Gene Therapies Or Genetic Filtering Of Our Reproductive Cells Is Going To Be Necessary

This post ends up being a kind of a follow up to ‘Monogamy and Medical Sciences Bypassing Advantages of Natural Selection‘.

First let me define Genetic Therapies and Genetic Filtering in the way that I will be using it in this post:

Genetic Therapies
I am referring to a branch of medicine in which we will be able to administer to people, capsule post birth, to genetically filter out/remove mutations, diseases, and other undesirable traits.
Genetic Filtering
Genetic filtering or screening of embryos or other reproductive cells to remove mutations, diseases, and other undesirable traits.

We have our medical sciences  extending our lives and allowing undesirable and genetically transferable diseases, mutations, and traits to continue on in our genetic pool that would normally, without the interference of technology, have been weeded out through natural selection. Because of this fact, I believe that gene therapies or  genetic filtering of our reproductive cells  is going to be necessary to strengthen and to ensure the survival of our species,  since evolution is going to be denied its ability to do its job well. We will, in some ways, have to act as evolution’s assistant since our medical sciences is running interference and allows traits that would normally die out to perpetuate.  

Another really important advantage of using either gene therapies or genetic filtering is decreased health care costs, and an increase in the quality of life and our productive years.  Perhaps these are going to be the most important health care advances, because they are totally preventative based medicine and not response based medicine.

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  1. ssiverling says:

    You know I was reading an article that was interesting, basically it said Diabeties was a genetic advantage during the ice age since it kept people from freezing to death.

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