Tel3Advantage Good!

Pachabel Cannon to a rock’n guitar. Reminds me of Trans Siberian Orchestra’s work. Very Cool! Take a look…or listen rather! Weddings may never be the same again.

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Tel3Advatage Good! World Link Bad! In the fight for retaining interntional long distance service World Link has failed to retain not only me but some of my wife and our friends as well.

We have many people that we need to keep in close contact with overseas, this site
specifically Belarus, emergency
and iffy connections are not what we need. We have enough things to add stress to our days and not being able to get ahold of family and friends overseas is not one that we need.

Tel3 has much better support and call quality, treatment
as well las the ability to look at your account on line. If you are making international calls and the likes of Skype are not a real possibility then give Tel3 a try. If you have consistant internet access then give Skype a try. Free is good! Very good!

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