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The Pronoun ‘hu’

First, read more do not ask why how on earth I came upon this link or why I choose to post it: The Pronoun ‘hu’. Second, the points brought up can invoke an interesting discussion about how language shapes our thoughts and our ability to concisely express ourselves.

The Shangri-la Diet and Caloric Restriction

For those of you who know me, pharmacy none of you would call me fat. I am not. I am in decent shape. My legs and arms are all muscle and there a-little-bit-extra forming over my midsection and you wouldn’t notice unless I wore a tight-fitting shirt. I am 5’11” tall and 164lbs – an average American male.

My life is pretty sedentary. I spend most of my days sitting behind a computer screen typing a way or staying at home with my beautiful wife. I am not so active now. There was a time when I was working out and going to Karate 3-4 times a week. That was great and I enjoyed it, viagra 40mg but now my life has me with things that are more important than taking the time to work out.

So, sick now I found myself yearning for a way to keep the excess pounds off without killing myself (figuratively or literally) or my budget. I had heard of Calorie Restricted Dieting, but from what I have read about “them” in the news amounted to emaciated starvation cultists. I was not so interested in that. I am an avid D&D player and adding calorie restriction to my life would be one cult to many. (That is said in humor – Don’t take it serious people. Come on!)

The Shangri-la Diet

So I was just surfing around the internet and encountered mention of the book ‘The Shangri-la Diet‘ by Dr. Seth Roberts which details a pretty simple plan to loose weight. OK, I do not mean pretty simple, I mean really simple. The program boils down to taking a few table spoons a day of an oil or sugar water within a prescribed period each day and ‘whammo’ your hunger and food cravings are repressed; and then the fat starts to melt away.

I started on this a few weeks ago it has been an interesting ride. I started out taking Flax Seed Oil which is a nasty tasting yellow oil that on occasion invokes my gag reflex, so I gotta be careful. Of the oils listed in his book this was the healthiest, being that it is high in Omega-3’s (which I sorely lack due to not eating a lot of seafood). I will probably end up switching to Extra Light Olive Oil (ELOO) once I am done with the bottle of Flax Seed Oil.

The first week I basically substituted my lunch with the oil. I noticed that my food cravings basically vanished, which is a big thing. At work there is always some sort of chocolate, pastry, or something else laden with High Fructose Corn-Syrup (HFC), Monosodium Glutamate (MSG), or Partially Hydrogenated Oils (PHO) being brought in from Walmart. Not only that, but my when I am hungry at night I find myself being just a little bit hungry. When I first started I found myself getting hungry towards lunch, but at about 2 weeks into it I eat breakfast and then eat a little for supper and I am done for the day. I can go most of the day without eating and then eat only one meal in there, and I am fine.

This is such a strange feeling to not need to eat more than once a day. I eat because I need to and not because I feel the urge. I am eating to live and not living to eat as some would say it. I have not noticed any side-affects like being tired, or lacking energy, or anything like that. =)

So, if I am eating less then I need to make sure that what I am eating is good for me; that I am getting enough vitamins, minerals, and protein and so on. I will be even more concerned once I start being more active such as when I start playing tennis with my Dad now that spring is here.

Calorie Restricted Diets

One thing that was mentioned, almost in passing, in the Shangri-la Diet book is that even if you are eating less, if you are still eating crap, then you are still eating crap – crap is still bad for you. I wish that he would have given more information on this. This dearth of dietary information in the book had me thinking about these starvation cultists of the Calorie Restricted Diet (CRD).

I have long heard of and known of the the supposed health benefits of a CRD so I thought that this would be the best place to look to for dietary information on the foods with the maximum bang for the buck. Since I am eating less I need to eat better.

So, now I start to research the foods that are really healthy and that I will, hopefully, find palatable enough to eat.


I’m looking for a Few Good Investors

I’m looking for a few good investors who would like to invest in …

  • real estate but do not have the time or knowledge to do so themselves, cough but who have the money available.
  • and benefit from a Yoga studio in Madison.

If you have money burning in your pocket and are looking for return let me know. I think we can help each other out. If you are not looking perhaps you know someone who is, this then please pass this along.

For more information please email me at Investor [at] FreeXenon [dot] com.

Bikini (Swim Suit) vs. Bikini (Bra and Panty)?

Bikini (Swim Suit) vs. Bikini (bra and Panty)? What’s the issue?

It is an interesting observation where it is OK for people to see and appreciate a woman who is wearing a bikini swimsuit, therapy but is somehow uncomfortable and inappropriate to see a woman in her bra and panties. In this day and age it can be really hard to tell which is being worn – undergarments or a swimsuit. Tanya and I were looking at a Vistoria’s Secret catalog and we were not sure if we were looking at swimsuits or undergarments. That moment really makes me go ‘Hmmmmm!’.

So what is the issue here people? If a woman undressed in front of you down to her bra and panties you would most likely be really uncomfortable, discount rx but if you found out that it she was wearing a swimsuit everything would be OK.

They cover the same areas. The only really difference is the material that they are made of. Are there certain materials that engage our prudish or propriety instincts? If this is the case, then why is this so? What do you think?

All of this is predicated on wearing a swimsuit and bra/panty that are not sexual in nature.

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What is the Date and Time?

What is the Date and Time right now? ↑

To Go Or Not To Go – to Belarus

Politics and a Trip to Belarus

So, information pills the wife is in Belarus for 3 months and I am planning on going there for a month to attend the wedding of a close friend and then spend time in Belarus with my in-laws and our friends there. I am really looking forward it, this since it has been quite a while since I have been there.

I am faced with some annoying facts while planning a trip to Belarus. The U.S. government has currently frozen the assets of a Belarussian oil company there as a show of unhappiness towards the imprisoning of the the opposition leader during the last completely corrupted and farce of an election. (In Response to Sanctions, Belarus Seeks to Oust U.S. Envoy: WP March 8, 2008)

In retaliation for that the Belarussian government has demanded that the U.S. embassy in Minsk have its staff reduced down to a level equal to or less than that of the their embassy in the U.S.. The U.S. has also basically closed down the embassy and is not issuing any visas. (Belarus wants U.S. embassy staff cut to seven: Reuters April 2, 2008)

Will their be a second string of maneuvers and counter-maneuvers and how will it affect me, and other U.S. citizens making their way to Belarus. Will I be in danger due to Belarus’ corrupt government?

A Visa to Belarus

For more information on Visas and Belarus check my previous post on December 15, 2005.

So, now I gather the things that I need for a tourist visa (a passport picture, passport, a visa application form and a check) for a month long trip to Belarus. As long as I am there for less than 30 days I do not need an invitation and can get a standard tourist visa. Tanya is arranging to get an invitation ready for me in case I need one while I am there. Specifically, if she or I have issues with leaving the country due to political or immigration issues. Wish me luck! =)

"Shoot ‘Em Up" (Review – A-)

I was finally able to see the movie “Shoot ‘Em Up” this weekend. I can honestly say that I enjoyed it – a lot. This movie’s has a flagrant disregard for reality with over the top stunts and gun fights. I would almost say that it makes fun of the secret agent genre of movie in a serious way. It is filled what great one-liners and a plethora of guns, tadalafil dead bodies, bullets, and a hot chick to boot. A great recipe for a mindless good time.

The plot was interesting and keeps you thinking. I almost say it is needlessly complex given the over the top action, but it was nice to see the great stunt work with a decent plot to boot – this was almost a refreshing combination.

The Clive Owen and Paul Giamatti were excellent. Monica Bellucci is hot as hell, but her acting was just OK for me. If I remember correctly she was in the French film “Brotherhood of the Wolf” (Pacte des loups, Le), which I really liked her in.

This is completely a guy movie. The ladies will probably not enjoy this one so much, so save this one for time with the guys. For a guy movie I give it an high B+ or low A-; for the ladies I am thinking that this is probably in the C range.

Interesting Facts About the World

Here is a forward that I received recently and I thought it was interesting enough to post for everyone else to see. I cannot vouch for the accuracy of any of this:


More than half of the coastline of the entire United States is in Alaska.


The Amazon rain forest produces more than 20% the world’s oxygen supply.
The Amazon River pushes so much water into the Atlantic Ocean that, sick more
than one hundred miles at sea off the mouth of the river, hemorrhoids one can dip
fresh water out of the ocean. The volume of water in the Amazon river is
greater than the next eight largest rivers in the world combined and three
times the flow of all rivers in the United States.


Antarctica is the only land on our planet that is not owned by any
country. Ninety percent of the world’s ice covers Antarctica. This ice
also represents seventy percent of all the fresh water in the world. As
strange as it sounds, however, Antarctica is essentially a desert. The
average yearly total precipitation is about two inches Although covered
with ice (all but 0.4% of it, i.e.), Antarctica is the driest place on
the planet, with an absolute humidity lower than the Gobi desert.


Brazil got its name from the nut, not the other way around.


Canada has more lakes than the rest of the world combined. Canada is an
Indian word meaning "Big Village."


Next to Warsaw, Chicago has the largest Polish population in the world.


Woodward Avenue in Detroit, Michigan, carries the designation M-1, named
so because it was the first paved road anywhere.

Damascus, Syria

Damascus, Syria, was flourishing a couple of thousand years before Rome
was founded in 753 BC, making it the oldest continuously inhabited city in

Istanbul, Turkey

Istanbul, Turkey, is the only city in the world located on two continents.

Los Angeles

Los Angeles’s full name is El Pueblo de Nuestra Senora la Reina de los Angeles de Porciuncula –and can be abbreviated to 3.63% of its size: L.A.

New York City

The term "The Big Apple" was coined by touring jazz musicians of the
1930’s who used the slang expression "apple" for any town or city.
Therefore, to play New York City is to play the big time – The Big Apple.
There are more Irish in New York City than in Dublin, Ireland; more
Italians in New York City than in Rome, Italy; and more Jews in New York
City than in Tel Aviv, Israel.


There are no natural lakes in the state of Ohio, every one is man made.

Pitcairn Island

The smallest island with country status is Pitcairn in Polynesia, at just
1.75 sq. miles/4,53 sq. km.


The first city to reach a population of 1 million people was Rome, Italy
in 133 B.C. There is a city called Rome on every continent.


Siberia contains more than 25% of the world’s forests.


The actual smallest sovereign entity in the world is the Sovereign Military Order of Malta (S.M.O.M.). It is located in the city of Rome,
Italy, has an area of two tennis courts, and as of 2001 has a population
of 80, 20 less people than the Vatican. It is a sovereign entity under
international law, just as the Vatican is.

Sahara Desert

In the Sahara Desert, there is a town named Tidikelt, which did not
receive a drop of rain for ten years. Technically though, the driest place
on Earth is in the valleys of the Antarctic near Ross Island. There has
been no rainfall there for two million years.


Spain literally means ‘the land of rabbits.’

St. Paul, Minnesota

St. Paul, Minnesota, was originally called Pig’s Eye after a man named
Pierre "Pig’s Eye" Parrant who set up the first business there.


Chances that a road is unpaved in the U.S.A.: 1%, in Canada: 75%


The deepest hole ever made in the world is in Texas. It is as deep as 20
empire state buildings but only 3 inches wide.

United States

The Eisenhower interstate system requires that one-mile in every five
must be straight. These straight sections are usable as airstrips in times
of war or other emergencies.


The water of Angel Falls (the World’s highest) in Venezuela drops 3,212
feet (979 meters), 15 times higher than Niagara Falls.

Looking to Buy a Yoga Studio

Intel’s Mobile and Internet Linux Project is exactly the sort of thing that we need. In my ‘Class 2i‘ short story thing, click this is exactly what I am alluding to with the Personal Communication Device (PCD). This really excites me and I wish that I could throw a lot of money at them so that they develop this faster.

Tanya is current in Belarus for 3 months for the last time to finish her degree. While she is away I am going to be looking for a Yoga studio to buy or partner with in Madison. I am quite wary of engaging in this because I have a lot to learn about business management and business valuation. This is such a huge and complicated process to be going through. I have a lot of learning and research to do in order to value and purchase a business properly.

I am still excited and I look forward to the challenge of making this happen. I have books to read and people to talk to, treat
and a host of other things to do. I have currently emailed a few Yoga studios in Madison to see if any would be interested in either a partnership of a full buy out. We will see if any bite. IF you are reading this and you either own a Yoga studio or might know of one that may be interested, please let them know we are looking. =)

This the Future that I am Looking Forward to

Intel’s Mobile and Internet Linux Project is exactly the sort of thing that we need. In my ‘Class 2i‘ short story thing, click this is exactly what I am alluding to with the Personal Communication Device (PCD). This really excites me and I wish that I could throw a lot of money at them so that they develop this faster.

Pregnant Man?

First TV Interview: The Pregnant Man.

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A Women’s Site by Yahoo!

On Monday Yahoo! unveiled a site for women called Shine.

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