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Repsonse to Jim Blazsik’s post titled: “The Republican case for Traditional Marriage: a response to Maura Flynn”

I am a bit cranky that all the responses I posted to the BLog post titled “The Republican case for Traditional Marriage: a response to Maura Flynn ” by Jim Blazsik have not been approved. My first Response was June 16, recipe and then I made 2 more – 1 on June 23 and 24. Currently, page they are all still sitting in the moderator’s queue, apoplexy so it seems that my only recourse is to publish it here and hopefully someone will see my response to it.

I have written at length about my support for the Gay Marriage issue and I will ask readers to peruse that for more information, especially since much of what I will post here is taken directly from that writing. Please forgive me a head of time. My writing may see quite stern and down right antagonistic, since this topic makes me really cranky, so take this all with a grain of salt..

Without further ado…

Jim Blazsik and His Arguments Against Gay Marriage

His entire argument against gay marriage is predicated on the following fallacious argument:

Marriage has always been considered between a man and women in all cultures, everywhere, and at all times.”

Now this is fallacious simply because it ignores contrary historical and anthropological facts. Ancient Greeks and Egyptians have recognized same sex marriage, and so have many indigenous peoples. The Greeks at one time revered male homosexuality, and it was not until the Catholic Church became dominant when this practice stopped and became heavily stigmatized. Marriage between homosexuals has been done even within Christianity at times.

Jim’s claim of heterosexual monogamy having been the only marital solution throughout humanity’s history is very lost and willfully ignorant of the truth. His claims show an acute and blind indoctrination into the ultraconservative teachings of the Catholic Church without regard for the harm that this causes others, and because of this it makes me quite angry.

What follows is most of what I posted over there and then little bit more since I have the time =):

Your Religious Basis for Discrimination

You (Jim B.) may have not explicitly mentioned the Bible, but you definitively equate “Natural Law” with populist and conservative Catholic morality in your arguments. Even your bio points to conservative Catholic views. You say the “Biblical Law” in all but name, and yet you patently ignore actual anthropological and historical evidence, as most conservatives like to do.

I have a list of quite a few links on the mythical “Traditional Family” and actual historical and anthropological evidence of alternative familial structures on my BLog page on Gay Marriage.

Redefining Marriage

Are we redefining marriage? No. We are merely accepting a marital structure that has  existed and has been accepted in humanity’s history. Marriage is continuously evolving and changing throughout all of history as my references definitively point out. It is really conservative Christianity that is trying to redefine marriage to promote oppression and bigotry.

Traditional Marriage and the Unnaturalness of it all

As many opponents to SSM would like to say “We are trying to save traditional marriage.” meaning life-long heterosexual monogamy.

Anthropological and historical fact, and even Biblical writings speak specifically to the invalidity of that phrase. “Traditional marriage” is a relatively new construct that has been attempted to be forced upon us by the Catholic Church following the Roman Emperor Constantine’s conversion, and the church’s mad grab for money and land. My references highlight the fact that what we consider “traditional marriage” is not really traditional at all. The romanticization of marriage started in European writings in the early to mid 1800’s which strongly contributes to magical ’soul mate’ or ‘the one’ factor common in our culture and standards and helped to cement the illusion “traditional marriage” into our culture.

Marriage has taken very many forms over the years from matriarchal and patriarchal polygamy, celibacy, to heterosexual and homosexual monogamy, even within Christianity, but the first recorded case of homosexuality was 2400 B.C.E in Egypt, and homosexuality is found throughout 1500 species in the world. Both of these facts tend to point to homosexuality (and bisexuality by extension) being a natural permutation of sexual expression within living creatures far beyond our recorded history. Of course, homosexuality could not be the statistical norm otherwise our species would die out, so in the interest of species perpetuation (by virtue of natural selection) heterosexuality has to be the majority.


No where in nature does marriage exist. Marriage is a human secular institution for bestowing specific rights, responsibilities, and privileges. Nature has never defined marriage. Nature has never written a book or a law, or given a speech, or anything else for that matter. “Nature” is an abstract concept that is being personified in a vain attempt to rationalize prejudice and fear mongering.

The only thing that nature has wrought via natural selection and necessity (within this context) is that heterosexuality is statistically the genetic majority to ensure that our species is perpetuated. That is it. Assuming that heteronormity as definitive nature’s plan for marriage is in incorrect. “Nature” does not have anything to do with marriage, since it cares not about secular institutions, it only cares about species perpetuation.

Marriage is a construct of humanity and it is us that cares about heterosexuality or homosexuality. Nature does not, especially since homosexuality exists in nature too. So, please do not use some slanted abstraction such as “nature” as a rationalization and a cover for prejudice within humanity’s institution of marriage.

Marriage and Sexual Intercourse is for Procreation Only

If you check my Traditional Marriage links you will find distinctly that marriage has not historically been done with the primary reason of procreation – lust perhaps, but not specifically procreation. I have never looked a woman and thought “I think we would have great children.” and then decided to pursue them solely based on that criteria (at least not on a conscious level). Marriage has been mostly about power, influence, land, or, more recently in humanity’s history, marriage has evolved to be primarily about love. Rarely has it been specifically about procreation. You could say that the existence of heterosexuality in humanity is for procreation and the perpetuation of our species. That I would believe.

Contrary to what some may say or think, but the act of sexual intercourse for most humans is not done solely for the intent of species perpetuation. Humans, as well as some primates and dolphins, if I remember correctly, are the primary species that have been found to engage in sexual play or intercourse for recreational purposes. Sex is not just for generating progeny. It is also for pleasure, bonding, and social interaction.

Of course, if you really are going to use this argument then those couples who chose to be celibate, who choose to not have children, or who are infertile should also not be allowed to get married. This would also apply to the elderly as well. It sounds as if you almost want to require a document to be signed by the couple to be married that they ‘will have children‘ otherwise you are not really married.

God? Whose God? What God?

Well, first you should understand that Jefferson was a Deist as were quite a few of our founding fathers, and note that in what you quoted they used the words “Nature’s God” and ‘Creator’ and they did not specify ‘God’ (full stop) in the Christian sense. You are most assuredly assuming and projecting that it is referring to Christianity when it most definitively is not. Had they meant that, they most assuredly would have said so.

Nature’s God could very well have been Artemis as some Wiccans may prefer. Our founding fathers were very careful about that. Hell, our Constitution was almost never ratified due to everyone clamoring for a bill of rights with a religious protection clause. Many believed in a deity of sorts, but the colonists were quite the diverse lot running running from the religious persecution of the Catholic church in Europe. They ranged from Unitarians, Universalists, Anglicans, Quakers, Catholics, Deists, Secularists, Humanists and so on, so the Christian God does not make a whole lot of sense historically and especially in light of how the documents are very carefully written and what history shows.

Separation of Church and State most definitely exists. Those specific words are not in the constitution, but the First Amendment most assuredly is.

Keep our government out of you religion, and keep your religion out of our government.


Let us talk about the Tyranny of Conservative Christianity attempting to legislate religious morality upon the majority when, in fact, everyone is not Christian, nor your specific flavor of Christianity. This is also a violation of our constitutional rights with the little Separation of Church and State thing…

This sort of conservative tyranny is what has supported slavery, segregation, and the oppression of women, since all of those, in there time, were most assuredly conservative social values supported by the church. This conservative tyranny opposes cultural advancement and promotes maintenance of the status quo. It is a disease with which the United States (and many other cultures) has always struggled with, but fortunately civil rights and cultural progress eventually wins in the end.

The Winning Issue?

The winning issue is loving and supportive family structure with parents, regardless of whether they are single, married, homosexual or heterosexual. Homosexual or Heterosexual parents can both provide a loving and supportive home to children, which is more important than the individual genders of the parents.

This is just my humble opinion. =)

I think I have written enough for now.

Debate: Is Religion a Force for Good or Evil in the World?

A little about me: I am a 35 year old white married male of the Unitarian Unversalist and Centrist persuasions. I have never been a prostitute, for sale used the services of a prostitute, nor known or known anyone who knew a prostitute.

I am writing this post in a response to a debate I am participating in just a little bit at titled “Prostitution and Trafficking: A Policy Debate. In putting this together I am hoping to distill, formulate, and solidfy my opinion and position on this controversial topic. Most of my discussion will revolve around the topic of Prostitution itself, and a some about the Human Trafficking issue.

It is important to understand that it is not only males that are frequenting prostitutes. There are females as well, but males are, by far, in the majority. Some of it has to do with males, in general, having a higher sex drive and being far less selective in their sexual partners than women. Keep in mind also that they are not all heteroesexual, some are homosexual as well.

For most of my discussion I will assume that “prostitutes’ or “sex workers” are adults who choose their profession. I will cover those who do not qualify as such, but are involved with prostitution, in the ‘Legalization and Regulation’ portion of my discussion.

There are a lot of things to take into consideration when discussing the issues of prostitution and human trafficking and I will try to cover a lot of it here so we can put it all into perspective and discuss it as objectively as possible. Not everyone is going to agree with everything I have to say here. Some of it is definitely solely my opinion, some of it is not. I still have to gain quotes, fact, and examples for this to support my work, but any how, here we go:

Prostitution and Human Trafficking Are Separate Issues

Prostitution and Human Trafficking while seeming, and in some cases, definitely related are not visceral to each other. You can (and do) have prostitution that does not involve Human Trafficking, and vice verse, Human Trafficking that does not involve Prostitution. They are distinct and seperate issues and need to be treated as such. The existence of one does not intrinsically invoke the existence of the other.

Consensual Prostitution

Topical Background

Choosing the Profession

Many who discuss this topic speak of prostitution as a necessarily slave based profession, as if there are not people that choose to be prostitutes, and that all are brought to this occupation by human trafficking.

Many do choose to be prostitutes because it is a lucrative profession that generates a lot of money. Some choose it because of the extremely low barrier of entry. Some choose it because they really, really, really enjoy sex. Some for power and influence over the opposite sex. There are other reasons I am sure. Some strippers in Florida make in excess of $100,000 a year. Imagine what someone who was actually a sex worker would make there.

Something which is also related to prostitution is those in the porn industry. They do similar work, but the method of pay and client base is considerably different. Porn is one of the largest and most profitable businesses to be in. Again, most choose this profession and it involves having sex with others while getting paid for it.

Prostitution is a Consensual Crime

Prostitution is a Consensual Crime, and this is also key to many of todays civil rights movements such as gay and poly rights, drugs, and so on. Work towards the abolishment of the criminalization of consensual crimes may see a sort of a rennaisance in the coming decades or so as gay rights and polyamory/polygamy soldier on.

The book “Ain’t Nobody’s Business If You Do: The Absurdity Of Consensual Crimes In Free Society” covers this topic in great detail. While I do not agree with everything the book says about consensual crimes it is a great read and very applicable to this discussion.

Prostitutes choose to engage in a sexual act with someone in exchange for money. It is their choice to have sex with a person on their terms, be it dating, for cash, or as a one night stand, or serial monogamy.

In any case consent and terms are given and, hopefully, adhered to. Why does having a direct money transaction soil the consensual act of sexual interecourse with another human being?

Consent, as is applicable to this discussion, does not involve coercion or duress. Either they really do have a choice and are legally able to give consent, or they cannot. People that are forced into prostitution by slave trade are not there by their choice and therefore do not give consent. People who are raped do not, by definition, give consent. Anyone who is not legally able to give consent by virtue of being underaged or mentally unfit to do so, cannot give consent. People who are in fear for their personal safety and acquiesce are not giving consent for there is duress and/or coercion present.

Because Something is Illegal Does Not Mean It Is Wrong

There are so many laws that have been passed in our country’s (and others) history that have propagated gross civil rights violations and have been repealed because their unconstitutional nature has been recognized. Part of this is due to evolving cultural values, and an increase in understanding in civil rights and the very nature of our humanity.

Just because something is currently illegal, does not mean that it should be. African Americans and women not having rights, interracial marriages and so on are all things that have been limited or illegal in America’s history, and, in the face of cultural evolution and greater understanding of civil rights these gross violations, have been corrected, but the historical damage done to those is these demographics still remain, as horrible vesitges of the past.

Separation of Church and State

When discussing the topic of prostitution it is faulty to assume or imply in your arguments, no matter how emotional or vehement they may be, that all sex workers are slaves, emotionally scarred, abused, crime ridden, would never choose the profession, or that it should patently be illegal purely for morality’s sake.

In much of the discussion there are many who espouse conservative Christian views about sin and morality, or saying that no woman would do this, or no woman would want that. I do not necessarily want to tell them to stuff it, because that would not be appropriate. I appreciate their zeal and passion for their spiritual path and morality, but not everyone belives as they do. Believe it or not, there are other religions out there that do not have similar beliefs. My favorite phrase when talking about this topic is, and it is very important to remember:

Keep your religion out of our government.

James E. O’Neill, IV

Religion, spirituality, or aspirituality is a personal choice and our government is not. The government governs over all of us regardless of what our personal beliefs are. Unless you want to start a Conservative Christian Theocracy (and maybe you do) I would suggest keeping in mind that there are other religions out there and your religion is not the only choice, and to impose it on others is wrong and a violation of our Consitutional rights. To want to do so is a step back to the heretical days where the church burned people at the stake for asking questions or thinking.

If you base all laws off of conservative Christian morality you are automatically descrimintating against other religions. Due to the nature of the topic. If you do not like it, you do not have to do it. You do not have to support it and you can teach your children likewise, but others have the option to do the exact opposite. Legalizing is does not mean that we are going to force you to participate or support it. It is wise and better for society in general if you are able to separate your personal views from your politcal views, and to be able to know when one should be different from the other.

There are some religion or spiritual paths that revere sexuality such as Tantra or Paganism or other similar paths. In all cases, as long as the prostitution is consensual and does not harm anyone then what business does the government or you have in telling them what they can and cannot do with their sexuality. It is their personal choice what to do with their sexuality, not yours. Because your deity tells you that this is wrong does not mean that their deity (or deities) says it is also.


You are probably going to ask “What the hell does any of this section have to do with prostitution?”. Well, I am really working to establish humanity’s proclivities towards extra-pair coupling, or more simply, their desire to seek sexual release outside of their primary relationship (if they have one) or to seek variety in sexual partners to establish that prostitution, perhaps, provides valuable service that caters to our evolutionary and baser instincts.

Birth Rates

The average birthrate for humans is 55% males to 45% females, of course it differs from person to person, depending on evolutionary advantages the couple bears, but this is the average, so there is always going to be a surplus of males who do not have an acceptable mate and may choose a prostitute to vent their sexual energies. Prostitution is a natural and safer vent for these sexual energies than kidnapping and rape.

Sexual Dimorphism

If you also take into account scienctific studies which have shown that the level of sexual dimorphism (size difference between the genders) is directly proportional to the level of non-monogamousness of the species. The larger the difference iin size between the genders the less monogamous the species is.

Take, for example, Silverback Gorilla’s whose males are much larger than the females (~50%); they practice harem gaurding. The alpha male takes and protects the females that he wants and the other males get the left-overs.

Puffins, a species of flightless bird, whose genders are the same size, and they mate monogamously for life.

Humans, where males are larger than females, but not by a large amount, are definitely not completely monogamous. Our infidelity stats and the existence of prostitution as one of the oldest occupations tend to speak to this as well.


Evolutionary psychologists bascially are out to define exacly what humanity is at its most base level. They look for the traits and characteristics that are similar to all humans regardless of culture, and some of this encompasses moral values.

Some would say that morality is given to us by our religion. I will say that religion will offer a cultural/religious specific implementation for our base evolutionary morality that oft times is colored or stained by current cultural values and biases. There are too many moral commonalities between dissimilar religions and cultures for religion to be the sole peddler of morality to humanity.

Sociocultural Values

This little section will not be quite in the same genre as the others in this section, but it is similar.

The sociocultural values of the United States have been continuously evolving as we gain a better understanding of morality, ethics, and our humanity. Our values are strongly rooted in the conservative European Christian tradition which tends to be quite closed minded and opposes change in sociocultural values especially when it undermines current church teachings.

Most every civil rights movement is championed by a vocal minority and definitively opposed by the conservative religious majority. People have fled from the oppressive and stagnant yoke of theocratic rule to the United States all throughout history. Conservative religions promote maintenance of the status quo resulting in stagnancy and punishing the thinking man who questions the unquestionable religious majority, often to their detriment.

The United States has worked through such civil rights movements such as slavery, womens suffrage, and interracial marriage. All of which have been opposed by conservative religions in one form or another, and decried as the downfall of civilization as we know it, but it has come to pass to the betterment of society as a whole, and our world has not fallen into chaos and brimstone as they have portend.

Our morality and sociocultural values continue to evolve and change with our understanding and exploration of our humanity and our (a)spirituality, and will continue to do so. Some will champion these causes and some will oppose them. This is the way that it is, but still civil rights keep moving imminently forward, advancing our knowledge of our values and our humanity. Hell, even the Bible had changing and evolving laws and standards.

Sex Is Not Just For Procreation

Contrary to what some may say or think, the act of sexual intercourse for most humans is not done solely and specifically for the intent of species perpetuation. Humans, as well as some primates and dolphins, if I remember correctly, are the primary species that engage in sexual play or intercourse for recreational purposes as well. Sex is not just for generating progeny. It is also for pleasure, bonding, and social interaction.

What To Do About Prostitution? Make Prostitution Legal.

As you may have already guessed that I belive that we should legalize prostitution. It is the oldest profession in the world, and arguably provides a valuable service. I do not have all of the answers or sides of the story, and I will never claim to, but I will put forth my ideas and suggestion here so you can see what I am proposing.

You will find that a lot of what I propose here is also viable when talking about polygamy as well. The licensing/Taxation parts, of course, does not really apply, but you get the picture.  Currently you will see some of it being implemented in Utah for polygamy refugees.


Decriminalizing prostitution will allow those who wish help to come forward and get it. Many do not go to the police, psychologist, or hospital due to being afraid that they will get in trouble, or lose their children. A very similar case exists for those involved in non-consensual polygamy. If they want out or if they have been raped, robbed, abused, or whatever else, much of it goes unreported and damage to them continues to mount as the current law treats them as a criminal even when they are victimized. Decriminalizing it will also work towards changing the public’s opinion towards this occupation. Majority public opinion will always have a negative opinion towards anything that is currently illegal.

Another aspect of the criminalization, and most assuredly, the stigma associated with, prostitution makes it really hard for those who are in prostitution to get out of this job or enslavement. If they have a criminal record with prostitution then they are probably not going to get hired for many jobs and therefore have to resort to prostitution again as the only other option, and in seeing no way out, depression sets in and then eventually drug use and crime. Decriminalization will help those who want to get out to get out, and stop this vicious cycle.

Social Support and Preparation

Name Change

Perhaps one of the more basic things we can do is change the name of the profession: words such as prostitute, hooker, and whore have severe negative connotations and thousands of years of religious baggage associated with them. Perhaps changing the base name to sex worker and then sepecific implementations or common usage to companion, liaison, escourt, consort or others shall also give the profession a new image and feel, as well as to help to alleviate the negative baggage that comes with the current labels.

Create A Sex Positive Culture Through Training and Public Education

America has a negative opinion of sex and all things sexual. The attitude towards sex and engaging in it is distinctly negative and not something to talk about. Because people are positively having sex does not mean that society’s attitude is positive towards it.

Currently, cheating on your partner is significanly more socially acceptable than an open and honest polyamorous relationship. Sex negativity is a pervasive American attitude and our laws most assuredly support that.

We are not teaching our children responsiblity in sexual matters or even relationships skills, and part of that is because of the negative attitude we have towards sex and fear of intimacy or inadequacy, or perhaps even inadequate positive role models.

It is a difficult topic to talk to our children about, and many parents have no idea or are ashamed to broach to subject with them. Our schools still teach abstinence or nothing at all, and we do not have good curriculum in place to help children to cope with their raging hormones and all of their questions, rumors, and insecurities about their changing bodies and feelings, and their desire to explore their new feelings and urges.

Teaching sexual education in a positive and healthy light will help to change people’s attitudes towards it. Our sexuality is a beautiful thing and not something to be ashamed of. Many Unitarian Univeraslist congregations have great sex education curriculum. Perhaps their work is a good starting point for this.

A change in the public attitude towards sex and prositution will also help to prevent violent crimes towards sex workers. Sex workers are strongly stigmatized and many aggressors feel vindicated in their violent behavior just because they are ‘just a filthy prostitute’, as if the sex worker, or any person, is not deserving of dignity. Conservative views, strong stimatization, and sexual repression in our society all lend itself towards the acceptance of violence towards sex workers.

Training of Professionals and Public Service Workers

Currently, the pervading attitude culturally, and for many healthcare, social work, and legal professionals, is very negative towards sexually liberated people, and specficically to prostitution. Public service people such as doctors, police, psychologists and so on need to be taught or need to study the needs and situations that prostitutes face so that they may be better prepared to be able to be objective and to truly help prostitutes in their times of need, and to be able to prevent themselves from potentially victimizing a victim.

Prostitutes need to be assumed to be innocent and/or a victim as should anyone who would be seeking help. An environment of protection needs to be established and not an antogonistic one, otherwise they will not be able to find, or feel that they can find, appropriate help if they have been harmed by someone. Police brutality is partially fostered due to the negative attitude towards them due to prostitution being illegal and having a sex negative culture.

Support Groups

In our current sex negative culture, and with the possibility of human trafficking, rape, and negative socioeconomic conditions – support groups, rehabilitation, sanctuary, relocation, or retraining needs to be offered to them to allow them to get a fresh start and start over in a more positive way if they are victims and are able to get out. Similar programs are currently being setup for those fleeing from fundementalist polygamous marriages as well. These sorts of things can benefit both groups.

Legalization and Regulation

Part of the legalization process will change the parameters for entry into this profession so as to increase the barrier to entry, increase the health, safety, and tracking of the profession as a whole, as well as raise tax money for increased law enforcement and social support. Social support will be very important until as such time as the profession becomes acceptable, as well as having the active and positive support from the law enforcement community.

Minimum Age

Setting a minimum age to 18 will be an important, regardless of the age of consent within the state, since some states go from 16 – 18. This will protect children before they are ready to perform work of a mature nature such as this. The ability to serve alcohol serves a similar function.


First, we institute a licensing model. I first mentioned the real estate model – broker/licensee simply because it models the current method of prostitution well. However, perhaps it is also important to have it so that individuals can work alone too, and not have to deal with others if they do not wish to. Either way, I do not care which model is implemented, or something different, but I recommend them as a starting point.

One benefit of licensing is increasing the barrier to entry, as well as associated costs which will generate revenue for the government which can also go towards support for prostitution support programs and increased police work to protect them, and working towards clamping down on human trafficking violations and so on.

Prostitutes will need to get a license to practice and this will allow us to track who is a legally practicing as well as institute taxation on their practice. Having licenses will also allow us to determine who is potentially working legally, illegally, consensually, or non consensually as well.

This will make it harder for those involved with human trafficking in prostituion to do as such.

Training Requirements

The next part of this program shall be training and testing. Training in a licensing program shall include topics such as:

  • health risks and concerns, and methods of protection, safe sex practices
  • psychological effects of the job for the sex worker, and for their clients
  • rights, support programs, legal protections and obligations
  • health testing requirements for worker and clientele
  • sex worker code of ethics
  • taxation and licensing requirements
  • disclosure requirements for human trafficking, disease, abuse, etc..

All of these will be important to not only change the public opinion of the profession, but also to educate and protect the sex workers and their clientele.

It will be a requirement that all professionals report any suspected human trafficking or abuse in a similar manner that doctors or lawyers would have to do or face loss of license, fines, and prison time due to ethics violations.

Required Medical Testing for Sex Workers

Mandatory medical testing should be required for licensing to ensure that they are drug and STD free. They should also require periodic drug and health testing to maintain their license. Perhaps weekly, monthly, or every quarter or so.

Their code of ethics should also include in which cases you should have to get a additional medical tests done like if you find out that a client was recently diagnosed with something and so on.

Clientele Medical Testing

I know with the current attitude towards prostitution that there will be quite the stigma associated with this possibility, but those who partake of their services should give similar protections to their service provider as they would give to them. A standard suite of tests run on clients as well as a survey of their sexual history so that the sex worker can decide whether or not to accept the client for services. This will also serve as gounds for lawsuits and prosectution in case they rape or abuse the sex worker. This will be harder to pass and to put into effect, but of much value to enforce protection for client and sex worker, as well as instilling the importance of personal responbility for our sexuality.

Other Legal Measures and Other Issues

For much of these issues there will need to be changes made to existing laws, or enforcement of the laws will need to be increased. The options I listed above will also combat some of these issues as well.

Rape: When a person does not consent to a sexual act then then is called rape and there are laws for that. People can be convicted of raping their spouse, as well. Just because there is an assumed relationship, it does not assume consent. A prostitute can most definitely not consent to a sexual act, just a much as general contractor can not agree to a contract for work.

Children: Again, there are laws regarding this. A child cannot give consent. A person who believes otherwise is committing, at least, statutory rape. If a person gives this child money and then engages in a sexual act that is still rape, since consent cannot be given. The presence of money is not relevant.

Human Trafficking: Human trafficking laws need to be reevaluated and perhaps made more severe. Police will want to make this a priority to combat and engage in mystery shopper/quality assurance type work to ensure that all the rules and regulations are working as well as to look for abuse, human trafficking, and other violations. The more this is done, the more dangerous it will be for these criminals, and will decrease the cost/benefit for the crime.

International Socio-Economic Issues: Another part of the Prostitution/Human Trafficking issue is socio-economic in nature. Many are out-right abducted into sexual-slavery and taken to other countries. Some are told stories of a better life and the possibility to be independent and free from their current squalorous and oppressive life and country. Many that are tricked into it are there because they hope that this opportunity that they are being sold will help them and their familiies. If their socio-economic situation or politcal climate was conducive to freedom and safety these situations would be far less likely to happen.

Immigration: Immigration will really need to be looked. If immigration controls are stronger and more thorough then it becomes harder to traffic humans. We do, however, have issues with that since we have a massive about of coastal lands as well as weak border security with Mexico and Canada where human trafficking could be conducted from. This needs to be very much looked at and improved.

Infidelity: Infidelity is not the problem of the sex worker. It is not the job of a sex worker to be a relationship counselor, therapist, or fidelity checker. If someone comes to a sex worker (without their partner’s knowledge and consent)  then that is a symbol that either there are unresolved issues with themselves, their relationship, or that they have an open relationship. In either case it is not an issue with sex work as a profession. It is an issue with the and very strongly –  our sex negative culture with which there is a heavy stigma placed upon sexually liberated people, and those who take care of their sexual desires in a non-violent and mutually beneficial arrangement.

International Support for Human Trafficking Laws
Since a lot of the human trafficking involves taking people across national borders, we will need to work with those countries to help garner support for existing Human Trafficking laws and have them put this issue as a priority, and start to combat it, not only in law enforcement, but on a cultural level as well. PSA’s about how human trafficking is wrong as well as having known human trafficking organization crushed, will be a good start.


Michael Shermer and Dinesh D’Souza go toe-to-toe on some of the greatest issues related to science and religion: is there evidence for God’s existence, order
what is the proper relationship between science and religion, mind
and has religion been a force for good or evil in the world?: Is Religion a Force for Good or Evil in the World?

I have not had a chance to watch it all yet, but I am really looking forward to listen to their debate.

Understanding and Managing Jealousy

Note: This article is nowhere near comprehensive. I am not a licensed psychologist or a therepist, check and this writing comes from what reading I have done on this topic and my own experience, viagra sale so take this for what you will. If you have references or other things that may increase the usefulness or accuracy of my writing then feel free to post me about it. I am more than happy to adjust my writing to reflect a new understanding on this topic or to make this page much more useful.

This article assumes, for simplicity, a heterosexual monogamous romantic relationship that is having bad jealousy issues, but could be equally applied with adjustment towards homosexual/poly relationships when viewed through those glasses. Close friends not getting enough time or other less serious situations are not the focus of this writing, but may be just a applicable within that context.

Jealousy is something that we have to deal with, and is something that we are taught is OK. In many forms our culture, unfortunately, supports and perpetuates its existence through books, movies, music, laws, and societal expectations of relationship possessiveness and territoriality. How are we to manage or understand this “green-eyed monster” that can destroy relationships and our happiness, so that it is not allowed to do so, even when cultural support for it is so prevalent?

Understanding exactly what jealousy is, and how and why it affects us can help us to not only tame it, but to advance and evolve our sense of self and increase intimacy in our relationships. I am going to cover a bit here today about jealousy so that we can start the journey to defeat the “green-eyed monster” together and to evolve our happiness and security to the next level.

All of what I am about to write is predicated on there not being a definitive reason for the jealousy such as a history of infidelity or lying and so on. That is a totally difference scenario which I will not cover here, but, in that case, you will most definitely want to seek a qualified therapist. There are also many more links at the bottom of this page that will cover jealousy in much more detail and in a much more educated and qualified manner than I ever could. This page might be consider more of a primer on dealing with jealousy.

Understanding Jealousy

What is Jealousy?

Jealousy is not an emotion in-and-of-itself. It is a cacophonous and yet subtle amalgamation of baser negative emotions such as insecurity, low self esteem, subconscious or repressed pains, and fear of loss, abandonment, or inadequacy that surfaces and affects us in ways that we may not fully understand or be able to describe when it happens. We just know that we feel bad or that it hurts when something triggers it, and we may get angry and frustrated because we do not, or find it very difficult to try to, understand it.

Jealousy is also rooted in the starvation economy (starvation model) of love, which essentially means that if my partner cares for someone else then they will care less for me, which greatly increases the level of fear, anxiety, and possessiveness. We love our parents, our children, close friends, and other extended family, so you do not necessarily need to be afraid that they are going to love someone else and not you. Your partner has room for you in addition to their close friends and family. Humans just keep on loving. It is said that fear is the opposite of love; and by letting go of fear (jealousy) you will foster love in your life.

These self-doubts, insecurities, and fears can lead us to question and pressure our partners in an aggressive and untrusting manner which can damage the relationship, or push them away. Gaining an understanding and control of jealousy will be important to the happiness and harmony of all your current and future relationships, especially the most important and intimate ones.

This frustration and difficulty of understanding these emotions perpetuates and hinders exploration and comprehension of what exactly is happening. Cutting our way through the pain and confusion is what will be important to defeat the ‘green-eyed monster’ and the havoc it wreaks upon our lives and relationships. Ultimately, bouts of jealousy indicate that there is some unresolved issue with yourself or with your relationship, but it also could point to an unmet need within you or your relationship. It signals a moment to learn about ones self and your relationship, which, of course, can be a mixed blessing.

Your Triggers

Jealousy triggers typically involve ‘someone’ of the opposite sex of your partner. Your partner does something and you feel jealous and hurt, and you may or may not understand why. The action that started this process is the trigger. Examples of common triggers are: someone calling your partner or oogling at them, your partner staying our late, or wanting to spend time with friends, spending time with people in a very social setting where there are many individuals of the same gender that your partner could be attracted to.

You will need to pay special attention to your triggers. The triggers themselves may be revealing as to the underlying issue you may be having, especially if one trigger is fairly consistent and others are either non-existent or limited in their prevalence. This may help point to the underlying emotion that is causing jealousy to surface.

Your Emotional Response

Your emotional response to a jealousy trigger is going to be very important to monitor and understand. Try to search your emotion and figure out exactly what you are feeling. This is perhaps the most difficult part. You will need to try to distinguish between individual fears and insecurities, and potentially trust issues. Take the time to think about you feelings to try to refine what exactly is going on. The more you can know about this the easier it will be to understand what your underlying issue maybe and how to deal with it. For this process you need to remove jealousy as a potential word for your emotion, since it is not an emotion in-and-of-itself. It is a crutch word that prevents your from searching for the real emotion that is bubbling forth.

Your Reasons

If you are able to know you triggers and the emotional response to that trigger, then the next step is the take that information and try to find out why that trigger elicits that emotional response. Is it projected unresolved issues from the past, or perhaps you need more reassurance from your partner, or there may be any of a plethora of other things that may cause a specific type of trigger to generate a specific emotional response. Try to think about the relationship between the trigger and your emotional response, your past experiences and your relationship needs and desires.

Again this may be something that you will want a qualified therapist to work through. These are very complicated and potentially deep seated issues that some simple self exploration and talking may not deal with. Plus we are working against some very strong cultural and evolutionary programming.

Managing Jealousy

Responsibility For Our Emotions

Something that is very key to understanding and dealing with this issue is that no one can make you feel any emotion. You are an individual and you have a choice as to how you feel and react to situations. This is not what we are typically taught, but it is one of the most valuable things you can realize for yourself and you life. You have a choice to determine your reaction to a situation, albeit, until your realize this you may find yourself a helpless slave to your emotional whims. People typically go through their lives allowing their initial emotional response to bubble forth and then they go with it because that is all they know, but in the case of jealousy, or even any other negative emotion, it is not such a good idea to do so.

If you work at it you can separate the ‘action that triggers an emotional response’, the ’emotional response itself’, and the ‘underlying reasons for the emotional response’. Keep in mind ‘underlying reasons’ does not mean triggers themselves. The trigger, emotional response, and the reason are all separate and need to be inspected that way otherwise you may start mixing them up and call the trigger the reason, when it is not.

No one can make you feel a specific emotion. We are, in many ways, programmed via Evolution and Culture to respond a certain way to certain situations, but this is something that we can, with effort and desire, to control and modify it. This process can be a very painful, since it will require introspection, self-evaluation, a radical honesty with one’s self and their partner, trust, and vulnerability. All of which can be scary and difficult in-and-of-themselves, but to combine them into one process makes this not for the weak of heart. In the end, it can be one of the most rewarding things you can do. If you are not keen on going-it-alone with you partner in dealing with jealousy, then there are many qualified therapists that would be happy to assist you in this endeavor.

It is important to say to yourself  that ‘I will not allow my emotions to control or effect my life in a negative way and I will decisively choose to address them when they come up.’ Your emotions are your responsibility and you need to evaluate how they affect your life and address them appropriately. I will cover some communication techniques later on that will address taking responsibility for you emotions.

Dealing with Jealousy Through Writing

Writing can be a very therapeutic and revealing method to help you deal with jealousy and other issues too. Writing a journal will help you to keep track of and get out those negative feelings. In these days you could also record them via a small recording device if that serves you better. In either case, you will want to keep your recording medium safe from others because rarely is such a painful and deep-seated emotion pretty. Things may be written or said that can be quite personal and painful not only for you, but to those involved. If you are pursuing this process with your partner you may want to inform them that you are doing this and for them to respect your privacy if you wish it.

When you do feel a bout of jealousy starting you may want to take some time to write down the specifics of the situation that is triggering the jealousy. Keeping track of what situations or actions that triggered you to feel jealous can help you greatly in your pursuit to banish jealousy from your relationship.

As you are keeping track of your triggers, you will also want to also to write down your emotional response to that trigger. Write as much as you can and just let the thoughts and emotions flow so you can thoroughly explore and open them. Explore this state of mind and write down what you are feeling.

Once you have that recorded you can revisit it and explore your triggers and feelings and then you might be able to find a trend in your triggers or what it is that you are feeling. Perhaps you will find a reoccurring theme in your feelings and writings that may point to the underlying reason for your jealousy.

Dealing with Jealousy Through Talking

When talking to you partner form your thoughts along these lines: “I feel ‘this’ when ‘that’ happens” because ‘of this’.; and NOT “You make feel this way when you do this, because you ‘reason’.” since that wording puts the responsibility for your emotions on the other person and assumes that you know the other persons thoughts and intentions.

You have the right to feel how you feel, and the first wording reinforces you are taking responsibility for your emotions, which seems to be an affront to the common thinking of our emotional states, especially when it comes to jealousy and possessiveness with our partners. Jealousy seems to be treated like a crime that is inflicted upon us, when it is really something that we allow to fester within us due to a lack of open and honest communication and taking responsibility for our emotions. We, in our emotional ignorance, unknowingly inflict it upon ourselves and our relationships.

With sentences such as  “You make feel this way when you do this.” you are creating an antagonistic environment, putting responsibility for your emotional state to your partner, even though your emotions are yours and your partner may not have really done anything wrong. Doing so may put your partner on the defensive and may greatly inhibit communication and your progress towards resolution and understanding what you are experiencing.

Enabling Jealous Actions

This is more for the jealous person’s partner than for the jealous person. If you both know that you have jealousy issues then by not talking about it or confronting them, albeit calmly, coolly, and with compassion, you are enabling and reinforcing this behavior and allowing it to continue. Once you start to do that you are reinforcing for them that this behavior is acceptable and that you will just deal with it, which leads to not only a break down in communication, but also in bad feelings for both of you, and potentially a significant amount of resentment.

Take the time to care enough to talk about and address jealousy in your relationship. Ignoring it is not going to make it go away, and is only going to allow it to fester and grow stronger potentially creating a chasm between both of you with a lot of pain.

Pain and chasms – bad. Calm and honest communication – good. Realize that it is going to take two of you to address jealousy, so help to be apart of the solution, by not enabling this behavior. Perhaps you can be the one to suggest counseling if your partner is reluctant to.

References and More Info

What I have written is a pretty good start to this topic, but please do peruse these references for more information. If these do not suffice, please seek a qualified professional to assist you. I also will appreciate recommendations for any other pertinent and useful resources that you may find or know of. I did not include articles on therapy through writing. If you are interested google has plenty, of a therapist can help you with that as well. =)




Life Update (June 22, 2009)


So, breast here we are about a week or so before Tanya’s due date. She is so ready for this pregnancy to be over with. Her feet are in pain from carrying so much extra weight. Some good things about it is that during this pregnancy her body tempurature has been warmer than normal, which puts her at being comfortable most of the time. Normally she is always chilly or cold, but not now, so that has been a nice change for her.

We are getting the emergency pregnancy bag together are making sure we have everything we need to get this scary and throroughly exciting new era of our lives started. We have most everything we need from a crib, bassinet, diaper genie and a whole host of other things mostly donated or given as gifts by the wonderful people in our lives. =)

My mother is excited beyond all belief, especially after fearing that I may never have children since I have waited so long. I am currently 35 =O and not getting any younger. =)

Hopefully, in the next week we will be able to post that our new daughter has been born.

Immigrating Family

Tanya’s brother and his wife have one a Green Card through the US’ Green Card Lottery and have been here for a few weeks. We have been able to get a lot done. We have their Social Security CardsNumbers and Green Cards, as well as having a job for her and a car for them, plus back accounts and debit cards setup. We have some thoughts on work for him. He is a mechanic and are working towards those jobs. We are currently working towards getting their divers licenses and finding and getting them an apartment.

The primary issue we have is their English knowledge. Neither learned a lot of English in school back in Belarus. They are now really  just starting to learn English so that is going to slow their progress down. They are learning it each day. They have MP3 based lessons as well as books that they are working with so things are progressing. Yea!

Father’s Day

Fathers day was a combo of 2 days. My father wanted to have a cook-out and fire so we arranged to have a cook-out at our house on Saturday. My parents brought over most of the food and stuff so Tanya would not have to worry about things so much. I had to work at First Weber in the morning until about 14:30 (2:30pm) or so. After that we prepared things for them to come over.

I have 3 used grills and will be looking forward to buying a new grill some day. My wife prefer’s the flavor of food cook over fire instead of gas or charcoal, so after talking with my Dad and Tanya we started the grill with charcoal and then added some wood on top of it. Now, of course the wood would put the flame right at the grills surface and cook/burn things too quickly and make it really hard to control, so I brought out the metal cooking griddle that I bought for camping and placed that comfortably over the grill. It fit right on the edge allowing the heat from the flame to more evenly heat the griddle to cook. That seemed to work really well. The only issues with it were that the mesquite chips we used were not effective in imparting their flavor and the griddle was too small to cook a lot quickly, other than that, it seemed to work really well.

We ate and drank and enjoyed ourselves. It was a good time.

Sunday, was more my day. We went to church at the Free Congregation where we discussed Evolutionary Creationism which is a pet topic of mine, so I found it really enlightening and enjoyable. Our speaker, Andrew Kerr is always a delight to listen to. He is quite intellectual and challenging.

New friends

After that we stopped by a couple that contacted us, since Tanya was Russian and so was the wife. We made plans to meet for the first time and it was a pleasure, especially for me. The husband was an American who was a geek as well as a former US Navy nuke, so we had a lot in common there. The wife was Russian, and was an English as a Second Language teacher and has a degree in Linguistics which I found interesting since I am reading a little bit about it due to my interest in Esperanto.

Dugeons and Dragons

D&D Sunday was great, We got together with the group and killed a few things but spent most of our time in an puzzle/trap room and a Skill Challenge with a long dead adventuring party. A good time. =)

All-in-all a good Fathers Day weekend.

24 Hour Time For Dummies

I strongly advocate everyone learning using the 24 Hour clock verses our normal 12 hour clock.

I was in the military for 6 years and I am quite comfortable with it. My father was a pilot and he taught me the the 24 clock as well as the Phonetic Alphabet (which I also advocate), infertility so I was familiar enough with it prior to entering into the military. It is simple enough to learn with a little diligent practice.

Problems With the 12 Hour Clock

The current problems we have with our 12 hour clock is that you always have to ask or wonder is this person meaning AM or PM, esophagitis morning or afternoon, if they speak or write the time lazily or you catch the conversation out or context. Unless they specifically say AM or PM, or morning or afternoon or the contxt is quite clear, then this thought or annoying ponderance is there in the back of your mind. If I say 7 o’clock you need to know AM or PM in order to know what time a person is referring to, whereas if they say 19:00 you know it is at night.

There only a few countries left that use the 12 hour clock: the United States, Canada, and a few others.

Why Use the 24 Hour Clock

The 24 hour clock, conversely, is clear by the spoken or written numbers: 17:31 is 5:31pm or 03:35 is 3:35am. There is no potential alpha or numeric ambiguity possible with the time. It is easy to read and for your mind to parse instead of parsing both alpha and numeric characters, there are just a single set of numbers for your mind to interpret.

Much of Europe has moved to the 24 clock. Airlines, military, trains and other similar emergency and international and public services use the 24 hour clock for its simplicity, ease of use, and lack of ambiguity.

Learning the 24 Hour Clock

Conversion of Time between  a 12 Hour and 24 Hour Clock
12 Hour Clock 24 Hour Clock
12 Hour Clock 24 Hour Clock
12:00AM 00:00 (starting)
1:00 AM 01:00
2:00 AM 02:00
3:00 AM 03:00
4:00 AM 04:00
5:00 AM: 05:00
6:00 AM 06:00
7:00 AM 07:00
8:00 AM 08:00
9:00 AM 09:00
10:00 AM 10:00
11:00 AM 11:00
12 00 PM 12:00
1:00 PM 13:00
2:00 PM 14:00
3:00 PM 15:00
4:00 PM 16:00
5:00 PM 17:00
6:00 PM 18:00
7:00 PM 19:00
8:00 PM 20:00
9:00 PM 21:00
10:00 PM 22:00
11:00 PM 23:00
12:00 AM 24:00 (ending)

Learning the 24 Hour Clock is not so hard. Times from 1:00am to 12:00pm (noon) are written basically the same. It is written as follows: 2:30am = 02:30 (or 0230); 4:15pm = 16:15 (or 1615). See, it is not really that different.

After noon time things get a little trickier though. The hours after noon increase incrementally by 1 numerical hour from 1:00pm up until 12:00am (midnight), so you have 1:00pm is 13:00, 2:00pm is 14;00, and 3:00pm is 15:00… all the way up to 11:59pm which is 23:59. See! =)

Midnight Conventions

There are some conventions for telling the midnight hour. They are not really important since they all point to the same time. Use either and you will be understood.

If you are talking about the ending of a day or time period on midnight, it would be 24:00 since it would continue the day’s counting process. If you start a day at midnight they it would be 00:00 which shows a new day starting and not a continuance from the previous day’s activities or period.

That is about it. Both refer to the same time, so either way there will be no real confusion. Some use one and not the other.

Speaking 24 Hour Time

24 hour time is spoken as such: 02:00 would be said ‘oh two hundred hours’; 02:30 would be said ‘oh two hundred thirty hours’ or just ‘twenty two thirty’.

Telling 24 Hour Time On-The-Fly

For times prior to noon it is not a problem. They are written essentially the same. Times after noon require a little bit of math. The more basic way to tell time (until you get used to it) is to take the time and subtract 12:00 and that will be your time (converted to 12 the hour clock system). Leave the minutes alone since that will not change, and just do the math for the hours portion:
  • 16:00 would be 16:00 – 12:00 = 4:00pm – since the hour is greater than 12 you know that it is at pm time.
  • 22:15 would be 22:15 – 12:00 = 10:15pm – again, since the hour is greater than 12 you know that it is at pm time.
  • 02:31 would be 2:31am – no math is required since the hour is less than 12:00.
  • 10:18 would be 10:18am – again, no math is required since the hour is less than 12:00.

This method is a little more difficult (in my humble opinion), but it will suffice until your get more familiar with it and then the following potentially simpler method may serve you better:

For hours greater than 12:00 you just subtract 2:00 from the time, and since the hour is automatically going to be a twelve or less you drop the first digit. Such as the following: 21:00 – you forget about the 20:00 portion of the time and just subtract the 02:00 from the hour leaving you 9:00 pm.

For times of 22:00 or greater you will remember they are a derivitive of 10:00 so you just add the 10:00 to the 0:00 and you have your time:

  • 22:04 = 2:04 – 2:00 = 0:04 + 10:00 = 10:04pm
  • 18:16 = 8:16 – 2:00 = 6:16pm
  • 23:45 = 3:45 – 2:00 = 1:45 + 10:00 = 11:45pm
  • 15:33 = 5:33 – 2:00 = 3:33pm

If you have any questions or comments feel free to add them here. If you have any resources or methods that simplify this process I would also like to hear it.  Below are some other resources that may assist you in learning the 24 hour clock including some study tools and a flash application or two.


Here are some references to help you to learn more about the 24 Clock as well as learn how to start telling time using the 24 hour clock. If you have found better resources please let me know.

A 3 Part Post to Understanding the Supreme Court Track to Getting SSM to the Supreme Court

Flag of Esperanto

Flag of Esperanto

A Natural Negative Viceral Reation

I imagine that if your have read this far you most likely do not fall into this group, viagra sale but assuming that you are one of the few whose emotions do take charge and determine your reaction this is normal for many, but I am hoping that we can look beyond that potential irrational thoughts to see the logical value that Esperanto holds for humanity.

Many of the psychological reasons for a negative reaction to Esperanto have been covered in depth by Claude Piron in his article titled “Psychological Reactions to Esperanto. If that is not enough then perhaps you may consider the Dunning-Kruger Effect. I am bringing these two articles up so that hopefully we can bypass emotions and take a look at Esperanto from a logical point, since emotions and irrationality are a lot of what has kept Esperanto from being accepted world wide. I am hoping to help you, my humble reader, to bypass this into enlightenment. =)

Neutral Language

Esperanto is a neutral language in that it does not have any specific ties to a religion, culture, or nation. All other languages such as Japanese, English, Swahili, French, Russian, Hebrew, etc all have national, religious, cultural, political, and/or historical connotations, and baggage associated with them.

Americans want English to remain the lingua franca, the Japanese want Japanese, the Russians want Russian, and many will oppose a language other than their native language simply because it is not their language or because there is national (French), historical (German), or political (English) problem from some countries which would keep it from being accepted.

French was the international language prior to World War II for a long time and then English took over after showing its economic and military dominance throughout that war. This change is imminent especially as world’s political and economic landscape changes. What will be the next International Language? Whose will it be?

For native English speakers who do not speak Hindi or any dialect of Chinese learning these languages can can be quite the daunting thought. 

Constructed Language

Some would say that the fact that Esperanto is a constructed language is a disadvantage, but I will argue that this is a distinct advantage when applied to an international audience and learning the language.

Planned Language

The native languages that people speak have naturally and organically evolved through happenstance and serendipity much to the chagrin and frustration of a person who is trying to pick them up as second languages. No one sat down and said this is how we are going formulate our language so it makes sense and is usable.

Native languages evolved throughout humanity’s history to be complex, inconsistant, exception ridden, and only easy to learn if you learned it natively. If you try to pick up a second “natural” language you have to deal with many grammatical inconsistencie, homphones and homonyms, and exceptions inherent in most organically evolved “natural” languages, slang, as well as colloquial usage and pronuncuation. Esperanto spares you pretty much all of this, because it is a non-organic constructed language built with the intent to be consistent, phonetic, and easy to learn and speak naturally.

Italian born American polyglot (fluent in 30+ languages) and linguist, Dr. Mario Pei,  extols the virtues of Esperanto as a primary and real answer to the International Language problem in his 4rth and final response in the July-September, 1963 issue of International Language Review.

Save Lives, Save Money

Airlines (Kent Jones)

Esperanto has been constructed to be consistent, phonetic, and easy to learn avoiding the pitfalls and difficulties of native languages, which can also save lives. Kent Jones, a former airline pilot, has been a strong advocate of having Esperanto as the default language for all airline positions. English is difficult to learn and is fraught with inconsistencies that have resulted in many unwarranted deaths due to misccommunications (Plane Speaking, News Briefs – Aug. 1999). He argues that Esperanto relies on our innate instincts for word formation once the language is learned making it easier and far more intuitive.


Two major pharmacy chains have agreed to translate prescription drug instructions into customers’ primary languages in more than 2,000 stores across New York.

Pharmacies agree to translate drug instructions, Forbes, November 2008

More money and lives to be saved by Esperanto.

The way to protect US interests, save lives, and to level the playing field for all is to adopt Esperanto which has no cultural or national ties. It is orders-of-magnitudes easier to learn and gain a conversational understanding – somewhere in the realm of a little over 1 year of active study verses 4-6 years for a “national” language.

Gateway Language

Esperanto will serve as a gateway language which will make it easier for people to more quickly learn other languages. Learning Esperanto prior to learning another can help reduce the amount of time to achieve conversational fluency by two years. It has also been proven to increase understanding and proficiency of your native tongue as well. Invest a year in learning Esperanto and your can decrease the time to fluency in a foreign language as well as join the world as one of its citizens. (Propaedeutic value of Esperanto) Dr. Mario Pei talks about the many merits of Esperanto as a gateway language while speaking at Columbia University on 16 May 1973.

Here is a excerpt from the Springboard 2 Languages pilot program in Britain in which they are teaching Esperanto as a prequel for learning other languages:

Springboard and the National Languages Strategy

Many schools used to teach children the recorder, not to produce a nation of recorder players, but as a preparation for learning other instruments.

Springboard uses Esperanto, not to produce a nation of Esperanto-speakers, but as a preparation for learning other languages.

Why does Springboard use Esperanto?

Esperanto is an ideal ‘apprentice’ or ‘starter’ language bringing together elements from other languages and with structures and word-building features which appeal to young learners. Many of its words and phrases are instantly recognisable (e.g. la suno brilas = the sun shines).

Its regular grammatical structure helps learners to develop a feel for nouns, verbs and adjectives, etc.

It is used in some 90 countries round the world and is perfect for learning about other cultures and lifestyles.

Springboard 2 Languages , Britain

Here is a quote from Mondeto, a second language for all children, an Australian project that introduces Esperanto in a similar fashion and means in their schools:

Why My Child Should Learn Esperanto?

One of the benefits of second language learning is the effect it has on brain function. Modern optical imaging technology captures brain activity and research has shown that the bilingual brain behaves differently to that of the single language learner. Studies show that bilingual children demonstrate greater creativity, cognitive development and divergent thinking than monolingual children. The work of researcher Andrea Mechelli of London’s Wellcome Department of Imaging Neuroscience discovered that the brain of bilingual people develops more densely which gives it an advantage in various abilities and skills. Mechelli’s research explains the nature of the two types of tissue visible to the naked eye, termed grey and white matter. Bilingual speakers had denser grey matter (or volume and intellect), especially in areas of language, memory, and attention compared with monolingual participants (Hitti 2004). Mechelli’s work showed that this was especially evident in participants who had begun their second language learning at or before age five. This is due to the fecundity of neural networks and greater plasticity of the young child’s brain. The University of Cologne’s, Dr Claudia Riehl  purports that a second language should be acquired as early as possible and that language learning in the classroom can be improved through programmes which consider that languages are connected (Riehl 2006).

Learning a second language assists proficiency in first language learning. The investigation of tructures and the application of strategies for accessing language establish a set of connected and complementary understandings which leads to an enhanced mastery of both languages. Several studies show that people who are competent in more than one language outscore those who are speakers of only one language on tests of verbal and non verbal intelligence. (Bruck, Lambert, and Tucker, 1974: Hakuta, 1986: Weatherford, 1986). Australian research (Clyne et al. 1995:8) showed that exposure to as little as one hour per week of a second language in the earliest years of primary school advances the age of reading readiness in English.

Ellen Bialystock of York University, Canada, found that pre-school children who are bi-lingual are quicker to understand the symbolic function of letters and score twice as high as monolingual children in recognition tests of written characters (Bialystock 1997). Studies also show that learning another language enhances the academic skills of students by increasing their abilities in reading, writing and mathematics (NCSSFL 2002).

Why My Child Should Learn Esperanto?, Mondeto – Australia

Use and Recognition

  • Wikipedia
  • Vatican via Jean-Paul II, pope: It pronounced its blessing Urbi and Orbi in 51 languages, whose Esperanto starting from 1994.
  • Google
  • United Nations: In October 1966, the UEA presented the Secretary General of the United Nations with a proposal recommending that the UN solve the language problem by supporting use of the International Language, Esperanto. The petition was signed by almost a million individuals and by 3,843 organizations representing 71 million more people from all over the world. Today, an Esperanto office operates across the street from the UN, staffed by a professional linguist and several volunteers.
  • United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) said that the language conforms to their ideals; see also UNESCO Presentation – Esperanto, A Fair Language, December 2008;
  • Leon Tolstoï:

    I found the volapük very complicated and, on the contrary, very simple Esperanto. It is so easy that having received, six years ago, a grammar, a dictionary and articles of this idiom, I could arrive, at the end of two early hours, if not to write it, at least with usually reading the language. () the sacrifices which any man of our European world will make, by devoting some time to his study are so small, and the results which can result from this so immense, that one cannot refuse to carry out this test. (1894) 

  • Gandhi, politician and Indian philosopher:

    I am for the same calendar for the whole world, as I am for the same currency for all the people and a world auxiliary language like the Esperanto for all the people. 

  • Robert Kennedy, American politician, brother of John F. Kennedy:

    It is very probable that a neutral language would be more useful like means of communication between the various nations of the world. The Esperanto is already for a long time one of the principal candidates for this function. 

  • Jules Verne: His book new until 1993 draft on 50 pages of the Esperanto in the account Trips studies . It made there say to the one its heroes: the Esperanto, it is surest, the fastest vehicle of the Civilization. And said to its entourage: the key of a common language lost in the tower of Babel can be remade only by the use of Esperanto.
  • Nobel Laureates and other Famous Esperantists
  • Albert Einstein, physicist and German mathematician:

    In Kassel, in 1923, is chaired by honor of Albert Einstein IIIe congress of the Worldwide association Anationale (SAT), organization in sociocultural matter and vocation émancipatrice founded with Prague in 1921 and whose working language is Esperanto. Forty-two scientists of the Academy of Science express the same year a wish in favor of its teaching as “a chief of work of logic and simplicity”. History of Esperanto

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Here is an indepth 3 part series by Melissa Griffin explaining how to get the Same Sex Marriage issue to the Supreme court will work since it is being taken up specifically for this goal: Part 1, mind
Part 2, viagra Part 3.

“The Hipocrisy of Culture”

Here is an interesting article called “The Hiporcrisy of Culture“.

“Mr. Deity”

I found this website called “Mr. Deity” which is a kind of insightful and humorous personification of God and biblical events.

Betty Bowers on Biblical Marriage

Comedian, migraine Deven Green, as Betty Bowers, America’s Best Christian, in this amazing and insightful video with a tang that takes a walk through the plethora of the Biblical examples of marriage to show how tame same sex marriage really is:

Betty Bowers Explains Traditional Marriage