to drink this as my meal. It does not taste bad, but it is not great either I have formally dubbed it the J-Smoothie. I have added it to Nutrition so all can see it. The results there are not entirely correct. The ND  recipe has bakers yeast, and I use brewers yeast. I need to change that, by adding the info for brewers yeast. Another part of the recipe is a crap load of vitamin supplements. I throw in a multivitamin, Glucosamine/MSM/Chondroitin, as well as an omega oils. These additions will really pack a nutrition punch to it. At some point I will make these changes to reflect its real value.

This is high in carbs (natural sugars) so if you are on a low carb diet, have blood sugar or joint inflammation  issues you may want to skip this one…


The first night I did something wild and crazy…. well at least it is for me. I tried my hand at cooking a a vegetable chicken soup for the first time. Do not worry, I did not end up in the hospital. =) I first bit-o-time searching on the internet to get a feel for how soups of this type are made. Then I started the cooking… not following and specific directions per se, but using what ingredients I have available as well as what knowledge I have from the internet recipes, and then praying to God that it was edible.

  1. Vegatable Base: I started by putting water into a large pan and then threw in bag of mixed vegetables (carrots, peas, and beans I think); I then also threw in some garlic (3 cloves), and green onion (2 stalks),  a about 3 small quartered tomatoes; as well as some spices… perhaps oregano, and some other stuff. I put it on high until it started to boil and then I turned it down to simmer.
  2. Spicy Chicken: Previously started by thawing the chicken breast fillets in warm water while I went somewhere (A few hours). I took the chicken and moved it from its thawing water  to a frying pan with olive oil. On top of it I threw on every single hot-n- spicy spice I could find: cumin, red pepper, curry. Just enough to give it some POW!. I let it fry there while mixing it around to make sure that it was thoroughly cooked as well as getting the chicken thoroughly saturated with spices. I was really wishing that I had a jalapeno to add… I loves it. my precious.
  3. Nori and Kombu: OK, in my reading about calorically restricted diets Nori and Kombu are hailed as a great power food. Now Kombu has a  really strong taste and when you boil it, its scent pervades your cooking area. Not pretty. We have tried to cook with it once or twice, but its taste really dominates what ever you are cooking.I cut up a strip of both and put it in pan of water letting it boil and then when it does reduce the temperature to simmer. I am hoping that I will be brave enough to use this. =O
  4. Maintaining: Next, while occasionally, flipping the chicken, I tasted and spent time tasting the vegetable base. The spices do not quite work – a little too salty and not enough added flavor… hmmm At some point, after thinking about it for a little while, I decided to add some wheat noodles to it in order to reduce the saltiness, so I did. I also spent some time cleaning the overflow from the boiling and bad smelling Kombu/Nori combo.
  5. Finishing Touches: Towards the end of mixing and tasting I wussed out of the Nori/Kombu combo. If anyone knows of a way to cook these and compensate/reduce their taste I would love to hear it. I the noodles were done well and the chicken was tender but firm enough that it was almost falling apart. I diced/separated the chicken strips and then added it to the vegetable base and then tasted it….
  6. Final Verdict: It was not bad. The chicken added some low level heat to it and gave it some kick. The spices need a lot of work and did not add much to it. Tanya usually does a great job at this. I will have to have her help me next time. =) It turned out real well. Yea for me.

I would make a few changes to my thrown together recipe:

  1. First I would have attempted to dice up the 3 garlic cloves that I added.  I am not sure what is the best way to prepare them for a soup but I bet just throwing in the cloves is not one of them.  I would also perhaps add one or two more.
  2. add a 2 more onions to it.
  3. add a 2 more tomatoes
  4. add some wheat germ
  5. I may also consider adding brewers yeast, but this has the same problems as Kombu…. a really strong and not so nice taste to it. =( If anyone knows a good way to prepare this I would very much appreciate it. 

If you have any suggestions let me know, or you can just laugh at my inexperience. =) I am just ecstatic that it turned out as well as it did. Yea!

Diet and Hunger with Evolution in Mind

OK, approved not that anyone cares so much to hear about this topic, oncologist but I am going to write about it anyhow. I have wanted to write this little post for quite some time, information pills but I have not had the time.

I have written a little about my little diet experiment in a previous posts having gone from 164 lbs down to 150 lbs, and now after having returned from Belarus (and off the diet) I am back up to 162 lbs. I have been thinking a lot about how my hunger and my desires to eat manifest, how losing and gaining weight happened, as well as thinking about how evolutionary psychology might apply in this situation. I know you are thinking ‘A strange combination.’ or ‘Isn’t there something more interesting he could be doing?’.

The Shangri-la diet crushed my snacking or munchies almost completely. It was such a freeing and wonderful feeling to look at a chocolate bar, candy, or something else sweet and tasty and think ‘I do not need that’ and just walk away. This got me to thinking about how and why we all have these desires to eat things that we do not need to eat, and that may not even be good for you. I have come up with a little theory here. We have 2 modes for eating: the ‘eating to live’ mode and the ‘eating to eat’ mode. The first one is necessary and the second one may serve a purpose that is not needed and perhaps even detrimental in a first world country like the United States.

Eating to Live

This section is going to be fairly short as it will be pretty much self explanatory. The body lets you know that you need to eat by making you feel feint, giving you that hungry feeling, as well as an anxiousness to find food. Once you find food you eat until you do not need it any more. This ensures that you have enough calories to keep on living and allow you to find more food for survival

This provides for you the instincts and feedback via psychological and biological feed back in order for you to stay alive and take care of your bodies needs right now. I have found that while on the Shangri-la diet that I pretty much always decided to eat healthier and chose to not eat unhealthy foods when the ‘eating to eat’ was crushed. I was in much more control of and much more conscious of my bodies needs and the food I ate.

Eating to Eat

The previous one is not so interesting, well this one I find a little more interesting. Eating to eat. Snacking munchies. This part sucks!

So, you have eaten. You are not really hungry and you just have this desire to eat something. You do not have an urge for anything specific, but you find yourself looking through the cupboards or the refrigerator for something that will sate this desire to just eat. This is an annoying feeling that you just want to get rid of.

Now your body looking around and will have you sating yourself on foods that are most likely fattening. You body has food in it and is not really hungry, but now it is moving into fat storage mode since it has time in order to ensure that you will survive longer. Why on earth would you body do that in this world?

Lets think about it like this. Evolution takes thousands and thousands of years in order to make changes. Our bodies and minds are stuck with the instincts and bodies wrought in an old, old world where humans are hunting mammoths on the plains in small packs or tribes. Gathering what fruits they can find as they go. Nomadic tribes who hunt prehistoric creatures. In that day and age humans may go weeks without food and the human body has developed a mechanism to enhance its survival for those lean times. That survival mechanism is the ‘eating to eat’ process. Searching out foods especially fattening foods such as those with a lot of sugar, fat, partially hydrogenated oils, and high fructose corn syrup. Things that when eaten the body can turn to fat and store it for the potential lean days ahead greatly increasing your survivability.

I do not know about you, but in my little town of Baraboo where we have a super Walmart I have never found myself wanting for food or even close to truly starving. This ‘eating to eat’ is an outdated evolutionary psychological adaptation that is causing us so many problems leading us to obesity and other health issues since it is something that is really hard to control for many people. Controlling those urges and allowing ourselves to eat food that is health is not so easy and is a battle that is not easily won when evolution is against us.


I do not have a really profound conclusion for you, just that eating to eat is bad for us. We need to find a way to crush that deep and instinctual urge so that we can eat healthily and happily; to eat to live and not live to eat. The Shangri-la Diet experience helped me do that and it was quite the liberating experience.

In my previous post about this topic I mentioned that I will start the Shangri-la Diet again. I did not then since I was curious where it would take me, but I want to again now. I just need to find a not-so-nasty oil to partake.

A Little Health Update

Please take the time to fill out this short 7 question Yoga survey for me. This is will help Tanya and I in our bid to increase he Yoga business. I would also not be heartbroken if you emailed this to everyone in your address book! =)

Thanks everyone.

Tanya will start to teach Yoga in Madison on Mondays starting September, one Health
29 2008 at Body In Balance. On September 29 there will be 3 free classes given, cheap
one for each class at their normal times.

There will be 3 classes on Mondays:

  • Yoga Fundamentals (Beginners); 9:00am – 10:00am
  • Flow Yoga (Intermediate); 10:30am – 11:30am
  • Restorative Yoga (Mixed); 12:00pm – 1:00pm

If you know anyone who is around Madison at these times and they might be interested, please let them know. You can have them contact me for more information if they desire.


I talked a little bit about my diet experience while Tanya was away prior to me going to Belarus. I had went from 164 lbs down to 150 lbs at a rate of 2.6 lbs per week using the Shangri-la Diet. I also noted about my experiences during that process.

Currently, health
my weight has risen up to about 158 lbs and it is only going keep going up. =) I am going to start in the Shangri-la Diet again so I can get my weight under control. I am hoping to talk to the wife so we can discuss the food we eat. I would like to include more of the power foods that are mentioned in a Calorically Restricted Diet so super-charge our home cooking. I know I said this before, pills
but it needs to be done. I am really sick of it.

I will get back on the Shangri-la diet just enough to keep my cravings under control. It was such a wonderful feeling to eat because it was time and not because my body said to eat everything in sight. It was, patient
in a manner of speaking, good to be free from food.

My Back

This is a little more serious. My lower back has always been the tightest muscle on my body. When I was working out in Reedsburg in Villaris or going to karate my back would get really tight. They had an inversion machine which really released a lot of the tension that builds up. I have also noticed that when I play Tennis with my Dad a lot my lower back would get tight, but only annoyingly so.

Well, now that my Dad and I have discovered Racquetball, my back is really, really not happy with my. We started playing about 4 weeks ago at the Tamarac. It is a lot of fun, but my lower back was getting really, really tight. We played this Friday and my back was in a bit of pain, more than I have ever felt before. Tanya had me go through some Yoga stretches and that helped a lot. Today I am going to the Chiropractor and, hopefully, I will get some advice so I do not have this problem, or at least so I can manage or control it.

Weight Loss Update

As I mentioned in a previous post I started on the Shangri-La Diet pretty much the day after Tanya left for Belarus (April 3), pharm which is exactly 6 weeks ago. In 6 weeks I have gone from 164lbs down to 150 lbs, illness which is a total of 14 lbs – about 2.3 lbs per week.

I am at a point where I think the Shargri-la diet should no longer be used for weight loss – just weight maintenance. I have some extra fat that I want gone, injection but I think that the rest will have to dealt with via a healthier (read calorically restricted) diet and exercise. Eventually, I can ween myself off the Shangri-la, once I get a more healthy diet plan in place which includes a lot of the CR healthy foods – some as mentioned above.

My previous diet was healthy – no (Partially) Hydrogenated Oils (PHO), no Monosodium Glutamate (MSG), and no High Fructose Corn Syrup (HFC) and a conscious thought of the foods I ate, but my main problem was that I was eating too much, especially when I went to my parent’s house. I love to eat delicious foods, so I, as many people do, gorge myself, which is not good. The Shangri-la allowed me to control my hunger and cravings. Yea!

I have tried a Caloric Restricted (CR) recipe – the Mega Meal Super Burrito – and I have added Brewers Yeast and Wheat Germ to my diet and, wow, are they really healthy for you. The Wheat Germ has as definite taste, but the Brewers Yeast is not so bad. I add both to my breakfast. I have also added some Tofu in albacore tuna, eggs, and some lite mayonnaise (a little tuna and egg salad). I just wish I could find Tofu in smaller amounts, because as of now I do not use a lot. When Tanya gets back we talk about how we can change things.

With the weight that I have lost my pants are no longer tight and the dunlop and spare tireage not are really an concern. I feel so much better now. Yea for a plan that works.

The Shangri-la Diet and Caloric Restriction

For those of you who know me, pharmacy none of you would call me fat. I am not. I am in decent shape. My legs and arms are all muscle and there a-little-bit-extra forming over my midsection and you wouldn’t notice unless I wore a tight-fitting shirt. I am 5’11” tall and 164lbs – an average American male.

My life is pretty sedentary. I spend most of my days sitting behind a computer screen typing a way or staying at home with my beautiful wife. I am not so active now. There was a time when I was working out and going to Karate 3-4 times a week. That was great and I enjoyed it, viagra 40mg but now my life has me with things that are more important than taking the time to work out.

So, sick now I found myself yearning for a way to keep the excess pounds off without killing myself (figuratively or literally) or my budget. I had heard of Calorie Restricted Dieting, but from what I have read about “them” in the news amounted to emaciated starvation cultists. I was not so interested in that. I am an avid D&D player and adding calorie restriction to my life would be one cult to many. (That is said in humor – Don’t take it serious people. Come on!)

The Shangri-la Diet

So I was just surfing around the internet and encountered mention of the book ‘The Shangri-la Diet‘ by Dr. Seth Roberts which details a pretty simple plan to loose weight. OK, I do not mean pretty simple, I mean really simple. The program boils down to taking a few table spoons a day of an oil or sugar water within a prescribed period each day and ‘whammo’ your hunger and food cravings are repressed; and then the fat starts to melt away.

I started on this a few weeks ago it has been an interesting ride. I started out taking Flax Seed Oil which is a nasty tasting yellow oil that on occasion invokes my gag reflex, so I gotta be careful. Of the oils listed in his book this was the healthiest, being that it is high in Omega-3’s (which I sorely lack due to not eating a lot of seafood). I will probably end up switching to Extra Light Olive Oil (ELOO) once I am done with the bottle of Flax Seed Oil.

The first week I basically substituted my lunch with the oil. I noticed that my food cravings basically vanished, which is a big thing. At work there is always some sort of chocolate, pastry, or something else laden with High Fructose Corn-Syrup (HFC), Monosodium Glutamate (MSG), or Partially Hydrogenated Oils (PHO) being brought in from Walmart. Not only that, but my when I am hungry at night I find myself being just a little bit hungry. When I first started I found myself getting hungry towards lunch, but at about 2 weeks into it I eat breakfast and then eat a little for supper and I am done for the day. I can go most of the day without eating and then eat only one meal in there, and I am fine.

This is such a strange feeling to not need to eat more than once a day. I eat because I need to and not because I feel the urge. I am eating to live and not living to eat as some would say it. I have not noticed any side-affects like being tired, or lacking energy, or anything like that. =)

So, if I am eating less then I need to make sure that what I am eating is good for me; that I am getting enough vitamins, minerals, and protein and so on. I will be even more concerned once I start being more active such as when I start playing tennis with my Dad now that spring is here.

Calorie Restricted Diets

One thing that was mentioned, almost in passing, in the Shangri-la Diet book is that even if you are eating less, if you are still eating crap, then you are still eating crap – crap is still bad for you. I wish that he would have given more information on this. This dearth of dietary information in the book had me thinking about these starvation cultists of the Calorie Restricted Diet (CRD).

I have long heard of and known of the the supposed health benefits of a CRD so I thought that this would be the best place to look to for dietary information on the foods with the maximum bang for the buck. Since I am eating less I need to eat better.

So, now I start to research the foods that are really healthy and that I will, hopefully, find palatable enough to eat.