Beginning Again

I have decided to start my new site as as Web Log. My old site has not been function for about a month because I have not used the email associated with the internet service that hosted my site. They sent me emails asking for a renewal of service and I had no idea. Oh, advice well… Time for a change anyhow. Once I get the website done for my mother’s insurance business I will be in the progress of recreating this site and my consulting website and when that is done I will be able to begin freelance consulting!

Use Blogger to create a Web Log it is really, cheapest really easy!

Freedom Insurance’s Website

When I originally created this site I had no (real)idea what I was doing. I created this before I was working for Sauk County where I have really learned how to be a web developer. Web Standards, hospital Semantics and the rest of the stuff that matters (accessibility and usability). I am close to getting the template done and soon it will be ready for some usability testing. The navigation has required a a whole lot of CSS work.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    holy shite! nice d00d.

  2. FreeXenon says:

    Thanks! It takes like 5 minutes to set one up. Custom templates by some of the best names in the business. Templates created by the guys in the buznass that I respect and learn from.

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