The Spiderwick Chronicles (Review – A-)

My wife and I went to see ‘The Spiderwick Chronicles‘ last night and we really liked it. You could tell that it was a PG-13 movie – no blood or anything, pestilence but that did not detract anything for me. My wife really hates tense moments and suspense and she was hiding her face for much of the movie. How I love my wife. She did like the movie.

It was a fun movie full of well meshed fantasy and a few touching emotional moments Fellow RPG players or fantasy buffs will recognize many of the faerie creatures’ names. Their incarnation was different than what I am used to, medicine but it was fascinating and neat none-the-less. Their take on faerie is really cool. Great movie! The acting was good and the special effects were great.

You may want to reserve this movie for kids in the +/- PG-13 range. Some of the suspenseful moments might be a little much for a child that is really sensitive and afraid.

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