The LG Cell Phone Debacle

I cannot live without my cell phone. I sleep with it, diagnosis shower with it. Hell, buy I even have sex with it. (Not like that you sick-o’s!!) So when a cell phone goes bad all the time it is a source of anxiety and stress. I have had the unfortunate opportunity to have the LG LX5550 cell phone which has fortunately been recalled and replaced with the LG UX4750 for those customers that have had to have it in for servicing 2 times or more. I was so happy to hear this. I was afraid I was going to have to live with the possibility of living with a phone that only partially worked for the duration of the contract once the phone broke again after the warranty expired.

The first time it broke it was a power supply problem, epilepsy then a speaker problem, and this time it was the external screen thingy. After some paperwork is routed I will trade in the LG UX4750 for a Comparable Nokia. My 2 previous phones were Nokias and I have only had problems when I drop them into a puddle of water (Imagine that!) so the prospect of staying with an LG phone does not sit well with me. Fortunately US Cellular is going to work me to get me into a Nokia. Yea!

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