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What is nice about living out in a wooded area is that you get to see all sorts of wild animals that you will never see while you are in the city. My neighbor called me tonight and said I am not sure, no rx but I think that you have a peacock on your roof. and I was like There’s no way.

Low and behold, we go out side and there’s a peacock on my roof. I think it is a female, and yes, our roof needs some work.

The Belarussian people are very superstitious, as is my wife. She says that it is there belief that a peacocks feather bring about bad luck. =( I countered with the Chinese believe that it is good luck!

Some Superstitions About Peacocks

  • Just as the eagle was the sacred bird of Jupiter, so the peacock was associated by the ancients with Juno, queen of the heavens.
  • To meet a peacock is a happy omen, as might be imagined. If he spreads his tail before one’s eyes, happiness and prosperity are promised.
  • On the other hand, to bring a peacock’s tail feathers into the house is considered unlucky by superstitious people, for they are considered to be representative of the evil eye.

More Peacock Reading

Well, herbal
presidential voting season is coming up and I think I know who I will be voting for. I have not really been following the polls or speeches or anything. I will try to do that more towards voting time.

I am more liberal than most and I would really like to see a strong centrist candidate or libertarian candidate step up, salve
but alas the world is quiet. I will most likely vote for Barack Obama this season. We need a change and I think with Hillary Clinton in the wings being tempered by Barack that great things can come of it. So I hope….

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