Fascist Butterfly?

I suppose you are wondering how the hell the title of this post makes any sense. Well, here if it makes you feel any better I am still trying to figure it out too. =)

I went to an eye exam and purchased new glasses late last week, pill which came today. Now, I usually bring my beautiful and most awesomest wife, Tanya, along with to help pick out my frames, but it did not happen this time, because I was in a hurry. My eyes were greatly strained and I just wanted it to stop.

When she returned home from teaching her Yoga class she was appalled at the very sight of my new frames and all she could manage to utter while shuddering in revulsion were the words “fascist butterfly”. I feel like she has this uncontrollable desire to put a bag over my head so she does not have to bare the sight of them in all of their hideous glory. I am afraid that she may try to smoother them while I am sleeping, or perhaps angrily spray me with a flaming pesticide. =o

Let us keep in mind that my most wonderful wife is Russian and with their history and culture especially for people of her age and older, they have a built-in antagonism for anything fascist-like. Unbeknownst to me these frames seem to embody that ideal. =(

I will try to get you a picture of the new glasses soon.

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