A Christmas Gift

This was written in 4 parts. Each two lines was written to a specific person and written in a card for them, what is ed and each was meant to fit into this specific little Christmas Poem. I was in the military and at sea when I wrote this, perhaps during my cruise to the Mediterranean in 1995, somewhere around there.

To my close friends and family on this holiday season
Warm tidings I send to thee

Upon this Christams season I think of you often
Reminiscing of our times together both happy and sad

Remembering the warmth of your words and embrace and
never wavering in support

Remembering the gifts traded of both heart and wrapping
but your loving presence is by far the best

Longing and treasuring the closeness that time and
distance may bring

Wishing at every moment I could be with you this holiday
To share in the revel found only in the tidings of St. Nick

Being so far away and unable to give to thee the gifts I wish
I send thee a present of heart and soul, of love and friendship in the prose contained herein.

James O’Neill, Winter 1995

Category: Holiday, Life, Poetry, Writing
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