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I’m sorry. I just had to post this.


Tanya enjoys taking pictures of the squirrels that are found around my mother’s bird feeders. We had and unusual moment where a squirrel was determined to get munching from our feeder and Tanya happened to get an interesting picture of it. I have some potentially humorous captions below it. If you have a better caption post it.

  • “I am Bat-Squirrel.”
  • *waves a tiny paw and says* “This is not the squirrel you’re looking for.”
  • “Squirrel? What Squirrel?”
  • “Crap!”
  • “Maybe they will not notice me if I stay still?”
  • “Maybe, information pills if I ignore them they will go away?”

This is Sparta!

I discovered this little image in the vastness that is the interweb and I found it quite humorous. If you have seen the movie ‘300‘ you will know why. Enjoy!

This is Sparta!

This is Sparta!

Birthday Fallout

I feel great and had a wonderful birthday. Here are some highlights of the 2 day flurry of fun.

Sundara Spa

My birthday was awsome. My wonderful wife arranged for us to stay at Sundara Spa for the night which always great. After one day we are exhausted from relaxing and have had enough of water. It is our second time there and it always great.

Bon Jovi

We had lunch with my mother at Houlihans and later on that night we went to the Bon Jovi concert in Madison at the Kohl Center. That was the best concert that I have seen. They are great entertainers. They played version of quiet a few songs that were slower than normal. “I’ll Be There For You”, this site “Wanted Dead of Alive”, and a few others.

He spent time shaking the hands and getting hugs from the crowd. He was mauled by a group of girls on the left side and came back for more latter on. There was so very much energy and excitement. The crowd sang a lot. They sang for 2 hours straight with no break and came back for a double encore. They had to leave the stage or they would have to come back for encore after encore becuase the crowd was not leaving unless it was clear that they were done.

My beautiful wife has taken the time to make the pictures that she took available on the internet. Beware this is a Russian site. =)

Supper with Mutual Friends

We had supper at my parents house with friend of ours at my parents house. Mom made deep fried chicken and a bunch of other stuff which is always superb. There were screw drivers, and Bailys Irish Creme being drank. We also played a lot of ping pong. Much fun was had by all.