New Page: Humanity’s Unified Rights of Citizenship (HURoC)

This chapter is a living and breathing list of the inalienable rights and protections inherent to all Humanity, never fully being complete as long as Humanity exists for we never stop growing, evolving, learning, and expanding. As new rights become apparent and need to be protected or for governmental powers to be limited in order to protect those rights in specific ways, then they should be added to this chapter.

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New Page: Humanity’s Core Values (HCV)

Humanity’s Core Values (HCV) shall lie at the heart of and form the foundations of Humanity’s society, culture, citizens, and organizations, as well as Humanity’s governmental bodies, institutions, and associations. The constitutions and laws of Humanity, as well as the activities of its citizens and governmental bodies, shall embody and implement Humanity’s Core Values to help ensure the peaceful existence of all of Humanity within itself and with all of existence.

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Flag of HumanityFlag of Humanity

New Page: The Flag of Humanity (FoH)

The Flag of Humanity (FoH) is a modified version of the amazing The International Flag of Planet Earth (IFoPE). This new flag is not as pretty as the IFoPE which is powerful in its simplicity and symmetry. I used some of its symbology, but I have changed and expanded it greatly because a flag which supposedly aspires to represent a unified and interstellar Humanity needs a much more powerfully symbolic flag. The symbolism calls deeply to Humanity’s Core Values too, which are very important, symbolic, and definitive of united and peaceful Humanity.

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Review of Calendar Reforms

I am going to write what I think is required for a successful world-wide secular calendar and for calendar reform. I will also list my reviews of the various calendar reform attempts too. I also have a spread sheet with point based ratings of the various Calendar Reform attempts, which also includes a comparison to our current world-wide secular calendar which is the Gregorian Calendar (Wikipedia). I have also posted a bunch of information, history, and issues with the Gregorian Calendar in my 45-page blog page on the Calendar Reform, so if you want to get the skinny on our calendar then please read through that post. It is a page turner, let me tell ya.

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A Reformed International Calendar (rIFC)

If you do not know what the International Fixed Calendar (IFC) is, why it matters, or why I would want to reform it, then please read my very large 45-page blog page on the Calendar Reform where I: first talk about the significant issues with our current Calendar, the Gregorian Calendar, and then talk about how the International Fixed Calendar (IFC) solves all of those issues. Towards the end of that large document I recommend some reforms to the IFC to help make it even better.

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What is leap year?

New Page: Calendar Reform

In over a decade of me trying to figure out why our world is so messed up there have been quite a few ideas I have come up with or have discovered when thinking about how to make the world a simpler or better place, reform such as: time, metrics, language, culture, economy, and many others. However, here is one area of reform which you may have not ever considered, because it is such an integral part of our everyday life: Calendar Reform.

I had originally written about this topic for my micronational work (Republic of Talossa) in April of 2006, so this rewrite is a fairly significant expansion of my previous work, as well as being an attempt to put this idea before a much larger audience through my personal blog. My previous work was about 1,300 words and this one is approximately 13,000 words because, now, I am attempting to show you how and why and not just tell you, which I hope will be powerful!

Why do we need calendar reform you ask? Well, Hopefully, I can make that case here, so settle in for a ride that is going to ask you to think A LOT about our calendar, which we take for granted and give very little thought to about how we plan things and how it affects us in our daily lives.

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New Page: Social, Environmental, and Economic Policies to Transform the World

If you want to ever wanted to know what sort of political platform I would run on, it would go something like what follows on my new page under Social Activism titled: Policies to Transform the World Keep in mind that those polices tend to be VERY US centric and reflect the social and political […]

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Model of a TVP City

Productivity and Motivation in a Resource Based Economy?

Introduction I am writing this post in response to a question posed by Tyler Suard (an economics major) in my Facebook thread about a RBE where I posted a link to my blog post The Cancer of Capitalism and Its Antidote. I am writing this post to help solidify my thoughts and understanding on this […]

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