Definitely, Maybe (Review – B)

This is NOT really a chick-flick. After not reading any reviews or plot summary we expected a chick-flick and this is not quite that. It was either this or ‘Step Up 2’. I opted for this due to the renaissance setting.

This movie, side effects based in renaissance England, mind is steeped in lies, recipe intrigue, lust, and plotting, and shows the true end to duplicity for an ambitious family at court.

The acting was passionate and believable. The soundtrack, which I pretty much never notice, was moving.

Thankfully we will be seeing ‘Jumper’ this weekend. =)

A touching romantic film that highlights the trials and tribulations of relationships, buy as well as the journey to love, as a father tries to explain to his 11 year old daughter how he and her mother met.

I say it was a good chick-flick and Tanya says it was OK. What do I know? =)

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