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N2Go – Progress Report for Entering Week 3

This will be a summary of my progress entering week 3 following training:

Rise of THE Machines!

I just started to panic, because, yesterday, I learned that my machines arrived at the warehouse on Friday, but I thought I had arranged for them to arrive around April 20th or so, since that was just a bit more than the reported manufacturing lead time!

I just lost 18 days of prep work! Not cool! =(
But, yea, for their efficiency! =O

Training Machine

I was planning on having a machine sent to our house so that we can work with it, but, sadly, it will not fit through our door. Now, I will have them ship one to our yoga studio whose door may be just large enough to fit in. I may have to see if I can have them deliver a machine sooner than later, so I can start to get things figured out, especially the product sizes -> tray issue (see below).

Tanya has not attended training yet, so this will also give her a chance to play with it. Hopefully, she can attend in May, before the summer hits.

The Dark Side of Planogram Planning

‘What is a planogram?’ you ask. A planogam is just the list of products you will use for each selection on a vending machine.

Starting out, planograms are a crap load of work, because, well I do not know anything yet. LOL! =O

Sample Planogram

Sample Planogram

Product Sizes for a Tray

When searching for products online they do not generally list the physical dimensions of the product which we need to know in order to know if the product will fit in a specific tray due to length, height, and depths limitation for each coil. So, as a way around that, I am trying to find out the correlation between an individual product’s weight (in ounces) and tray placement, even though each product will be different. I have asked on the N2Go Facebook Support Group for people to help me figure that out using a spreadsheet for my specific product list, but no one was willing to assist. =( Perhaps, they were busy filling their machines… again! =)  At this point I am just guessing and will be able to figure it out once we have a machine to work with.

Also, I am going to cut out a template in cardboard which has the 3 sizes for all 3 trays in one template so I can take it with me when I work on selecting with products on the go. This should take the speed up and take the guesswork out of the process when shopping IRL.

Lack of NEAT Support

What is NEAT (Air Vend)? It is the back-end management website which allows us to monitor and manage our vending machines.

NEAT contains a large database of products that have already been entered by previous operators over the years, so most everything we will want to add will already be in there. Unfortunately, because all of the products were all entered by hand, this has lead to an extreme lack of product entry standardization which is suuuuper annoying.

Some have ounces mentioned in the title which is really useful and some do not. Some have images of the individual product vertical, horizontal, or of the container case or multipack. Some do not have images at all and so on.

Data normalization is really needed. They really need to do some significant QA in there. Not doing so makes life more difficult, especially for us newbies.

I will put together some mock-ups for NEAT and send it to them so that the backend can be a lot more useful to everyone.

I think I will fill out my spreadsheet for product weight -> tray and share it to help save the people in my class some confusion when getting started. It will save a lot of work and guessing, which is what is really slowing me down right now. Grrrrrr!!!

Base Planogram

Currently, I am in the process of finishing my first base planogram so my mentor can comment/approve it and then start the machine placement process.

Tanya and I worked on choosing products for our base planogram using a rather shotgun approach where there is a little bit of everything in it so we can quickly find out what the location likes in short time. We started with the sample planograms that N2Go sent us as a reference. I am hoping to finish it this week for my call with my mentor on Monday.

We also need to get the product voting list for this done too. The voting list is a small list of like 20 other products (about 5 per tray) that clients can choose from to customize the products in their machine. We use this smaller list to get them thinking instead of inciting analysis paralysis by dropping a ginormous catalog of products on them.

Fit Pick Planogram

Once the first base planogram is done, I will also need to start a second planogram for schools using the Fit Pick list so they can have a machine with much healthier options, which I think is required by law.

Product Sources

Finding prices as low as my mentor says they should be has not been easy. I have a spreadsheet put together to try to track it, Perhaps he may have some sources that I have not found yet.

Aldis: ​I need to go to Aldis and check their products and pricing. They should have some of the lowest prices and healthiest products around. Great for client to have healthier options and better for my profit margin.


I am planning on hitting 3 locations to start:

  • high school
  • university and dorm
  • Seneca (manufacturing)

High School: I have heard that their food service manages their own vending machines, so I do not think I will get in there, but I can get my name in there and let them know I exist. Perhaps, even make a contact there too.

Local University and it’s Dorm:  I am looking forward to this, but I still need to do my research.

For both of the above, however, will be pretty much down to nothing once summer hits, so that is an issue – 3 months with next to no income, but it may be a may make sense for the long term, since schools tend to be highly profitable. =)

Seneca Manufacturing: We have a friend who works there and it sounds like they could use some well serviced and healthier vending machines.

After I check these, we shall see what the N2Go placement service shall find.

Other Stuff

Order Products:  I need to start ordering a bunch products to put in the machines and to use for gift baskets for my sales calls. I have gone to Walmart and did some price checking and bought some basket products and so I can have the UPC for the products I will be using, but that was no where near enough. Enough for some gift baskets only.

Warehouse Supplies:  We took the first batch of supplies to our warehouse yesterday. All we have left to take over are the metal racks and to assemble them so we can start to get our warehouse process started.

Logo: ​We are also almost close on finishing a logo.​

Tax Exemption: I have the WI tax exemption form filled out and have status with Amazon, Walmart, and Aldis. I have found a local wholesaler, but I do not think that their prices will be low enough.

WAMS: I am also on our state’s vendor/bidding list even though I do not think that will work for much. Our business did not really have a related code in it. We shall see if anything ever comes of it.

Democratic Party Establishment: You can in no way be surprised at the outcome.


This post has risen out from my quick Facebook post following the Tue, psychotherapist Nov 8, otolaryngologist 2016 election where the Republican nominee, hair Donald Trump, won:

We all know how this happened. The Democratic Party chose to subvert the electoral process and the will of the people by engaging in electoral fraud, voter suppression, money laundering, and collusion to force Hillary upon us. They stole the election from the man who would have destroyed Drumpf. We told them what was going to happen if they did this. Their hubris and corruption has doomed us. The American people rejected her twice. I suppose the third time is the charm where the Democratic Establishment might understand that we the people are tired of the corruption, lies, and cronyism.

Below I will expound upon these sentiments:

Letter to the Democratic Party Establishment

Dear Democratic Party Establishment,

Don’t even try to act surprised. We all knew how this was going to go down. We have told you from the start what was going to happen. We knew. We told you. Hillary’s sinking polls numbers and her shamefully low favorability ratings told you too if you cared to look. Not only did you not listen to us but you actively tried to suppress us. You had your plans set to crown her over a year ago even before the election had even really begun, but sadly, listening to We the people was not a part of your plan.

During the primary election you had your chance to do the right thing – to allow the votes to be counted where they lay and to let the American people’s voices be heard, but you chose electoral fraud, money laundering, collusion, and voter suppression to force a horrific candidate upon us. You stole the nomination from Bernie Sanders, the man who would have completely destroyed Trump, and ushered in a new era for our country and for the world. Even with all of those ill-wrought electoral works you still could NOT get Hillary over the finish line. This should show you how much the people of this country do not like her, do not trust her, do not want her, especially since this is the third time we have said ‘NO’ to her. This third and, hopefully, final ‘NO’ could not be more resounding nor powerful a message to let you know that she and your corruption is something that we are done with.

We petitioned you. We wrote to you. We recorded and protested the fraud and collusion to lay it bare for all to see, but still you went ahead and forced her upon us. Now guess what grotesque horror has sprouted from the seed that your greed and hubris has planted? Trump has won and will a take office starting in January 2017 with a Republican controlled Congress. Your collusion and lies has disenfranchised many from voting for Hillary or even voting at all. An era of darkness the likes of which our country has never seen will begin and YOU made this happen because you did not listen to We the people.

Perhaps now, with your eyes wide open in shock, you will see that corruption, collusion, money laundering, suppression, cronyism, pay-for-play and corporate ownership of our government is what we have rejected and we have rejected Hillary as a prime example of that necrotic disease. After the biting sting of this bitter loss you may realize that a new path is needed, because a new progressive and people-powered path is the only way forward, the only way to start winning again. You will keep losing until you clean house and start to bring in the Bernicrats, other progressives, and those who really want to bring change into the party and its leadership. We have stated quite soundly and riotously that we want change, not just different face with the same corporate owners, but elected representatives who work for us and not the 1%.

You have two years until our next election. We will see then what you have learned and we will see how much damage Trump and the Republican lead Congress can do through these nex two years and I am sure that everyone will suffer from it. Sadly, I believe that from the ashes of your betrayal of us you will have learned nothing, because there is no money in doing the right thing, no money in changing your ways to actually represent the people that elected you. For surely that is not what your rich elite and corporate donors pay you to do, but I will ask you to consider this thought. There is also no money or power for you if you do not get reelected either. All of the Bernie supported candidates won their seats while many establishment Democrats lost their seats due to the tides of revolt that your corruptions have wrought. You will not have our vote until we see real change. I will gladly vote my conscience. I will gladly vote Green until then if I am able. Please also realize that I am not alone and this election should have made that crystal clear.


James O’Neill

My Posts for this Electoral Cycle

Below are my posts from this electoral cycle so you can see I was one of the many, many people trying to do my part to inform the world that this was going to happen if the Democratic Party screwed over the American people:

Flash Fiction – “Callie, Morning Drama” (~ 1,030 words, modern)

Note: This is sort of a prequel to my first flash fiction attempt titled Flash Fiction – “Callie” (~ 700 words, medical modern).

Melanie stood there with her hands thrust angrily upon her hips as she looked up the dark wooden staircase and then yelled “Callie, unhealthy hurry up or you will be late for school. Conner’s principal is going to be really angry if he’s late again. Come on, child! It does not take that long to brush your teeth!

They were always waiting for their little Callie and it made everyone cross. They were not sure if Callie was just slow for a 9-year-old or doing it for the attention. Her husband, Jeff, even pondered the possibility that perhaps Callie was a budding Time Lord whose sense of time was different than everyone else’s. Her two other children, Connor, age 12, and Crystal, age 6, looked at her, their faces scrunched up in annoyance. Even Crystal was standing with her arms crossed because she would most likely miss play time and possibly even their morning snack time and, today, Conner could lose his place on the middle school football team if he was late to school… again.

Calliiie!!” Melanie yelled. She looked back to Conner and Crystal. “Conner, go help Crystal into her seat and wait for us in the car so we can leave as soon as she gets done.” Conner muttered “Ugghh” under his breath as he gave Crystal a little push toward the door to the garage. Crystal angrily shrugged his hand off her shoulder in a way that looked like a spasm. Looking back to him, she narrowed her eyes in an icy stare and then her pigtails jerked about as she stomped towards the garage. Shaking his head Conner could be heard grumbling “Uggh!” louder this time as he walked after Crystal, his red football helmet under his left arm. This was how it was every morning no matter how they tried to change things so that Callie (and the rest of the family) could be on time.

This seemingly irreparable morning drama had manifest as Callie has grown older, more independent, and responsible for her own routine. This morning drama set Melanie’s days wrong and made her cranky because she was usually late to work. Melanie has become her office’s ‘late person’ and she has never been that person, nor did she ever want to be. She has heard that her supervisor, Teri, who also has kids, gets to work on time, usually a 10 or so minutes early. ‘God, how different would things be if they never had Callie.’ she spitefully thought to herself. Her husband, Jeff, never had to deal with the morning drama because he had to leave an hour early to get to work, and he never understood why she was always so cranky when she got home.

Ok, Callie, you are going to have to take the bus home tonight, so mommy can make up the lost time from your teeth brushing time-warp.

Callie’s voice whined down “But Mom, I hate the bus. The older kids are mean to me.

Cross that Callie had the temerity to be upset with this, Melanie growled “Well, consider getting done on time in the morning and this would not have to happen. It is your choice, little girl! Let’s go!

Callie stomped down the stairs, her pale cheeks and ears were red and her lips were pursed in anger. Sternly Melanie said, “Get in the car!” After Callie ran out to the car Melanie stalked after her grumbling the whole time. She snapped up her phone so she could call their schools and her office to let them know that they were all going to be late… again.

Tired from a long day at work Melanie returned home after six o’clock. She walked in and saw Jeff cooking and Conner at the table working on his math homework. She sat her purse and briefcase down on the counter, hung up her coat, and then, unceremoniously plopped down into a chair at the table. Jeff started to speak “How’d…”.

Don’t ask!” she quickly cut him off. Connor looked up at his mom and then quickly looked back down. He could feel the tension and the stress in her, so he decided that now was not a good time to talk about his football practice problems.

She quietly asked “Crystal?

Just started a bath.

She could smell the garlic aroma from the sauce he was working on for spaghetti, Callie’s favorite. Still grumpy about this morning’s events she rolled her eyes, straightened up a little, and cleared her throat.

Callie in her room trying to avoid me?” There was a pause as Conner looked up and Jeff turned around, confused.

We thought you were picking her up as usual. I was expecting her to walk through the door after you.

Melanie’s eyes and mouth went wide and her mind started running. She stumbled out “I, I told her to take the bus home after school, because I was going to be at work late.” She stood up quickly, the chair slid away, groaning in protest against the wooden floor. Her heart pounded in fear as she quickly picked up the phone from the table and started to make a call. Jeff turned down the burners for the spaghetti and the sauce and then picked up his phone too. Jeff heard the fear in her voice and then, calmly, said to Conner “Conner, why don’t you finish your homework in your room, while mom and I make some calls.” Without making a noise Conner, not sure what this meant, picked up his books and quietly walked to his room.

They each made some calls to Callie’s friends, to the school, posted to Facebook, and then, finally, called the police. All they found out was that some of the kids saw her at the bus stop after school. Jeff pulled Melanie close as she started to sob, eyes red as tears streaked down her cheeks. He rocked her in his arms as she repeated through choked tears “Where’s our Callie, Jeff? Where’s our little girl?

Her phone rang. Jeff Answered. It was the FBI.

Letter to Superdelegates of the Democratic Party

Quote from my Letter to the Superdelegates of the Democratic Party

Quote from my Letter to the Superdelegates of the Democratic Party

Esteemed Superdelegate, opisthorchiasis

My name is Jim O’Neill and I am a father, infertility husband, sale small business owner, home owner and a Navy Veteran who was a part of Desert Storm. Over my 42 years of life I have come to value the electoral process  and having a voice in our government. I had formerly voted for Obama twice, although times have changed and our country has not changed, and, by virtue of that, we have found ourselves over the last few decades falling so far behind other first-world countries. The tides are changing and we, as a country, are being left behind – a laughing stock on the world’s stage where we were once a shining beacon of freedom and democracy.

We are behind pretty much all other European countries in a wide variety of ways – poverty, rate of incarceration, police violence, electoral fraud and voter suppression, climate change, quality of education, civil rights, the war on drugs, converting to alternative energy, and energy independence. I can go on and on with listing the ways in which we trail, but what matters is what we do about it. Our only hope is that we have a candidate and a platform that they will stand behind to make the changes needed to correct these problems.

We cannot use the same people that created the problems and expect them to magically decide that the real solutions now finally sound good. We need change, not just incremental change, because our planet and our children do not have time for that. We need a principled and ethical candidate who will enact radical change and drive us forward to be able to begin to recover from decades of war and economic, social, and political stagnation.

Judgement Matters

I have written at length about the many problems with Hillary Clinton as a candidate in my blog post:

… although if you choose not to read my really long post let me leave you with one quote which can summarize it – the TLDR; version if you will:

“If you take nothing from this writing, then please take the following: Why would you vote for someone who has been on the wrong side of so many issues and has had to “evolve” her stance on almost every issue to be on the right (DOMA, gay marriage, Iraq War, NAFTA, Patriot Act) or is still wrong (Glass-Steagall, GMOs, fracking), when you can vote for the person who has been consistently right for the last 30+ years.”

As another example of this – you will find that for almost every bad decision that America has made in the past 30+ years there is a video (or picture) of Bernie Sanders trying to stop it. In contrast, you will find video, transcripts or pictures of Hillary voting for or supporting these bad decisions in the few years she has been able to. In the end, judgement matters and this is what is really going to matter to the world and our children’s future, and is the only way to bring about real change.

The potential legacy for Hillary as a president will very likely mirror her current decision making pattern and history in government. It will be a stream of bad decision, apologies, scandals, and ‘Oh, crap! I was wrong!’ moments. Is that what you really want for the future of our country, for our children, for our businesses and workers – ‘Oh, crap! I was wrong!’ or would it be more prudent to choose someone whose lone words have been consistently quite prophetic and historically on the right side of the issues? Why choose the person who has been consistently wrong when you can choose the person who has been consistently right?

Trust and Favorability

Even with Elizabeth Warren’s endorsement and Bernie’s endorsement as a sacrifice to his candidacy so he could get non-binding platform concessions we do not trust Hillary at all as her dismal trustworthy numbers well show. She has a record-breaking low for a trustworthy rating  which is even lower than Trump’s if that tells you anything. This is also true for her favorability rating. For Sanders, the reverse is true in both cases. He tops all of the candidates – seen as the most favorable and trustworthy of all of the candidates. These two factors combined with her ever dwindling small lead over Trump, or being behind in some key states now, does not bode well for Hillary’s electoral performance especially when everyone is allowed to vote for their preferred candidate in the General Election, and even more so when you take into account how independents will vote as I will cover in the next section.

Polls show that Bernie Sanders would absolutely destroy Donald Trump or anyone else in a fair election by 10% or more. Hillary, in contrast, because of her marred reputation and all of the scandals has a good chance to lose versus Donald or any other candidate. Keep in mind that in the previous primaries she lost to Obama twice. The American people have already said ‘NO!’ to her twice already, although now, strangely, under questionable circumstances and amidst stream of electoral fraud, voter suppression, collusion, and money laundering allegations, the numbers seem to show that she has almost achieved the nomination, but her potential win would not ever be a real win. =(  One study points to a 1 in 77 billion chance that Hillary actually won the nomination in a way that did not include widespread and systemic electoral fraud. Even if we reduce their numbers by several orders of magnitude to compensate for potential errors – a 1 in 77 million or even a 1 in 7 million chance she won without fraud is not a good number to have hanging over this potentially historic election. A win without cheating is not a win. It is a steal and this fact will hang over her presidency and will greatly affect how other countries see her – an usurper and someone whose word cannot be trusted along with her government.

The Democratic platform is non-binding so the Democratic Party can tell us and Bernie Sanders whatever we want to hear, but they do not need to have any intention of truly following through with it. We cannot trust Hillary Clinton or the current Democratic Party as we have seen with her political history and the current shenanigans performed by the Democratic Party to ensure that Hillary is elected. She has already started to pivot to the center on some issues and is already changing her stance to show us that her word changes with the moment. There have plenty of studies and lawsuits to go around to show that she could not have won the primary without systemic and widespread  electoral fraud, suppression and collusion. Because of all of this we do not trust either of Hillary or the Democratic Party to be honest and to follow-through with the concessions that Bernie has arranged for if Hillary is president.

There was a study that showed that congress does not care what the people think, that they serve the corporations and their interests, and Hillary is the embodiment of that. She has taken too much money from corporations and foreign countries while Bernie has not. Bernie is only beholden to the people whereas Hillary is beholden to her donors. We need a candidate that we the people can trust, that the world leaders can trust, and one that represents the people. Bernie is that candidate. He is the only candidate.

Bernie or Bust and the Independent Voting Block

The Bernie or Bust movement is real. In a poll I posted on Facebook following Bernie’s endorsement of Hillary, Berners chose Jill Stein 5-1 over writing-in Bernie Sanders (or any other option) if he does not win the nomination. I know you may have been fed some false numbers about 90% of Bernie supporters will support her, but that is just mainstream media trying to keep you superdelegates and other Hillary supporters under control. She will get some of us, but not anywhere near what those deceptive propaganda articles say. At most, and from what I have seen from our polls and from social media sites, I could see her getting maybe 20-30% of us, which will not be enough for her to even come close to winning. To think otherwise is to not understand the Bernie or Bust movement and what has motivated us. Many of us, because we are tired of electoral fraud, voter suppression, and corporate ownership of our government will either write-in Bernie, vote for Jill Stein, or any other candidate but Hillary. Now that we are awake we could not in good conscience vote for Hillary because she is part of the problem and is truly the lesser of two evils, but still an electoral evil. Our single electoral voice, our children, and our country deserve better than that.

Us, as independents and the largest voting block (~ 40% of the electorate), are saying NO to Hillary and her legacy of harmful decisions and the corrupt practices of the Democratic Party.  We want change. If you want to win this election you will need to give us change or we will go elsewhere with our votes. This is not a threat. This merely a fact. This is what will come to pass for we are Bernie or Bust. For too long have we had to vote our fears. Now that we are awake we will no longer vote our fears or for the lesser (or greater) of two evils. We shall vote our hopes and values which do not in any way lie with Hillary. Bernie is our champion. Bernie speaks for us. Bernie is our leader. Bernie is the future. Hillary is the past that we wish we could shove under the bed to be able to forget about it.

Bernie has, at one point, won an election with 70%+ of the votes and that is only possible by winning cross-party and independent votes. Hillary cannot and has not ever come close to doing that in the way that Bernie has. He can get conservatives, moderates and liberals to vote for him unlike anyone else in history due to his prophetic view and principled career. These are the traits of a leader and this is what our country needs to move forward and fix the many problems plaguing our country. If you really want to keep the Republicans from winning the White House and from choosing the next few Supreme Court Justices then there is only one real answer that will get independents to vote en masse for a Democratic candidate and that is with Bernie Sanders.

In Closing

I know if that if you are a superdelegate that currently supports Hillary Clinton that my words may fall on deaf ears, but please at least consider my above words and take a moment to read my above blog post. When you are at the National Convention please consider voting for Bernie Sanders and his uncanny ability to be on the right side of the issues, who has great ratings, and massive support from independents. He really is our only hope and the only way to truly court independent voters of all stripes, and even some conservative voters. He has the principles and the plan to help right our slowly sinking freak-show; or because independents will not vote for her, we will see the Republican candidate, whoever they end up nominating, in the White House. The choice is yours -Bernie or a Republican as lepresident

Thank you for your time and you consideration,

Good luck at the convention.

Yours truly,

Jim O’Neill


Bernie’s Endorsement of Hillary Clinton and the Real Beginning of the Revolution

Quote from my post titled 'Bernie's Endorsement of Hillary Clinton and the Real Beginning of the Revolution'

Quote from my post titled ‘Bernie’s Endorsement of Hillary Clinton and the Real Beginning of the Revolution’

To all of my fellow Berners out there – I know we all feel a soul-crushing sorrow with Bernie’s endorsement of Hillary Clinton yesterday (Tue, information pills 12 July 2016) at a rally In New Hampshire.

Rage Against…

We felt the stabbing knife of betrayal when Elizabeth Warren betrayed her progressive values to vehemently endorse Hillary and never endorsing Bernie like she should have as I mentioned in my Open Letter to Elizabeth Warren. Now Bernie has endorsed Hillary Clinton too. Yes, he has endorsed her. None of us like to say it. None of us want to admit it. We really want to pretend that it never happened like a horrible nightmare. These two moments are too much to handle in such a short time period. Two of the most seemingly progressive icons failing to live up to our dreams. With the absolute sickening and acrid taste of swallowed vomit in our mouths, we realize that this really happened. A bitter taste to accent the anger, betrayal, and loss we are feeling, like we may have been living n lie, like the yellow brick road really led to a prison camp for tortured unicorns. I feel it too – deep in the roiling pit of my stomach, a torturous knot signaling there is no hope left for anything but despair. Abandon all hope ye who pass this point….but, please do not despair quite yet. I know it may not seem like it, but there is much more to come. This may sound trite, but this really is the beginning if you are willing to embrace it. Bernie has slogged on for 30+ years, so please hold on a few moments longer while I try to explain. We need to start embracing a much longer view than just one electoral cycle, than just one presidency.

We all love Bernie, so please do not turn on him for he has had to endure much over the last year or so, and even through the last 40 years of his service to humanity, to enact what change he was able to accomplish. Do not lose hope. Do not rage against him. Thank him for all that he has done – for awakening us – for giving us hope – for raising awareness of the issues and being prophetic to the truth – for unleashing and informing our slumbering rage. We need to thank him for trying to fix whatever he could while slogging through the treacherous, filthy and betrayal laden trenches of the corporate owned Democratic Party which absolutely despises everything we stand for. We also need to thank him for successfully moving the Democratic Party’s platform far to the left from where it was near the horrendously corporate center. He is only one man in a den of thieves, but together we helped him to make these changes. He could not have done that without us. We could not have done it without him.

Bernie Sanders, the Amendment King

What follows is quite a bit of speculation on my part, but what is super-important to remember is that Bernie is known as the Amendment King for a reason and I think that this is required to understand what is going on here. We also need to remember that he said that this is not about the presidency or even winning elections. This whole movement and his candidacy is about the policies, which is something that I think we were not really prepared for. I think, as much as I hate to admit it, that his endorsement of Hillary exemplifies this sentiment. He may have been willing to deal a blow to his immediate candidacy to get a more progressive Democratic platform – getting the platform amended which, for him, is the point of what his candidacy was really about. I know we all want to see him in the presidency. I do too. My daughter deserves that. The world deserves to see President Bernie Sanders and the glory which would come of it, but to him, I believe, getting the platform and policies changed may be more important, especially in light of the tremendous amount of corrupt forces arrayed against him in this election.

What follows is not something I have verified, but have I have heard from quite a few sources – I think this also has to do with being able to speak at the Democratic Convention. He has to have been willing to support the other candidates throughout the process in order to maintain his superdelegate status in order to speak at or attend the convention. Also, since she is so far ahead in delegates and superdelegates we need to also understand that there are no concession speeches given by the loser, so if he does lose and wanted to speak and did not support her then he would not have the chance to speak at the convention. Again, this is about having the chance to speak to sway some more people, to pull them to our side, to have our voice heard as much as possible.  There is a lot of internal party politics going on here that is affecting what he is doing and it is not just what he wants to do, but some of it is what he is required to do in order to keep moving forward, to keep having the opportunity to make changes.

What the Future Holds

Hopefully, Bernie’s long-term view and plans may have out-played them. We will only know for sure as the next few weeks or so unfolds. Please do not #DemExit until a day or two after the convention, because then we will know the truth as to who is the real nominee and to what his plans for the future of our movement may be. In a campaign email yesterday he said that he is creating a successor organization and I think this is really what is going to matter for the movement and what will guide us going forward with or without him as president. Since he has repeatedly said that he is really concentrated on transforming the Democratic Party from within and from the description below it does not really appear to be a new political party, which is what we desperately need, but more of an organization that helps to promote and work with progressive candidates and get them into office:

“In the coming weeks, I will be announcing the creation of successor organizations to carry on the struggle that we have been a part of these past 15 months. I hope you will continue to be involved in fighting to transform America. Our goal will be to advance the progressive agenda that we believe in and to elect like-minded candidates at the federal, state and local levels who are committed to accomplishing our goals.”

Keep in mind also that he has neither suspended his campaign nor released his delegates as of yet, so there is quite a bit more to come at the convention. There are also massive protests and a rally arranged for the convention too. Please, take the time to show up in Philadelphia to let the establishment that even though Bernie has endorsed Hillary, which I think has been required for platform concessions, that we are even more angry now, that we stand behind Bernie and what he stands for, that we will take nothing less than real change, that we will not compromise or accept false promises, that our movement is not really about Bernie, but it is about the policies. The Democratic Establishment needs to hear the zealous roar of “Bernie, Bernie, Bernie” ringing over the gates and fences and through the convention to know that we are not defeated or done, that they have not ended these pesky populist social-democrat Bernicrats, that our movement has just begun.

A key part of the future is the new organization from the newsletter is to help to support progressive candidates. This is important for our future work. If we are serious about fixing everything that is broken by enacting electoral reform, single payer health care, tuition-free university, and opposing the reprehensible TPP then it has to be done from the inside out – from the local to the state and federal levels, for it will not be done with the current establishment politicians. This electoral season has seen a flood of Bernicrats running for office and this is amazing. Some long standing establishment Democrats and Republicans risk being unseated this cycle and this needs to happen for real change to occur. If you have a Bernicrat running locally then please send them money and spread the word about them and your support for them. This is truly how change will be won, from the bottom up with a flood of new progressive candidates. Remember what Bernie Sanders has done in Vermont. Once Bernie was just a lone voice, a single mayor of a small town in Vermont, and now he is a long- serving congressman for what is one of the most progressive states in the Union. This is our path. This is where we need to work to make change permanent and to show the people that it can be done and that it works. We need progressive candidates to run in all local, state and federal elections to be that change that we want to see.

We have to be THE champions now. We have to be OUR champions. We have to be HIS champions. Once the Democratic National Convention has finished, assuming he is not the nominee, then it will be up to us to carry the torch from there. Yes, the Democratic National Convention is not over yet and the Superdelegates have not technically voted. I have very, very slight hopes that, perhaps by some miracle that he will get the nomination, especially with a new round of looking at Hillary’s lies and perjury with her email server scandal. I am not holding my breath for this especially with his endorsement and the collusion that is happening, but it is a sliver of hope which I still carry with me. This is, hopefully, the beginning and not the end. It can be if you do not give up hope.

In closing

I will also report the unconfirmed rumors that he has qualified to be on each state’s ballots in such a way that he could run as an independent. I really do not expect him to do so as I mentioned in my Open Letter to Bernie Sanders. He is too principled for that, so please do not hope for it. I would love to see a Sanders/Stein Green ticket in any form, which would absolutely annihilate anyone who opposed them, but I cannot see that ever happening. Me sad panda. =(

Do not focus your rage against our beloved Bernie. Keep you rage aimed at the corporate-owned establishment Democrats that have never ever considered giving Bernie a fair chance while having to engage in voter suppression, electoral fraud, collusion, money laundering, and corruption to have a chance at beating him. If they did not do this then Bernie would have crushed Hillary. Keep your rage focused and sharp for it is this rage against the corporate owned politicians and our corrupt electoral process that is needed to force it to change. We need you to be angry so you will keep pressure on your representatives, so you will run for office, so you will protest and raise the alarm when the corruptions that are happening in congress and other governmental places. We the people need to hold our government responsible and this will be possible only if we are united together. We will need your rage for what is to come, to demand that change happens on our terms and not theirs. We must be united as progressives otherwise we lose our power. If we lose our power to make change then they win and our children and the world will lose. We cannot let those who are willing to lie, cheat, and steal from the democratic process and our people to live fat lives while the 99% suffer.

Most of us Bernie supporters are #BernieOrBust, so following the convention we may be left with a difficult decision. Do we vote for Jill Stein, write-in Bernie Sanders, or something else? I have previously posted a poll on Facebook asking just that question and that has turned out to be votes for Jill Stein @ 5-1. Where do we carry our movement? Should we rally around Jill Stein and the Green Party or should we unite under the newly formed United Progressive Party? An email from Bernie’s campaign has alluded to a new organization to carry the movement’s torch. Perhaps we should wait until we receive the email with details about this. In either case, we will need to decide both questions quickly – by a few days after the end of the Democratic National Convention so we can charge forth and try to have our voices heard through the establishment’s continued suppression, so that they know that we will not give up, that we will not go quietly into that dark night, that the dragon of the American people has risen from its slumber and nothing will be the same again.

For we are Bernicrats and we are legion.

#DemExit #BernieOrBust #Sanders2016 #StillSanders #UnitedUnderBernie

#JillNotHill #NeverHillary #CrookedHillary #LiarLiarPantsuitOnFire

The Implied Monogamous Relationship Agreement (IMRA)

Note: This post will be a sort of a part of a 2-part follow-up to my post on Understanding and Managing Jealousy:

  • Part 1 – The Implied Monogamous Relationship Agreement (IMRA)
  • Part 2 – Polyamory, surgeon Jealousy, approved and the Eight Walls of Intimacy

If you have not read the other two articles then please take a look.


To get the most out of this article you will have to closely examine your past and present monogamous relationships as well as your thoughts, buy assumptions, and expectations in relationships to see the truth in what I am presenting. This process may be challenging for some. Keep in mind, also, that this is written in broad and sweeping terms.

This article is written from the stand point of an American in a westernized culture where monogamy is the norm and other relationships are not allowed and/or are punished. The only acceptable or even acknowledged relationship structure here is monogamy.

All relationships have a relationship agreement which governs what actions are acceptable or not – monogamy is no exception, although most do not even know that it exists or that this is a thing. The first rule of monogamy, like the Fight Club, is to not talk about the Implied Monogamous Relationship Agreement (IMRA) or even acknowledge its existence.

The IMRA is something that we are taught from birth. It is ingrained and indoctrinated into us as children. It is a fact of life and no other relationship formations can even be contemplated or considered, because the rules for all relationships are already set in stone for you before you were even born, and they are to be a visceral and intrinsic part of your worldview, understanding of life, and the way you interact with people. Its rules and your acceptance of them is implied and expected by everyone as a matter of course. To violate these rules is to court disaster from society at large.

Our culture supports, enforces, and perpetuates the existence of monogamy and its relationship agreement through books, movies, music, religion, laws, and our societal expectations of relationships. Understanding that the IMRA exists can help us to understand our thoughts, emotions and desires, to manage and understand jealousy better, and to better understand relationships dynamics.

As a note – a lot of this is perpetuated and reinforced by 2 harmful ideas: the Starvation Model of Love and the One True Love Myth. If you have not heard of these then please look them up. Perhaps I will write up a short post on this as well.

Contents of the Implied Monogamous Relationship Agreement

The IMRA manifests as a series of Exclusivity Clauses (EC) which effectively state that your partner will have exclusive access to you in the following major areas of life:

  1. Social
  2. Intellectual
  3. Emotional
  4. Sexual
  5. Financial
  6. Parental

I will talk about the individual EC’s a bit more below. In my forthcoming article that talks about the ‘Eight Walls of Intimacy’ you will see how these EC’s map to the Eight Walls – hint: they map pretty closely. Certain specific life moments may have significant overlap in several areas. Flirting is a good example of this, since it could hit on sexual, social, and intellectual or emotional areas, depending on the person or the situation.

For the following discussions I am going to assume that we are talking about a person who is in some form of a committed monogamous relationship (i.e. married or dating exclusively).

Before we dive in we have to create/define one word here as it will be used for our purposes so I do not have to repeat a large phrase each time:

person-gender:  a person of a gender that is appropriate for you as a potential romantic interest (i.e if you are a heterosexual woman then that gender would be male). This is typically applies to situations outside the work environment, but could apply there – each person, relationship, and situation is different.

Social Exclusivity

Social Exclusivity points to only spending time with your partner and no other person-gender – not for lunch (especially if they are very attractive), not chatting on Facebook, not flirting with, not going to a convention or concert with. Your primary social partner is your exclusive partner in all things not work related and anyone else is infringing in that space.

Intellectual Exclusivity

Intellectual Exclusivity points to not finding other person-gender interesting or having interests in common (and wanting to share it with them) especially if your partner does not share it in common with you; not having deep conversations about life, politics, religion, or philosophy, etc.

Emotional Exclusivity

Emotional Exclusivity points to only having romantic or other feelings of desire for your partner and no other person-gender – not still caring for your ex’s or even still carrying a flame for them or a previous love, not falling in love with or being attracted to someone else, not having a close friendship that is closer than an acquaintance or distant friend.

Sexual Exclusivity

Sexual Exclusivity points to having sex with and only sexual thoughts for your partner and not finding other person-gender attractive or thinking about them sexually, not looking at porn, not admitting that they are pretty or are in great shape, not pointing out great things about them, since you should have eyes for only your partner.

Financial Exclusivity

Financial exclusivity points to not spending money on other person-gender – not gifts, surprise parties, trips, etc. All money should be spent only on your partner.

Parental Exclusivity

Parental Exclusivity points to only wanting to have children with your partner, not thinking about wanting kids with partner-gender or what your children might look like. Obviously, there are some exceptions when you already have kids with someone else, but the other rules still basically apply to them too.

Flash Fiction: “Callie” (~ 700 words, modern)

Trigger Warning: rape, purchase murder, visit this site women, discount children, serial killer, prison, capital punishment

They sat there in the sterile white visitation room, a thick ceiling-to-floor glass wall separated them as a large red digital timer on the wall counted down from fifteen minutes, second-by-second. The fluorescent ceiling light cast a sickly white light over both of them as one of the ballasts buzzed and was the only thing to break the cold silence. He looked at the floor. She could only hope that he could not look at her due to a deep soul wrenching shame that he felt for all that he had done to those innocent women and their families. Five minutes left and she was growing fearful and impatient that she would never get closure. She needed closure and so did her husband. They both deserved it. Who was she kidding? His victims and their families deserved closure from him more than she did.

The man finally grunted out his first heavily accented words to her in his harsh and gravelly voice:  “I’ve wronged many in dis life. I’ve done some tings. Some dat I regret. But, what has me sit’n here in dese chains isn’t one’o  dem.”  Her heart beat faster and faster as she resisted the overwhelming urge to flee when their eyes met for the first time.  His dark brown eyes started to peruse her toned feminine form like a predator before its meal. She was a mother of three that he never would have hesitated to pull into the back of a van to violate horribly while she would have screamed and screamed, and then leave her for dead along a highway somewhere, her eyes opened wide in terror and desperation staring off into eternity.

She saw it in his cold and remorseless eyes. She could feel it. She could feel all of the horrible things he was imagining he would do to her, which sent a shiver down her spine. Melanie shifted uncomfortably in her chair as he carnally undressed and assaulted her with his eyes.  Her hands felt cold and clammy, and were white from gripping her seat tightly when she knew he was thinking of where he would have left her violated body for the crows. She had never felt so dirty and worthless in all her life, like a piece of unwanted and infected meat, and she wanted to run out of that cold room, but she stayed.

Every night since she braved looking at the numerous reports and bloody pictures two weeks ago that recounted the bloody end of his victims – soccer moms, college students, goth girls, a construction worker, an exotic dancer, and even a nun – she has bolted upright in a cold sweat each night screaming after reliving the bloody deaths of his victims in her dreams.  The news clippings read to her like they had been taken straight from a horror movie. They left her speechless. She did not understand him or anything he had done, least of all why he would kill another serial killer so brutally, smashing in his skull until there was nothing but a crimson paste remaining. She just wanted to know why. Why he did it?

She pulled her eyes away from his carnal gaze, cleared her throat and then weakly said, almost whispering “After raping and murdering thirty-three innocent women over the last ten years, why did you let yourself get caught? Why did you kill him?

Did you do it for what he did to my little Callie?“.

Just saying the words gave her a small sense of closure, for she had come here and was brave enough to say those words, and he heard them, which was more than many whose families suffered such horrible fates received. She felt it when he looked down to the ground again, his stare was palpable, had a powerful and filthy predatory weight to it.

He grunted.“Wimmin folk can struggle’n fight. Chil’en can’t. Met him on a street and we wuz talk’n. Told me what he’d done. Was dead ‘fore he could finish speak’n ‘er name.” He grunted again. Tears streamed down leaving black trails on her cheeks as the guard walked in and escorted him to the last few moments of his life.

Rachel Maddow Interviewing David Bahati, the Sponsor of the “Killl the Gays” Bill in Uganda

As a follow up to my previous post on this topic titled “Ugandas Death Dentence Legislation for LGBT Peoples and the ‘Christians’ Who Counseled Them Towards This End ” – I just recently found this link from WATCH: RACHEL MADDOW INTERVIEWS UGANDAN MP DAVID BAHATI, migraine AUTHOR OF THE ‘KILL THE GAYS’ BILL. It is actually is disturbing to know that this sort of blind zealotry still exists. I do really know that it does, ed but it really saddens me to hear of it.  Please take the moment to watch it. Something interesting to note is that I do not think that this interview would have happened if MR. Bahati knew that Rachel Maddow was a lesbian.

Interview with David Bahati – Part 1

Interview with David Bahati – Part 2

Interview with David Bahati – Part 3

Prop 8 Appeal to be Televised

If you have not followed California’s Prop 8 trial please take the moment to watch the district court appeal which should give you an ideal and a great summary as to what this is all about and both sides’ views. One of the places it is available is via C-SPAN and it all starts at noon (CST). There is also a live BLogging of the district court appeal available at Prop 8 Trial Tracker in case you cannot watch the video at work… like me.

Please watch/read it. This really matters.

First Life Form Found Using Arsenic as a Genetic Building Block

I came upon this really interesting article in Science Daily titled “Pregnant Mother’s Diet Impacts Infant’s Sense of Smell, approved Alters Brain Development“. It says that a baby’s sense of smell is affected by what foods the mother eats while pregnant. This makes a lot of evolutionary sense. If the mother is consuming certain foods then it must be good for the baby to have a predilection to consume and have desires for this food as well. This is an effective way of helping to ensure that the baby will want eat the food that is available in its future food sphere. However, view this horrendously backfires when the mother is an alcoholic or has a horrible diet to begin with allowing the potential to pass a
The 2:00pm announcement from NASA today is they have found the first life Form that uses arsenic as a genetic building block. This will change much in science. Science fiction has said such things were possible for many, men’s health
many years, valeologist
but this is the first evidence of it.

The Science Daily article Life Built With Toxic Chemical: First Known Microbe on Earth Able to Thrive and Reproduce Using Arsenic has the info.

“Pregnant Mother’s Diet Impacts Infant’s Sense of Smell, Alters Brain Development” – a Science Daily Article

I came upon this really interesting article in Science Daily titled “Pregnant Mother’s Diet Impacts Infant’s Sense of Smell, prescription Alters Brain Development“. It says that a baby’s sense of smell is affected by what foods the mother eats while pregnant. This makes a lot of evolutionary sense. If the mother is consuming certain foods then it must be good for the baby to have a predilection to consume and have desires for this food as well. This is an effective way of helping to ensure that the baby will want eat the food that is available in its future food sphere. However, valeologist this horrendously backfires when the mother is an alcoholic or has a horrible diet to begin with allowing the potential to pass a desire in the baby for a similar life style. =(

If you are currently pregnant please keep this finding in mind…. think of the children.

Sugru – Fix Things Better?

In reference to my previous post ‘A Birthday Present and Vacation – Constitutional Law Reading‘ I spent the last 9 days on vacation doing various things, life but trying to concentrate on reading this Constitutional Law book. The idea was to read approximately 100 pages a day while on vacation…. =) Life steps in and says…. think again sucka! =)

So this is the way the 100 pages a day turned out, pilule taking into consideration I worked on Monday and I had at least one other day that was basically spoken for do to business obligations – so we are looking at 900 pgs down to about 700 as a goal:

  1. (sat) pg 107
  2. (sun) pg 146
  3. (mon) pg 237
  4. (tue) pg 275
  5. (wed) pg 327
  6. (thu) pg 398
  7. (fri) pg 441
  8. (sat) pg 507
  9. (sun) pg 583

So, generic I read almost 600 pages worth which is not so bad. Almost half way there and still reading. I will, of course, not have a much time to read since I am not on vacation, but I will try to find time where I can. I would love to finish the book within a mo
I  came upon this link for something called Sugru, capsule
which seems to be a silly putty like silicone  material that dries and sticks allowing you make changes or additions to fix up your stuff. Very interesting and affordable if you are into that sort of stuff.

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Constitutional Law Studying on a Week of Vacation

In reference to my previous post ‘A Birthday Present and Vacation – Constitutional Law Reading‘ I spent the last 9 days on vacation doing various things, generic but trying to concentrate on reading this Constitutional Law book. The idea was to read approximately 100 pages a day while on vacation…. =) Life steps in and says…. think again sucka! =)

So this is the way the 100 pages a day turned out, taking into consideration I worked on Monday and I had at least one other day that was basically spoken for do to business obligations – so we are looking at 900 pgs down to about 700 as a goal:

  1. (sat) pg 107
  2. (sun) pg 146
  3. (mon) pg 237
  4. (tue) pg 275
  5. (wed) pg 327
  6. (thu) pg 398
  7. (fri) pg 441
  8. (sat) pg 507
  9. (sun) pg 583

So, I read almost 600 pages worth which is not so bad. Almost half way there and still reading. I will, of course, not have a much time to read since I am not on vacation, but I will try to find time where I can. I would love to finish the book within 3 more weeks.

“John McCain – It Gets Worse” by Jon Stewart of the Daily Show

Here is a really neat rebuttal to John McCain’s antagonistic and ever-changing stance towards repealing Don’t Ask Don’t Tell titled It Gets Worse PSA by Jon Stewart of the Daily show:

ask 0, sales 40, nurse 0″>

The “It Gets Better” Project – a Message to LGBT Children

Here is the “It Gets Better Project” and other associated It Gets Better videos on You Tube to which Obama, oncology Jewel, Chris Colfer from the Glee cast, Prince Poppycock from America’s Got Talent, Zachary Quinto from Heroes and the New Star Trek movie, and many, many more participate to show their support for gay children who are suffering and may potentially commit suicide due to ignorance,  intolerance, and bullying.

Also, Cindy McCain and some Hollywood friends create An Anti-Bullying Message From the NOH8 Campaign.

Our children need to know that they are loved and that bullies are not the norm, or even right for that fact. The rest of the world, especially once you get out of high school, is not necessarily filled with ignorant assholes. Shocking and hard to believe, I know, but there you go. Please watch these and spread the word, for this is a really important topic.