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A problem with conservative religions is that Dogma and tradition is more important than People

A major problem with many religions, order especially conservative or fundamentalist religions, patient  is that, for them, their dogma, tenets, traditions, and beliefs are more important than people. Following their tradition and teachings is more important than the harm that they cause. It is easy to forget that people are affected by your teachings when the teachings themselves allow for the dehumanization of the public in a very similar way that militaries train soldiers. It is about the enemy, soldier, sniper, hand-to-hand combat in a similar fashion as it is about sin, immorality, sinner, faith and salvation.

The entire point of theses religions seems to be the propagation of their religion and it is not really about people. Religions need to shift their focus from being dogmatic faiths to being more humanistic faiths where people are what is important.  Until then we are all going to suffer because “we” are not the focal point of conservative faith and teachings, the dogma and tradition is.

A great example of this hypocrisy is where the Catholic Church in Washington DC threatened to stop all of their social services if gay marriage was passed. Another great example is the Uganda issue which I posted about a while back. With the concerted effort of the Anglican Church and some Fundamentalist Senators they have effectively achieved a death sentence for homosexuals and anyone who helps them in Uganda.  Let us also look at the Stupak amendment to stop abortion for health insurance which is the only real reason that health care reform is not passed. Then there is also the abstinence only education issue too. It has been well proven what damage this causes.

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A Solomon’s Choice on Abortion: Let Compassion and Justice Prevail

Rev. Debra Haffner’s Huffington Post article “A Solomon’s Choice on Abortion: Let Compassion and Justice Prevail” is a great message I have been a fan of hers for a few months now.