Esperanto, The EU, and the Nobel Peace Prize

European Union

Ljudmila Novak, cardiology who I assume is a Polish a Slovenian delegate to the European Union Parliament, rx is suggesting that Esperanto be the common language for the European Union. Yea!

Since it was mentioned below I will go ahead and add this to the post. I have seen this around, eczema but I have not posted it yet, since I had a good idea what it was about. The Prague Manifesto, which was drafted in 1996 at a World Congress of Esperato, gives a wonderful rationale for the use of Esperanto as the IAL

Nobel Prize

I did not report on this before since there were only a few places that mentioned it, but I will mention this now: Esperanto was nominated for a 2008 Nobel Peace Prize.

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  1. mankso says:

    Ljudmila Novak (note the spelling) is from Slovenia, not Poland. You can vote on the proposal at her website here:
    A modern rationale for Esperanto can be found in the 7 points of the Prague Manifesto:

  2. Thank you for the corrections… =)
    I will take care of that shortly.

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