Joe Conservative vs Whackydo Liberals

From a Facbook post by John Geremia

Joe conservative gets up at 6 a.m. and fills his coffeepot with water to prepare his morning coffee. The water is clean because some tree-hugging liberal fought for minimum water-quality standards. With his first swallow of coffee, he takes his daily medication. His medications are safe to take because some stupid commie liberal fought to insure their safety and that they work as advertised. All but $10 of his medications are paid for by his employer’s medical plan because some liberal union workers fought their employers for paid medical insurance – now Joe gets it too.

He prepares his morning breakfast, bacon and eggs. Joe’s bacon is safe to eat because some girly-man liberal fought for laws to regulate the meat packing industry.

In the morning shower, Joe reaches for his shampoo. His bottle is properly labeled with each ingredient and its amount in the total contents because some crybaby liberal fought for his right to know what he was putting on his body and how much it contained.

Joe dresses, walks outside and takes a deep breath. The air he breathes is clean because some environmentalist wacko liberal fought for laws to stop industries from polluting our air.

He walks to the subway station for his government-subsidized ride to work. It saves him considerable money in parking and transportation fees because some fancy-pants liberal fought for affordable public transportation, which gives everyone the opportunity to be a contributor.

Joe begins his work day. He has a good job with excellent pay, medical benefits, retirement, paid holidays and vacation because some lazy liberal union members fought and died for these working standards. Joe’s employer pays these standards because Joe’s employer doesn’t want his employees to call the union. If Joe is hurt on the job or becomes unemployed, he’ll get a worker compensation or unemployment check because some stupid liberal didn’t think he should lose his home because of his temporary misfortune.

It’s noontime and Joe needs to make a bank deposit so he can pay some bills. Joe’s deposit is federally insured by the FSLIC because some godless liberal wanted to protect Joe’s money from unscrupulous bankers who ruined the banking system before the Great Depression.

Joe has to pay his Fannie Mae-underwritten mortgage and his below-market federal student loan because some elitist liberal decided that Joe and the government would be better off if he was educated and earned more money over his lifetime.

Joe is home from work. He plans to visit his father this evening at his farm home in the country. He gets in his car for the drive. His car is among the safest in the world because some America-hating liberal fought for car safety standards.

He arrives at his boyhood home. His was the third generation to live in the house financed by Farmers’ Home Administration because bankers didn’t want to make rural loans. The house didn’t have electricity until some big-government liberal stuck his nose where it didn’t belong and demanded rural electrification.

He is happy to see his father, who is now retired. His father lives on Social Security and a union pension because some wine-drinking, cheese-eating liberal made sure he could take care of himself so Joe wouldn’t have to.

Joe gets back in his car for the ride home, and turns on a radio talk show. The radio host keeps saying that liberals are bad and conservatives are good. He doesn’t mention that the beloved Conservatives have fought against every protection and benefit Joe enjoys throughout his day.

Joe agrees: “We don’t need those big-government liberals ruining our lives! After all, I’m a self-made man who believes everyone should take care of themselves, just like I have.”

The Cancer of Capitalism and Its Antidote

The Venus Project Concept City

The Venus Project Concept City

Updated: 23 Nov 2017 due to merging a related Facebook posting

Updated: 30 Nov 2017 – added graphic for Mad Max vs Star Trek


I have spent over a decade reading, writing, thinking, and researching why our world is sooooo messed up and what we can do to try it fix it. I have studied such topics as:

  • America: the Constitution, Revolutionary War history, our Founding Fathers
  • Religion: Christian theology, Christian history, religious history, Pagan theology, religious history, divine feminine theology, philosophy
  • Sexuality: sexuality, monogamy, polygamy, homosexuality, prostitution, polyamory
  • Sciences: evolutionary psychology, evolutionary biology, advancing technology, green technology, alternative energy
  • Politics: constitutional law Second Amendment issues, poverty, minimum wage, electoral reform, problems with the 2 party system, money in politics

… and so much more. You can see this in much of my blog posts.

As a part of this process I have come up with ideas that others have as well:

  • International Fixed Calendar
  • converting to the 24 hour time and the metric system; having a world standard decimal time
  • religious humanism, evolutionary creationism,
  • progressive taxation, public funding of elections

… and many other things in my education and journey.

The Final Problem

However, the most important conclusion I have come to in the last few years is that our economic/monetary system is that the prime culprit of all of the problems that humanity faces today, although I could not wrap my head around the totality of the idea or the magnitude of it. Below are a few of the facts that has led me to this conclusion:

Features of Capitalism

Here is a small list for you to consider. These are the features of Capitalism throughout the world. These are features and NOT bugs:

  • recession and inflation
  • greed, corruption, and exploitation
  • pollution and destruction of the ecology
  • income inequality
  • planned obsolescence and waste
  • war and violence
  • crime, poverty, homelessness
  • systemic ‘isms (racism, sexism, nationalism, patriotism, etc)

This is a great list, right? Below I will give you a small set of examples to show my point.

Poverty and homelessness

We live in a country where we:

  • throw away enough food to feed 3 times our population
  • have enough housing for 3 times our population
  • are the richest country in the world

and yet we have:

  • the second highest Child Poverty Rate
  • and over 600,000 homeless people

…which shows that we have enough resources and money, so homelessness and poverty should not be a thing in America.

Profit Over Society and Advancement

We live in a country where:

  • the works of the brilliant Nicola Tesla are buried
  • the Hemp Car (made of hemp and powered by a hemp based bio fuel) which was created by Henry Ford was buried by the oil companies and other industries
  • alternative energy technologies are railed against and thwarted politically
  • other patents and ideas are purchased and buried so that no one can use them

… because such technological inventions and advancements threatened the profits of big businesses.

Profit before the environment or people. Profit no matter what the cost. That is the motto for Capitalism and our monetary system. There are so many more examples of abuses caused by Capitalism, but that is enough for now to give you a picture.

Capitalism’s Systemic Corporate Corruption

Now, with this discussion I am going to assume a few things just to give Capitalism’s advocate’s the benefit of the doubt. Let’s assume that everything in my posts regarding the Two Party System, Electoral Reform, and the 28th and 29th Amendments are enacted, and also that laws are passed so that:

  • the Maximum Income Disparity is set from the horrific 347 times which we have now down to 10 times like Japan
  • progressive taxation is implemented such that the Marginal Rate is set to 90%.
  • Hell, lets even throw in Universal Basic Income just to really make this nation great again.

This all is an amazing situation, I mean like a really dreamlike situation.

With that being assumed, it honestly does not matter what reforms we enact, it will always only be temporary. Republicans and Corporations will always work towards undermining and destroying whatever reforms are enacted because they worship greed, power, and the cancer of the “Free” Market which is anything but free. A feature of the free market is income disparity. With any level of income disparity there are health issues due to biophychosocial issues. Capitalism also has recessions and bankruptcies inherent due to there not being enough money to pay back the interest in the monetary system due. Why is this you ask? Because of the way the Federal Reserve, which is private corporation, works to add money into the economy. And, of course, our favorite friend  – income disparity.

The list of corporate corruption is systemic and will always fester itself back in. It will never be a matter of “if” it does, it is a matter of “when”. All of the reforms in the world can and will be undone as we all very well know. It is a matter of time and then we will repeat the cycle just like we did with the Great Depression.

Some examples to give you an idea of the inevitability of the undoing of any progress made:

  • The Glass-Steagal Act, which was passed following the Great Depression, to prevent that horror from ever happening again – well that was undone 60 years later due bank lobbying during the Clinton administration, and the result of that was the 2008 Market Crash.
  • In 1973 Nixon allowed the Health Care industry to be for profit. Prior to that it was a non-profit industry.
  • Ronald Reagan overturned the Fairness in Reporting Act which enforced fair and balanced news reporting
  • The Consumer Financial Protection Organization thingy which was set up by Elizabeth Warren a few years ago was recently gutted or dismantled by the Trump administration.
  • There is also the fact that the CDC has been prevented from researching gun violence for over a decade due to powerful lobbying by the NRA.

Even with the Max Income Disparity Ratio @ 10 and Progressive Taxation implemented with Marginal Rate set at an amazing 90% the corporations and the rich will always have more money than the rest of us and will always be able to afford people to lobby our representatives in whatever form they can manage. We, the middle class, do not have the time or money to do as such since we have to get the bills paid. It is not a matter of if they will get their way, it is a matter of when. And then, we have the sad fact that conservatives vote religiously and liberals do not. So, eventually Republicans and Corporations will win again and get what they want with the rest of us paying for it. It is just a matter of time. To think otherwise is naive.

The Final Answer


A definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result. We cannot ever expect to solve the issues that are visceral and inherent to the archaic Capitalist system using Capitalism. Why should we work so hard to control a system whose rules are predetermined to have negative and deadly outcomes when other far superior options are available?

We change our technology when it becomes outmoded and so we should also change our social and economic systems when they have far outlived their usefulness. It is far beyond time especially with 18 million people dying each year due to the structural violence inherent in Capitalism. Can we honestly afford that price in the blood of the innocent in order to maintain the cancer of Capitalism? Is keeping this broken system that important?

The Domestication of the Velociraptor (Commentary on Capitalism)

Your tribe has the option of continuing to unsuccessfully domesticate wild velociraptors or to try to domesticate those wolves that have been coming close to your tribal lands, eating from your garbage, and on occasion eating from your hands.

For thousands of years your tribe has been unsuccessfully trying to domesticate wild velociraptors . You capture them, cage them, and train them up. They act right for a little while, or at least you think they do, but you still see them look at you and your family like they are its next lunch. For a while they even perform as you would like: guarding your homes and flocks, allowing you to pet them, playing with your children, pulling your plows.

Eventually, it acts out tearing off you arm or clawing you. Your people capture and then retrain it. Then it eats your dog. You repeat the retraining process. Then it escapes eats most of the family next door. With a new color of harness you retrain it again with tremendous cries of support and religious services dedicated to it and its amazing potential, because this is how we have lived for thousands of years and this is what is right. You even set the raptors upon the wolves who come near and eat from your hand.

Now the raptor is roaming throughout the streets of your tribe eating whoever and whatever it wishes. Your people live in fear while espousing the wonderful traits of velociraptors: strong legs, powerful jaws, sharp claws, great hunter… even while its fangs are disgorging blood from your spouse’s neck. Your tribal members cry out “Velociraptors are amazing! In fact they already are domesticated, but maybe we need a new harness to make sure this time.”.

A tribal member cries out “Look at those tribes over there. They have wolves. They are being successfully domesticated.” Your tribe angrily rages “We already have the superior domesticated velociraptors which eats wolves! How could you even suggest? Those tribes are the enemy. They use… wolves. You are a traitor. You are not a member of our tribe.” The member points to the trail of blood left by your spouse’s lifeless body as it was dragged out by the velociraptor. You say ‘It is my spouse’s fault for not petting the raptor properly.” as you think ‘The raptor just needs a new harness of a different color.’

You go to the mass grave where your spouse and many of your neighbors are buried as the “domesticated” raptor fed upon their unsuspecting bodies as it was meant to do. Excitedly you say. ‘Yes, a harness of a different color is the answer!”

Resource Based Economy (RBE)

We need to evolve beyond Capitalism and use the far superior system which I shall talk about below which prevents all of the issues of Capitalism and utilizes the benefits of technological advancements. The following two movements which have come into my research can explain and provide examples much better than I can. These have defined the problem and the solution for me. My mind is blown!

Both movements state that Capitalism, which is based on scarcity and money, causes pretty much all of our global problems and their answer to this is a Resource Based Economy (RBE).

TVP: Jacque Fresco has been lecturing about societal issues and the many problems with our economic system for over 50 years. As an inventor and all around brilliant man, he has also been involved with designing the future world based on a Resource Based Economy. The manifestation of his works is what is called The Venus Project. I have known about The Venus Project for a few years now, but have not delved into it too deeply until the last few months. Once I started reading into it I read 3 of his books and the TVP website, and have also started to volunteer for them.

TZM: The Zeitgeist Movement, which was started by Peter Joseph in 2007, I have heard of over the last few years, but did not really know anything about it until the last few months while educating myself on The Venus Project.

During the process of reading about The Venus Project I found out that there was a powerful relationship between these two movements: they both talk about and advocate the same things – Capitalism is the problem and a Resource Based Economy is the answer.

As a matter of fact, this last week I have been on vacation and have watched all 3 TZM documentaries and have read his new book, ‘The New Human Rights Movement‘, and that book gave me the clear answer as to why Capitalism and money is the problem and why a Resource Based Economy is the answer. Peter Joseph’s book does that all with studies, facts, experts, end notes, glossary, and so on. Hell, the book is really worth it just for the appendix on Sustainable Energy facts. Please, seriously, read The New Human Rights Movement by Peter Joseph. This is the first book I bought for my dad who is a moderate conservative and a banker and that is how important I think this book is.

Mad Max Vs Star Trek (Economies)

Mad Max Vs Star Trek (Economies)

Continuum of Capitalism (Oligarchy vs Communism vs Socialism)

Continuum of Capitalism (Oligarchy vs Communism vs Socialism)

The Suggested Research Process

For those who really want to research this, here is the process I recommend for delving into it: Start with the documentaries because they are something you can just watch and absorb, and will introduce you to the topics with visuals. Then you can delve into the reading. Start with the Zeitgeist Movement first since they explain things more cleanly, then go into The Venus Project which has amazing visuals for a future with a Resources Based Economy.

Honestly, if you have to choose only one thing to do, then please read ‘The New Human Rights Movement‘. It will radically change the way you think about things. It has for me. Then, please share this post and share the book. Even if you think that this will not come to pass, everyone needs to know that there are other possibilities. The more that people are pissed off, the more change is possible. People cannot be pissed nor advocate for a change if they do not know about it. Share it. Educate the world.

  1. The Zeitgeist Movement
    1. Documentaries:
      1. Zeitgeist, The Movie (2007) (start at Part 3 – Money – which is at about 1 hr and 9 min)
      2. Zeitgeist: Addendum (2008)
      3. Zeitgeist: Moving Forward (2011)
    2. Books
      1. The Zeitgeist Movement Defined (Feb 2014) This will give you some great background and will make reading the next book easier.
      2. The New Human Rights Movement (Mar 2017) This is a very dense book so prepare yourself.
  2. The Venus Project
    1. Documentaries
      1. The Choice is Ours (2016)
      2. Paradise or Oblivion (2012)
      3. Designing the Future (2006)
    2. Books and Reading
      1. The Best Money Can’t Buy (7th edition, Jan 2015) This is the largest and most in-depth of the three.
      2. The Future and Beyond (free online)
      3. Designing the Future (2007) (free online)

If you have any questions about any of this then please let me know. I am here to help.

Hungry for More

Their social networking sites such as Facebook, YouTube, and Twitter and their many related websites and resources are other ways to expand your knowledge if you are hungry for more:

The 28th and 29 Amendments to the Constitution

See my 2 posts for a break down on plethora of electoral issues we have:

28th Amendment – Money is not Speech; Corporations are not people

The following is the text taken from the Move to Amend site. Honestly, not much else is ever going to be able to be fixed until this is done. Until then corporations have the legal right protection to the unlimited power to influence our elections. There is so much more that this, though.

Section 1. [Artificial Entities Such as Corporations Do Not Have Constitutional Rights]

The rights protected by the Constitution of the United States are the rights of natural persons only.

Artificial entities established by the laws of any State, the United States, or any foreign state shall have no rights under this Constitution and are subject to regulation by the People, through Federal, State, or local law.

The privileges of artificial entities shall be determined by the People, through Federal, State, or local law, and shall not be construed to be inherent or inalienable.

Section 2. [Money is Not Free Speech]

Federal, State, and local government shall regulate, limit, or prohibit contributions and expenditures, including a candidate’s own contributions and expenditures, to ensure that all citizens, regardless of their economic status, have access to the political process, and that no person gains, as a result of their money, substantially more access or ability to influence in any way the election of any candidate for public office or any ballot measure.

Federal, State, and local government shall require that any permissible contributions and expenditures be publicly disclosed.

The judiciary shall not construe the spending of money to influence elections to be speech under the First Amendment.

Amendment 29 – Lawmakers including the president are not above the law

Congress shall make not law that applices to the citizens of the United States that does not apply equally to the Senators and/or the representatives; and, Congresssha make no law that applies to Sentators and/or representatives that does not apply equally to the citizens of the United States.

Attempted Work on a “Fractal” Method to Find Prime Numbers

Primes before 121

Primes before 121

I was inspired by some random thoughts for a different approach towards finding prime numbers, which was originally brought on by my work with the Sieve of Eratosthenes. I had considered what I was calling a Fractal based method of figuring out primes – finding a recurring or repeating pattern in a small dataset that may be applicable to the greater whole. In thought it seemed magical and then as I was working through it in my head, the magic quickly unraveled, but I thought I would give it a try and see what happens.

See my work here: Not “Fractal” Method to Find Prime Numbers


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Fate Core (RPG)

Fate Core

Fate Core

Here are a bunch of useful links if you are considering learning the role-playing game (RPG) called Fate Core by Evil Hat. Fate is a very narrative RPG that is setting neutral. As an RPG enthusiast for over 25 years and an aspiring writer, I find this system fascinating. I am thinking that all Game Masters (GM’s), players, and writers should give this a try. They make it really easy to give it a try by making it free to download from their website. See the links below. =O =)

Do you want a family of fish sitcom show with passive-aggressive and provoke as primary attack skills or multiverse-spanning epic empires with threats which endanger or speak for trillions of sentients at a time? Do you want to be street rats who survive in alleyways of a war-torn ghetto with aliens as your oppressors? Do you want to be middle-level heroes saving villages or cities from raids by the orcish blood messiah? Birthright anyone? Squad level anthropomorphic bunny mercenaries vs the vicious rabid squirrel invaders with shellshocked turtle fast-attack troops? In Fate the options are there to play these ideas or anything else in between.

FX’s Guides and Cheat Sheets

Here are the guides and cheat sheets I have put together as a way to help me synthesize the rules. If you have any more links, corrections, or suggestions then please let me know.

General Links


Social Networking

Other Forms and Cheat Sheets

How To Rebuild The Democratic Party (TYT)

This is a follow-up to my previous post titled ‘Democratic Party Establishment: You can in no way be surprised at the outcome‘. Cenk from The Young Turks taking the words right out of my mouth. He is dropping the gods honest truth about how to recover from this devastating loss. Either this happens or we will have 8 horrific years of a Trump presidency.  Watch the video. It is well worth the time.

How To Rebuild The Democratic Party (The Young Turks, medicine 9 Nov 2016)

Cenk’s list is a follows:

  1. Fire everyone at the DNC
  2. Hire Bernie Sanders as the head of the DNC
  3. Presidential candidates will not take big money
  4. Fight to get big money out of politics
  5. Represent the people instead of the donors

Please also take a look at my two posts that talk about the why behind why it will possibly never happen:

In the mean time, mind we must hold the DNC responsible and they must know everyday that they fucked up big time and things need to change or humanity is doomed.

Democratic Party Establishment: You can in no way be surprised at the outcome.


This post has risen out from my quick Facebook post following the Tue, psychotherapist Nov 8, otolaryngologist 2016 election where the Republican nominee, hair Donald Trump, won:

We all know how this happened. The Democratic Party chose to subvert the electoral process and the will of the people by engaging in electoral fraud, voter suppression, money laundering, and collusion to force Hillary upon us. They stole the election from the man who would have destroyed Drumpf. We told them what was going to happen if they did this. Their hubris and corruption has doomed us. The American people rejected her twice. I suppose the third time is the charm where the Democratic Establishment might understand that we the people are tired of the corruption, lies, and cronyism.

Below I will expound upon these sentiments:

Letter to the Democratic Party Establishment

Dear Democratic Party Establishment,

Don’t even try to act surprised. We all knew how this was going to go down. We have told you from the start what was going to happen. We knew. We told you. Hillary’s sinking polls numbers and her shamefully low favorability ratings told you too if you cared to look. Not only did you not listen to us but you actively tried to suppress us. You had your plans set to crown her over a year ago even before the election had even really begun, but sadly, listening to We the people was not a part of your plan.

During the primary election you had your chance to do the right thing – to allow the votes to be counted where they lay and to let the American people’s voices be heard, but you chose electoral fraud, money laundering, collusion, and voter suppression to force a horrific candidate upon us. You stole the nomination from Bernie Sanders, the man who would have completely destroyed Trump, and ushered in a new era for our country and for the world. Even with all of those ill-wrought electoral works you still could NOT get Hillary over the finish line. This should show you how much the people of this country do not like her, do not trust her, do not want her, especially since this is the third time we have said ‘NO’ to her. This third and, hopefully, final ‘NO’ could not be more resounding nor powerful a message to let you know that she and your corruption is something that we are done with.

We petitioned you. We wrote to you. We recorded and protested the fraud and collusion to lay it bare for all to see, but still you went ahead and forced her upon us. Now guess what grotesque horror has sprouted from the seed that your greed and hubris has planted? Trump has won and will a take office starting in January 2017 with a Republican controlled Congress. Your collusion and lies has disenfranchised many from voting for Hillary or even voting at all. An era of darkness the likes of which our country has never seen will begin and YOU made this happen because you did not listen to We the people.

Perhaps now, with your eyes wide open in shock, you will see that corruption, collusion, money laundering, suppression, cronyism, pay-for-play and corporate ownership of our government is what we have rejected and we have rejected Hillary as a prime example of that necrotic disease. After the biting sting of this bitter loss you may realize that a new path is needed, because a new progressive and people-powered path is the only way forward, the only way to start winning again. You will keep losing until you clean house and start to bring in the Bernicrats, other progressives, and those who really want to bring change into the party and its leadership. We have stated quite soundly and riotously that we want change, not just different face with the same corporate owners, but elected representatives who work for us and not the 1%.

You have two years until our next election. We will see then what you have learned and we will see how much damage Trump and the Republican lead Congress can do through these nex two years and I am sure that everyone will suffer from it. Sadly, I believe that from the ashes of your betrayal of us you will have learned nothing, because there is no money in doing the right thing, no money in changing your ways to actually represent the people that elected you. For surely that is not what your rich elite and corporate donors pay you to do, but I will ask you to consider this thought. There is also no money or power for you if you do not get reelected either. All of the Bernie supported candidates won their seats while many establishment Democrats lost their seats due to the tides of revolt that your corruptions have wrought. You will not have our vote until we see real change. I will gladly vote my conscience. I will gladly vote Green until then if I am able. Please also realize that I am not alone and this election should have made that crystal clear.


James O’Neill

My Posts for this Electoral Cycle

Below are my posts from this electoral cycle so you can see I was one of the many, many people trying to do my part to inform the world that this was going to happen if the Democratic Party screwed over the American people:

Playing with a Computational Model of the Sieve of Eratosthenese to find Prime Numbers

Sieve of Eratosthenese

Sieve of Eratosthenese

I have just read about the Sieve of Eratosthenese from this Scientific American article from Facebook and was inspired to give it a try to see how it works, info  especially because the math and programming seemed simple enough. I worked with a dataset of 1-1000. I also tried up to 100, information pills 000. My browser to freaks out with a dataset larger than that.

I have also tried to setup my process so there would be no numbers that would be worked on more than once for each round of multiple removal. I am calling this the Square Prime Reduction Method (SPRM).

In order to do so, anorexia I would look for a pattern that would identify the remaining numbers. The farther along I worked the harder it became. Below I will list my notes, the pattern used for cumulative reduction, and the amount of dataset reduction, and the dataset size required for pattern recognition. This is the result of about a day of work.

See my notes here and the results of my scripting work here.

Square Prime Reduction Method (SPRM)

Using this cumulative multiple removal method it seems that the beginning for each reduction round is the square of the next prime number (i.e. for 2 it is 4; for 3 it is 9; for 5 it is 25; etc). For each reduction round I:

  1. start at the square of the next prime
  2. run a clean script routine as if I were removing all of the multiples which showed zeros for the multiples already removed
  3. find the pattern for its remaining multiples
  4. code to remove the remaining multiples

With each successfully processed prime, we are able to further reduce the pool of unprocessed numbers. To reveal all primes under 1000 I would have to follow this process up to the square of the prime of 31 which is 961.

Prime Multiple Reduction (PMR)

I started with a dataset of 1-1000 to see if I could get it to work. Starting with 2 I processed the removal or the multiples of each prime number as I encountered them and then I moved up the list. It also seemed to scale fine for 10,000 and 100,000 and my observations and tenuous rules seem to work as the dataset scales.

Multiples of 2

First, in any given number set we can get rid of half of the numbers because they are even, meaning evenly divisible by 2, so that speeds up things considerably.

Pattern Complexity: Obvious

Pattern: Ummm…well… Every other number! =)

Dataset Reduction: This resulted in a reducing the possible number pool by 49.9% (499).

Multiples of 3

Second, we can get rid of every third number because they will evenly divisible by 3, although I will have to compensate for the missing even numbers.

Pattern Complexity: Obvious – 1 extra step

Pattern: In writing the code for this I noticed the following pattern after removing the even numbers: start with 3 and then add 6 and remove that

Dataset Reduction: This resulted in a reducing the possible number pool by about 16.6% (166).

Multiples of 5

Then, removing multiples of 5 becomes slightly more tricky since we have removed numbers divisible by prime numbers 2 and 3 creating quite a few holes in its multiple list.

Pattern Complexity: Easy – 2 extra steps

Pattern: The pattern for multiples of 5: start at 5, increment by 30, remove that number and then remove the number @ -10.

Dataset Reduction: This resulted in a reducing the possible number pool by 6.6% (66). Not a whole lot, but we are getting closer.

Multiples of 7

Removing Multiples of 7 was much more difficult since we have removed a broad swath of numbers ~ 72.7% of the number pool so there were a lot of holes. Stay on Target!

Pattern Complexity: Moderate – 8 extra steps

Pattern: To find the pattern for multiples of 7 I copied the result of a straight removal by 7 and put it into a text file and looked for how the number of zeros (already removed multiples) stacked up between the number of those numbers remaining which were divisible by 7. There was a visual pattern and from there I had to figure it out. I found a repeating pattern of previously removed multiples: 3/1/3/1/3/5/1/5. Turning that into a computational model was fun!

My second idea, which was used, was the opposite sort of implementation than what I used for the multiples of 5. With 5 I went up and then back. With 7 seven I programmatically worked my way forward to the next iteration.

Dataset Reduction: This resulted in a reducing the possible number pool by 3.2% (32).

Multiples of 11

Because I needed to jump the max number out from 1,000 to 10,000 in order to try to see a pattern, attempting to remove multiples of 11 was too difficult to fully pursue.

Pattern Complexity: Difficult – with the numbers and observations below I expect the pattern would be near 32 and 512 extra steps.

Pattern: I was able to see a vague pattern in about 5,000 items, but was not going to pursue that due to lack of time and quality pattern recognition and visual analysis tools.

Dataset Reduction: ?? – given the numbers which I will display below I expect a reduction of about 1.98%


Larger Dataset Needed for Pattern Recognition

To compensate for the plethora of removed numbers as you go further and further through the primes it seems like we need an increasingly larger data set for analysis in order to see the pattern.

  • for 3: I do not remember exactly, but I expect that the pattern was obvious near 20 items.
  • for 5: I do not remember exactly, but I expect that the pattern was obvious near 75 items.
  • for 7: about 500 to recognize the pattern
  • for 11: I bumped it up to 10,000 and a pattern of sort was seen near 5,000

Possible rule: To find the pattern for each successive prime we will need a dataset 10 times larger than the previous one. With this, I am not really taking into account the first two since the pattern is super simple to find because there is minimal processing and with a number reduction which is very easy to compensate for.

Or perhaps the dataset has to do with the number of multiples removed and the remaining number of numbers remaining from the prime’s square value.

That is supremely annoying. I would need better tools to play with larger numbers. =O

Increasing Complexity in Pattern

As each square is processed it will become more and more difficult to process the pattern to prevent processing already removed numbers. As mentioned above the dataset requirements grow in order for us to see the pattern, but also so does the work required to process the pattern to remove subsequent multiples. This is also biased by my limitations, biases, and inexperience with such work. I definitely need to get through processing the pattern for 7 before I can have a clearer picture, but, since I am stopping here, I will throw out the following tenuous rule:

Possible Rule: Based on my very limited work the complexity increase with each prime processed is one of these 3 ideas: the square of the previous number of complexity steps * 2; the cube of the previous number of complexity steps; or the number of previous complexity steps * 4.

This was more evident from processing 5 and 7:

  • 2 – 0 extra programmatic steps
  • 3 – 1 extra programmatic step
  • 5 – 2 extra programmatic steps
  • 7 – 8 extra programmatic steps
  • 11 – I expect near 32, 128, or 512 extra programmatic steps

Keep in mind, this is probably not close to wholly accurate given my limited data and processing (up to 7), but it might give you a place to start with in understanding the complexity of finding the multiples in each successive prime generation using this technique. I really need to find out how many extra steps are required for 11 to have a better idea about my observations.

Diminishing Returns with each Processing Generation

When we start with 2 we remove half of the numbers and as we process each generation we reduce fewer and fewer numbers which will seem to result in diminishing returns from processing each generation.

  • 2 – 49.9%
  • 3 – 16.6%
  • 5 – 6.6%
  • 7 – 3.3%
  • 11 – I expect this will be near 1.98%

I expect there is a mathematical relationship to be found here, but I am not sure what yet. I also expect that for any given dataset that proportionally numbers will be found. At some point, depending on the size of your dataset, may not be worth the extra work to try to find a pattern and just working on a brute force technique to process.

Possible Rule: Law of Diminishing Returns – the % of multiples removed as compared to the previous generation is roughly equal to the delta removed by the previous generation + 10%. This average increase may also be increase be a few % points too assuming that the delta from 2-3-5 has any real bearing on further results.

Square Primedat

Possible Rule: It appears that once you get done removing a prime’s multiples from a dataset (and all previous primes’ multiples) then all numbers up until the square of the next prime will be prime numbers.


Working through the primes through 7 gives us to a total reduction of 76.5 of the dataset up to 1000. =O My primes are correct up the the next square which is for 11 @ 121. I would need to process that and then the prime numbers list would be correct until the next square – 13 @ 169. I am expecting that this will be the patttern if we were to continue. Since I need a really large dataset to see the pattern for 11 I think I will stop now. Hopefully, someone will find this useful. =) I am sure there are much more complex mathematical relations here than I able to discern with my limited knowledge (not a mathematician), time, tools, and experience.

Possible Rules

Here is the collection of the potential observed rules from above so we can have them all in one place:

  • Increasing Dataset Size: To find the pattern for each successive prime we will need a dataset 10 times larger than the previous one.
  • Increasing Pattern Complexity: The increase with each prime processed is the one of these 3 ideas: the square of the previous number of complexity steps * 2; the cube of the previous number of complexity steps; or number of complexity steps * 4.
  • Law of Diminishing Returns: the % of multiples removed as compared to the previous generation is roughly equal to the delta removed by the previous generation + 10%
  • Square Prime Rule: Once you get done removing a prime’s multiples from a dataset (and all previous prime’s multiples) then all numbers up until the square of the next prime will be prime numbers.

Data Analysis

The info for primes 11, 13, 17 are predicted based on my limited observational projections here:

prime # of non-repeating numbers reduced % of total numbers reduced % delta in reduction from previous gen dataset required to see pattern extra programmatic steps
prime # of non-repeating
numbers reduced
% of total numbers
% delta in reduction
from previous gen
 dataset required to see pattern extra programmatic
2 499 49.90% 49.90% 0
3 166 16.60% 33.27% 30 1
5 66 6.60% 39.76% 75 2
7 33 3.30% 50.00% 500 8
11 19.8 1.98% 60.00% 5000 512 or 128 or 32
13 13.86 1.39% 70.00% 50000 134,217,728 or 524,288.00 or 128
17 11.088 1.11% 80.00% 500000 2.41785E+24 or 36,028,797,018,964,000 or  512

Flash Fiction – “Callie, Morning Drama” (~ 1,030 words, modern)

Note: This is sort of a prequel to my first flash fiction attempt titled Flash Fiction – “Callie” (~ 700 words, medical modern).

Melanie stood there with her hands thrust angrily upon her hips as she looked up the dark wooden staircase and then yelled “Callie, unhealthy hurry up or you will be late for school. Conner’s principal is going to be really angry if he’s late again. Come on, child! It does not take that long to brush your teeth!

They were always waiting for their little Callie and it made everyone cross. They were not sure if Callie was just slow for a 9-year-old or doing it for the attention. Her husband, Jeff, even pondered the possibility that perhaps Callie was a budding Time Lord whose sense of time was different than everyone else’s. Her two other children, Connor, age 12, and Crystal, age 6, looked at her, their faces scrunched up in annoyance. Even Crystal was standing with her arms crossed because she would most likely miss play time and possibly even their morning snack time and, today, Conner could lose his place on the middle school football team if he was late to school… again.

Calliiie!!” Melanie yelled. She looked back to Conner and Crystal. “Conner, go help Crystal into her seat and wait for us in the car so we can leave as soon as she gets done.” Conner muttered “Ugghh” under his breath as he gave Crystal a little push toward the door to the garage. Crystal angrily shrugged his hand off her shoulder in a way that looked like a spasm. Looking back to him, she narrowed her eyes in an icy stare and then her pigtails jerked about as she stomped towards the garage. Shaking his head Conner could be heard grumbling “Uggh!” louder this time as he walked after Crystal, his red football helmet under his left arm. This was how it was every morning no matter how they tried to change things so that Callie (and the rest of the family) could be on time.

This seemingly irreparable morning drama had manifest as Callie has grown older, more independent, and responsible for her own routine. This morning drama set Melanie’s days wrong and made her cranky because she was usually late to work. Melanie has become her office’s ‘late person’ and she has never been that person, nor did she ever want to be. She has heard that her supervisor, Teri, who also has kids, gets to work on time, usually a 10 or so minutes early. ‘God, how different would things be if they never had Callie.’ she spitefully thought to herself. Her husband, Jeff, never had to deal with the morning drama because he had to leave an hour early to get to work, and he never understood why she was always so cranky when she got home.

Ok, Callie, you are going to have to take the bus home tonight, so mommy can make up the lost time from your teeth brushing time-warp.

Callie’s voice whined down “But Mom, I hate the bus. The older kids are mean to me.

Cross that Callie had the temerity to be upset with this, Melanie growled “Well, consider getting done on time in the morning and this would not have to happen. It is your choice, little girl! Let’s go!

Callie stomped down the stairs, her pale cheeks and ears were red and her lips were pursed in anger. Sternly Melanie said, “Get in the car!” After Callie ran out to the car Melanie stalked after her grumbling the whole time. She snapped up her phone so she could call their schools and her office to let them know that they were all going to be late… again.

Tired from a long day at work Melanie returned home after six o’clock. She walked in and saw Jeff cooking and Conner at the table working on his math homework. She sat her purse and briefcase down on the counter, hung up her coat, and then, unceremoniously plopped down into a chair at the table. Jeff started to speak “How’d…”.

Don’t ask!” she quickly cut him off. Connor looked up at his mom and then quickly looked back down. He could feel the tension and the stress in her, so he decided that now was not a good time to talk about his football practice problems.

She quietly asked “Crystal?

Just started a bath.

She could smell the garlic aroma from the sauce he was working on for spaghetti, Callie’s favorite. Still grumpy about this morning’s events she rolled her eyes, straightened up a little, and cleared her throat.

Callie in her room trying to avoid me?” There was a pause as Conner looked up and Jeff turned around, confused.

We thought you were picking her up as usual. I was expecting her to walk through the door after you.

Melanie’s eyes and mouth went wide and her mind started running. She stumbled out “I, I told her to take the bus home after school, because I was going to be at work late.” She stood up quickly, the chair slid away, groaning in protest against the wooden floor. Her heart pounded in fear as she quickly picked up the phone from the table and started to make a call. Jeff turned down the burners for the spaghetti and the sauce and then picked up his phone too. Jeff heard the fear in her voice and then, calmly, said to Conner “Conner, why don’t you finish your homework in your room, while mom and I make some calls.” Without making a noise Conner, not sure what this meant, picked up his books and quietly walked to his room.

They each made some calls to Callie’s friends, to the school, posted to Facebook, and then, finally, called the police. All they found out was that some of the kids saw her at the bus stop after school. Jeff pulled Melanie close as she started to sob, eyes red as tears streaked down her cheeks. He rocked her in his arms as she repeated through choked tears “Where’s our Callie, Jeff? Where’s our little girl?

Her phone rang. Jeff Answered. It was the FBI.

Looking for a Master of Fine Arts (MFA) in Creative Writing

once upon a time...

once upon a time…

Ever since working on reworking a friend’s character history for Dungeons and Dragons in 2011 I have been working on learning how to write with what little time I have had available.

In the last year, mind I have been looking into going back to school for a Creative Writing degree. Specifically, sales I have been looking for places to where I can complete a BA online. I found one that interested me – Southern New Hampshire University. I have had my credits transferred and accepted, and had my classes picked out. Then I had to deal with the dreaded financing. I was hoping that the Public Service Student Loan Forgiveness Program which starts in October of next year would get me there in a reasonable way, but it turns out that whatever my payment plans were for the last 10 years were not a payment plans that qualified for Loan Forgiveness so my 10 year timer will get start when I change the loans which will increase their monthly payment by almost $100. I was counting on this to have my loans paid off sooner than later to justify going back to school, but that was not to be, sadly.

Last week I met with a counselor at the UW Sauk Campus and talked with her. She said for most people who come to the campus with and existing Bachelors Degree that they look at going for a Masters Degree of some sort. She suggested a Masters of Fine Arts (MFA). I had been looking at the MFA while looking for an online degree program, but thought I should get to a BA first. It turns out that if you are accepted into a Masters Degree program in this way they will figure out which classes you need to meet the prerequisites for the degree program and then you will have to complete those before officially entering into the program. Basically, I would need to finish to the core BA courses for a Creative Writing degree. Now, unfortunately, the UW Baraboo Campus does not offer a Creative Writing Degree so that makes things much harder. I will be meeting with their Creative Writing instructor, who graduated from the prestigious Iowa University, in the next week or so to talk to her about things. I also found out that the Wisconsin GI Bill should cover at least 2 years of schooling as long as it is with a State of Wisconsin public university, so that is some good news, however, I had been checking for that specifically and I cannot find one that offers a Creative Writing degree online, although UW Madison does offer an MFA. Me sad panda. We shall see if anything comes of the next meeting.

If you are completely bored and are interested to read some of my subjectively better writings then here are a few examples that might be palatable for you:

My Thoughts for Electoral Reform (Chapter 4 – 7 % Difference a Revolution Makes)

Vote Here

Vote Here

Table of Contents

  • Introduction
  • Chapter 1 – A General Look at the Systemic Suppression Inherent with America’s Two Party System
    • The confluence of 3 Historical Movements
    • Dumbing Down of America
    • Progressives not having a Voice and Third Party Suppression
    • Media Suppression of Third Party Voices
    • Intraparty Collusion to Suppress Minority Voices
    • Third Party Suppression by the Commission for Presidential Debates (CPD) and the Presidential Debate
    • 7% Difference in Voting between Hillary and Bernie, but the Candidates Could Not Be More Different
    • Lack of Representation of the wide range of views of Americans
  • Chapter 2 – A Closer Look at the Other Systemic Issues with Our Electoral System (forthcoming)
  • Chapter 3 – Electoral Corruption and Collusion with Hillary 2016 (forthcoming)
  • Chapter 4 – My thoughts for Electoral Reform
    • Introduction
    • Constitutional Amendments
    • Financing of Elections
    • News and Media Reform
    • Voting Reform
    • Supporting Electoral Reform
    • An inclusive America
  • Chapter 5 – In Closing (forthcoming)


I have said for quite a while: ‘Any candidate that does not have electoral reform as one of their first issues is the problem.’. We cannot have a truly representative democracy or a government that represents the people until our horribly broken electoral system is fixed. Our corrupt corporate owned government is what stands in the way of America being a truly great country instead of the laughing stock that we are due to how corrupt and fraud-ridden our system is. It would be amazing if we could finally join the rest of the world and be an actual democracy and not just throw the word around just because we like the sound of the word or because it is seen as a sacred though defiled part of our people’s collective history.

Here is a massive list of reforms that need to be done in order to help return the United States to be something resembling a democracy. The fist step listed below is perhaps the most important and the most powerful of the steps and enacting them would most likely bring about the rest in due time. A number that might help to put some of this into perspective and show you why this is so important: barely 9% of the population voted in the 2016 primary elections which means 9% of the population had their voices heard and were responsible (barring fraud and other corruptions) chose Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton. Also take into account that our representatives do not care about public opinion unless you are rich (The Young Turks coverage).

If you have not read through my post on the Suppression Inherent in America’s Two-Party System then please do, because many of the reforms here will be aimed at breaking up the corrupt and suppressive two-party system that we have here which stifles free speech, prevents an educated, inspired, and participating electorate, and prevents democracy as a whole from actually existing in America. Reading that post will help you to understand and frame the context of this post better.

So why have these reforms not been done yet? Well, three very simple reasons. By doing so:

  • politicians lose a lot of money and power
  • corporations (which own our politicians) lose a lot of money and power and their control over our government
  • electoral reform is not a sexy campaign issue for politicians to lead a campaign with (and interferes with the first item in this list)

This is why We the people must demand them and work hard for them because our politicians, who are supposed to represent us, and their corporate owners sure do not want these to become a reality for it would return the government back to the people where it belongs. Electoral Reform is not just necessary it is an imperative. I expect there are some reforms and ideas that I have not included here, but this is as comprehensive as I could make it based on what I have aggregated over last few years.

Constitutional Amendments

These first three are very important but also very difficult to make happen because of how difficult it is to pass one constitutional amendment let alone three. Their implementation will have a wide and powerful effect since the violation a constitutional right would require stricter scrutiny and greater protection from the courts since those rights would then be specifically constitutionally protected. Once any of these amendments are enacted other reforms may follow in some way because of the new protections of voting rights and the lawsuits that would inevitably follow from them. Preferably the passing of these amendments would also include a companion bill or bills which would implement the rest of the reforms instead of waiting for the lengthy judicial system process to finish while people’s rights are being violated.

  • Overturn Citizens United – The Citizens United Supreme Court decision in 2010 which effectively has allowed unlimited personal and private spending in elections because they ruled that corporations, which are run and operated by people, shall be considered a legal persons with respect to elections, and the limiting of how much they can spend to influence an election is a violation of the corporate-person’s rights to free speech. We need this overturned and for an amendment to say that corporations are not people and money is not speech. Ever since this was passed we have seen and an unprecedented amount of money spent for presidential elections – near 5 billion dollars which is over ten times what was spent prior. Surely we can find a better use for this obscene amount of money. This is proposed over at Move to Amend.
  • Voting is a Right – An amendment needs to be passed that explicitly states that voting is explicitly a constitutionally protected right so that it is much more difficult for our rights to vote to be violated or limited. The courts would have to apply stricter scrutiny and have higher protections towards challenges to our right to vote.
  • Voter’s Bill of Rights – Having a Voters Bill of Rights passed to enumerate rights for voting which shall be explicitly protected, but shall contain a clause that this is not an all-inclusive list. This would make it even tougher for laws to be passed or for others to limit our ability to vote and have our voices heard.

Financing of Elections

Getting money out of politics is very, very important. Currently, corporate money in politics means that the corporations and the rich control and own our elected officials, our government and our laws which end up not caring about nor representing the citizens of the United States. A study has already shown that our representatives do not care about public opinion unless you are rich (The Young Turks coverage) and that is a significant problem since 99% of Americans are NOT at all even close to being ‘rich’.

News and Media Reform

Because the media is one of the primary places that people use to get their information and, mistakenly, assume that they are at least somewhat impartial, which is not at all true in today’s world. The media needs an incredible amount of reform since it has a staggering effect on how what people know and how they vote. The deregulation by Reagan and Clinton has lead to widespread corruption with the media ending up as the propaganda arm of the corporations and the rich. Getting money out of politics completely is the first part of the media problem Next we have to ensure that we have an honest and somewhat unbiased media so the people can realistically assume some level of impartiality. We have lost most of our investigative journalists due to much of the deregulation which then allowed these journalists to be charged with serving their corporate agendas and not serving the people or truth.

  • Reinstate the Fairness Doctrine – that Reagan repealed to ensure that news and shows report things fairly and honestly. The repeal of this is what has allowed the right-wing fear abomination, Fox News, to come into being.
  • Repair the Telecommunications Act of 1996which was passed by Bill Clinton and resulted in the deregulation of the telecommunications industry allowing the creation of the 6 mega media corporate conglomerates that now control all of our media.
  • Break up the media conglomerates – currently, almost all of the mainstream media is controlled by 6 conglomerates as mentioned above which gives us the illusion of choice and competition.
  • Hold Voting Reports – Do not publish vote results until all are counted, Media reports can be used to affect or manipulate voting and turnouts as we have seen in the major unethical turns during this election.
  • Require Exit Polls – Exit polls should be mandatory and should be recorded and saved to attempt to combat and detect electoral fraud
  • Public Run Commission for Presidential Debates – The Commission for Presidential Debates needs to be explicitly publicly run and non-partisan or possibly even activist in nature, which is where the presidential debates started. Candidates from all parities should be available for debates (?or a minimum number of parties – 6+?) The debates need to be more interactive instead of scripted to allow for candidate cross-talk and for citizen participation. The debates should not be a stage for scripted corporate propaganda speak, to control or limit the narrative or topics, or to limit the publics’ access to the issues and critique that matter to them.
  • Fact Checking – fact checking for debates and all candidate advertising to keep them honest prior
  • Extensive Candidate History – There needs to be an extensive website which lists the candidates’ voting record, current stances on issues, as well as their history of stances on the issues, and links to interviews, etc and anything else a voter might need to assess the candidates to combat voter ignorance. It also needs to be presented in a way that is easily digestible by the general public. There are quite a few sites like this available currently.
  • Equal Air Time – If candidates still have access to TV and radio waves then time and spots should be handed out equally to all candidates who are participating as a requirement for the station to carry any. This could possibly be added as an addendum to the Fairness Doctrine mentioned above. In Britain, TV advertising is not allowed at all.
  • Government Pushing Election Awareness – Each state’s Secretary of State should work with local County Clerks and all media outlets to make sure that the public is very well aware that an election is coming up, what is on the ballot, and if there are any changes to the polling places or procedures, etc. With the exception of the presidential election, most people do not typically know when an election is being held. This is especially important for midterm elections which have even lower voter turnout. If people do not know an election is coming then they will not vote nor educate themselves on the candidates or issues.

Voting Reform

Here are some core reforms that will help to make the voting process more democratic and easier so that more people may be inspired to vote, have their vote more accurately reflect their values, or to have the vote reflect the will of the people and not the will of the process.

  • Eliminate caucuses – it is a time intensive process (many hours late into the night) to which many people cannot participate in due to working, children, etc and this greatly reduces participation, suppresses the voice of the people and therefore it is inherent undemocratic -> require primaries elections
  • Require Open Primaries – so everyone can vote for who they want regardless of party affiliation otherwise votes may be suppressed due to party registration issues which was a large part of the problem in this election. This also allows people to consider, learn and be able to change their mind right up to the moment they vote.
  • Eliminate Superdelegates – superdelegates were created specifically to allow party insiders to overrule the will of the people and to stomp down on progressive and grassroots movements so that the presidency stays within the control of the corporations. The peoples’ votes count for approximately 80% through delegates earned through the primary/caucus process then, at the national convention, the other 20% of the votes are cast by the superdelegates which are selected and assigned by party insiders who vote for the candidate that party wants and can override the will of the people, since they are not bound to vote for their in the proportion that their state voted. This is in no way democratic and it needs to stop.
  • No Block Party Voting Required – people should be able to vote for whichever candidates that they like regardless of the candidate’s party membership which would allow the people to cast their vote for who they want and not who the party wants as is the specific case when talking about the Vice President. Of course, block voting should be allowed to for those who want it too.
  • Instant Run-off Voting (IRV)/Ranked Voting – Instant run-off Voting for single winner elections will allow for a more accurate result from an election by allowing people to truly vote their values and so they do not believe that their vote is wasted. Believing that their vote may be wasted keeps people from voting their values or for who they really want which results in some people who do not vote at all feeling disaffected from the whole system.

    Instant-Runoff Voting Diagram

    Instant-Runoff Voting Diagram

  • Proportional Representation (parliament) – use proportional representation methods such as Single Transferable Vote for other positions so that Congress and other plural member seats can more accurately represent the people and their views. This will greatly help to break up the two-party stranglehold on our government and allow for a more representational government and policy. Check out my post on the Suppression Inherent in Americas Two-Party System so you can really see why this is important.
  • Drop the Electoral college – so that the candidate is elected by popular vote and there is no chance that a candidate can be elected who has not won the popular vote which has happened only 2 times in our history, if I remember correctly. This reform would also prevent an outgoing congress, which will not reflect the will of the people, from selecting the next president too.
  • More Open Voting – so that no one is denied their right to vote and the voice of the people may be heard
    • Automatic voter registration
    • Same day voter registration
    • 30-day early voting open for all states
    • Out of precinct voting allowed
    • Mail-in ballots allowed
    • Online voter registration and Online voting
    • less than 2-hour voting lines
  • Do not use electronic voting machines – for it is too easy to hack them and there is plenty of proof of this. Possibly only use open source machines so that their code and results can be verified with a paper trail and have a paper ballot available for those who want them
  • Re-vote if there are inconsistencies – If there are any inconsistencies that cannot be realistically corrected then there should be a re-vote in the affected areas so that each person has their vote counted otherwise their voices are not heard and that is inherently undemocratic. Not re-voting when there are problems in an inherent suppression of people’s right to have their voices and vote counted, and allows for fraud to stand which also has people doubt the honesty of the election and of the whole process reducing voter turnout.

Voting (Last Week Tonight)

Supporting Electoral Reform

  • Election Holiday – All election days (federal, state , and local) should be federal holidays and should be on a Mondays so we can have a 3 day weekend to educate ourselves and talk to our friends and families to figure out who to vote for. Plus, we would, in a single sublime moment, absolutely destroy a Monday which is great because Mondays are evil and doing so will help to really add to the joy of voting. If there is already a holiday on Monday then we should have the election day on a Tuesday or Friday.
  • Shorter election cycle – 1-month debate cycle + 1 week of pre and post debate limited advertising instead of a cycle of almost 2 years which results in everyone hating election years and politicians.
  • Variable primary schedule – Have the state primaries vary their schedules by lottery or region each election because the current set schedule favors certain states which reduces the likelihood of voter turn out in non-swing states since their votes effectively matter less than swing states
  • Non-partisan redistricting – putting an end to gerrymandering so that people chose the politicians and not the politicians chose their people. This also gives a significant advantage to the party in power which is also at and advantage which choosing who the districts are drawn which further suppresses the voice of the people.



  • Non-partisan electoral commissions
    • reinstate the Voting Rights Act and apply it to all of the states which could work well to institute a non-partisan electoral commission to participate in protecting our electoral rights from state and local attempts to suppress voting and act as a buffer and quicker actor to slower judicial action
    • Set number of polling places according to a basic formula including expected voter turnout and anything changes needs approval similar to the voting rights act
  • Employer paid time off for all poll workers – (like it is for jury duty) to work the polls and for training. We have significant problems with not having enough people to man the polls or those that do really have no idea what they are doing. Same day training is not enough because there is a lot to know.
  • Non-partisan electoral oversight – of election process to watch for fraud and to keep things honest which will also help to keep people having faith in the system and the integrity of their votes. The Non-partisan Electoral Commission could handle this too.

An Inclusive America

The Revolution Following Clinton’s Theft of the Democratic Nomination

To all of my fellow Berners out there – I know we all feel a soul-crushing sorrow with Bernie’s call for a vote for Hillary for president on the floor of the Democratic National Convention which ushered in the completion of her theft of the nomination a few weeks ago. I arrived in the baggage claim of the Philadelphia airport to participate in the protests right as Bernie made the call. I even posted a picture of that very moment @ 6:55pm from the TV that was posted over the baggage claim carousel and then posted it to Facebook saying that ‘We just witnessed the death of democracy.’. I was sick to my stomach for the rest of the evening even as I joined my fellow Bernicrats in the protest area in the FDR Park outside the fences and police that guarded the Wells Fargo Convention Center where the convention was taking place and the voice of the people was kept out. It was a sad day for America, thumb for the world, online and for a nation that prides itself on being a supposed democracy.  If you want to read more about my time in Philly you can read my post here: ‘My Experience at the Democratic National Convention Protests in Philadelphia 2016‘.

We Need to Thank Bernie Sanders

First, stuff I want to say that we all love Bernie, so please do not turn on him for he has had to endure much over the last year or so, and even through the last 40 years of his service to humanity as an independent politician, to enact what change he was able to accomplish. Do not lose hope. Do not rage against him. Thank him for all that he has done – for awakening us – for giving us hope – for raising awareness of the issues and being prophetic to the truth – for unleashing and informing the slumbering progressive rage. We need to thank him for trying to fix whatever he could while slogging through the treacherous, filthy and betrayal laden trenches of the corporate owned Democratic Party which absolutely despises everything we stand for. We also need to thank him for successfully moving the Democratic Party’s platform far to the left from where it was near the horrendously corporate center. He is only one man in a den of thieves, but together we helped him to make these changes. He could not have done that without us. We could not have done it without him.

To Vote for Evil?

Let’s talk about Trump and Clinton – the two-headed Clintrump if you will – so you can have an idea as to who they are and what a presidency with either of them may mean. I will not go over the wasted vote fallacy or the vote for a third party is a vote for the other candidate fallacy here due to time restrictions, although I go over that a little bit in my previous post on the Suppression Inherent in the Two Party System.

Clinton or Trump, the Greater Evils?

Arguably, this election is record setting in very many horrific ways. We have two candidates that historically have the lowest voter approval ratings ever recorded, and from systemic electoral fraud, voter suppression, money laundering, collusion, perjury, and other horrible things from Hillary Clinton to lies, bigotry, racism, ignorance, and general buffoonery from Trump. In no democracy with an educated and concerned populace should either be considered valid presidential candidates.

Trump may seem bad because he is a general fraud and spews general non-sense a lot, but no one likes him – not the Republicans, not the Democrats, nor the world leaders some of which have already banned him from their country for his ignorant and harmful words, so he will not have allies in Congress or in many places in the world if, by some crazy reason, he lasts long enough to get elected. The way things are going he will most likely be replaced by someone else so that the Republican Party does not completely implode. Things are already working that way now. I do have to give the Republicans some credit though. They had the chance to screw him over during their convention by changing the nomination rules so they could chose someone else as the nominee, but they did not. They stood by their ridiculous voters’ choice which is a rare moment of principle from them.

Although, with Clinton we have a blood soaked and apology stricken legacy to consider. I have written at length about why I will not vote for Hillary talking about massive flop-floppery and general corruption, but this massive post barely scratches the surface since it was only written in September. The Wikileaks from the Democratic Party and the Wikileaks from the Hillary emails have also brought to light that she has sold weapons to Isis and sarin gas to Syrian rebels, her involvement with the coup in Honduras, and so very, very much more. In her time in office, she has also worked hard to sell fracking and the TPP around the world and has sold political favors such as contracts and government positions to donors of the Clinton Foundation. (Clinton Cash Documentary) The depth of her corruption really seems to not know any bounds. Plus, to top all of that off, her judgment has been horrible. Sure she has “experience” but for most of her career she has had to publically apologize for or recant almost all of it during this election because she has been called out for the destruction she has caused at home and throughout the world. See my Letter to the Superdelegates of the Democratic Party for more information on why she is a horrible candidate.

Trump may be an ignorant blustering bigot with no support, but Hillary has the power, money, influence, history and record to show that she that she will do all of the horrible things that she says she will not do while her votes and previous actions show she definitely will. Hillary is definitely the greater of two evils for she is already responsible for sowing evil throughout the world. Compared to Hillary Tump is a rank amatuer. We Bernie or Busters have said that we will not vote for Hillary if Bernie is not the nominee, especially more so now that we know she stole the election, and then, by virtue, the Democratic Party knowing this fact has chosen Drumpf (or whoever the eventual and final nominee is) to be a 4 year drop in the presidential bucket. They are playing chicken with the people and our votes and are counting on the fear based controlled campaigning to keep us in line.  I explain this tactic and so much more in my post A General Look at the Systemic Suppression Inherent with America’s Two Party System.

Our only possible saving grace to this potential tragic eventuality (besides Bernie or Jill Stein winning) is that with the movement that Bernie has stirred up and with how sick people are of the Tea Party and their destructive policies over the last 8 years that hordes of progressives will hopefully replace many seats in Congress and possibly reclaim control of it as well. This has already begun since quite a few inspired Bernicrats have won their primaries unseating many establishment Democrats and Republicans. A progressive wave in Congress is our only hope with 3 or more Supreme Court seats on the line. Replacing Congress with progressives is our only real hope to get real change and to fix our criminally broken system because the system profits too much from the corruption.

Did Hillary really steal the nomination?

In short…yes. Well, How then?

…collusion, money laundering, electoral fraud and voter suppression.

I will go briefly over these so you can get an idea in case you have not been following it too closely. There are plenty of articles on this if you really want to research it. The information is out there.

Collusion: We Bernie supporters have been saying this for months and months and the DNC Wikileaks proved that not only did Debbie Wasserman-Schultz and the DNC collude to work against Bernie, but the DNC also colluded with the media to make Hillary look good (or not so horrible) and to attack and suppress Bernie. This resulted in only Debbie and two other DNC officials stepping down and the issuance of an official apology by the Democratic Party, but yet nothing was done to return the votes that had been lost by their unethical behavior.

Harvard Study Confirms Bernie Sanders Was Right: Media Blackout Badly Hurt Campaign

10 Straight Minutes of CNN & MSNBC Cutting Guests Mics to Protect Hillary Clinton

The emails also showed that the DNC had a mole inside the Bernie campaign which is something that we had also suspected and was most likely dealt with. A possibility here could be this chain of events and logic – a mole inside the Bernie campaign, who was eventually fired, had knowledge of a security hole that allowed him access to both the Clinton and Sanders email lists (to which Bernie’s campaign was punished for); the mole sends the Sanders’ email list over to Hillary campaign which allowed a perfectly targeted campaign for poll closures to create confusion and really long wait times, voter roll purges and party registration changes, ballot shortages, uncounted ballots and whiting out Bernie’s name on ballots in order to indirectly suppress Bernie voters’ ability to vote and to suppress voter turnout. =O =( There are links available for all of these deplorable occurrences as they occurred in the various primaries.

Money Laundering: This was proven by the existence of the Hillary Victory Fund as was reported here Hillary Donors Use State Loopholes To Launder Millions (The Young Turks) and the original story which was broken by How Hillary Clinton Bought the Loyalty of 33 State Democratic Parties (Counterpunch). The Hillary Victory Fund allowed rich people and corporations to bypass campaign donation limits by giving to the various state parties who would then directly funnel the money into the Clinton Campaign. This was done with the promise of helping the Democratic Party raise money for their future candidates. Part of this deal is also how she bought the support of the superdelegates before the primaries even really started. So, in a completely illegal and unethical action, she had already purchased the support, bias, and collusion of the Democratic Party and purchased superdelegate support before the game even started. These actions are cheating, felonies, highly unethical and very undemocratic.

Voter Suppression and Electoral Fraud: Unfortunately, these are much harder to prove due to time limitations, cost of investigation, manpower and expertise required, and because, more importantly,  the Democratic Party and the government itself has no interest stopping it because this is how elections are done here in America. To truly crack down this would be to undermine corporate control of the government and the flow of money and power into the hands of the politicians and the corporations. Obama has said nothing and has done nothing when there is more than enough evidence and funny business to show that something is going on and should be investigated and, yet, no call was made to protect our supposed democracy.

Here are some links to get you started:

The two really sad parts about Hillary and the DNC subverting the democratic process and the will of the people by engaging in electoral fraud voter suppression, money laundering, and collusion in order force Hillary upon the populace is that we have already said NO to her twice already and, even with having done all of this, she was still only able to come to a veritable tie and had to go to a contested convention in order to ‘win’, and even there they engaged in major suppression of Sanders supporters too. Had this been an even borderline fair election the result would have been Hillary’s third loss by absolute annihilation by Bernie and his supporters.

Bernie endorses and supports Hillary, so that is what he wants us to do right?

Well…no! Not really… and let me tell you why:

There is a lot at play her and, unfortunately, dirty Clintonian politics are a part of it – blackmailing Bernie with the possibility of losing of his seat on the Congressional Committee for Veterans Affairs and who knows what else is at play. He has most likely also agreed to make an early endorsement in order to obtain platform concessions to which I have very little faith in as I stated in my Open Letter to Bernie Sanders. We all know that he would not just give in unless he was made to stop by things outside his control. Because of this and whatever else the Clinton campaign has done to him to force his campaign to basically end, we cannot really listen to his words now because, with the act of his endorsement of Hillary being a betrayal of everything we have fought for, his time in the immediate Revolution has come to an end, and now it is up to us to carry on the Revolution now and far past the election in November for our fight to end the corrupt system and its cronies has just begun.

With Bernie Sanders being forced to support Hillary we have some other things to consider from Bernie himself and from his surrogates to try and understand what he really wants us to do. Early during his campaign and in his previous speeches and interviews he has said that ‘he would never tell us who to vote for and if he did we should not listen’. This is a very important and consistent message to remember. He has also said during this campaign that ‘he cannot tell his supporters to vote for Hillary and that she must earn our votes’. As a lifelong independent candidate he has also previously said that we need a third party. He has also said that this campaign is not about him, it is not even about winning the presidency or elections, it is about policy reform and it is about us, we, who are the real Revolution, to which he has been the wake-up call and rallying cry for. We are the ones who his campaign was really about. The Revolution, the wake-up call, is the point so we would stand up to demand and fight for real change. He has fallen on his sword for us so he can keep fighting within the Democratic Party and now, sadly, we must continue on without his leadership and inspiration while we watch him do that which he loathes to do – support Hillary.

Bernie has also not released his delegates nor handed over his email list. He has also maneuvered Hillary’s nomination in such a way that if something should happen to her like going to jail for electoral fraud, voter suppression, money laundering, collusion, racketeering or something fortunate like that then he is still in line to be the Democratic nominee. He has also switched back to an independent and will not be stumping with nor raising funds for her or the Democratic Party. He seems to be doing the exact minimum that he needs to do in order to not suffer unknown consequences, but everything else he is doing points to a desire for action other than what his words say if you have really been paying attention to his career and his words during his campaign. His current words may say Hillary, but his eyes, previous speeches, and entire political history point to a hostage situation.

Bernie or Bust has become Green or Bust

With all of Bernie’s previous consistent words being said as a stark contrast to his endorsement of the very disease that we have been fighting against, and with his electoral voice now being controlled by the Hillary campaign, we have to look for other signals as to what Bernie really wants us to do. His words as pointed out above are pretty clear, but let’s look for something else. We can find that in his campaign’s close allies and surrogates – Nina Turner and Cornell West – who, shortly after Hillary’s theft of the nomination, moved over to and began endorsing the Green Party. This here, I believe, is the truest answer to what Bernie really wants for us, not only because it is really consistent with his words and his principles as a lifelong independent who has been fighting against the system, but also because this is really the only way to help break up the two party system which has systematically worked to destroy his campaign and our freedoms, and to steal the election away from Bernie. Cornell and Nina can say those things that Bernie could not say. They were his voice following the subversion of the election by Hillary’s stealing of the nomination.

I have written a massive post detailing the Systemic Suppression Inherent in America’s Two Party System to which you may find very informative about the plight of independents Like Bernie Sanders and third parties like the Green Party have within the corrupt corporate controlled two party system and how it results in the suppression of the voice and choice of the American people. Please take the time to read this rather large post, because it will instill into you how broken and at odds the people really are to have our voices heard and to have a real choice in who to vote for and how important it really is to break this.

We cannot achieve the radical needed change by voting for either the greater or lesser of two evils. If we want real change then we must vote for it and vote our consciences and not our fears or nothing will get better because fear is how they control our votes and keep us in line. For decades have people been saying ‘Next election I will vote my values. Now we need to defeat this evil.’ and nothing has changed as a result because we voted our fears and for one of the two corporate owned and sponsored candidates that have been forced upon us.

Jill Stein and the Green Party are just to the left of Bernie. When I took the I Side With test this year my results said 100% Bernie and 100% Green. When I heard Bernie speak in my town at a small event here last summer, to me it sounded like his platform was checking off the Green Party platform. I was amazed. The Green Party is a natural fit for Bernie supporters to carry on our Revolution. They have even offered to allow Bernie to step in and take over the Green Party presidential nomination.

Can Jill Stein of the Green Party win? Of course, she can, although this will require that we Bernie people move over en masse to support Jill Stein. The amazing things we did for Bernie with money and support we can do for her and this will be a powerful moment that will really catapult a third party into the race. We have that power. We can have our voices heard by helping Jill Stein and the Green Party, a candidate and a party that is very, very similar to Bernie and his campaign. Our country needs this voice in the presidential race now that Bernie has been silenced. The people need her on the presidential debate stage so we can hear Bernie’s and the Green Party’s values debated against the corruptions and frauds of Trump and Hillary. We need a real third party on the debate stage. The stark contrast between the two corporatist candidates and the populist candidate in Jill will also give the American people a much-needed voice and choice on the debate stage. The American people need this. Our children need this. The world needs this.

What if Jill Stein loses? Well, there is a good chance she will. Most Bernie people will not vote for Hillary and many have moved over to the Green Party. Some will write in Bernie or vote for anyone else but Hillary. What will matter in the long term is that that we finally decide that will not bow down to fear and corporate control. We will no longer vote our fears and will now start voting our values. Once we do that everything will change. With any luck the Green Party will be set up better to compete following the general election with funds and help from Berners so that they can run more local elections and help to get more Green people in office which is something that we desperately need – more progressives in office all across the country.

If you need more of  a persuasion to consider the Green Party then the Dalai Lama has supported the Green Party (YouTube). Bernie Sanders’ brother, Larry Sanders, is also an active member of the UK Green Party and is their National Health spokesman.

Run For Office

The other part of this puzzle as to what we should do besides vote for Jill Stein of the Green Party and, to which he has directly talked about, is for us to run for office. For far too long have progressives been idle and inactive in local, state, and federal positions. For far too long has our voice been muted by our collective electoral inaction, our jaded disaffection and disenfranchisement. We have now been awoken and inspired by Bernie and his prophetic truths, so now get we need get elected into office and put an end to the corruption and the fraud ourselves. There are three main options for Bernicrats and Greens to run for office with support:

  • You can join and run for office through the Green Party which will greatly help out a third party. The more candidates they have in office the more of a difference that they will be able to make and the more the public will hear their name and take them seriously.
  • Bernie’s campaign sent out an email asking his followers that had recurring donations to him to switch them to the new organization that he just started named Our Revolution which is meant to train, fund and run Bernicrats for all elections – local, state and Federal so that the revolution can continue to do its work. Their official kick-off August 24, 2016.
  • Another organization that sprung out of the Bernie movement is Brand New Congress which seeks specifically to replace congress with progressives by 2018.

Together, through whichever means you chose, we can replace congress, governors, and various local positions with progressives so we can bring real change. This is where the revolution will really happen and we need you to run so your voice can be heard and so our voice can finally be heard. If we all step up and really put ourselves towards this then regardless of whoever is president, for better or worse, it will not matter so much because progressives will control Congress, but imagine what we could do with a progressive Congress and a progressive President.

In closing

My Quote - Post Nomination Revolution

My Quote – Post Nomination Revolution

Do not focus your rage against our beloved Bernie. Keep you rage aimed at the corporate-owned establishment Democrats that have never ever considered giving Bernie a fair chance while having to engage in voter suppression, electoral fraud, collusion, money laundering, and corruption to have a chance at beating him. If they did not do this then Bernie would have crushed Hillary. Keep your rage focused and sharp for it is this rage against the corporate owned politicians and our corrupt electoral process that is needed to force it to change. We need you to be angry so you will keep pressure on your representatives, so you will run for office, so you will protest and raise the alarm against the corruptions that are happening in congress and other governmental places.

We the people need to hold our government responsible and this will be possible only if we are united together. We will need your rage for what is to come, to demand that change happens on our terms and not theirs. We must be united as progressives otherwise we lose our power. If we lose our power to make change then they win and our children and the world will lose. We cannot let those who are willing to lie, cheat, and steal from the democratic process and our people to live fat lives while the 99% suffer.  We have to be THE champions now. We have to be OUR champions. We have to be HIS champions. It is now up to us to carry the torch. This is, hopefully, the beginning and not the end. It can be if you do not give up hope.

It is time to vote for Jill Stein so we can finally have a president in office that will actually represent us. It is time for you to run for office or to lend your support to those Greens or Bernicrats who do so. We can make this happen if we work together.

We are Bernicrats and we are legion.

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Primary Election Today in Wisconsin! (Tue, 9 Aug 2016)

1960 to 2010 Eelection Turnout: USA, <a href=

this site Japan, patient India, UK, Australia, Gernmany” width=”600″ height=”381″ /> 1960 to 2010 Eelection Turnout: USA, Japan, India, UK, Australia, Gernmany

Note: In some ways, you can see this as a supplemental post to my previous post about the problems inherent with America’s two party system. This topic will be added to a part of that series of posts.

In case you did not know, and I bet that most people in Wiscosnin do not, there is a primary election today (Tue, 9 Aug 2016) in Wisconsin!!

One of the many, many big problems with this country is that I had to find out from an activist website’s email that there was an election today in Wisconsin. When elections happen it needs to be all over the TV, radio, newspapers, and all government buildings and information outlets so that every American knows and as many people as possible vote because voting is one of the few voices we the people have in our government.

The suppression of this information from the public is a method of suppressing the voice of the American people, to control how and who we vote for, who votes, is inherently undemocratic, and it needs to stop. The Wisconsin Secretary of State needs to get the word out loud and clear that an election is near and who and what is on the ballot so the populace can get involved and have their voices heard.

Suppression of American votes really grinds my gears.

If you have questions about registration, polling places, or what is on your ballot check out MyVote.Wisconsin and then go VOTE!!!

A General Look at the Systemic Suppression Inherent with America’s Two Party System ( Chapter 1 from 7% Difference a Revolution Makes)

We didn't vote because it won't make a difference.

We didn’t vote because it won’t make a difference.

Table of Contents

  • Introduction
  • Chapter 1 – A General Look at the Systemic Suppression Inherent with America’s Two Party System
    • The confluence of 3 Historical Movements
    • Dumbing Down of America
    • Progressives not having a Voice and Third Party Suppression
    • Media Suppression of Third Party Voices
    • Intraparty Collusion to Suppress Minority Voices
    • Third Party Suppression by the Commission for Presidential Debates (CPD) and the Presidential Debate
    • 7% Difference in Voting between Hillary and Bernie, but the Candidates Could Not Be More Different
    • Lack of Representation of the wide range of views of Americans
  • Chapter 2 – A Closer Look at the Other Systemic Issues with Our Electoral System (forthcoming)
  • Chapter 3 – Electoral Corruption and Collusion with Hillary 2016 (forthcoming)
  • Chapter 4 – My thoughts for Electoral Reform
    • Introduction
    • Constitutional Amendments
    • Financing of Elections
    • News and Media Reform
    • Voting Reform
    • Supporting Electoral Reform
    • An inclusive America
  • Chapter 5 – In Closing (forthcoming)


I will cover here a many of the issues with the two party system and the suppression that is inherent in it. I will also give some specific examples.

What follows is nowhere near as well written, organized, supported or researched as I would like and this is because of limited time. My time is  limited not only because the elections coming up soon, but also because I have a life outside of politics and my blog, so I needed to get this out there sooner than later. Please forgive me. Some of the ideas I cover below in this first chapter I will cover in more detail in the next few chapters (assuming I am able to get them written).

The Historical Movement of the Republican and Democratic Parties to the Right

The Confluence of Three Historical Movements

Historically, in the United States, the Democrats and Republicans year after year, decade after decade, have had a trend of moving more and more to the right. There are a three dominant movements that I will cover here so you will have an idea as to the confluence of which events starting in the 70s that have brought us to the bizarre place we find ourselves:

  • The Republicans have always had a slow and steady move to the right, but in recent years the Republican Party has been subverted by the Tea Party which is, at its core, a Libertarian movement that has been infected with the worst of Ayn Randian conservatism and the worst of the fundamentalist religious right and has had the party zag to the far, far lunatic fringe right. For all intents and purposes, the Republican Party no longer exists and is being held hostage by this horrific Koch brothers supported corruption known as the Tea Party.
  • Then we have the rise of the Christian right’s televangelists who started working together in the late 70’s and early 80’s the train their followers to run for office to impose their fundamentalist ideologies on the rest of the country through the legislative branch. This has affected the Republican Party more than the Democratic Party since the Republican Party tends to boast being conservative and religious, but the pernicious effect of religion and fear from them has also pulled the Democratic party to the right a bit too, since religious people, a large voting and donating block, become a prime demographic to pander to for votes and money.
  • Lastly, we have the Military Industrial Complex’s and the Oil Company’s money and influence through lobbying for arms deals and more war having spent more than $200 million combined last year lobbying the government. Together they are one of the most powerful lobbying groups in America. These two industries and their lobbyists affect the the Democratic Party greatly because they control a tremendous amount of money for reelection campaigns for both parties and hence why we see so many wars for oil, laws against alternative energy, continued support for fossil fuels, and the continuous gutting of the education system. =(

The Dumbing Down of Americans

A powerful result of the confluence of these movements in our government over the past few decades is the eroding of freedoms and our education system by systemically and continuously gutting the education system sliver by sliver. By gutting the education system you create a populace that is easier to control and deceive for they are not trained or educated enough to see through it, nor do they have the education or drive to ask questions that challenge the status quo. People who are not well educated well tend to be conservative, religious, and xenophobic all of which benefit and swell the ranks of support for the above three movements – conservatism, religion, and war. If you have not watched the movie Idiocracy then please do, since this movie may really give you an idea about the pervasive and insidious effects that gutting the education system has on our country now and far into the future. Universities in the United States used to be almost free prior to the Vietnam War protests of the 70s. Can you guess why that has changed? =(

Here is Francesca Fiorentini’s more recent video (Jan 2018) on this very topic through AJ+: The Rich Want To Keep You Dumb (AJ+:Newsbroke).

Let me take you down the road of how the effect of gutting of the education system compounds and has affected our political arena over last 40 years. With the religion, conservatism, and the military industrial complex/oil companies gutting the American education system sliver by sliver:

  1. They are creating an electorate who are less educated and less capable of seeing through deceptions or capable of critical thinking.
  2. People who are less educated tend to be conservative, religious, and xenophobic (ie bigoted, racist, anti-immigrant and having no problem with engaging in armed conflict to destroy nameless humans labeled as enemies)
  3. Conservative people tend to join religious communities and conservative movements and organizations.
  4. Conservative people tend to be easier to control due to lower levels of education and, by virtue of conservative psychology, are more trusting of authority and do what they are told without really questioning, especially when the rhetoric of each movement is fear based which is a powerful motivator that overrides compassion, reason, logic and thought in general.
  5. Conservative voters tend to vote more due to being pushed by fear based rhetoric by their conservative leaders and the media. This effect is especially powerful during midterm elections which results in more conservative than liberal governors and politicians in office, who are responsible for making laws, which is why midterm elections are super important for the progressive movement.
  6. Conservatives, who tend to be religious, also tend to have a lot of children which further swells the ranks of those who support these fear based and authority-laden institutions.Because there is an indirect correlation between education level and the number of children per family those who have lower levels of education tend to have move children.
  7. With parents who have already been drawn into conservatism and conservative religion they tend to pass on such values to their children through authoritarian parenting and religious indoctrination through their church. These children tend to join the ranks of their family’s religion and view and the cycle continues on to their multiple children.

It is a powerful and autocatalytic cycle and the conservative institutions know this well to which they are more than happy to exploit. There is a quote from Aristotle which speaks of the power of indoctrinating children early in order to keep them under control and within this cycle:

“Give me a child until he is 7 and I will show you the man.”


Organizing liberals, on the other hand, tends to be like herding cats since authority and fear are not prime motivators for this demographic. Getting them organized and out to vote in midterms is horribly challenging and this is a powerful place where the American people lose since the liberal voice is not heard. Well educated people tend to be liberal and, as such, are also more easily disaffected because they tend to understand what is happening and may feel hopeless to do anything about it because the conservative voting block is so effective and consistent. Because studies show that there is an indirect correlation between education and number children liberals have fewer children too, which means that the ratio of children raised in conservative families has quickly dwarfed the number of children raised in liberal families.

With the consistency of conservative voters who are easy to sway and control by their authority figures and the lack of voting and organization from liberals, the conservative movements tend to dominate government and public policy. Unfortunately, it takes an incredible amount of horrific things to happen in order to rouse liberal movements and voters to action and this is where the American people lose and the voice of nearly 50% of the electorate gets consistently lost and loses ground year after year as the number of conservatives grow in proportion to the number of liberals especially when it comes to votes. With increasingly fewer children being raised in liberal homes since there are fewer liberal people the trend of society and hence its vocalized values and politics moves to the right as well with no direct method to balance it out until the breaking point is reached, which is somewhere near where we find ourselves now.

However, I have noticed a mitigating factor to the Idiocracy Effect: today’s youth tend to be better informed because of consistent access to the Internet which can expose them to the wider world, different viewpoints, and have instant access to knowledge which can increase their worldview and therefore, hopefully, decrease their fearful and conservative outlooks creating a more tolerant and educated youth. This may be our only hope and a powerful force in the Revolution and the transformation of the future with the hope of returning democracy and peace to the people.

I have written an entire article on Morality vs Religion which is based on an analysis of conservative vs liberal psychology. Please take a gander at this to get a better understanding of its effects on decision making.

Money in Politics and Moving the Democratic Party to the Center

The factor that has drastically affected the Democratic Party the most directly is the power of corporate money, especially with the horrible Citizens United Supreme Court decision which effectively has allowed unlimited personal and private spending in elections because the Supreme Court has ruled that corporations, which are run and operated by people, shall be considered a legal persons with respect to elections, and limiting how much they can spend to influence an election is a violation of the corporate-person’s rights to free speech. Our electoral system runs on corporate money to fund their reelection campaigns so corporate donors and their large cash reserves have a powerful effect on our politicians and their policies – ie no money from corporations or the rich then no reelection for them. There was even a long term Princeton study that stated that  our representatives do not care about public opinion unless you are rich (The Young Turk’s coverage). Here it is shown, plain as day, the subversive results of money in politics resulting in the suppression of the will of the people. With unlimited money able to be spent in elections by corporations effectively giving them more of a voice than you or I since we can only cast one vote to have our voice hear, while they may spend millions on lobbying congress and on commercials to influence the public for their candidate.

Lawrence Lessig: We the People, and the Republic we must reclaim

Progressives not having a Voice and Third Party Suppression

Over the past 40+ years the Democratic Party has steadily moved towards the center due to corporate influence and the dumbing down of the electorate, especially with the effect of the policies and positions of Bill Clinton, Barack Obama, and Hillary Clinton who are strong corporatist (and not populist like Bernie Sanders or the Green Party) candidates, so that now there is no real left leaning party like there are in many European countries. The Democratic Party is effectively a centrist party which is ‘infected’ with true liberals and progressives that silently scream against the indifference and corruption, and many are complacent and just shrug their shoulders in response when it all is pointed out feeling like they are just another cog in the corrupt system and that they are helpless to effectuate any real change, to make any real progress. Doing otherwise may mean that lose their job or the party may turn on them.

If we attempt to compensate for the historical rightward movement of our two political parties then Hillary Clinton and the current Democratic Party effectively represents what the Republican Party or conservative movement should be today and Bernie Sanders, The Green Party and the progressive movements represents what the Democratic Party should be in a horribly flawed two-party system – a real left and right, but that is not what we have. We have the far right lunatic fringe with the Tea Party controlled Republican Party and a right-of-center through the Democratic Party with the true left and liberals trying to rage against the two corrupt corporate controlled parties by working within the broken system. As a progressive, when I listen to Romney’s positions from the 90s I think that he may be someone that I might vote for. He seems borderline reasonable, especially when compared to today’s Republican Party and some establishment Democrats. That should show you have far our parties have been pushed to the right when I potentially consider Romney from the 90s as a reasonable candidate in today’s hazardous electoral climate.

For decades the true progressive movement has felt like they do not have a voice, that they are disenfranchised and unheard in the political arena. Bernie’s fiery rise from national obscurity and being catapulted into a real competition with what is perhaps the most powerful political organization in the country, the Clintons, has awakened a powerful longing and raging progressive voice that has us finally feeling like we truly have and deserve a voice, that we must demand a voice, that we must be heard. This awakening that his candidacy has brought has truly stoked a fire in progressives, awakening us from our torpor and has made us realize that we were sleeping and that we must act if we want change. The sleeping dragon of progressive politics has been awakened which means that the political arena will never be the same (until we inevitably grow complacent and have to repeat this horrible cycle after decades of conservative dominance) and that is for the better for our democracy and freedoms must be reclaimed from our corporatist masters found in the Republicans and Democrats.

The Green Party movement has languished in relative obscurity due to suppressive laws making it hard to get on ballots, get access to funding, get access to the debate stage, or hard to have the media to take them seriously. In Europe, which is far more progressive and so very far ahead of us in many, many ways, Bernie and the Green Party are good examples of what a standard liberal or Democratic Party is there and neither are seen as at all radical. The establishment Democratic Party is effectively what the Republican Party should be. The current Republican Party, which has been infected by the far-right lunatic fringe via the terminal festering rot of the Tea Party, should be completely immolated so we can have some level of reason and sanity return to our politics and to our country and to compensate for the insidious effect of the dumbing down of our country of which that party is an abject example of.

Poltical Compass map of 2016 Candidates

Poltical Compass map of 2016 Candidates

Map showing the relative positions of the various candidates on the left-right sprectrum

Map showing the relative positions of the various candidates on the left-right spectrum

Effects of Lesser Evil Voting

Effects of Lesser Evil Voting

With all of this being said it may become somewhat apparent that many, many people might feel somewhat disaffected, voiceless, or disenfranchised with our government and our political process. During this election season, you did not see protests or marches in support of either Hillary or Trump. Many rallies, marches, and protests were formed against them or were for Bernie and the various progressive movements because of the progressive monster that Bernie has awakened and because we realize that we have a real chance to have someone in government who finally speaks for us and represents us. I will modify a quote from Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. – Protests are the language of the unheard. and that is completely correct. Approximately 40% or more of America has been voiceless and not represented in our government for a very, very long time. The tides have turned and the movement has started and we will demand representation not only in our politicians but also in our laws and policies. There are very many good reasons as to why the majority of the populace do not vote and this is one of the powerful reasons. They do not feel they are represented and they feel the system is corrupt to which this election season is showing through the Democratic Party without shame. It is now time for progressives to reclaim our voice and to claim our place at the political table, to finally be heard.

Let’s Call Establishment Democrats – Republicans

Noam Chomsky – Today’s Democrats are Moderate Republicans So, let’s move on to other things since this fact provides a great segue way into the rest of what challenges our country.

So, let’s move on to other things since this fact provides a great segue way into the rest of what challenges our country.

Media Suppression of Third Party Voices

A powerful factor and effect of the two-party system is the media’s collusion in maintaining the two party narrative by relegating third parties and other dissident movements such as independents, the Green Party, Libertarians, anti-TPP, anti-war, anti-GMO and other grassroots movements to barely footnotes in their coverage. Why would they do this? Because it would hurt their corporate sponsors’ bottom line, of course. The insidious effect of this collusion between the corporations and the media results in the suppression of third parties views and keeps them from the eyes of the American people so that they cannot really take them seriously or even consider voting for them even if this third party more accurately represents their views. Most people do not know about third parties because they do not get anywhere near proportional media coverage which is where most Americans get their electoral and issue information. The people cannot vote for a party that they do not really know about and they cannot be concerned about issues that they do not know about because they are hidden by the media. The media does a great job at marginalizing the voices of third parties, their supporters, and other grassroots movements. The people find it hard to trust a party that the media will not cover because they incorrectly assume that the media must not be biased which is a sad mistake. Sadly, that law was repealed under Reagan. Our news has never been the same and is the primary reason that FOX news is a thing.

As an example: in my specific case, I found out about the Green Party through randomly taking the I side With test which had me saying to myself ‘Who the hell are these people and why did I not know about them?’ which is a crime and had me waste my previous votes to vote for the candidate that really did not represent my views.

Minority voices through third parties are not given anywhere near equal time or consideration in the news, debates, policy considerations, or by the people because these third parties are not controlled by the corporations that own our politicians and, in many cases, are actually responsible for directly writing many bills that go to Congress. There was even a long term Princeton study that stated that our representatives do not care about public opinion unless you are rich (The Young Turk’s coverage). For the corporations, it is far easier and cheaper to control two parties and suppress others through the media than it is to give people a real choice and spend a whole bunch of money trying to mitigate the voices of the many disparate parties who may oppose their agenda. This is how they perpetrate to the people the illusion of choice and being informed.

I will show you two cases from this election so you get the picture:

Bernie Sanders, a lifelong independent had to run as a Democrat to even have a chance to run for the presidency, because in America, if you do not carry one of the two acceptable political labels (Democrat or Republican) then you will never have a chance to win or even have your voice heard, or you will be seen, incorrectly, as a spoiler.

The Green Party and the Libertarian Party have been fighting for years and years to get recognition in media, into the presidential debates, and to get on the state ballots for the general election. Because of the media bias against them they do not have the funds to effectively and properly compete against the corporate sponsored and controlled parties. People who do not know about these third parties or those that think that a vote for them will not count will not consider sending them money even if it is the party that most closely represents their views. Both the Libertarian and Green Parties have even had to file lawsuits (jointly and separately) against states due to overly onerous laws which keeps them from getting on ballots just to have the chance for people have the option to vote for them even if they do not know of them yet. The exclusion of third parties from media representation and from getting on state ballots makes it really difficult for the people to take them seriously, suppresses their political voice, and suppresses people’s votes by denying them an educated and informed vote.

Ralph Nader: Why Bernie Ssanders was right to run as a Democrat

Intra-party Collusion to Suppress Minority Voices

Because there are only really two viable parties that have a chance at winning an election, those candidates whose views may not be directly aligned with either the Republicans or Democrats may have to run within either party just to have a chance to have their voice heard or to even have a chance to win. A poignant case, as mentioned above, is Bernie Sanders, a life-long independent, choosing to run as a Democrat where the party has actively colluded within the party and with the media against him when at all possible. When candidates have to run a campaign within a party that is somewhat closely aligned to their values this can result in the party ignoring them or punishing them for posing views that are different from the party’s mainstream values. Because the person was attempting to work within a party which did not closely align with their values to even have a ‘fair’ chance to compete then their views get lost in the conflict which results in their voice and the voice of the Americans that voted for them or that support them being suppressed. As another very powerful example of this: in the end, Bernie Sanders was blackmailed by threatening to remove him from his valued position on the Congressional Veterans Committee in order to neuter his campaign and to get him to endorse Hillary thereby ending, in all practical terms, his campaign and putting and end to the voice he provided to the progressive movement and those who support him.

How many other times has this happened in history where a candidate has chosen to run within one of the two major parties only to suffer because they were a squeaky wheel that threatened their party’s values and their corporate owners’ control? What happened to Bernie Sanders was not the first time it has ever happened, I can guarantee you that. It will not be the last, either until we fix our horribly broken electoral system.

How different would this election have turned out if Bernie had a mainstream party that he could run with and not have to deal with the suppression and collusion by the Democratic Party or by the media? What if we had at least three mainstream parties running – Democrats, Republicans, and Social-Democrats where each party had somewhat equal economic support, coverage via the media, the public had equal historical knowledge of each party, and they had equal ballot access? How different would this election have been with a three-way race – Trump, Hillary, and Bernie? Unfortunately, we the people have been denied this by the corporations and will never know.

Third Party Suppression by the Commission for Presidential Debates (CPD) and the Presidential Debates

Let us also add in the fact that the Commission for Presidential Debates (CPD) which controls who is able to appear in the final set of debates between the parties’ chosen presidential nominees is also run by the corporate controlled Democratic and Republican Parties and their lobbyists which arranges the debates with requirements so as to make it very difficult for third parties to gain access further suppressing the voice of Americans, especially when you take into account the pernicious effect of media collusion against them.

Please also consider the following few points: In 2012 the Green Party’s presidential candidate, Jill Stein, was arrested for trying to gain access to the presidential debates in protest for the silencing of third party voices. When was the last time that you saw a candidate from a party other than the Democrats and Republicans participate in an official general election presidential debate? The last time we saw a third party on the presidential debate stage was 24 years ago with Ross Perot in 1992, which was the year I graduated high school and went off to basic training for the Navy.

Most Americans are politically ignorant, bitter, or are just trying to get their bills paid and, for many, their first look into the presidential race is the general election debates, and this is where many will get most of their information and make their choice about who to vote for president. To deny third parties access to this most powerful stage in front of the American people is to suppress their voice, to limit their choices, and being inherently undemocratic.

For your information here is the historical list of the presidential debates as pulled from Wikipedia.

Election # debates Dem Rep Other
Election # debates Dem Rep Other
1960 4 John F. Kennedy Richard Nixon
1976 3 Jimmy Carter Gerald Ford
1980 3 Jimmy Carter Ronald Reagan John B. Anderson
1984 2 Walter Mondale Ronald Reagan
1988 2 Michael Dukakis George H. W. Bush
1992 3 Bill Clinton George H. W. Bush Ross Perot
1996 2 Bill Clinton Bob Dole
2000 3 Al Gore George W. Bush
2004 3 John Kerry George W. Bush
2008 3 Barack Obama John McCain
2012 3 Barack Obama Mitt Romney

In light of much of what I have said from above, I hope we all understand how misplaced is the rage felt for Ross Perot and Ralph Nader for being ‘spoilers’, right? Spoiler rage is the language of the ignorant. Third party candidates are not the problem. The systemic corruption which works to suppress and vilify third parties and the voices of their constituents is the problem. How are the voices for the disparate people of our country represented here with only two corporate controlled parties? How can this in any way be considered a democracy? How can it be said that the people have a real choice or a voice with just these two parties, when others exist but they are pushed out of the American’s eye and denied the ability to take part in such an important conversation?

If I remember correctly, the CPD also has a clause that says that a candidate may not participate in a debate outside theirs or be barred from further debates further restricting a candidate’s ability to debate others and for them to have access to debate third party candidates even if they wanted to. Because of the exclusion of the third parties from the presidential debates in most years and, with the power and ubiquity of the Internet, the third parties have created their own presidential debate forum through the Free and Equal which was also carried by the independent online news channel named Democracy Now, which, of course, has received basically no media coverage and the American people have no idea that this is even a thing unless you happen to follow independent media. Sadly, this should not have to happen. There should not be a separate forum for third party candidates. They and their current and potential constituents should have a chair at the table of the presidential debates for all to hear, consider, and vote for.

7% Difference in Voting between Hillary and Bernie?

Part of what is interesting between Hillary’s and Bernie’s voting record is that most often (93% of the time) they voted together. Bernie, even though he is a lifelong independent, even caucuses with the Democrats and is a member of the Progressive Democratic Caucus. What is telling here are those 7% of votes where they differ. Perhaps it is this 7% difference that makes the difference between a corporatist candidate and a populist candidate, which seems like a really fine line to split if that really is the case. Perhaps this number also poses a way that may determine how many different mainstream political parties we should have – 1 for every 7% to try to cover the breadth and depth of the views of the American people. Using that math this makes for 15 (14.28) different parties.

How many of you honestly think that the two parties – the Democrats and the Republicans – honestly and accurately represent the breadth and depth of the views of most Americans – the socialists, anarchists, republicans, democrats, libertarians, communists, pirates, greens, etc? We are definitely doing something wrong if we only really have two carefully controlled corporate choices with other voices being suppressed to not even have real chance to have their voices heard. For these third parties and their constituents to not have their voices heard is to suppress their voice and means that there are many, many Americans who do really have a voice in our government and that is a horrific shame for a country that prides itself on its freedom and its “democracy”. The illusions of democracy and electoral choice are powerful charades perpetuated by the media in collusion with the corporations due to their financial control of our electoral system and the laws that govern it.

31 Senate Bills Where Hillary and Bernie Voted Differently

Let’s take a look at the number of political parties found in some European countries to see how we compare:

Number of Major Political Parties
Norway 8
Denmark 8
Sweden 9
Belgium 11
Switzerland 13
Germany 14
UK 16
Netherlands 17

Now, I will not say that having more parties is going to be perfect and solve all of our problems, because it will not, but it will be much, much closer to a truly representative democracy, and better than the oppressive system we have now where the majority of Americans do not have a chair at the table of democracy. This will be a start if we can ever get there.

Lack of Representation of the wide range of Americans’ views

With the historical movement of our two corporate and media supported parties moving to the right due to cutting education, money controlling politics, and very active conservative and religious movements resulting in two parties which represent the center-right and far-right while leaving everyone else without a voice in our government, and then we combine that with media’s suppression of third party candidates and third party suppression in the presidential debates, the result is a government and policy which does not in any way represent the breadth and depth of the views of the American people and is horribly undemocratic. Very few people know about or even would consider third parties which range from Socialist, Green, Libertarian, Communist, Pirate and so on. Currently, the entire left and moderate conservatives do not really have a voice which ends up in suppressing the voices of nearly 60% or more of the population. There is nothing democratic or free about this and it needs to change.

An advantage of a political system which has more than 2 parties, beyond more equal representation which is of the utmost importance in a “democratic” society, is that it requires the various disparate parties to work with each other by forming alliances and issue voting blocks to get things done. It is not just one party and its opposite thwarting each other every chance it gets like we have it now. The two party dynamic has set us back socially, politically and economically many years and has cost us many lives and billions of dollars. Requiring a collection of various disparate parties and viewpoints to work together to promote issues in common should be a fundamental part of a democracy, but it cannot be done with only two parties which are center-right and far, far right corporatist parties. We need more parties. We need more voices. We need a government which more accurately represents the American people not only in values, but in gender, race, sexuality, education, life employment and history. In no way can our two corporate owned parties, which consists of mostly rich white people, accurately represent the breadth and depth of the views of the American people and this is fundamentally undemocratic because the voice of the people is not fairly represented in government and in decision making.

“Freedom is never voluntarily given by the oppressor; it must be demanded by the oppressed. ”

Martin Luther King, Jr.

How do we get there? That is a good question. Towards the end of this massive series of articles, I will list a bunch of reforms that I will suggest to tackle this issue and many more regarding our electoral system. We must demand an end to the two party system so that everyone in our country has a party that they believe, at least on some substantial level, represents them or speaks for them. We need to demand that this changes so that we the people may be heard. The corporations and politicians who control the two party setup will not just grow a conscience, say they were wrong, and just hand over the government to the people. We need fight for it and to demand it otherwise, nothing will change. Returning the government to the people is what this Revolution is really about and voting for the people who represent the problem will not get us change so we must vote for the candidates that represent our values and the change we want to see. Anything other than that and we are condoning the oppression by our oppressors.

7% Difference a Revolution Makes – Introduction

Table of Contents

  • Introduction
  • Chapter 1 – A General Look at the Systemic Suppression Inherent with America’s Two Party System
    • The confluence of 3 Historical Movements
    • Dumbing Down of America
    • Progressives not having a Voice and Third Party Suppression
    • Media Suppression of Third Party Voices
    • Intraparty Collusion to Suppress Minority Voices
    • Third Party Suppression by the Commission for Presidential Debates (CPD) and the Presidential Debate
    • 7% Difference in Voting between Hillary and Bernie, rx but the Candidates Could Not Be More Different
    • Lack of Representation of the wide range of views of Americans
  • Chapter 2 – A Closer Look at the Other Systemic Issues with Our Electoral System (forthcoming)
  • Chapter 3 – Electoral Corruption and Collusion with Hillary 2016 (forthcoming)
  • Chapter 4 – My thoughts for Electoral Reform
    • Introduction
    • Constitutional Amendments
    • Financing of Elections
    • News and Media Reform
    • Voting Reform
    • Supporting Electoral Reform
    • An inclusive America
  • Chapter 5 – In Closing (forthcoming)


Victor Tiffany, urologist who runs the Revolt Against Plutocracy website, started to circulate the Bernie or Bust Pledge around the interwebs last September or so, and since then I have wanted to write this series of posts, but I have found it very, very difficult to articulate because it is such a large and complicated issue. I signed the pledge, but I was conflicted about it, not because of any doubts I had of Bernie as a candidate, but because of how I, as well as most people, had been programmed by the mainstream corporate media to believe that a vote for anyone other than the two candidates that the corporations had chosen through legalized bribery and media collusion would be a wasted vote or a vote for the other team. I had been brainwashed to believe a lie, a very harmful lie, and now I have been set free.

Here is Lee Camp’s interview with Victor Tiffany about the Bernie or Bust pledge:

I voted for Obama in 2008. I also voted for him in 2012, but not because I wanted to. I had just found out about Jill Stein and the Green Party through having just taken the I Side With test out of curiosity and, as a result of taking that test, I was seriously considering voting for Jill Stein because the Green Party platform really made sense to me, but I fell prey to the false controlled narrative posed by the corporate media that I would be wasting my vote if I voted for anyone else but Romney or Obama, or that a vote that was not for Obama was one for Romney, and that I should fear a Romney presidency. Don’t get me wrong. I feared a Romney presidency. I was sick to my stomach when Romney took an early lead, but thankfully I stayed up until after midnight watching the votes rack up, and then to watch Obama’s eventual historic acceptance speech.

That moment where I knowingly voted my fears and not my values has haunted me since that election day in 2012. It has haunted me because I did not vote for the person that represented my values. I voted my fears and this is really the heart of our country’s electoral problem (besides the systemic corruption). Fear is the prime motivator for our votes and how our candidates frame their campaign as they pivot to the right during the general election. This has been especially obvious between Hilary and Trump. This is how the corporations control us and our votes through framing the election choice through the lens of fear. Fear of what they say the otherside will do. Fear is a very powerful base emotion that overrules our sense of reason, logic, rationality, or justice. We must all remember that fear is what leads us to the path of the Darkside.  Anything that is done out of fear is not done out of love, justice, or truth.

With all of the corruption from Hillary Clinton and the Democratic Party this election cycle it has really brought my 2012 voting choice fresh in my mind and has helped to cement in me the need for us to be brave and to vote our values and not our fears. It has shown me how much control the media has over our votes, our perception of having electoral choices, and how corrupt politicians really can be when blinded by power, greed, pride, and money. We need a change. We need things to change drastically because Hillary or Trump are no answer that anyone with any set of morals or awareness should be able to stomach for they are prime examples of the very corruption that we, the now awakened progressive moment, are raging against.

With the Clinton campaign’s subversion of  the electoral process and the will of the people by engaging in electoral fraud, voter suppression, money laundering, and collusion to coronate Hillary as queen has fired me up and has me completely agreeing with the Bernie or Bust movement,especially as has been brought to light through the Wikileaks from the Democratic Party and the Wikileaks from the Hillary Clinton emails. This was a powerful moment that has set me free from voting my fears ever again. I have no doubts now. We cannot get real change by voting for the same people (the lesser or greater of two chosen corporate evils) that created the problem and are the problem. We need radical change not only to our policies, but also to our electoral process and our politicians, or we will all be doomed. We need to stop voting our fears and start voting our values. Once we do that en masse the electoral landscape will change drastically for the better and then real change can happen, but that can never happen until the electorate starts to educate themselves on all of the available the candidates (not just the Republican or the Democratic candidates because there are more poltical parties and candidates) and on the issues, and then they must vote their values and not their fears.

What you will find here and in the posts that follow will be me trying to articulate why I support the Bernie or Bust movement, why it is really important, not just for me but for all of America and the world, and why I will vote for Jill Stein in November and will await a Trump (or other Republican) presidency because the DNC chose electoral fraud, voter suppression, money laundering and collusion as a means to subvert the will of the people and the electoral process to force Hillary upon us. It is possible and currently within Hillary’s mode of operation to steal the general election too, which is quite possible, since her corruption and tentacles seem to know no bounds.

Victor from Revolt Against Plutocracy now has a Jill or Bust pledge for people to sign to which I have signed and I would implore you to sign it now, or possibly after having read my first chapter or the rest of the chapters in this series (assuming I can finish them). Please help be the change we need. Please join the Revolution and Vote for Jill Stein. If we vote for her she can win. Anyone who tells you otherwise is the problem and should be ignored for they are not ready to be unplugged yet.

NOTE: What follows is nowhere near as well written, organized, supported or researched as I would like and this is because of limited time. My time is  limited not only because the elections coming up soon, but also because I have a life outside of politics and my blog, so I needed to get this out there sooner than later. Please forgive me. Some of the ideas I cover below in this first chapter I will cover in more detail in the next few chapters (assuming I am able to get them written).

Thank you for your understanding and I hope you will find some of this enlightening.