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The Gay Debate: The Bible and Homosexuality [video]

This is sad but true. The Tea Part has no real grasp on what America really is or who our founders really are. They claim to be Christians and hide behind claims of righteousness, medications but violate Jesus’ words at every turn. Hypocrisy and fundamentalism at it worst.

Matthew Vines speaks on the theological debate regarding the Bible and the role of gay Christians in the church. Delivered at College Hill United Methodist Church in Wichita, sale Kansas on March 8, nurse

The Newsroom – Tea Party is the American Taliban [video]

This is sad but true. The Tea Part has no real grasp on what America really is or who our founders really are. They claim to be Christians and hide behind claims of righteousness, purchase but violate Jesus’ words at every turn. Hypocrisy and fundamentalism at its worst.

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Ricky Gervais’ Sesame Street Lullaby

For all of you out there that are having a problem sleeping give Ricky Gervais’ Sesame Street Lullaby brought to you by the letter ‘N’ a try. I blame this completely on my 2 year old little girl.

Why are Athiests so Angry?

Background and Preface

I am NOT a nutritionist, medical psychologist, rx therapist or anything cool or authoritative like that. I am merely speaking from my experience and research. I have worked towards weight maintenance and have had great luck with it. I have found a great combination of skills and techniques that have helped me to “easily” lose/maintain my weight to where I want it. This writing will cover as much at this as possible so you too can work your way to a healthier and happier you. What I have written is not all inclusive here, but it should give you a great start towards managing your weight. My BLog postings on this topic are found under the diet category.

I will recommend that you talk to a weight loss counselor, nutritionist, dietitian, therapist, and/or your personal physician before embarking on any weight loss process, especially if your are significantly over-weight or have health problems. Many may not necessarily support my recommendations or may not even have heard of or be knowledgeable about some of the things I recommend, so be prepared for that. Do some research and make an informed decision about how you feel about things.

Weight loss depends on a variety of factors ranging from stomach size, the nutritional density of the foods you consume, to appetite control, and exercise. One of the most important factors and probably the hardest to control is your appetite, which, in my opinion, is the big bugbear of weight loss or maintenance. Listening to your body and adjusting how you hear its messages can make a huge difference in your ability to maintain a healthy weight.

With our lives bent around convenience and eating cheaply and quickly we are perhaps unknowingly putting our bodies under assault with so very many unhealthy and potentially harmful foods. With America being so powerful and with Health Care Reform being so prominent in our current political climate, I would hope that what I am writing about will seem quite pertinent to our lives today.

Weight Loss Basics

The basics of weight less are pretty simple – eat less calories than you need. That’s it. Sounds simple, huh! The multi-million dollar diet industry and the flood of diet plans and solutions definitely speaks to this not being true. With America being, perhaps, the most obese country in the world, I think, makes this very obvious that it is not easy.

Not only is eating less calories important to losing weight, but if you are still eating McDonalds, diet soda, and a gallon of ice cream a week while eating less, this can possibly cause damage to your body, since your body has a smaller selection of foods with which to draw its required nutrients from, and it therefore may resort to pulling nutrients from you body, which is a really bad state to be in. Crap into the body = crap into the body. If you are eating a smaller amount of foods, then the crap you are eating becomes even more crappy since it is more difficult for your body to find the nutrients it needs, and this can result in a sad and unhealthy body and mind. =(

We need to reduce the amount of calories you are eating while increasing the nutritional density of the foods you are eating so that you have all of the vitamins and nutrients to make and keep your body vibrant and  healthy while loosing unhealthy weight. When I say Nutritional Density I am referring to the ratio of calories to the quantity of nutrients in a food.

Let us take a look at 1/2 cup of  Breyers Ice French Vanilla Ice Cream and Portabella Mushrooms to get a feel for what I am meaning. The following stats are pulled from and are based on 1000 calories:

Nutritional Information for Breyers French Vanilla Ice Cream as pulled from

Nutritional Information for Breyers French Vanilla Ice Cream as pulled from (based on 1000 calories)

Nutritional Information for Portabella Mushrooms as pulled from

Nutritional Information for Breyers Ice Cream French Vanilla Ice Cream as pulled from (based on 1000 calories)

A half a cup of ice cream yields 118 calories, 34 of which are from fat, with a little of 7 nutrients, whereas a half cup of portabella mushrooms is 11 calories, 1 of which is from fat, with a butt-load of nutrients. =O

Hunger Modes

Our bodies are working against us. We are hardwired to enjoy food and to enjoy eating for obvious reasons – survival. If we, as a species, did not like eating we would have died out a long time ago.  More food means a better chance of survival. Makes senses, right, but in our modern societies with food in abundance this is an instinct that has us eating too much of the foods that will make us fat. We start with an uphill battle against our very evolutionary instincts. It is not easy, but once we get them under control you will be happier for it.  This instinct brings about the eating-to-eat instinct and the Shangri-la portion of my plan should help you to get a hold on that until your will and commitment is stronger.

Mode 1 – Eating to Live

I have written a post about my thoughts and conclusions about how our appetite operates. It has 2 modes one is the eating to live, which is our normal hunger pains. Based on our bodies current set points it makes us hungry. Part of how this is regulated is based on stomach size. If you eat a lot of  of food consistently then you will have a large stomach. The more you normally eat the more your hunger is going to be set to call you to eat so as to maintain a constant supply of food. If you eat a lot then your stomach will always expect you to eat a lot and will make you hungry until you do. Controlling and monitoring this feeling is one of the most important parts of weight loss.  If you eat a small amount of food your stomach will be smaller it will take food less to make you feel comfortable or full.

Mode 2 – Eating to Eat

The other mode is the eating to eat mode – fat storage mode. This is the one that destroys our weight loss progress and control. It is the mode that says that I am really not hungry, but I know there is food around and I want to eat something, and I do not know what. It is the urge to eat something that has us eating extra food in case, from an evolutionary psychological view, our tribe may not be able to hunt down that mammoth this week, so we may go hungry for a few days. This is the survival based fat storage mode our bodies utilize to ensure our survival and it hungers for things that are easily converted to fat – high carb foods laden with sugars like candy, cake, and soda, as well as others that may not be so healthy for us. The body is thinking we need extra energy stored as fat in case we are not successful on a hunt.

My Basic Plan

  1. Phase In/Out
    • start reading labels on the foods you are eating and see what is going into your body
    • start by slowly getting rid of the bad foods and replace them with good foods
    • phase in some good foods or habits/phase out some bad foods or habits
  2. Appetite control
    • eat smaller meals and snacks more often this will get your stomach to reduce in size
    • you can use the Shangri-la process to get your urges under control which should help to stop the eating-to-eat mode
  3. Nutritional Analysis
    • take a  look at diet/nutrion planning sites to help you get a better hold on what and how you are eating
    • read some nutrition books  and websites
    • talk to a nutritionist or dietitian
  4. Exercise
    • this is not necessary for weight loss, but damn it people, it is truly necessary for a healthy mind and body. You will be healthier and happier if you do.
    • start Yoga and/or other exercises


stomach size and appetite control, exercise and metabolic rate, metabolic set point, nutritional density, phase in/phase out good/bad food, whole food supplements,listening to your body – eating until comfortable and not full, smaller portions more often, or larger and more nutritionally dense portions less often, weigh each week and not each day, feeling full means producing fat

Yoga , Tai Chi, Chi Kung with some other more physical exercise, getting your family or friends involved, healthier support systems can be autocatalytic, eating modes survival and fat storage, colon and heavy metal cleanses + others, cost – eating healthier is more expensive but less expensive towards your lifestyle and well being than getting fat,sick, and depressed, tea, water, Emergen-C
I am not an atheist. I label myself as an agnostic deistic humanist (see my posts under the Ministry tag for more info), physiotherapist
but there are a lot of things about this that I agree with. I love the comment about Galileo, phlebologist
but I think the most important point she makes at the end is that atheism, tadalafil
as a movement, is not angry because of harm that is done to them, they are angry because of the harm done to others due to religion.

The following  video is of the presentation given by  Skepticon 4 titled “Why are Athiests so Angry?”.

Sugru – Fix Things Better?

In reference to my previous post ‘A Birthday Present and Vacation – Constitutional Law Reading‘ I spent the last 9 days on vacation doing various things, life but trying to concentrate on reading this Constitutional Law book. The idea was to read approximately 100 pages a day while on vacation…. =) Life steps in and says…. think again sucka! =)

So this is the way the 100 pages a day turned out, pilule taking into consideration I worked on Monday and I had at least one other day that was basically spoken for do to business obligations – so we are looking at 900 pgs down to about 700 as a goal:

  1. (sat) pg 107
  2. (sun) pg 146
  3. (mon) pg 237
  4. (tue) pg 275
  5. (wed) pg 327
  6. (thu) pg 398
  7. (fri) pg 441
  8. (sat) pg 507
  9. (sun) pg 583

So, generic I read almost 600 pages worth which is not so bad. Almost half way there and still reading. I will, of course, not have a much time to read since I am not on vacation, but I will try to find time where I can. I would love to finish the book within a mo
I  came upon this link for something called Sugru, capsule
which seems to be a silly putty like silicone  material that dries and sticks allowing you make changes or additions to fix up your stuff. Very interesting and affordable if you are into that sort of stuff.

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“John McCain – It Gets Worse” by Jon Stewart of the Daily Show

Here is a really neat rebuttal to John McCain’s antagonistic and ever-changing stance towards repealing Don’t Ask Don’t Tell titled It Gets Worse PSA by Jon Stewart of the Daily show:

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“Stand by Me” – Playing for Change

Get more info at “Women is not a Pre-existing condition.


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<p>get more info at “<a href=”“>Women is not a Pre-existing condition</a></p>


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0, condom
0″ width=”380″ height=”400″>

get more info at “Women is not a Pre-existing condition

This just shows the power of the internet to bring people together. I could listen to this sort of music all day. Playing for Change brings musicians from around the world to perform for each song in a beautiful and progressive layering of talent from around the world – Zimbabwe, doctor India, sovaldi Ireland, patient
Tibet, United States, etc.

Vote for Womens Reproductive Rights

Get more info at “A Woman is not a Pre-existing condition.

“Mr. Deity”

I found this website called “Mr. Deity” which is a kind of insightful and humorous personification of God and biblical events.

Betty Bowers on Biblical Marriage

Comedian, migraine Deven Green, as Betty Bowers, America’s Best Christian, in this amazing and insightful video with a tang that takes a walk through the plethora of the Biblical examples of marriage to show how tame same sex marriage really is:

Betty Bowers Explains Traditional Marriage

Jon Stewart Railing Mike Huckabee on Gay Marriage

Please watch this video of Jon Stewart Railing Mike Huckabee on Gay Marriage and send Jon a line to say thanks.

College Humor Videos

I found this link to College Humor which has loads of videos. It is not humor for everyone. With a little taste here is a link to their Dramatic Lemur as a follow up to the Dramatic Chipmunk post I made earlier. Not all are work friendly due to language. I do not know about anything else to be concerned about for work.

The Dramtic Chipmunk

I promise you that I will not be posting a lot of this sort of stuff, online but here is a 5 second video full of intense drama called ‘The Dramatic Chipmunk‘.

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"Chinese Backstreet Boys"

Ok… So maybe I have too much time on my hands. Maybe I need help. Maybe Google Base is cool and interesting especially when you can search for videos. Especially when you can look for loathed Backstreet Boys videos. I do not know! Maybe my therapist does?

Ok, epidemic maybe not Backstreet Boys videos, but after some searching I did find an amusing video of Two Chinese Students lip synching to the BSB‘s “As Long As You Love Me” and “I Want It That Way“. I am curious as to who the guy is in the back and what he is playing. I am assuming it is Counter Strike? I also happend to find an opposing video Chinese Backstreet Boys Get Served by Funky Munkyz. Not as interesting, but shows the “Chinese Backstreet Boys’ are a little bit popular. Hell these Chinese Guys are everywhere.

The following are basically links to the same videos. The resolution or something might be different. I have not had the time to take a close look! The original link that I found no longer works, so I have collected a few more incase the first few vanish for you.

The Rest of the Story

The rest of the story can be found on What Tian Has Learned with 3 more videos. They go by the name of The Back Dormitory Boys.

Just for fun I will throw in a couple of Danish Guys that were inspired by them with bloopers at the end.

Pachebel Cannon in D (Guitar)

Pachabel Cannon to a rock’n guitar. Reminds me of Trans Siberian Orchestra’s work. Very Cool! Take a look…or listen rather! Weddings may never be the same again.

Visit Jerry C’s Official Website

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