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Some Website Updates

Neutral Language

Esperanto is a neutral language in that it does not have any specific ties to a religion, physician culture, here or nation. All other languages such as Japanese, English, Swahili, French, Russian, Hebrew, etc all have national, religious, cultural, political, and/or historical connotations, and baggage associated with them.

Americans want English to remain the lingua franca, the Japanese want Japanese, the Russians, want Russian, and many will oppose a language other than their native language simply because it is not their language or because there is national (French), historical (German), or political (English) problem from some countries which would keep it from being accepted.

French was the international language prior to World War II for a long time and then English took over after showing its economic and political dominance throughout that war. This change is imminent especailly as world’s political and economic landscape changes. What will be the next International Language? Whose will it be?

For native English speakers who do not speak Indian or any dialect of Chinese learning these languages can can be quite the daunting thought. The way to protect US interests and to level the playing field for all is to adopt Esperanto which has no cultural or national ties. It is orders-of-magnitudes easier to learn and gain a conversational understanding – somewhere in the realm of a little over 1 year of active study.

Constructed Language

Some would say that the fact that Esperanto is a constructed language is a disadvantage, but I will agrue that this is a distinct advantage when applied to an international audience. The native languages that most people speak have naturally and organically evolved much to the chagrin and frustration to a person who is trying to pick them up as second languages.

If you try to pick up a second language you have to deal with many gramattical inconsistencies and exceptions inherent in most organically grown “natural” languages, slang, as well as colloquial usage and pronuncuation. Esperanto spares you pretty much all of this, because it is a non-organic constructed language built with the intent to be easy to learn and consistent.

In English we have a few ways that have oprganically grown for us to make the ‘o’ sound as in the following situations: to, too, beautiful, few, and sue. How does anyone learn English? Esperanto is phonetic. The letters make one sound and one sound only each and every time. There are no tricky letter combinations that make differing sounds such as th, ch, qu and so on.

Esperanto has been constructed to be consistent, phonetic, and easy to learn avoiding the pitfalls and difficulties of other native languages.

Gateway Language

Esperanto will serve as a gateway language which will make it easier for people to more quickly learn other languages. Learning Esperanto prior to learning another can help reduce the amount of time to achieve converstional fluency by one or two years. It has also been proven to increase understanding and proficiency of your native tongue.

Preface – Esperanto Primer

First thing I want you to do is to overload yourself on  the Esperanto primer to get an overdose intro into Esperanto. I do not expect you to remember most of this. I just want you to get exposure to the overarching concepts found in Esperanto so you will have some perspective in how things fit together in the big picture of the language. If you really, online
really need to concentrate on something while taking a look at this then concentrate on the alphabet, since that will be the first lesson. 

You may want to print out the Primer so you have it as a reference document as you go through these exercises. It may come in handy to refresh your memory to give you an idea where the lesson is going or how it fits into the rest of the language. 

Chapter 1 – Esperanto Basics 

In Chapter 1 we will cover the Alphabet, as well as basic Noun, Verb, Article and Conjunction formation, as well as basic sentence structure and formation.

Chapter 2 – Expand Your Basics

In Chapter 2 we will cover Pronouns, Adjectives, more word modifiers, as well as expand your vocabulary a bit.

Basic Updates

I have the Links section copied over from my Blogger account. I also have the Archive basically functioning.

I may have a contact form up and running over this holiday weekend. We will see. Now that I am looking at it I will have to add a new comment and spam module too.

I am also considering moving this site from the WordPress CMS over to Drupal now that Dreamhost has an auto-install for Drupal… Yea!

Esperanto Pages

I have added a link in the header for Esperanto. I am in the process of trying to learn the language. This is more for my benefit while I muddle my way through it. If anyone has any questions, generic
comments, generic suggestion, improvements, corrections, or links for source validation, please feel free to comment. I will be expanding this as I go.

Fascist Butterfly?

All nouns bases all end with the letter ‘o’ such as libro which means book.

Common Noun Modifiers

ag – add ag and the end of the word to make it larger such as converting book to tome or just a really large book: librajo
Object of sentence
n – add the suffix n to the end of a noun to show that it is the object of a sentence – libron.    

j – add to the end of a noun to make it plural – libroj. Plural object – librojn.
et – add et and the end of the word to make it smaller such as converting book to booklet: libreto

Gender Specific Nouns

Female: All gender specific nouns are considered male. To make these female add the suffix ‘in’ to it. Make boy which is knabo to girl – knabino.

Genderless: adding ‘ge’ to the front of one of these words removes gender from the meaning, bronchi i.e. ‘gepatro’ means parent.

Mr./Mrs. – Sinjoro/Sinjorino


Boy/Girl – knabo/knabino

Son/Daughter – filo/filino

Brother/Sister – frato/fratino

Father/Mother – patro/patrino

Man/Woman – viro/virino

Uncle/Aunt – onklo/onklino 

Child – infano

Dates and Times

Second – sekundo

Minute  – minuto

Hour – horo

Year – Jaro

Week – Semajno

Morning – mateno

Day – tago

Evening – vespero

Sunset – sunsubiro

Sunrise – sunleviĝo

Cardinal Numbers

  • 1 – unu
  • 2 – du
  • 3 – tri
  • 4 – kvar
  • 5 – kvin
  • 6 – ses
  • 7 – sep
  • 8 – ok
  • 9 – naŭ
  • 10 – dek
  • 11 – dek unu
  • 12 – dek du
  • 20 – dudek
  • 30 – tridek
  • 100 – cent
  • 1000 – mil

I suppose you are wondering how the hell the title of this post makes any sense. Well, doctor
if it makes you feel any better I am still trying to figure it out too. =)

I went to an eye exam and purchased new glasses late last week, refractionist
which came today. Now, I usually bring my beautiful and most awesomest wife, Tanya, along with to help pick out my frames, but it did not happen this time, because I was in a hurry. My eyes were greatly strained and I just wanted it to stop.

When she returned home from teaching her Yoga class she was appalled at the very sight of my new frames and all she could manage to utter while shuddering in revulsion were the words “fascist butterfly”. I feel like she has this uncontrollable desire to put a bag over my head so she does not have to bare the sight of them in all of their hideous glory. I am afraid that she may try to smoother them while I am sleeping, or perhaps angrily spray me with a flaming pesticide. =o

Let us keep in mind that my most wonderful wife is Russian and with their history and culture especially for people of her age and older, they have a built-in antagonism for anything fascist-like. Unbeknownst to me these frames seem to embody that ideal. =(

I will try to get you a picture of the new glasses soon.

A Little November Catchup

Here’s a little catchup for the last month or so or our busy, ask busy lives.

Yoga Studio

As I have written about Tanya has been teaching Yoga in the old Baraboo News Republic building and that has been going well. We have not advertised this and a few of her classes have maxed out (6 people which is all we can fit in the room), case and that is great. It is a nice place and the owner is very amiable and helpful.

We had our first day where the Jiu-Jitsu classes were being taught. We have been waiting for this day, neurosurgeon and well, it wasn’t so bad, but I am pretty sure that we are going to have to find somewhere else to teach. =( Once this one month trial is over we will most likely look for a new place to teach.


We have known that we have need to replace the roof since we bought the house and now we are doing it. Hopefully, the roofers will be here this week to get it done. This will pretty much tap us out of our savings, but at least that will be fixed. Annoying, but necessary.

Early Thanksgiving

My sister’s kids were down from Thursday to Sunday to spend time with my parents and us. That was a lot of fun. I beat Tyler and Dad in racquetball, as well as tennis (2 on 1). We played cards and watched movies. It was a good time.

My Birthday

My birthday was quiet. I spent it with Tanya and my parents. We went to church, ate my mother’s deep fried chicken (which I love), and we saw the movies ‘Madagascar 2’ and ‘Quantum of Solace’. IT was a good day.

Tanya bought for me a Garmin GPS. I almost cried. It was electronic. It has buttons. Yea, I love buttons…. and most of all it may keep us from getting lost. I had thought about picking one up especially since I have become a Realtor. My sense of direction is horrible and this is rather ironic since I am in real estate. How on earth would I ever find the places or be on time. Well, now that is answered. Whew!

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We Are Pregnant!

OK, medstore well, I am not pregnant but my Tatsianka is. We have been trying for a few months since we returned from Belarus in July, and it has happened. We just returned from our first doctor’s appointment and verified that she is about 2 months along. We heard the baby’s heart beat too. Wow! Tanya started to cry and I almost did. =) It was a wonderful moment that really made it quite clear that this is real, and that it is really happening. It was no longer a plan or just a word – ‘pregnancy’.

We are simultaneously excited and scared. This will be our first child, and this will be a brand new experience for both of us. We are looking forward to it. Let one of life’s most wonderful and powerful journeys begin.

We wanted to wait until after the first doctor’s appointment before telling the world, and so, here we are. We are pregnant!

Promote Esperanto as the International Language

Go to White House 2 to show your support for Esperanto as the international language. Email all of your Esperanto peeps and have them take a whack at it too.

Wiki Sites Advising Obama’s Administration To Be…

Here are two wiki based sites that are allowing people to vote for their support on topics that the new administration should make priority. Have your voice be heard and maybe they will listen.

Diet and Hunger with Evolution in Mind

OK, approved not that anyone cares so much to hear about this topic, oncologist but I am going to write about it anyhow. I have wanted to write this little post for quite some time, information pills but I have not had the time.

I have written a little about my little diet experiment in a previous posts having gone from 164 lbs down to 150 lbs, and now after having returned from Belarus (and off the diet) I am back up to 162 lbs. I have been thinking a lot about how my hunger and my desires to eat manifest, how losing and gaining weight happened, as well as thinking about how evolutionary psychology might apply in this situation. I know you are thinking ‘A strange combination.’ or ‘Isn’t there something more interesting he could be doing?’.

The Shangri-la diet crushed my snacking or munchies almost completely. It was such a freeing and wonderful feeling to look at a chocolate bar, candy, or something else sweet and tasty and think ‘I do not need that’ and just walk away. This got me to thinking about how and why we all have these desires to eat things that we do not need to eat, and that may not even be good for you. I have come up with a little theory here. We have 2 modes for eating: the ‘eating to live’ mode and the ‘eating to eat’ mode. The first one is necessary and the second one may serve a purpose that is not needed and perhaps even detrimental in a first world country like the United States.

Eating to Live

This section is going to be fairly short as it will be pretty much self explanatory. The body lets you know that you need to eat by making you feel feint, giving you that hungry feeling, as well as an anxiousness to find food. Once you find food you eat until you do not need it any more. This ensures that you have enough calories to keep on living and allow you to find more food for survival

This provides for you the instincts and feedback via psychological and biological feed back in order for you to stay alive and take care of your bodies needs right now. I have found that while on the Shangri-la diet that I pretty much always decided to eat healthier and chose to not eat unhealthy foods when the ‘eating to eat’ was crushed. I was in much more control of and much more conscious of my bodies needs and the food I ate.

Eating to Eat

The previous one is not so interesting, well this one I find a little more interesting. Eating to eat. Snacking munchies. This part sucks!

So, you have eaten. You are not really hungry and you just have this desire to eat something. You do not have an urge for anything specific, but you find yourself looking through the cupboards or the refrigerator for something that will sate this desire to just eat. This is an annoying feeling that you just want to get rid of.

Now your body looking around and will have you sating yourself on foods that are most likely fattening. You body has food in it and is not really hungry, but now it is moving into fat storage mode since it has time in order to ensure that you will survive longer. Why on earth would you body do that in this world?

Lets think about it like this. Evolution takes thousands and thousands of years in order to make changes. Our bodies and minds are stuck with the instincts and bodies wrought in an old, old world where humans are hunting mammoths on the plains in small packs or tribes. Gathering what fruits they can find as they go. Nomadic tribes who hunt prehistoric creatures. In that day and age humans may go weeks without food and the human body has developed a mechanism to enhance its survival for those lean times. That survival mechanism is the ‘eating to eat’ process. Searching out foods especially fattening foods such as those with a lot of sugar, fat, partially hydrogenated oils, and high fructose corn syrup. Things that when eaten the body can turn to fat and store it for the potential lean days ahead greatly increasing your survivability.

I do not know about you, but in my little town of Baraboo where we have a super Walmart I have never found myself wanting for food or even close to truly starving. This ‘eating to eat’ is an outdated evolutionary psychological adaptation that is causing us so many problems leading us to obesity and other health issues since it is something that is really hard to control for many people. Controlling those urges and allowing ourselves to eat food that is health is not so easy and is a battle that is not easily won when evolution is against us.


I do not have a really profound conclusion for you, just that eating to eat is bad for us. We need to find a way to crush that deep and instinctual urge so that we can eat healthily and happily; to eat to live and not live to eat. The Shangri-la Diet experience helped me do that and it was quite the liberating experience.

In my previous post about this topic I mentioned that I will start the Shangri-la Diet again. I did not then since I was curious where it would take me, but I want to again now. I just need to find a not-so-nasty oil to partake.

I have also ordered and new Ergo-mouse thingy…

As a follow up to yesterdays Vertical Split Keyboard post I will also say that I am ordering a new mouse from ‘The Human Solution’ which is also basically vertical as well. I had to choose between the Aerobic Quill Mouse and the Evoulent Vertical Mouse. In the end I chose the left-handed Quill Mouse for the lower hand support and hooking to make it easier to move without having to grasp the mouse.

Also as a side note I am also starting to work on using the Dvorak Layout.

I also found this interesting keyboard and mouse replacement: the Orbitouch Keyless Keyboard.

I am ordering a Split Vertical Keyboard…

In a bid for more sustainable alternative energy technology patents licensed exclusively from Los Alamos National Laboratory (LANL) by Hyperion Power Generation brings us small scale nuclear reactors that also purify water.

I have not posted about this before, purchase
but quite a while ago I have been diagnosed with overuse syndrome which is a precursor to carpal tunnel syndrome. I had some annoying symptoms like a slight burning senesation in my wrist and near my elbow. At that time part of how I combatted that was to mouse using my left hand and the use of a Microsoft split ergonomic keyboard, symptoms
which I will say that I love and would never go back to a conventional keyboard… evah. This combo took me about a month to get used to and then it rocked. =)

So, now a few years have passed and now some symtoms are starting to manifest again and I am cranking my response up a notch. Work will be buying for me a split vertical keyboard (SVK) from Safe Type so that I can combat this problem. I am excited, yet afraid. This keyboard is so strange and it will really force me to touch type all-of-the-time. I can basically touch type, but I definitely do look at the keyboard on occasion. I know, I know. – “Cheater, cheater, pumpkin eater!”. This will be a good moment to improve my typing skills as well as save my hands from a horrible fate.

Perhaps this is also a good time to move to the Dvorak keyboard layout as well. =) I am also looking for a suitable ergonomic replacement for my mouse since that significantly contributes to my issues as well.

I will let you know how it turns out.

Small Scale Nuclear Reactor Technology by Los Alamos

In a bid for more sustainable alternative energy technology patents licensed exclusively from Los Alamos National Laboratory (LANL) by Hyperion Power Generation brings us small scale nuclear reactors that also purify water.

Obama’s Change Website

Obama has unleashed to outline his plan for transition as well for his future presidency. Check out what the future has in store for you.

New Yoga Classes in Baraboo

Tanya will be teaching classes on a month long trial basis at the old Baraboo News Republic Building in Baraboo. Classes will run from November 10 to December 6th. See our website (It’s All About You) for a full schedule.

2008 Presidential Election Comments


We are present and have been involved in a very historic and monumental moment in the history of the United States. The first black president has been elected. I am quite happy that Obama has won. I am looking forward to the changes he will bring.

Congress and Senate

I am a bit concerned at the overwhelming majority that the Democratic Party has in the Senate and Congress. So concerned that I almost voted Republican. If I had known more about those candidates I just might have I am worried that With A Democrat President and House and Congress that they will just steam-roll legislation through without any real opposition. All branches flush with vigor and power that Obama and the election has brought may bring about similar mistakes as Bush and post 9/11 legislation brought.

California’s Proposition 8

One last thought I am rather surprised that California’s Proposition 8 passed which instituted a State Constitutional ban on Gay marriage. With California being one of the most liberal and progressive states in the union, urologist and Google and Apple in support of the ban as well, more about I fully expected this to be beaten down like a red-headed step child.

Heres to hoping that this administration will do well and correct our current oversights and not allow high emotions of recent victory spoil the process.