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Some Site Tweaking Done…

I have been playing with the signup form which was not working due to the CAPTCHA thingy. I had to add a PHP line to make it work. That is done and tested. Yea! I have done some minor CSS tweaking too.

Test Podcast

Wow, click do I sound like a freak! =) =O
I am not sure if I should do more of this.

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Another Site Update…

I found a new theme which I really, look really like, clinic but in activating it broke the Archives and Links pages. I have also found a good contact page module. Yea!

Some Website Updates

Basic Updates

I have the Links section copied over from my Blogger account. I also have the Archive basically functioning.

I may have a contact form up and running over this holiday weekend. We will see. Now that I am looking at it I will have to add a new comment and spam module too.

I am also considering moving this site from the WordPress CMS over to Drupal now that Dreamhost has an auto-install for Drupal… Yea!

Esperanto Pages

I have added a link in the header for Esperanto. I am in the process of trying to learn the language. This is more for my benefit while I muddle my way through it. If anyone has any questions, order comments, generic suggestion, improvements, corrections, or links for source validation, please feel free to comment. I will be expanding this as I go.

New Home for Arion’s Home

I finally have us moved to Dreamhost, salve so please forgive the dust while I figure things out with the WordPress CMS, check an no this is not my design work. It is one of the default WordPress templates. I know. I know. =( =P =)

Please forgive the dust while I am still figuring things out and rearranging things. If you have any comments or suggestions, please let me know.

Moving this BLog to a Permanent Home

Finally I will be moving Arion’s Home to a more permanent home. I have had the domain for a very, very long time and it has been forwarding itself to this BLog. I will be setting up the domain to permanent webspace and we will have nothing more of this forwarding shenanigans. I will let you know when all of that is done. =)

Arion’s Home?

Pronounced ‘A-rion’ like Scooby Doo would say “Look Shaggy a lion!” – “Rook Raggy a rion!” Now that we have pronunciation out of the way and you are not thinking of me as an arian racist thug I can move on to other nerdy and kind of embarrassing facets.

The nitty-gritty is something that you may find a little strange but I will disclose it nevertheless. Arion was my favorite Second Edition (2E) Dungeons and Dragons (D&D) character. She was a 17th level Magic User and what is called (at least in those days) an Alu-fiend which are the half-fiendish offspring of a succubus and a mortal.

She was good natured, wise and innocent, yet worldly and naive at the same time. She is passionate and protective of those she cares about and unleashes all of the arcane magical might that she can to destroy demons or anyone who would threaten her friends, family or the innocent.

I have not played her since then because the Third Edition (3E) rule set would not be kind in translation to such a character, and I do not mean by virtue of the implied and not at all applicable morale proclivities of her fiendish parentage as some of you may think. It more has to do with the offsetting and balancing the advantage and innate abilities of her race. I am thinking that with the impending horizon of Fourth Edition (4E) that her to return – Faerie Dragon Familiar and all – is in the making. Yea!

I have written a little bit about her history in story format and maybe someday I feel brave enough to to unleash my creative workings upon you to incite massive hemorrhaging and scarring the likes of which the literary world have not seen in a long time.

Beginning Again

I have decided to start my new site as as Web Log. My old site has not been function for about a month because I have not used the email associated with the internet service that hosted my site. They sent me emails asking for a renewal of service and I had no idea. Oh, well… Time for a change anyhow. Once I get the website done for my mother’s insurance business I will be in the progress of recreating this site and my consulting website and when that is done I will be able to begin freelance consulting!

Use Blogger to create a Web Log it is really, really easy!

Freedom Insurance’s Website

When I originally created this site I had no (real)idea what I was doing. I created this before I was working for Sauk County where I have really learned how to be a web developer. Web Standards, Semantics and the rest of the stuff that matters (accessibility and usability). I am close to getting the template done and soon it will be ready for some usability testing. The navigation has required a a whole lot of CSS work.